Alex C.

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  • gunsandrockets

    I’m not really surprised at the mud test failure. Polymer framed pistols tend to have a big gap between the frame and the slide which provides entry points for dust and mud.

    It can be disconcerting to look at the side of a Glock and be able see clear through the pistol to the other side! I believe that is done deliberately so the frame won’t bind against the slide, when the plastic begins to expand from the heat of firing.

    • crysys

      That is definitely true about the gap on my M9. It’s so big you can see through it better than some peep sights. I love mine though, it feels great in the hand and has not failed me once!

  • Michael Lubrecht

    CDNN used to carry these at greatly discounted prices, back when Steyr was having difficulties maintaining a US importer/distributor. I picked up an M9 and an M357 (SIG) for under $300 each at the time, and used to bring the M9 along as a third spare/backup to pistol classes I was taking or teaching at the time. It was loaned out several times to students whose own guns had failed, and ran through a few thousand rounds without a hiccup!

    Your video makes me think about pulling mine out of the safe, and considering them for carry again. One drawback is that there’s not a large holster selection for the Steyr handguns.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      JM custom Kydex makes great holsters and has a lot of options including the steyr. Their wait is long but I am very happy with their product that I own.

      • disqus_sgMcKYCZZ3

        Bladetech and Dale Fricke made me holsters for mine.

  • TJbrena

    Really, Alex? Aquafina? Arrowhead’s clean taste is far more High Speed Low Drag than any other brand of bottled water!

    On a more serious note, does the Steyr have a more ergonomic grip than the Glock?

    • Michael Lubrecht

      The Steyr has a different grip angle – if you look closely, you’ll see that the trigger and trigger guard are actually angled downward a bit as well. The grip (IMHO) is far more ergonomic than a Glock, or even the XD that I most frequently carry.

  • Nicks87

    Got mine for around $350 at Cabelas, best value gun purchase I ever made. Nothing about it stands out but it’s reliable and accurate. My only complaint is the trapezoidal sights and a lack of holsters or aftermarket goodies.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      That is a killer price! I’m jealous.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I’ve always wanted one of these, but I’m never seen one in person to check out. Hopefully I’ll run into one at a gun show!

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Do you think you’ll do a mud test on the glock for a control? You execution of the test was one of the more realistic I have seen! Props on that.

  • Vasco T

    Looks like a great pistol. I have a S9 (Glock 26 size) its has ran like a champ with only a couple of problems w/ ZQ1 (Turkish) 123 grains. Not sure if the pistol didn’t strike the primer hard enough or whether it was the ammo manufacturer.

    • aguywhoknows

      Steyr had problems with striker springs, they exchanged them in like 2012. What color has your striker spring? Red is the newer, harder spring that munches all the primers.
      I know because I once changed about 450 springs.

  • Joe

    I rented one about 15 years ago and found that it shot very well for me, most of which I attribute to the unique sights. I have trouble with the width of standard handgun sights; most of my trigger time has been behind rifle sights and a fine aiming point at the front sight post. The triangle tip of the Steyr front sight gave me a much finer aiming point, and my groups were considerably smaller.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I love mine. Had it for a few years now and it’s shot every kind of ammo I’ve fed it. The Winchester white box only ejects a couple feet out of it, but it still runs. It’s run though stuff my P226 choked on. Plus, it’s so nice to shoot and I love the sights.

  • Triplanetary

    I wish there were more accessories for them. If that were the case, they would be pretty much the only gun I’d use. It is the only one I carry unless I need a single stack Then I opt for a Makarov.