A Lighthearted Shooting Moment With 22 Plinkster

Sometimes a lighthearted post is the right way to go. Given the heavy atmosphere following the terrorist attack in Florida, this seems like an excellent time to keep it simple. 22 Plinkster has made quite a few videos both serious and fun, and this particular one is fun. Cheez Whiz and guns? Yes, please!        http://youtu.be/jCc8biE4Xzc  There’s plenty of time for serious discussion. For the moment, take a minute – or three – and watch. You know you’ll be going for your own Cheez Whiz cans and heading to the range.

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  • Major Tom

    I’m going to be controversial here and state that Easy Cheese should be outlawed on account of its horrid taste and even worse health “benefits”. The stuff is pretty much grease in a can.

    • ChierDuChien

      But, but. but…….Dogs Love It.

      • Major Tom

        I wouldn’t feed it to my dog even if he did like it. I got better food to give him, like leftover hamburgers.

  • thedonn007

    Well, that is a better use then eating it. I was expecting him to shoot the top off of one of them to see if the “cheese” would jet out of the top of the can.

  • Edeco

    I have a weakness for port wine cheese spread. Comes in logs rolled in nuts around the holidays, or tubs, an easy-spreading whipped variant. Call me snooty but cheese whiz, bleh.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I prefer a bitter blue cheese with sea salt.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    When I lived in the country we’d go to the store and get anything aerosolized we could find (shaving cream, hair spray, etc) and blast it to hell with .22’s and 410’s.
    They should name that hole in the ozone layer after me.

  • Andy

    First time I ever fired a rifle bigger than a .22 was using a 30-06 to destroy a can of Easy Cheese. Good times.

  • Jeff Smith

    You get me my cheez whiz, boy?

  • David

    Me and a buddy opened a few of those with 3″ 12 gauge turkey loads. It was messy.

  • I always save tapped-out aerosol cans for targets, there’s usually still enough propellant inside to make ’em dance when they’re hit. I also hang on to plastic soda bottles and the like; filled up with water, the overpressure of a bullet impact usually sends ’em flying as well.

    …Don’t do this at an indoor range, though.

  • Evan

    Cheez-Whiz is unaccountably popular in the Philadelphia area.