BREAKING: Daniel Defense Terminates Agreement With Academy Sports, No more Guns from us!

Soldier Systems has obtained a report that Daniel Defense has terminated their agreement to sell their products to Academy Sports. Recently we broke the story that Academy had removed all modern sporting rifles from their display racks in response to the attack at the Orlando LGBT bar Pulse, as a result of Academy’s decision to remove the rifles Daniel Defense has issued the following letter to their distributes.

“As you know we take our partnership with our stocking retailers very seriously. We are committed to serving and supplying them at the highest level and expect our retailers to have that same level of commitment to our brand and our industry. Unfortunately, Academy Sports has made a corporate decision, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, to remove all MSRs from their website and in-store displays. Academy Sports has communicated that they intend to continue to sell the MSR category of firearms without displaying or advertising them publicly. As a prominent MSR brand, Daniel Defense cannot support decisions that are completely contrary to the values of our company and industry. Therefore, as of today, June 16th, I request that you place Academy Sports on a Do Not Sell list for all Daniel Defense products and terminate any shipments to their stores or distribution centers. It is unfortunate that we have to make this decision, but it is clearly the right thing to do for our brand, our industry and our constitutional right. Thank you for your support.

Bill Robinson, VP of Sales

Academy’s decision clearly segregates firearms by their appearance, which sends a dangerous message to our politicians that it’s acceptable to do so. We as an industry must stand and fight, together.

Marty Daniel, President and CEO

The Ronnie Barrett like move to no longer sell any firearms or accessories to Academy is a bold move by Daniel Defense and shows a strong commitment to their customer base.

Do you agree with Daniel Defense’s decision?


  • Mother Demanding Action

    Good on DD and I hope others follow suit.

    • DB

      I’ve had nothing but AWESOME customer service, and top end products, whether full weapons or parts from DANIEL DEFENSE!! They just went up ten times higher in my opinion!! If we, like DANIEL DEFENSE, don’t start making noise and STANDING UP TO the supposedly “BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE” Government that is a long way from that, we’re in more trouble than we are now! THANK YOU DANIEL DEFENSE!!

    • I hope so too. I’m still wondering about Walmart.

      • Rodney Steward

        Well they give in to Sharpton for a total of 3 million $$$ not to march in front of their stores when the BLM started! That’ll give you an idea of where they stand! And I hear they’re big Hillary fans too!

      • NashobaLosa

        Walmart is all about profits. They stopped selling MSRs because they could nor move them and they were not making the profits they wanted. The increased demand will ensure they continue to sell them, IMHO. I spoke to my LGS today. He is a one man operation with a website. He said he has been averaging six gun sales a day since Orlando happened. Walmart is probably selling 600 a day per state.

  • Sianmink

    Imagine if every gun and ammunition and body armor manufacturer refused to do any more business in states that do not respect our rights, like California, New York, and New Jersey.

    How many hours before the police organizations would be pounding down the doors of their elected bosses?

    • Porty1119

      I give it a week or less.

    • Burt Maclin

      I remember when Barrett did that when the Cali Commies went after the .50 cal. No more LEO sales to CA. Not sure if it really did much overall, but the .50 is a very limited market, even to LEOs.

      • Yep they sure did—-

        • Rooftop Voter

          I believe Ronnie also sent a letter to the Honolulu Chief of Police and basically said “stick it.” This was a few years back.

          • Kivaari


      • Harry’s Holsters

        LAPD wanted them but I’d say the decision made Barrett way more on civilian and small department sales then they would have made otherwise.

      • Len Jones

        Its limited to people with 10k to blow.

        • L Cavendish

          and well worth it…LOL

    • Renegade

      Won’t happen. At least 1 manufacturer of each would supply LEOs in those states. If they all backed out, new manufacturers/builders/resellers would pop up to fill that very lucrative hole.

    • Swarf

      Yeah, well that’s the trick, isn’t it?

      There is always a carve out for the civilian police.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      The sad part is Bloomberg, GE or countless other businesses would capitalize on the opportunity that would offer.

      • zardoz711

        GE is a defense contractor, Bloomberg is anti, what are you getting at?

        • Harry’s Holsters

          GE has knowledge and capability to produce firearms, ammo, holsters etc… Bloomberg has the money to setup manufacturing of those items and would for law enforcement/military sales only if they thought there would be a market. In a utopian world where all the “gun industry” boycotted non-free states government sales others would be right there to fill the void if money were to be made.

          • Drew Coleman

            But GE has no reputation on having built or designed the type of small arms and ammo they’d need. I don’t think they’d go for it.

          • Rock or Something

            Indeed. GE recently sold their appliance division to Haier, a Chinese manufacturing firm, to concentrate on bigger defense and airplane contracts. They apparently have little interest in staying in the civilian market.

          • Kivaari

            They hire them. Buy out o into a known maker.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Even if they don’t someone will. And consultants would sell out providing the skill to setup manufacturing for any of these larger manufacturing companies.

          • GE used to have an armament division before it was sold to General Dynamics. They were best known for their powered Gatlings: M61 Vulcan, M134 Minigun, GAU-8 Avenger, etc. They also took over certain Springfield Armory small arms projects after it was shut down in 1968, like their SPIW and M73.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            I learn something new everyday! Thanks!

    • K-Gunner

      That is absolutely right! If no California LE agency were to receive firearms from major manufacturers unless the Draconian regulations in CA are lifted with LE pressure on the politicians, we might see some action. Large contracts with influential agencies like LAPD, LASD, CHP, and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR – talk about a PC name change by recently adding “Rehabilitation”) are gravy for Glock and S&W (Glock to LAPD and CDCR; S&W to CHP and LASD) but imagine if those agencies could not get guns because the manufacturers refused to sell to them unless laws change. That would have an impact. Extend that to other manufacturers like Winchester and Federal ammunition, optics manufacturers, etc. Let’s start with the BS “safe handgun roster” that denies a huge number of handguns from civilians hands but exempts full time paid LEOs. No guns for civilians that cops get because they’re too “unsafe”? Then no guns for cops either since they’re clearly “unsafe”.

      Having said that, it is important to separate the administrations of these LE agencies from the line officers/deputies. While many of the upper echelon are infected with political correctness and have become politicians themselves, many, many line cops strongly support the Second Amendment so let’s not bash all cops.

      • David Christensen

        California is a different country. They will cut off their nose to spite their face…….

      • John Gregory

        That’s why I won’t buy a S&W, despite the love affair my mitts have with the M&P9 grip. (Like they used my hands to size and contour it) I can’t support a company that won’t take a stand for my rights. There are a select few who fortunately make awesome firearms.

    • Anomanom

      That would lead to a rash of states passing laws to “not respect our gun rights”. Places like CO, IL, DC, etc. would intentionally try to invoke the effect. They might not be able to ban guns directly, but if gun/ammo manufacturers won’t sell there, it would drive the gun stores out of business. No gun stores means people pretty well can’t buy a gun, thus creating a constructive gun ban if not an official one.

    • Mike Holtzen

      Isn’t that what anti gunners want, to eliminate gun sales. Just refuse law enforcement sales to those states but allow civilian sales.

  • Mattblum

    I approve of the action. Took a lot of guts and I admire them for it.

  • I think I need to buy a DD! From DD of course.

    • Pete M. – TFB Writer

      Phil, I have a MK18 upper. Top Notch.

      • I have no doubt Pete and feel free to send it my way for a long term inspection:-)

        • g. cheney

          Pete, Greetings….After a thread last week, I decided to build, 2 or 3 Viet Nam era rifles, a 20′ triangular M-16 and the carbine type variant. All with have new parts, except, both variants will have vintage, the real deal, hand guards.
          BTW, The barrels will be sleeper’s…LRRP’s….long range dialers, sorta like that hemi under the little dodge’s hood….264 LBC, parallel throats, Type II bolts…se’ habla’ rock n’ roll.
          Peace, Bro.

          • L Cavendish

            20 feet?! Wow…that is a HUGE gun…LOL

          • The Brigadier

            I understand the nostalgia for the A1’s, but why? M4’s have fixed many of the systemic problems of the old M16’s and using the old parts is like rebuilding a Model T. Yeah, I’ve written about how fun the old A1 was on full auto when you could empty the mag in under 3 seconds. Terrific suppression fire to be sure before it jammed up. Now you can do the same with M4’s and with the improvements and fixes you have very few misfires. It still get dirtier than piston operated rifles, but it no longer fails as quickly as the M16 in spite of the extra fouling. I only wish manufacturers would put 18″ to 20″ barrels on them as stock barrels. It speeds up the flight of Barbie’s bullets, and it gives you several hundreds of more yards in range. Both are worth the extra weight.

          • g. cheney

            Yes, Nostalgia befell me. However, the only retro part on the gun is the hand guards. All the rest, current line production, only upgraded parts.
            I’m giving up only a free floating rail and barrel….all the rest of the parts comp. to somewhere between 2k, 3k, and up if cerakoted.
            I’m NOT a builder, I just herd the parts up to assist in creating the concept.
            This “retro” will have a 6.5 20 inch Grendel barrel under the “hood.” You’d instantly notice no pencil bbl., the grip, but to us folk, the triangular hand guard and A1 ramp sight will fool us, not you.
            It’ll run.
            Maybe some day I’ll get to piston…friend of mine knows Core owner…they big on pistons. I’ve never taken a close look at the guts of a piston.
            I haven’t had a class III and ammo on OPM (other people’s money) since the Navy days, long ago…vintage, lol. My experience back then: 1911 Colt .45ACP, Thompson Sub-machine gun, and the venerable M1 Garand 30-06. Ancient.
            Do the math…now see why no three gun for this young gun? Down at the assisted living center they want M60’s on their wheel chair arms, complete with vintage beer cans….I like the concept, lol, but, knowing me, I wonder, once there, will I be able to finish what I start? I think they just want an excuse to get the beer. What do you think?
            BTW, Appreciate the reply…time to go back to lurking.

          • Kivaari

            Like having new production M1 carbines, rebuilt 1903A3, M1As. Go figure people like old stuff. An M16A1 is the right rifle of my generation. As a kid I had a M2 carbine. I still lust for one I can afford.

      • Kivaari

        Me too, plus others. First rate gear.
        What do you know about Aero? Another shooter had a .308 “billet gun”. He was having issues with groups growing to 4-5 inches. It has a large Night force scope (unknown power) in a LaRue mount. The bases was getting ground up and battered through the Ceracoat FDE finish, on under 100 rounds. Even the bolt stop wore through the FDE finish. It did not appear type 3 hard anodized, just ceracoat point. The flat top m1913 cuts were getting bent/smashed. I told him the scope is too heavy for the material and mount. Buy a GG&G.

        • Pete M. – TFB Writer

          Haven’t ever heard anything bad about Aero Precision.

        • Drew Coleman

          That sounds really strange. Has he contacted them about the issue?

          • Kivaari

            This was Wednesday. I didn’t learn his name. I did talk with my dealer, the best in North Idaho. After listening to the symptoms he said it has to be a mount that is too weak and is coming loose. I’d agree, since every contact point was being battered I’ve never seen that on any 5.56mm AR. Few shooters are using a QD LaRue mount where I shoot (Shoshone County Public Range). The cams on the mount were already worn down. With the finish getting “powdered” from the scope shifting. The aluminum recess at the bolt stop is already showing bare metal. If they cleat coat type 3 anodizing, it seems that it should be strong enough. If it is cera coat only, It is not durable enough. It almost looked rattle-can quality, but this wasn’t a home brew rifle. At least the BCM BCG and charging handle looked great. I looked at the bolt tail and it showed proper wear. I’ve seen some .308 rifles where the tail is eroded heavily in under 100 rounds. Its like those making them miss heat treating or using the correct alloy. I am not a billet rifle fan – FORGE ‘EM”.

          • bobfairlane

            Disposable ARs seem to be all the rage now.

          • Kivaari

            I am surprised some don’t have type-3 anodizing. Without it the guns are doomed to fail quickly. 80% lowers without anodizing remain simply cheap soft aluminum. The desire for a slick unnumbered lower as some appeal, but junk is still junk. Perhaps an article on homebrew anodizing would help.

          • TRUBOOST

            lemme guess… any AR that costs less than $2000 is considered diposable? u probably only shoot the kind that are so expensive that u also have to have $1000 scope on it, feed it overpriced ammo for $1.50 per round just so u can bring it to the range and lock it into a rifle rest that basically shoots the gun by itself just so u can show off how accurate it is. but in real life usage its just as useable and accurate as a $500 DPMS.

          • Kivaari

            Don’t knock it. A good scope is what may of us save up for. After years of using lower priced goodies and always wanting a $1000 scope in a $200 mount over a $200 SSA trigger, well I have ’em. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other lesser guns in the pile. I added up what my most recent and plainest looking rifle cost and it was over $1400. It isn’t anything fancy. BUT, it isn’t a $2500 DD. But it sure is a helluva lot better than the first two DSA uppers I used for my first two builds. They do work, but they are ugly compared to DPMS, BCM or Colt.

          • bobfairlane

            Nah, The $500 flat top is fine. It is what it does. I just remarked on how so many people now are making these things, and many out of cheap aluminum. All my “rifles” are 12 gauge. hahha. I am shopping for ARs now. I want something made to last, and made to bust hogs and take deer, not just poke little holes in them. Nothing wrong with a nice scope, though. A good scope will probably outlast whatever rifle it’s on.

          • Kivaari

            This rifle had to cost much more than junk grade. The BCG was BCM, the upper and lower AERO. That’s why I asked the associate editor what he knew. I don’t know if it had an AERO barrel. Nothing was inexpensive on the thing. The fit and finish was great except for the wear which I link to the Cerakote.

          • Jon Goodwin

            Nothing like hijacking a perfectly good thread.

          • Kivaari

            Easy to do. We started talking about how good the DD rifles are and before you know it we were asking each other questions. Quite OK by me. since DD stopping sales to AS was a good thing, but a non-story. If AS took MSRs off the shelf, DD didn’t have a market at AS for DD rifles. AS=0 sales.

          • Kivaari

            By chance he was at the range this AM. He swapped the scope and rings, and the rifle was still shooting all over the place. I suggested it may be the barrel nut. He’s taking it to my favorite shop in Cd’A Idaho.

        • uisconfruzed

          Ceracote needs to be applied on a 120 grit sand blast, thus cutting through Type III anodizing. Cerakote is extremely hard stuff.

          • Kivaari

            His rifle is a hard kicking .308 with a huge Nightforce scope. If Ceracote is so tough, it shouldn’t be getting destroyed in 100 rounds of use. After seeing this rifle, I’d never use Ceracote. Removing the type-III hardening seems like a very poor idea. If the surface material no longer has a solid foundation an the material will fail. It obviously failed on this riffle. Like putting a concrete driveway over sand. If there is no ballast, the concrete breaks apart. That’s what this rifle looks like.
            Since Type-III can be applied in any color, it makes sense to me to go with the stronger conventional finish. “Powder coating” is way over-rated. It’ supposed to be the thing to use on vehicle parts and outdoor furniture. It fails all the time. I view it at a sales gimmick, since seeing the process not perform as advertised for 30+ years.

          • g. cheney

            You need to stop before you go any farther. Creakote is applied to WHITE METAL…meaning, no finish, plain shiny aluminum. If you use a phos mil-spec finish, you have to sandsweep the finish bare to apply.
            There are many who claim to be creakoters….BEHOLD: THE GURU: WILDMANSGUNS, LLC. Mississippi.
            7.62 NATO/.308’s are notorious for spec variances. Two main types, google it. DPMS is one variant, and NO, the parts don’t always fit like in AR-15 platforms.
            As for the horrendous group, it’s the barrel. Also, of question, is the mating of the barrel to the front of the receiver…sounds like big time mis-alignment…so, this “thing” needs to be retired or parted out if no one can straighten it out.
            As for the peanut galleries here taking gallery shots, I’ve got Grendels on the bench in Mississippi….All to be cerakoted, all 1,200 yard paper punchers, set up for 600-800 yard terminals. 4.5X18 powered scopes.
            All my rifles compare to 3k to over 5k. NiB BCG’s, comp. triggers, these are 4150 CVM for high hreat tolerance.
            My rifles are sub 1/2 moa off the bench…..they can outshoot me, and you, unless you’re young, trained, and experienced.
            Mil-spec stuff off the shelves, 400-500 cost, max., and that is with a good barrel.

          • Kivaari

            That’s why I suspected it was the barrel nut. He “built it” (AKA: assembled it) and I suspect his torque was not correct.

          • g. cheney

            If the receiver is not squared to the barrel mating, you’ll get that spread/opening in grop as you extend the range…I did not intend to become contentious….I lurk, try to avoid verbal conflict…was trying to help. Oh, well…..
            Anyway, the top end bbls. that are 500$$ plus, are top shelf pro competition barrels for Olympic shooters. I know one U.S. Olympic shooting coach, near here, one of only two 1,000 yard ranges in our state.
            Few can shoot well enough to compete at that level. Take the Grendel for example….It surpasses the .308 7.62 NATO at 700 yards and passes it by on 40% less recoil. For us, that means acquisition of secondary and tertiary targets. The barrels are type II bolts of 9310 steel, a must, on an 8620 carrier. The bbls. are parallel throated, not compound, and theses 20″ inch wonders are sub. 1/2 MOA. 1/9 twist. .264 LBC, Les Baer Custom.
            I jumped eleven, all they had….Two at 110.00, the rest at 100.00 EACH. These barrels will with average shooters, non-pro’s, as well side by side with a Shilein or other top shelf competition barrel. (POLYGONAL RIFLING THREE CONTACT POINTS in the barrel, with lapped lands….is the NEW BAR for accuracy. Not in wide production yet, and under radar, but if you want SUB 1/2 MOA oot of the box and off the bench, then get your wallet out and get one of those. I am thinking of getting one, and installing on a skeletonized F-1 chassis. Eye candy gone awry! )
            Yes, Wildman is butting those bbls. up to billet upper receivers. Sand swept to white metal, then cerakoted. I’ll post a pic when the first roll off the bench, if this site allows. Barrels and competition muzzle brakes are now cerakoted in H-146, Graphite Black….First four likely colors: Titanium, Tungsten, bronze, and???? Maybe a second of the first three.
            We whack pigs destroying strawberries in a certain county. We hope to replicate the program state-wide.
            So, PEACE BRO….It’s all a learning curve. I enjoy the discussion.

          • Kivaari

            I did more research on the powder coating and Cerakote. I remain convinced it is all show. I’ll stick with type III hard coat anodizing. I can’t understand why anyone would prefer a plastic or epoxy finish over soft metal beyond the good looks. They do look good.
            Good barrels on a “printed action” sure can lead to fine accuracy.
            The 6.5mm medium bores like the Swede or Creedmore are fine rounds. Recoil is stiff enough that I can no longer use such rifles. Getting ones neck broken twice and taking 5 surgical repairs, left me shooting nothing bigger than a 5.56mm. I pretty much had everything I wanted over the last 55 years of shooting. I love the ARs, and find them the best rifles in the class. I used BCM uppers. BUT, a Bushmaster HBAR I had would deliver sub-MOA. It was heavy. A SSA trigger made it possible. Old age takes a toll.

          • Kivaari

            I assemble my own, since now one builds ARs at home. No junk 80% for me thank you very much. I don’t know how anyone can get a good barrel for $400-500. DD makes very nice stuff. An upper is $1000 and up so they have great barrels.
            That is an issue with the powder coat finishes, including Cerakote.
            It doesn’t work on yard furniture and bumpers. It sure didn’t look like it worked on this rifle. Putting it over a soft foundation seems like a mistake. I know that in looking at the custom rifles with powder coat finish, they really show wear and tear more than a GI M16A1 or any R-pattern rifle I have owned. Now I don’t abuse my rifles. Now my service rifles and SMGs were either M4/ARs or HKs having a baked on finish over a steel foundation and phosphate. Like WW2 British, AKMs and FN-FALs. Tough stuff.
            I wont buy an AR that isn’t finished in type-III.
            I don’t understand what your hobby builds have to do with anything. I guess I could be a hobby builder having done 6 in the last 2 years, after being an armorer and doing gunsmithing (95% is cleaning).
            Today everybody is an AR expert and M1911 customizer. Few of us build anything.

          • Kivaari

            My question had been about the wear patterns on the action and rings. Accuracy would be effected by all of the above. The wear and tear due to a soft foundation.

    • Budogunner

      A respectable decision on DD’S part. Heading to their store now to show my support with the only kind of vote the matters these days: dollars.

    • THE_manBEar

      Hnnng … DD has really blurred the line between functional, thoroughly modern fierarm design – and actual artwork.

    • brandon escoe

      I have a few DD rifles some of the best made

    • Jonathan Laury

      The rifle you posted is the one I’m proud to own. DD M4A1 milspec+ That thing is a tack driver!

    • Cea

      I was thinking the same thing! I wasn’t really in the market for another MSR, but I am now. It will be a DD!

    • Todd

      I did!

  • trjnsd

    Looks like MY next rifle will be a Daniel Defense rifle!!

    • Big Daddy

      I have a DDM4V5, great rifle out of the box. Better than any Colt I fired and anything else for the money. I wanted the best AR15 for the money and DD stood out. If I had only one rifle to keep it would be my DDM4.

  • Daniel Defense’s goods are typically higher end, no? Gunbroker, their cheapest AR (factory new, buy now) was $1300. Davidson’s Gallery of Guns, they average $1700.

    While I have no doubt that DD is acting upon their convictions, I also would take a bet that their sales with Academy is not in the top ten stores for volume, as the AR market is flooded.

    • Academy purchased and sold a good number of Daniel Defense guns so DD will lose money by acting on their principles.

      • Bobb

        But they stopped selling them so they were going to lose anyway.

      • Burt Maclin

        But Academy will lose more by acting on theirs.

        I’m sure DD’s biggest issue was that their products were being relegated to the back with no shelf-space and no advertising. You won’t sell many of anything you don’t display or advertise. DD makes high end ARs with a limited supply. Better to send them to other retailers who WILL put them on the shelf and move them faster.

        It sucks DD has to go through the hassle of changing their distribution chain, but it will make more money for them in the long run.

        • Dd’s supply on davidson’s is slim to none, you may be right!

      • smartacus

        except they won’t.
        They are smart, and know Academy Sports is about to go the way of Sports Authority.

        NTM; Academy Sports is somehow immune from losing money for pulling rifles off shelves. So you are telling us what’s good for the goose is not also what’s good for the Gander Mountain

      • Harry’s Holsters

        They’ll make up the short loses from the free advertising of the incident. But to come out ahead long term they must use this to grow their dealer base. Look was their “Super Bowl Ad” did for them.

      • ozzallos .

        Meh. The word of mouth on this alone will make up whatever they lost through Academy. And while Academy is big, it’s not as if severing this relationship is anywhere close to crippling for DD.

  • NotoriousAPP

    Right on.

  • Bobb

    I don’t think that’s a big….New item? I mean if Academy isn’t going to carry AR15s then they won’t carry DD. So DD dropping them is just them giving themselves some marketing for now when in reality DD got dropped first.

    • They are selling them as we said. They just hide them in the back. If you know they have them hidden from view you can ask for one.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Their sales will drop like crazy once the demand goes down. I think people will remember this. People will buy from the devil though if it means getting an AR at this point in time.

  • Joseph Goins

    They should have should have just sent them a fax of the middle finger.

  • MigNoche

    I don’t own any DD products…..however, now I want to buy some just to support their decision! Two Thumbs up to DD!!!

  • John Dickson

    Absolutely. I added Academy Sporting Goods to my “No Buy” list. Which includes Cheaper Than Dirt, and Dicks Sporting Goods. I emailed Academy today with my decision. Thankfully, their are plenty of other places to meet my hunting, fishing, camping, clothing needs.

    • L Cavendish

      Wal-Mart did the same…are they on your list?

  • DanGoodShot

    Absolutely agree. Outstanding DD

  • Major Tom

    Props to Double-D on this decision. Idiot companies don’t deserve to get away with idiocy.

    • I did contact DD and sent a link to this article so they can check you guys comments if they want. That and said I appreciated their action.

      • CountryBoy

        Perhaps it would be wise to send the same link to Academy Sports, so they can see for themselves just how they’re awakened and poked at their former customers!

  • John Dickson

    Many of the comments above revolve around DD losing money. Or it having no effect on Academy Sporting Goods. One thing you are missing. The customers like myself. I do not do business with Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Cheaper Than Dirt. Now, Academy Sporting Goods. The reason is obvious. Also, I have a long memory. Now to the math. I easily spent around $1000 a year at my local Academy Sports. Now, exactly $0.00. If there are 999 more like me (not an excessive estimate), that’s one million in sales they just flushed. In our competitive retail environment? Good luck with that.

    • Roooftop Voter

      CTD; now there’s a contradiction of words. NOTHING is ever low priced at CTD.

      • John Dickson

        That’s true. I used to compare. Over time, I think I made a grand total of two small purchases. So it was no great loss. I am amazed that they are still in business.

    • Tmac

      John, count me as one of the 999. I spend between 1-2k per year at Academy in shoes, clothes, sporting goods, accessories, and shooting gear. Not another cent, and there’s no return. I’m an elephant as well. I don’t forget and never forgive.

      • Drew Coleman

        Count me too. I used to go in there after dinner with my dad every week (mainly to buy 22lr if they had it), but not any more.

    • ChierDuChien

      DD is going to lose a lot of money when the Hillary administration and a democrat Congress pass Australian style gun control next spring. The Supreme Court (with Hillary’s new appointee) will uphold the new laws. Mr. & Mrs. America will be turning in their semi-autos, pumps and military-looking weapons starting next summer. DD will have to find something else to manufacture – maybe bolt action conversion kits.

      • Lets hope it doesn’t get that crazy.

      • john huscio

        Mr &mrs America will do nothing of the kind.

      • Anonymoose

        Too bad she can’t win. No matter what the MSM is parroting, the Dems cannot win the Presidency or Congress in November, and we’re not going to let them try anything funny with the Supreme Court either.

        • Drew Coleman

          Trump’s not exactly looking great either. He keeps running his mouth. It’s come down to choosing which evil I’d rather deal with.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            What would you like for dinner tonight? Dog sh-t or cat sh-t?

          • AzureRaptor

            Giant douche or turd sandwich?

          • David Harmon

            Running his mouth? So you want a guy in the office that doesn’t speak his mind?

      • MJN1957

        Why would you think that? Mr. & Mrs. Connecticut & New York didn’t do as they were told…and those were just perfunctory registrations.

      • RoyG

        This is not Australia… this is AMERICA and Americans arnt turning in anything.. we have a 2nd amendment period and if some crooked politician makes an illegal law we Americans will defie it period and if the politicians think they will confiscate them than im sure their will be consequences..

        • Michael P.


      • Jonathan Laury

        What’s funny about this post is that you actually think we will turn anything in.

      • Jonathan Laury

        Sadly all of this could have been avoided if Americans did not choose the shitshow with a history of sorting gun control and an “assault weapons” ban(Trump) over a champion of the Second Amendment (Cruz). But apparently stupid people vote and in large numbers. This one is on you, Trumphumpers.

        That said, we won’t turn in anything to the gov’t. As we say in Texas, come and take it.

        • bobfairlane

          Large numbers…of course. That’s how Cubanadian Cruz got into the country in the first place.

        • AzureRaptor

          MOLON LABE

        • David Harmon

          I’ve had it up to my nostrils with non-native born presidents and presidential candidates.

      • Sulaco

        Colorado passed the basic same law, they have 19% compliance rate. Media is screaming for house to house searchs based on sales records, (another reason for background checks) but the gov and cops are scared to death they will ignight a fire fight they will loose.

      • Pamela

        The hell I will! They can kiss my ass and I still won’t give them my guns!!!

    • Audie Bakerson

      My memory isn’t as long: What did Cheaper Than Dirt do?

      • Anonymoose

        Try to sell Pmags for $100 a piece during the post-Sandy Vagoo panic and then cancel people’s orders so they could reem other people for panic-prices..

        • Dindu_Wrangler

          They also play the separate shipping charges from each warehouse game. On top of that, each shipping charge at minimum is as much as other retailers charge for pretty hefty orders. CTD’s minimum shipping on the last order I was going to place (just before sandy hook) was higher than the heavy ammo shipment I got from a competitor. They gouge on everything.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          Don’t forget $125 GI mags. That and pulling all guns from their website, then saying, “lol, jk. We were just doing inventory”

    • BrandonAKsALot

      I bought 5-10 boxes of ammo from there every couple of months to help stock up and now I’ll gladly move my business elsewhere even if it’s more inconvenient. I already could barely tolerate the rude high school/college age employees and customers, this just puts the nail in the coffin.

    • Pamela

      Count me in as one of those 999

    • bobfairlane

      When you think about how many people were only shopping there just for ammo, it’s possible you’re right about them flushing a million. Do they sell enough cheap tents and crap bicycles to make up for it?

  • gunsandrockets

    Even from a cold-blooded capitalist viewpoint this is excellent advertising for DD products.

    Heck, half the reason I bought a PTR-91 G.I. rifle was because of similar actions by the PTR company. Good behavior deserves rewards.

  • Cal S.

    Heck yeah! I’m writing to Academy Sports to tell them they’ve lost my business.

    • Big Daddy

      I called them that day.

      • Tmac

        I did the same, the manager asked me who I was with and that I had no comment. I told him I was with me, a past customer of the store.

  • crdiddle

    I support Daniel Defense’s effort to stand up for what is right in this country when so many are ready to sacrifice the Constitution and its protections to progressive politicians who wish to rule over us because they feel we are unable to take care of ourselves. I just sent Academy Sports a letter that I would no longer be doing business there until a public apology is issued for their error.

    • Tmac

      I’m done with them permanently. Corporate showed their true colors, and an apology at this point would only be an attempt to save face and save customers. There is no apology or action that will get me back in their store.

      • Twilight sparkle

        I sent a letter to the ceo when I heard about this and I still haven’t heard back… it’s interesting a lot of contact info seems to be missing on the website now…

  • El Duderino

    I’m sure they’ll just sell more Rugers and S&W M&P Sports. Good PR move by DD though.

    • Don

      It said that all MSR’s are relegated to the back room with no advertising. So all brands will be affected in the same way, not just DD.

  • YZAS

    I’m a damn proud DD owner today! Makes me want to buy another. I do like their new rail. Thanks, Mr Daniel! Outstanding sir!

  • ExMachina1

    What is the point here? Academy is implying that it will no longer sell modern sporting rifles and DD only produces modern sporting rifles…seems like a case of “you can’t fire me, I quit!”

    • drambus ambiguous

      ^This. But much like people do the whole “you can’t fire me, I quit” routine to bolster their own image to both themselves and peers. Daniel Defense is doing it similarly, just for customers and marketing.

      While I’m glad DD are being loud about it, drawing attention to the issue at large (another major sporting store turning its back on shooting sports), I’m pretty sure Academy ran the numbers and figured it wasn’t a big hit on their business. Basically they stopped making their minimum purchase orders to specific suppliers. I doubt DD is hurt much by it either. Never see people go for the “high end” at academy. People are usually looking for what works at a good price, nothing premium.

      • Don

        You aren’t looking at the big picture of how this could truly hurt Academy Sports… Listen to the people who said they are no longer going to spend any of their money at Academy Sports… Do you think that most people who own MSR’s only own and shoot MSR’s? They also hunt, shoot trap, plink at the range, camp, etc… So they will be losing customers that might buy targets, handgun and shotgun ammo, hunting gear which includes clothing and boots, camping gear, etc… I don’t know about the Academy Sports near you but here near me they carry nothing that’s considered “high-end”. I’ve never seen a DD AR at ours.

        • Big Daddy

          In 3 years in Texas I have spent a few thousand dollars on everything from guns, to ammo and little things like targets, oil, bore snakes. Add it up and add all the people that will not shop there and it’s a lot of money. I have a friend who works at one, I’ll keep people here posted on how the company is doing in his store.

    • QuadGMoto

      I seem to recall that Academy was only removing the rifles from the store displays, but still stocking them and selling them upon request. So it’s not quite like that.

    • Volk

      Academy will still sell them, they just want to hide them in back room like places used to hide the porn tapes. DD thinks that’s BS.

    • They will continue to sell ARs, but not advertise or keep them visible to customers. ?

    • They are selling them as we said. They just hide them in the back. If you know they have them hidden from view you can ask for one.

  • Justin Roney

    Looks like I’ll be buying another DD barrel.

  • Ghost930

    That’s one of the reasons I buy DD rifles. Time for a lot of the shooting industry companies to stop just looking at their P&L’s, and look at their customer base, and their own personal beliefs, when it comes to who, where, and how they do business (and I say this as a small business owner myself). It won’t be easy, and it won’t be fun, but the things that really count seldom are.

    • As a naive and dumb human, what does P&L stand for?

      • LI02liberty

        Profit & Loss statement

  • rpmdb


  • Harry’s Holsters

    Good for them! Makes me want to buy their ISR even more. Marty Daniel is a man to look up to!

  • ozzallos .

    You don’t need to find their corporate email address to complain. Just hit the unsubscribe button to their email adverts. They’ll helpfully ask you why you are unsubscribing.

    “Your stance on AR-15 sales is fail.”

  • Ed Ward

    Kudos to DD–I literally executed my first ever online order with Academy last week and scored some great ammo pricing. After the Islamists attack and subsequent Academy apology (“Barry” like response) I wrote them a letter and advised them that i would no longer be patronizing their establishment absent a publicly acknowledged apology (not holding my breath but if like Target if the financial pain is too much anything is possible…?). God Bless America.

  • SolidStateTactical

    Good call. Businesses need to be held accountable.

  • Nun Ya

    Good for them, they made the right move!!! we all need to stand by them, to say we have had it, no more!!! this is our country,, we the people!!!! Yes i love my country, but no love for the idiots running it.

  • Wife of a sport hunter.

    Wait, they planned to continue selling them! I’m understanding they will just not display them anymore. That seems very dishonest to me.

    • MJN1957

      I think the word ‘cowardly’ also fits.

  • This move makes it easy to blame the MSR industry for Academy’s lack of MSRs. They can say that they don’t have them because of the gun manufacturer. I hope others don’t follow them. The antigunners can point to Academy as a victory.

  • AFW

    Well I already wanted another DD…

  • ChierDuChien

    This all-or-none, absolutely-no-compromise, my-way-or-the-highway Obama-esque attitude is going to cost gun owners severely. Millions of independent voters get turned off by rigid extremist politics and will end up staying home for an election in which every vote counts. Hillary, with the help of a democrat Congress WILL get her Australian-Style Gun Control, and the Supreme Court will turn anti-gun, permanently.

    Coming next summer.

  • RoyG

    Good for DD… thats a company with a pair of STEEL Balls… thats…. commitment to their product and industry..

  • WaikikiWayne

    I applaud this move by Daniel Defense. Wish more Pro 2nd Amendment companies would do the same.

  • Proud Gun Carrying Citizen

    Proud to see a company that don’t just care about money. Hats off to DD for standing up for our rights.

  • Nero

    Even tho Daniel D is pretty administration driven and has a very broad government use market.
    I don’t care much for their products but I do appreciate them putting their finger down on what’s a respectively cohesive sales program for their products.
    Funny that a gun store thinks it’s going to sell any guns without seeing them lol.

    The politics side of all time his hasn’t even begun to get nasty. Expect many more Gladio events in the USA

  • Twilight sparkle

    I’d like to see marvel sue academy for stealing their logo

  • Merlin

    New motto for Academy Sports, if you can not stand your ground, by all means, lay down. Why sell if you will not advertise? Deceit is always masked as Reason. Buy more guns. Pass it along.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Buy more guns at local stores

      I worked at an academy and I sold quite a few guns to members of the lgbt community after Orlando because they wanted to protect themselves and then academy pulled this crap… it’s not a good idea to hide guns that are well suited for personal protection when that’s what people want to buy…

  • Kivaari

    Support your small local gun shops. If they can no longer get ARs and the like, it will close down many of them that depend upon black rifle shooters. Academy Sports, lost a customer.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    Thumbs UP, DD!

  • Thomas Gomez

    Next time I need parts…getting them from Daniel Defense.

  • Audie Bakerson

    I hope more follow.

    Was really glad a few months ago when companies refused to provide guns to films staring gun hating actors (who never the less are OK with making big money off them)

  • spdofc503


    Academy Sports lost my business plain and simple!

  • Michael Wilson

    i totally agree

  • Don Ward

    I’m more upset over the use of the focus group tested “Modern Sporting Rifle” or MSR.

    It’s stupid.

    Stop using it.

  • Jared

    Go Daniel Defense!!! Leader in guns, and a proven leader in driving to keep our 2nd amendment rights!!! Thanks for sticking up for us shooters in your latest decision. I’d like to have seen the Academy CEO’s face when he tucked his tail, and lost his spine to the minority of gun haters, and then got served a 1- 2 KO from DD. Calling the spineless company for what it is! You have my business now DD!!!

  • lifetimearearesident

    I have a somewhat different and perhaps unpopular view of this situation. Is anyone here mad at Sears or Kmart today? Is anyone here saying I won’t do business with Sears or Kmart any more?

    Why not?

    Unlike Dicks or Walmart or Academy most major retailers who once sold guns and ammo caved to the gun grabbers wishes years ago and stopped selling any guns and ammo.
    These companies simply don’t make most of their money on guns and ammo. Their shopper bases are pretty diverse. I guess I just think a little more understanding of their situation is in order. Personally I would prefer to see major sporting good and department stores continue to sell some sort of guns and ammo. I want little Johnnie whose parents would never take him to an evil gun shop to see the counter where they sell guns and ammo. If we are hostile enough to these non specialty retailers they will simply drop guns altogether and at least in my mind this would be a loss for the gun owning community.


    • Simcha M.

      At one time, Sears used to make a LOT of money from gun sales, mainly hunting rifles under the “JC Higgins” name. K-mart, not so much.

      On a similar note, our K-Mart in Prescott Valley, Arizona recently closed after many years of lagging sales. Note the dichotomy of the banners hung outside!

  • dr1776

    Great show of support by DD. We are not the problem, we are the solution. Will be purchasing some DD merchandise asap to show my gratitude.

  • brandon escoe

    Glad DD cancelled there contract. Academy is caving into the liberal agenda. I will not be supporting them anymore.

  • Pontificant

    Many thumbs up! Serious integrity!

  • Kelly Harbeson

    A desperate move by a corporation on the ropes. Academy is closing all its outlets in Tallahassee, FL before I even set foot in one of its stores and they won’t be missed.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Id run out and buy a DD shorty right now if I could afford the damned thing.
    Top notch guns but pricey.

  • Pete Sheppard

    I kind of understand. Given the craziness and propensity for violence by ‘progressives’ (ironic, eh?), adopting a low profile for a while is not totally crazy–a bunch of loons tearing up a store to protest violence is a bad thing, too. The ammo thing is a bit over the top…

  • Svt40


  • David Thomas

    I agree with DD and will no longer purchase gun related products from Academy

  • TX

    Really, a store owned by a NYC Private Equity company (KKR, which was once Kolberg Kravis Roberts) steps back from actively selling MSRs? Not surprised. And guess what? Sales of MSRs will plummet in-store without advertising and display support, which will quickly lead to removing them from sale completely. Nobody in retail carries stock for long that doesn’t move, particularly when there is an outfit like KKR running the show.

  • AC Long

    Good for them! I will continue to support DD because of their commitment to a quality product and their willingness to stand behind their beliefs!

  • Perro Viejo

    Good move! Any reply from Academy?

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Guess I’ll be buying a DD front sight for my AR since it’s the last piece I need. F*** yeah DD. I’m glad to see them doing this and more manufacturers slowly moving to this attitude.

  • J French Rennier

    Excellent move, I will add Academy Sports as a retailer I will no longer spend a dime.

  • Shayne

    What about Windham Weaponry, Smith & Wesson, Century Arms, Magpul, etc… Are these company going to stand with the second and Daniel Defnse?

  • Donnie Capps

    Guess I won’t go back to that store. There’re like the target store of sporting goods aren’t they.

  • Sumner Kagan

    done buying anything more from Academy.

  • Bierstadt54

    Good on DD. I remember the companies that take stands like this when I go shopping.

  • Joltin Joe

    SA is going broke, can they even afford to buy the rifles? Good for DD

  • Sasquatch

    I have just earned a ton of respect for DD.

  • Every Constitutional conservative should stand with Daniel Defense! When we allow this trampling of our 2nd Amendment rights, we all lose. Academy Sports has the 1st Amendment right to their opinions, but a contractual obligation to Daniel Defense. Their error was pulling just MSR type instead of all rifles. Now knowing the beliefs of Academy Sports perhaps a full boycott is in order. I will avoid doing further business with Academy Sports, as I have Target.

  • reve888

    good for them

  • Suppressed

    And then what should happen is the depts/officers doing the first-round purchasing should get sent to prison for straw purchases.

    Key word being “should”.

    • J. Cash

      No, the Dept can purchase from any source they want, as a Dept. they are not doing any straw man purchase. It is exactly what they already do, do you think the currently buy in bulk and that is a straw man purchase? They would just buy from another source, i.e. another police dept. Just like we can purchase out of state.

      • g. cheney

        Or, the Feds just ship you , how many crates did you say you needed? we’ll have em’ to ya’ faster than you can say FURIOUS.

  • Ranger

    I bought a weapon at Academy Sports in Texas this morning. They had these weapons on display, and the salesman asked if I was interested in purchasing one. I think this story may be inaccurate and also be misinformation.

  • mazkact

    I never liked the walk of shame from the gun counter to the cashier then out the door at Academy. Academy also has you sign paperwork stating that you will never under any circumstance bring a firearm purchased at Academy back to Academy for any reason, you deal with the manufacturer only. Understanding these things I have made a few purchases from Academy for reasons of price and availability in the past. Lately there is not much difference in price between Academy and locally owned shops firearms wise certainly not enough difference to buy from Academy. Oh well Academy is still the best place to get my Co2 tanks filled here in Galveston county so they will still get my business for that.

    • Rooftop Voter

      We do not have an Academy here in Palm Beach County but we do have a place I like to call Gander Jewelry because their prices are higher than the testicles on a giraffe and they are not ashamed of it either. At one time, Gander had a gunsmith but they folded on that idea and removed all the machinery for any firearms repair.
      Same mindset, you buy from us but if you have a problem, we will ship the firearm to the factory. We want your money but not any hassle in dealing with repairs. Basically, “once we get your money, who are you?”
      I have not been in this store in years and have no need for any of their stuff anyway. They are not the only game in town, neither is Academy.

  • JJTX

    Thanks for supporting principal over sales DD.

    You’ll sell those rifles regardless of antigun academysports

  • Fed Up

    Well done DD! If you’re a consumer and you haven’t emailed Academy yet, do it. They need to hear from us.

  • I agree with this decision. Kudos to Daniel Defense. It is about time our firearm manufacturers stood up to these liberal progressive cry baby pukes.

  • CJS3

    I’ve always loved Academy, which is why I was so disappointed with their recent knee jerk decision. I’ll have to take my business elsewhere, I guess. This is the reason I stopped buying from “Cheaper Than Dirt” in 2012. It’s not just rifle sales they’ll be missing out on.

  • NoDamFoo

    Forget Academy.
    They are more interested in selling cheap clothes to the illegal population in my town anyway.

  • riceinwa

    Absolutely agree with DD. I wish more American manufacturers and businesses would take the stand they have…stand for what is right and do not bow to the winds of Political Correctness or the agenda of the Communists.

  • Art Hock

    That’s why I love all products from Daniel Defense and Barrett. They are the best in the world.

  • Kelly West

    Outstanding Move, caving in or backing down only encourages those who want to steal what Liberty we have left.

  • ron

    if you look at my email i have been a faithful academy insider and customer for several years. and i am not making some rambling comment, but i highly protest the “rumor” of pulling all AR type weapons. i have made several purchases of guns from academy, most of which have occurred after dicks sporting goods pulled their ARs. and i never went back in that store again. i would hate to show my dissatisfaction with academy by doing the same should they make such a knee jerk reaction. academy is a business, but it is a business in the south where our values are much different than those in the northeast. i would expect academy to embrace those values. thank you for your time

  • ChiptheBarber

    Kudos to Daniel Defense for their stance. I need 2 pair of boots and was going to drive to Decatur, AL Academy store tomorrow. Cancel that that trip. I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but there has NEVER been a time when our stand has been more important. Thanks for the correct decision by a great company.

  • Ruben

    As a fire arms specialist for a major retailer I support the the decision

    Ruben M

  • uisconfruzed

    Crap… Now I NEED a DD during this high priced market 🙁

  • Gern Blanston

    I was a proud Daniel Defense DDM4 owner and now i am even PROUDER! Best AR builders in the business!!!

  • “The Stranger”

    Hell yah Daniel Defense….hit them where it hurts…just like companies that raised there prices when there was/is an ammo shortage. Screw those so called companies. Don’t deserve my hard earned dollars.

  • Kafir1911

    I have made my last trip to Academy Sports. Cabelas it is.

  • William James

    Good for DD. More companies in the firearms industry should take the same approach. Let these retailers, cities, and states suffer from their stupidity. Stupidity should always hurt; hopefully AS will.

  • Steven White

    All AR manufacturers should pull all products from Academy. S&W, Colt, HK and others should stand united in this.

  • Alex Barnette

    That’s all DD could do at this point.

  • Good for them.

  • Geoffry K

    Gander Mountain in Myrtle Beach last Wed. Even a SlideFire.
    No more Academy for me.

  • supergun

    I have decided to personally not purchase any more guns from academy. Turncoats.

  • Sodie

    Now if they would stop selling to government entities in states with anti gun attitudes maybe it would have a real impact.

    • Michael P.

      Amen to that.

  • Vorant

    My buying habits won’t change, since I’ve never bought a darn thing from Academy Sports. Sadly my kids went to A.S. for a father day gift……It will be returned and money spent two miles down the road at a “real” gun store……

  • durabo

    Dick’s pulled a similar stunt after one of the attacks on a soft target. I cut up my plastic card and mailed it to them suggesting they use Vaseline before inserting, as well as make an appointment with a proctologist afterwards.

  • David Silverstein

    Yes. So much yes. I don’t think that this was any kind of marketing ploy. I think they genuinely believe in what they are doing. Even so, it will ripple on for decades that Daniel Defense supports our right to keep and bear arms, in much the same way as it has rippled on that Smith and Wesson does not (or at least did not during the Clinton administration).

  • Chuck’ster

    Very proud of DD for this action!!

  • Sarge McVey

    I totally Support DD, and I would expect all others to follow suit or loose their customer base, this is too important an issue to allow Academy Sports or any other corporation to get away with doing this.

  • Pandaz3

    I own a older DDM4 Version 3, great rifle it had a standard Milspec trigger that I replaced with a Ruger two stage, also I replaced the old A2 style grip with one from Magpul. Great solid rifle.
    I applaud Daniel Defense for their product that just keep getting better and their stance with Academy and the others like Academy. I don’t see the Academy logic that they will sell MSR’s just not display or advertise them/

    To the Hijacked portion of the thread. I have many Aero Precision pieces and parts, Mine have all held up pretty well no matter the finish. I am not a hard user. I will try my new build 308 FDE with a black Anodized Aero scope mount when I go shooting in July, I think well of many manufacturers Aero is less expensive for many, good value. I have more expensive stuff from DDM, Armalite, Noveske and it is all better….. At a price! Sorry for my contribution to the Hijacked thread,

    Thank you Daniel Defense

  • Arch

    Today, you have to be an idiot to pull guns off the shelves. Through April, US citizens bought 11 million guns. If I were an Academy stockholder, I’d ask for the CEO’s head. Great decision, if you don’t like money!

  • Ted Parrelly

    Great. So glad I have Daniel Defense rifles in my safe….WHAT’S IN YOUR SAFE?

  • Stomper

    Money talks, BS walks… Politics is business, business is politics. Hit ’em ALL in their wallets and make ’em squeal.

  • BigFED

    I agree 1000% percent!!! If there were a way to do the same for those states like Kommiefornia and all of the police agencies in the state! If the type of weapon is not available for the people, it isn’t available enough for the police!!!

  • CompletelyOutsane

    Where is the logic with these retards? Uh-oh those darn MSRs just keep killing people… PLEEEEASE start blaming the dirtbags doing this cr@p!
    Do you see car dealers pulling individual vehicles off the line because someone died in one of those models?!

  • H.A.

    Academy sure screwed up,what were they thinking, i’ll never go into their store for anything anymore. you only saved 5 to 6 % on firearm prices over regular gun store anyway & they didn’t back up any firearm with a warranty except manf warranty, even the very next day they would only offer to send it back to factory.

  • Lee Mitchell

    Awesome!! Kudos to DD and to heck with Academy Sports.

  • BLH557

    Absolutely agree. I won’t be back until (if) they reverse this decision.

  • Will

    Well done.
    If they are that easily swayed to flip flop on their sales standards let them sell BB and pellet guns.

  • Rollin Shultz

    Kudos, to Daniel Defense.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I agree with the actions of Daniel Defense, even though I suspect that this letter from the president of Daniel Defense may have more to do with marketing than legitimate concerns over the right to keep and bear arms. You can’t buy advertising this good.

  • Isaac Arnold

    Very stupid on Academy’s part. Modern Sporting Rifles are one of the hottest selling items in the country. Academy, privately owned for decades, was bought by KKR in 2011. This will not benefit the shareholders, nor anybody else. For me, Academy is convenient, but it is not that good of a sporting goods store.

  • vietvet

    Very Good !

  • RPK

    The Academy store here in San Angelo (Texas) followed corporate marching orders and removed all MSR’s from public display, placing them in the back like a naughty child they are embarassed about. When I questioned the sales associates, they all towed the corporate line and said it had nothing to do with the attack in Orlando. To that I say “crapolla”! I praise Daniel Defense for taking the leadership role and would hope the other manufacturers follow that leadership mentality. Academy, based in Katy (Texas) lost a lot of respect from gun culture consumers and I hope they realize that. I thought this was Texas…God, Guns and Guts country. Things that made and continue to keep Texas great. I guess when it comes to Academy that I was in error. Texas is still a great state and always will be however, political correctness SUCKS!

  • Core

    Outstanding Daniel Defense! You have my continued business.

  • WRBuchanan

    I absolutely agree, and good for DD for doing this and making an example out of this pussified outfit. There’s a few others out there that need a wake up call as well.
    Caving in to the Left is downright stupid an it plays into their standard Modus Oporundi of shaming the opponent into submission with lies and deceit and warping the minds of followers.
    This was a lot harder to do before Social Media s Explosion and now the only way to combat that strategy is with more Social Media from the right.
    Make no mistake,,, We are fighting for our country right now,,, and if you think otherwise you really need to wake up because you have in fact fallen victim to the Lefts Tactics.
    Time for Namby Pamby is over, and you need to get on board the Trump Train and support the only candidate that will stop this PC BS that has infected this country for the last 30 years.
    I don’t want to hear about your “reservations,” your opinion and your reservations don’t amount to a pinch of ship in a dark room, when it comes to the well being of this country.
    You are either with us or you’re against us. NO middle ground here and if you think staying home is making some big statement,,, you’re right it is. It means you just voted for Hildegard, and would rather give up this country to the left than vote for someone you might not totally agree with or who might say something you didn’t like, after the media had spun it.
    It means you’re a traitor.
    If you are that stupid crawl in a hole somewhere. I got no use for you!.
    Figure it out! The Democrats will be in lock step, and we need to be too.

  • rayward

    Daniel Defense just moved up to near the top of my list for new rifle purchases. Academy has dropped off my lists entirely.

  • silvestris

    I had already placed Academy on my boycott list. Treat America’s rifle like porn and sell it out of the back; I don’t think so. Academy, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

  • Scott

    Daniel Defense made a good choice… I want to see and handle a hunting/camping/firearm product before I buy it… that’s why I shop at a local dealer (Otherwise, I would just search and buy off the internet for cheaper). If AR’s are relegated to the back room, it makes it darn hard to figure out which model I like the best – which means I will be going elsewhere where I can look at differing models easily.

  • No Limits

    Good move. I live in Austria, Europe. Very strikt laws and full auto’s strictly forbidden. But after each assault or terror attack (even done w full auto Kalashnikows) its a reflex of the politicans to shout for stronger wapon laws and to ban any legal gun! No terrorist asked for a gun licence and with no licence you get a Kalashnikov!

  • g. cheney

    Academy, strong out west, seems to have come down with P.C. disease, yes, the firearms industries really don’t move that much through the big box stores anymore, witness “Snorts” The Sports Authority, BK…..All these stores are inventory top heavy and sales are flagging everywhere, except gun sales, so go figure!
    Anyone in their right mind isn’t going to a big box sports store to find that right tool for the job.

  • SpareMeTheBS

    The store’s decision to continue selling AR type rifles while giving the appearance that they don’t is typical of the eyewash pretend solutions that are so common. As a gun owner I’m acutely aware that some kind of solution to the nightmare of active shooters must be found. First because I’m shocked to the core every time some lowlife psycho goes off the deep end and commits mass murder. I can’t imagine losing a loved one to such a senseless waste. As a gun owner I also realize that every incident brings us one step closer to drastic laws that do away with Second Amendment freedoms. I’ve read that for every gun owner in America there are two citizens that don’t own firearms. Unless workable answers are put in place to prevent these crimes sooner or later that two to one majority will agree to more feel good attempts at a solution. The government typically offers equally unworkable answers that at best give the appearance of safety. What’s really offensive is that these politicians have to know that the solutions they offer solve nothing. They’re willing to trample freedom because it looks like they’re offering safety knowing all the while that it offers no such thing. I don’t know what the answer is. I do know we need to find that answer like our lives and freedom depended on it.

  • billybob

    Makes me want to go upscale on my next MSR purchase! Go DD!!

  • Bret

    Good on DD! Academy Sports is attempting to ride the no mans land of not picking a side on the issue. That is the territory, of thieves and cowards. Thank you DD for making the hard choice and standing by principals. I think I’ll go write a letter to Academy Sports…….

  • Old Gringo

    I have bought a dozen guns from Academy and tons of fishing gear as well as several workout and weight lifting machines from them… long as this ban on displaying ARs continues I will not buy a damn thing from them…

  • Danilushka Ozera

    So let me get this straight, this is a great sacrifice by DD because they are stopping shipment of items toAs that AS isn’t going to sell anyway? LOL. I appreciate their support, but it isn’t costing them a dime. Non-event.

    Now Magpul leaving Comirado? That cost them and they still did it. That support through sacrifice.

  • Donnie Buchanan

    As a matter of personal taste, I never was much into “black guns”, but now I intend to buy one … and it will be DD.

  • Len Jones

    have bought 3 guns from Academy and was going to buy the AR that was on sale last week but was to late. I was getting weekly ads from them so I stopped that since I have all the pistols I need I wanted an AR before they were banned the weekly ads were great for guns not anymore.

  • deanguilberry

    Thumbs Up to Daniel Defense.
    I used to go to Academy first however now I won’t boycott but definitely will be one of my last choices. Haven’t been to Dicks Sports since they screwed over everyone after Sandy Hook.
    Better pull head out Academy. I (we) wont put up with being labeled.

  • RICH

    My sincere thanks to both Marty Daniel & Bill Robinson for standing up to Academy Sports, not only for Daniels Defense but for each and every American that is pro 2nd Amendment and pro gun rights.
    They are absolutely correct in the assumption that Academy Sports is creating another opening for the politicians to further try and chip away at taking away firearms from Americans as well as destroying our 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Keith Brockmiller

    I may have just changed my brand. I’m in the market

  • L Cavendish

    every other company needs to do the same…this is ridiculous…but then Sports Authority and Dick’s and Wal-Mart did exactly the same thing…

  • L Cavendish

    Wal-Mart dropped MSRs awhile back as well…after Sandy hook…hope all of you remember that as well…

  • Panzer

    Good for Daniel Defense, Academy will have to have a real deal for me to buy there after this. Im a GOA and NRA member, those who dont join are the ones inviting the new gun restrictions.

  • Todd

    Just received my DDM4v11 Pro !

    Ordered it after the Orlando shooting when all the “evil black rifle” blah blah blah!

    Thanks Daniel Defense!

  • Jeremy Smith

    Good for them. We have to stand tall and stand firm. Our rights cannot be mitigated by man because they are given by our Creator. There is no negotiation with rights. You either have them or you don’t. If they can be negotiated they are no longer rights.

  • throwedoff

    I don’t know about other Academy Sports stores, but the store here in town has not removed the AR’s from their rifle and shotgun display. They just moved them from one end to the other, but they’re still out there. At least the store manager at this store has some stones!

  • desertcelt

    Good for Daniel Defense! I will never set foot in Academy Sports again and I am damn good at keeping my word!

  • Gunner4guy

    Not only YES but HELL YES!!!!!! If you let one outfit do this then others will think it’s okay and roll over the next time a terrorist pulls this crap based soley on the type of firearm used. Whatever happened to placing the blame on the perp or perps responsible?
    No report on whether this rifle was illegally modified to shoot select or full-auto(another violation of federal laws) but then even if it had, would media bring this out? I doubt it.
    ANFO was used in Oklahoma City, boxcutters were used in 9/11(to name just a couple of incident) yet they weren’t demonized and still seem to be in widespread usage by one and all.