Review: Be Tactical’s Bedside Holster

I was sent this bedside holster for review from It is not something I would normally look for nor purchase for myself but I decided to keep an open mind. Upon further research, this holster is made by Explorer. You can check them out at

The holster is a reinforced sheet of cordura with some velcro flaps, grommets and some non-skid fabric. The grommets are for anchoring it under a desk or on a wall. The velcro square is odd since it would be sandwiched between the mattress and box spring. I think it is so you can attach velcro under your mattress and this will stick to it. Otherwise I do not see a purpose for it to be there.



There were no instructions other than the vague cardboard card it was attached to.



Here is the holster unfolded.

IMG_3027 IMG_3028 IMG_3029


This velcro flap is goes on the outside of the pistol holster strap thus securing it.IMG_3030


The problem I had with this setup is that I had a hard time covering up the trigger properly. The holster can accommodate a weaponlight. I am not sure about the odd angle that the pistol is positioned. If you are laying down in bed and try to reach for your pistol, it is angled away from your hand.


The holster seems designed for right handed shooters however you could put a pistol in it for a left handed shooter however your spare magazine kind of gets in the way and you need to either tuck it all the way down or position the pistol on the outside of the magazine.


Another problem that I had with the bed holster was when I had it sandwiched between my mattress and box spring. I have a box spring cover which does not help with the friction of the bed holster. So when I try to draw the pistol out or put the pistol back in, the holster has a tendency to slip out a bit.




Now while I was able to get this holster to work I do not think it fits my needs. As you can see in the photo above, the holster positions the pistol low and outside the frame of my box spring. My comforter is not long enough to drape down and conceal the pistol. Another issue is the design of the straps. There are webbing edges that snag on protrusions of the weaponlight, front sight and on my handheld flashlight that it gets in the way of a clear and clean draw.IMG_3019


The bias tape edges snags on gear as you try to draw them from the holster.IMG_3018


For $20 you get what you pay for. It has some uses but I find the execution sub par. It would be better as a modular system like one big molle panel or velcro panel. That you can attach almost any holster you want with better retention and coverage of the trigger. Also molle or velcro would allow for more modularity with accessories rather than relying on an elastic loop for magazines and a nylon strap for a flashlight.

With regards to having a pistol at the ready for home defense, I find a dedicated box like the Gunbox or the Hornady Rapid Safes better for securing the weapon and getting quick access to it. If you do not need security for your bedside gun, then a night stand is more than adequate for storing a pistol when needed.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    Cool theory but in reality it’s hard to balance the weight and with a kydex holster you’ll have to much retention or no retention. Plus that would push the cost up towards the $100 range. And I’m jealous of your secret squirrel magazine! Those alone made me want to buy a 40. I really wish lipsey’s could convince glock to do a run.

    • Nicholas C

      Lol thanks. You can find them occasionally. There were some on a forum for $85 each last month.

  • But was it jazzy?

  • Jeff Smith

    I own on that I bought about a year ago (I think I paid $12 on Amazon) and here are some things I’ve noticed:

    1. I haven’t had a problem getting the holster to cover my trigger guard. If I remember correctly, you have angle the Velcro strap to get it to work right, but once you get it, it holds well. Since I’ve had it, I’ve used a Beretta 92, a Sig P226, a CZ 75 compact, and a Browning Hi-Power. They all seem to work fine.

    2. Once in position, it’s not very noticeable if your comforter goes over the top of it (see attached picture). There have been dozens of people in my bedroom and no one has noticed it.

    3. It doesn’t move – I haven’t had to readjust it since I’ve had it.

    4. Drawing is awkward, but I’ve never really thought about it. I don’t see this as something you would be speed drawing from. If you sit on the edge of the bed (as if you were getting up) it seems easy enough.

    5. One problem – it’s easily forgettable. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve forgotten to put my handgun back in the safe before leaving my house. While I don’t have children, this could be a serious problem if you do.

    6. Mine has one elastic strap instead of two. It’s not too great for most flashlights. My flashlight snags when you try to remove it.

    • Jeff Smith
      • Jeff Smith

        Sorry, forgot to attach pictures.

    • Jeff Smith


      • Billy Jack

        So you don’t use the velcro to the right of your light or your model doesn’t have that?

        • Jeff Smith

          Holy crap, I never even realized that was there, haha. That should make it significantly easier to store a flashlight.

    • Billy Jack

      Drawing is good for me since I’m right handed, a side/stomach sleeper and sleep on the right side of the bed and have a nightstand to the right of the bed. On the left side of the bed it would be an awkward under body draw or I’d have to turn on to my back first.

      • Jeff Smith

        I sleep the same way. Sleeping in that position makes it fairly natural. If you sleep close to the edge of the bed on your back, it might result in an awkward draw, depending on where you place the holster

        That being said, I never envisioned having to use this as a “quick draw” holster. For me, it’s more to have a gun handy in case I hear something in another room. It’s much easier than having to get out of bed in the dark and get a gun out of my safe.

        • Billy Jack

          I like being able to reach for something in the dark and not have to deal with fingerprint scanners or button codes. Next best option for me is maybe one of those under the bed quick access safes. Seems like a pain to bolt to the floor and bad if you move things around in the room.

          • Jeff Smith

            That’s very true. The only upside to a finger safe would be that you couldn’t accidentally leave your gun unsecured. Since I don’t live with children and my roommates are gun people, it’s not too big of a deal for me. The gun is always either hidden from view in a place most people wouldn’t think to check or stored in a gun safe.

            Still, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to work and wondered if left my gun out.

    • Suppressed

      “There have been dozens of people in my bedroom and no one has noticed it”

      Subtle brag 😉

  • Billy Jack

    I’ve had a variation of this by Explorer for about a year now. I like it. I put it between the mattress and boxspring or I anchor it in a nightstand drawer. The drawer alleviates it from sliding out from between the mattress and box spring but so would velcro or tying it to my bed’s frame through the holes.Mine is really customizable and there’s no reason for the weird cant to make room for whatever pistol I put in it. It also doesn’t move on its own or when I remove objects from it while used with the bed. It’s only when I get in and out of the bed that it moves a bit.
    After 7-10 times of getting in and out of bed it would be hanging loose if I didn’t adjust it. I have a drawer full of flashlights, mags and similar stuff so sliding the end into the top of the drawer and shutting it is what I go with most of the time.
    I have a 9mm pistol, a Streamlight ProTac HL 850 lumen in the middle elastic section and another mag in the adjustable last pocket. No stability issues at all. I could put a Pmag in the adjustable section if I wanted to. More than worth the money. My product has no obnoxious label. I like that I could put it at the head of my bed totally concealed and easily accessed. I could fit a kydex holster inside the adjustable holster section but I don’t have a reason to. You could mount this behind a cabinet or hang it on a wall in hidden area of a closet. Keeps my pistol more accessible and out of the way. I prefer it to leaving a drawer or small safe open or leaving items on the nightstand.
    Paid $17 for it on Amazon.