FK-Brno Simplifies the complex with 6.5mm “Blind Sniper System”

1200A measure of intelligence is being able to make complex matters simple and easy to understand.  FK-Brno, Czech manufacturers of the 7.5mm FK Field Pistol, aim to do such a thing with their recently unveiled 6.5×55 “Blind Sniper System”.  The System itself weighs 9.5 Lbs, and consists of a rifle with a Mauser action, a conical barrel either threaded or with optional iron sights.  The barrel is said to use a “unique and proprietary multiradial twist”.  The system also comes with a first focal plane scope with ranging discs in the “proprietary” reticle calibrated to the 128-grain loads used with the system.  The discs themselves are to be used to range human targets at distances from 300 to 800 meters.  The scope is reminiscent of Shepherd Scopes, which had ranging discs to be used on the brisket of a deer.  It looks to be an interesting and accurate system.

The system’s goals, according to FK-Brno:

Long Range shooting is a very challenging activity. It requires intensive and long training and good levels of understanding in mathematical calculations, ballistics, wind reading and range estimation. This is why it’s not for everyone, and this is why good long range shooters are highly coveted sportsmen and soldiers.

Until recently, It usually took 6 months to one year to train a match shooter or a sniper. And in most cases training alone was not enough, as good shooting skills are considered a talent, which is only observed and small portion of the general population, just as with any other talent.

At FK Brno, we saw a need to develop a system that, not only made it easier for new shooters to master long range shooting but also that encourages them through achieving quick and practical field success, to continue with the sport and shooting activities in general.

This system was created by first identifying and then mitigating, the issues and barriers that mostly hindered new long-range shooters from mastering the sport/activity, which are:

  • High recoil sensitivity, flinch effect and sound effect that usually accure by using high powered long range rifle.
  • High understanding of ballistics.
  • Correct range estimation, without a laser range finder.
  • Correct mathematical calculations of Trajectory.
  • Correct wind deflection projection estimation at longer ranges.
  • Understanding, and using the mil dot and other very complex scope reticle systems.
  • Heavy, large and often cumbersome and intimidating Higher caliber long-range systems.
  • The smaller caliber systems did not have the sufficient ballistic coefficient to be accurate and precise at longer ranges. Not to mention enought Kinetic energy, and other terminal ballistics traits when used in medium to large animal hunting.

The 6,5 Rifle system, “The blind Sniper” mitigated all of the above barriers.

While I do believe the system would be a boon to someone who is looking for an easy introduction into long range shooting and/or hunting, I’m not sure the name of the system translates well to the US market.  800 meters/875 yards is a fair distance, to be sure, but still falls within the domain of a designated marksman, not necessarily a sniper.  To be fair, I do not know the expected capabilities/responsibilities of snipers in the ACR (Armáda České Republiky) or the 601st Special Forces Group.  I do believe, however, that one could take a teenager straight out of boot camp, spool them up on this system, and have a very capable shooter in a short period of time if the system performs as advertised.  It will be very interesting to see what markets this system will come to, and I’d love to get my hands on one.1201

Rusty S.

Having always had a passion for firearms, Rusty S. has had experience in gunsmithing, firearms retail, hunting, competitive shooting, range construction, as an IDPA certified range safety officer and a certified instructor. He has received military, law enforcement, and private training in the use of firearms. He is fortunate enough to have access to class 3 weaponry as well.


  • When you are hurting for cool things to say about a gun in a video you start telling people that the barrel is conical which covers 99.9% of barrels made these days and hence is not special in any way.

    • MPWS

      Is it not meant as internal/ bore taper, so called “squeeze-bore”?. I am not sure if your (or mine) interpretation is correct. Let’s see what Rusty says.

      • gunsandrockets

        6.5×55 “reengineered for higher pressure”? “proprietary twist” rifling? Maybe it is a squeeze bore.

        If so, that is a very clever way of squeezing out(!) higher performance without developing a new boutique cartridge.

        I’ll bet it is easier and with modern manufacturing techniques a lot cheaper to create a sniper accurate weapon system with a squeeze bored rifle than with saboted ammunition.

        • MPWS

          Yes, that is quite conceivable approach. From what I recall at .223 Rem barrel it is common to specify .001-.002 smaller bore at muzzle. Depending of construction of bullet/ jacket with 6.5mm it could easily go into some .005-.007″ bore reduction. This would not necessarily raise chamber pressure, but maintain pressure at higher level as bullet proceeds down toward the muzzle.

    • Rusty S.

      The “conical” barrel is their verbiage, not mine. It is unclear if they are referring to the bore taper or the external profile. We are actively trying to find out more from FK-Brno, so hopefully in the future we will see exactly what they mean about the bore, barrel profile, type of rifling and twist rate.

      • my post was referring to the video, not what you wrote about it. Given its just 6.5 Swedish Mauser I doubt that it is anything special like a squeeze bore, clambering if for an existing caliber would be paramount to suicide. Its just techno garbage speak from the manufacturer to make it sound more impressive & unique than it is. Nothing new, hell some of us have had little competitions to see who could techno babble the best w/o saying anything that really is worth while.

        • Rusty S.

          Most likely you are correct.

        • Kasper

          My two 6,5x55s are the only guns I have with a choke/squeeze bore.

          I agree that conical probably is referring to the contour, which is not a feature.

    • gwood

      Sounds like a Dragunov reticle. Actually, how would this be an improvement over a Drag?

      • Joshua

        accuracy probably, Mausers typically hold well under MOA mechanically while Drags were kind of designed to only hold “Minute of Man”
        It is interesting to see though, this rifle seems to have been designed with as flat a learning curve as possible, the Drag is designed to be very quickly familiar to a shooter but only ever achieve “good enough” accuracy, where most western systems are engineered to give optimal accuracy, at the expense of ease of operation. This rifle seems to try to achieve both, a system to quickly get the operator familiar with the systems and then allow them to push for what accuracy they need.

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    What a load of BS! But there are always some idiots that are going to fall for this “game changer”…

    • MPWS

      I do not get excited about term “game changer”. This is all commercial cliché which has little technical backing. For me it is important that people see how to find the cracks and try to fill them in name of better optimization.

  • stephen

    Nice – I like the aiming circles.

  • Bierstadt54

    This is silly from what I see. It looks like a nice enough rifle and I like the reticle, but I’ve seen plenty of scopes with aiming circles and everything else people can come up with to aid windage and ranging. I am a fan of 6.5mm – it hits the sweet spot between rifle weight, recoil force, and pushing a well-shaped round out for long-range shooting – but again, nothing new or special there. Geez, just say you have a nice rifle with a matched scope and stop making silly claims. I expected better from the company that made the 7.5 pistol. (All addressed to the video, not the article.)

  • Tassiebush

    I like the simplicity of it. It looks like the sort of system that would be good to issue in large numbers in a high attrition war involving conscripts or other hastily fielded forces.
    It was good to see there is a dot at the centre of the 300m reticle as I was a bit concerned that it lacked a specific reference point. I actually think a thin verticle line down the reticle might be a good addition. Not all targets would be torso sized.
    Now make me one scaled to wallabies!

  • oldman

    Just another promo video from these people just like the one for the pistol. Claims a lot but says nothing must have ben written by a politician or an advertising firm.

  • noob

    Sabatti makes a multi-radial barrel rifling which uses smooth curves in three dimensions such that as the bullet enters the throat it aligns itself with the center of the rifle’s bore.

    it is supposed to be a next generation over polygonal rifling. I wonder if this is the same thing here.

  • Marcus D.

    And this package goes for how many thousands of dollars? I would like to learn long range shooting, but I can’t afford the price of admission. The only scope I’ve ever used is a 4x with a simple cross hair on a .22. So this is something I might actually be able to figure out without a degree in physics.

  • mazkact

    Gosh guys my Snider rifle made in the 19th century has a squeeze bore 😉 I will be watching this one. I love Czech firearms and 6.5×55 is my second favorite rifle cartridge.