AR Blaze SSD Trigger

Blackhawk! AR Blaze SSD Trigger (Single-Stage Duty) compatible with AR-15 & AR-10 platforms

The Blackhawk! brand is synonymous with good quality holsters, tactical gear, and modern sporting rifle accessories. A new feather they can stick in their cap is AR-15/AR-10 replacement triggers as they introduce the AR Blaze SSD Trigger.

There are lots of replacement AR triggers on the market from good brands like Rifle Basix, Geissele, and CMC Triggers to name a few. So how does Blackhawk! believe they can compete in this diluted market of AR triggers?… Or maybe the better question to ask is at what price-point?…

Most replacement AR triggers are pretty expensive. The quality and product you get is unquestionably good, but its simply too expensive for a lot of consumers. The Blackhawk! AR Blaze SSD (Single-Stage Duty) Triggers will come in at an MSRP of $99.95. Being under the $100.00 price-point will make it affordable for a lot of AR owners.

Blackhawk! explains what will set apart their trigger from competitors:

The BLACKHAWK!® AR Blaze Triggers are a premium upgrade for AR15/

AR10 firearms. Exclusive surface technology permanently locks in polished

sear surfaces. Through our patent-pending process, boron is super

concentrated into the surface of the steel. The thermomolecular transfer of

boron creates a forever-smooth pull and crisp break, while dramatically

reducing creep. Accuracy and reliability of any AR15/AR10 is improved,

while maintaining the safety of the standard Mil-Spec geometry. Requires

no grease or lubrication for operation.

With a finish that requires no lube and is true to Mil-Spec standards, Blackhawk! may have a winner. Since the MSRP is normally high relative to in store prices, you may find this trigger in the $70-$90 range. Below is the official Blackhawk! press sheet for the new AR Blaze SSD Trigger.

AR Blaze SSD Trigger

Blackhawk! AR Blaze SSD Trigger

Hopefully we will be seeing the AR Blaze SSD Trigger in stores some time this summer. The Blackhawk! press release is dated June 1st, 2016, but no definitive ship date has been stated so far.

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  • Hellbilly

    Going to be tough for this to beat the ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger which sells for around $65.

    • Cymond

      I love my ACT. It’s a great value, especially since they cost about $20 over a standard milspec trigger. I’ve seen some companies offer them as part of LPKs.

    • Marcus D.

      I have the QMS which is, for its price point, an excellent mil-spec trigger with no creep and a short reset. The only thing is its heavy pull weight of about 8 lbs, but that can be remedied with a $6 spring (when I get around to it). If I was going to upgrade, which isn’t terribly likely, I would go a few dollars more for a true drop in before this BLACKHAWK!

    • BillC

      One can get a nice BCM trigger (ACT like) in a lower parts kit from them for $100.

  • Rick5555

    I mostly use Rise Armament model 140 single stage triggers. They’re smooth (no creep) and has a crisp break at 3.5 lbs. or just under 4 lbs. It’s essentially a CMC trigger for about $120 or less when sales occur.

    • Jeff Smith

      I’ve been seeing them for $99 around the Internet.

  • BillC

    “The Blackhawk! brand is synonymous with good quality…’
    Hahahaha. Good one, I needed a laugh today.

    • Volk

      My thoughts exactly.

      • De Facto

        Was there a controversy I missed? I’m not familiar with anything positive or negative regarding Blackhawk. I may just be clueless.

        • Aaron E

          There are lovers and haters, kinda like those who argue AR-15 or AK-47, or Glocks are good or suck.

          Blackhawk has some really good products and some not so good. They were better before ATK bought them out, but almost everyone was before an ATK buyout.

        • Bill

          Blackhawk manage to go from one of the first innovators in nylon gear to a Walmart for cheap imported crap, and it’s a shame.

          The idea of buying integral weapons parts from Blackhawk, sorry, I mean BLACKHAWK!, is reminiscent of buying S&W golf balls and Beretta shot glasses. I’ll stick to a trigger specialist for specialty trigger parts. But that’s just me.

          • Cymond

            I’m not an expert, but it seems pretty hard to mess up a shot glass.

          • BillC

            Exactly. They have stuff that says “made in the USA”, but it’s (mostly) a lie. The vast majority of their stuff is completely imported or only has a single production step here in the US.

            Their gear is crap and way outdated. Just about any other company is making anything they make, but better, for the same price. Their innovation died out a well over decade ago. Their nylon stuff is only marginally better than Uncles Mike’s stuff from Academy. People only know who they are because the military bought way too many SERPAs (which were innovative at the time). A company has to innovate or die, they haven’t innovated, they did the opposite by just making their junk cheaper.

            Their “new” suppressors are just licensed copies of SilencerCo cans, but not any cheaper and less durable and adaptable, from the specs I was able to find. They are trying to keep their tacticalness alive in an already crowded, and competent, market (trigger or otherwise).

            Good luck to anyone that wants to risk an AR trigger from BLACKHAWK! Hopefully it will be a better gun part, unlike their shotgun stock that’s “recoil reducing”, as in redirects recoil to punch the shooter in the face.

        • Mark

          Blackhawk was once like so many other companies that were innovative and well regarded before xyz “group” bought them out, raped every last shekel from their reputation possible, and then buried their good name in a shallow Chinese grave.

  • Bought my two stage adjustable (pre and overtravel) Armalite trigger for $99.

    BLACKHAWK!, thank you, but try again.

  • Ergo

    nickel teflon triggers from rtb are 40 bucks, palmetto, bcm and alg all offer a polished nickel boron milspec product at a significantly lower price point. These things are going to end up at cdnn fairly quick.

  • AK™