KE Arms Glock Slides, 3 New Slides To Dress Up Your G17 or G19

KE Arms has announced their new line of slides for Glock pistols.  I had the pleasure of shooting with some of KE Arms creations at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun this past April, and while I am personally on the fence about using an optic on a pistol, I can attest to the workmanship of their builds and components.

These slides are made in the USA from 17-4 Stainless Steel, and heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 42-43.  These slides come ready to accept OEM internals, barrels, and guide rods.  All of the slides come in three finishes: Black Melonite, Blasted Stainless, and NP3. (NP3 is a “teflon” like coating we have discussed before)

KE19 Alpha in Action at the MGM Ironman 3 Gun Competition!

KE19 Alpha in Action at the MGM Ironman 3 Gun Competition!

The KE19 slide is compatible with all Glock 19 Gen 3 OEM components.

The KE17 slide is compatible with all Glock 17 Gen 3 OEM components.


The Alpha

The Alpha

This slide comes with rear cocking serrations and the ability to mount iron sights.  Basically a stock replacement that comes in some alternate finshes.


The Bravo

The Bravo

Machined to accept the popular Trijicon RMR. The Bravo features front and rear cocking serrations and more aggressive angle cuts on the sides of the slide. The slide is also capable of accepting traditional front/rear iron sights. The slide includes KE Arms RMR cover plate anodized black (which will allow you to use your pistol without the RMR).


The Charlie

The Charlie

The Charlie Slide features front and rear cocking serrations, aggressive contouring on the sides, bull nose on the front, weight relief cuts on the top and sides. It is available machined to accept the Trijicon RMR or Leupold Delta Point Pro. RMR model includes rear sight dovetail and cover plate if you do not wish to use the RMR. Deltapoint Model is machined to accept the Deltapoint Pro with Leupold Rear Sight unit. No cover plate is supplied with the Deltapoint model.

Whether you are building a pistol from the ground up, or upgrading your current pistol, KE Arms slides make an excellent choice.  They are currently only showing the KE17 variants on the website:

  • Alpha: Black Melonite ($299), Blasted Stainless ($299), NP3 ($449)
  • Bravo:  Black Melonite ($439), Blasted Stainless ($438), NP3 ($589)
  • Charlie:  Black Melonite ($549), Blasted Stainless ($549), NP3 ($699)

You can find more information on their website:

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    I’m failing to see what the Alpha slides provide over a stock glock? No forward serrations seem like a mistake. Even then the benefits are dubious at best for the money considering what custom slide work costs.

    • Anonymoose

      Maybe if you’re building one from a kit and you don’t like the idea of forward serrations, but also want angled rear serrations and a nice finish?

  • Question – the 80% completed glock receivers – can those legally be classified as a rifle or AOW in any cheaper capacity than putting a goofy stock on it and coughing up $200?

    • PK

      Rifle, yes. You’d have to get the OAL up to 26″ and the barrel up to 16″ minimum. For minimum size, the stock would need to be permanently attached, but that’s fairly easy to solve in multiple ways. The main things to be concerned about are the unlocking and cycling being reliable with so much mass. Most barrels that long will need a booster on a tilting pistol, and the Glock is no exception. Expect to spend quite a bit to get it all together.

      AOW for cheaper than $200 – sure! Give the gun to an 07/02, have them make it an AOW on a 5320.2, then have it transferred to you for the $5 stamp. This wouldn’t allow you to have a stock, but you’d be able to have two grips with no problem.

      • Cymond

        Of course, the easy “rifle” option would be a MechTech conversion.

  • Joe

    A slide more expensive than a complete pistol? What not to like!!!

    • kbroughton77

      Kind of the firearm equivalent of putting $4000 rims on a ’97 Honda Accord?

    • bank gunpawn

      i have the sig sauer p226 brand new and also some used ,
      contact via business number 6469262402 or email ,i also have other pistols like the glock19
      gen 4 ,with the springfield xd45 all registered no stolen gun
      open to good business , no trade

  • Daniel

    I’ll stick to Lone Wolf when I want stuff for my glock.

  • Hrajnoga

    I wish bare slides weren’t counted as “firearms” here in EU 🙁 Is it worth performance/comfort wise or it’s just cosmetic ?

    • Stan Darsh

      Other than the PWS Glock slide, they are mostly for either looks or for a red dot sight base. If you live somewhere that has such a law, it would obviously be better to spend the money having a machinist mill your stock slide.

  • Alex

    No recoil lugs for the RMR versions? Fail