GunMag Warehouse: How To Dye Sand PMAG Guide

Magpul posted a video last year showing how to dye their Sand PMAG which Nathan S. posted. GunMag Warehouse shows step by step how to do this without using a campfire and wilderness.

The process is rather simple but there are some things to know that others have not mentioned. Rit Dye is safe for use in the home but make sure you are mindful of what you put the dye in. If you use a pot to dip your PMAG in Rit Dye and hot water, make sure you clean the pot thoroughly. Back when I dabbled in dying ABS plastic with Rit Dye I was instructed to clean the pot with bleach. But Rit Dye instructions say you can use any regular house hold cleanser like Pine Sol, 409, etc. Dish detergent alone is not enough. I like GunMag Warehouse’s recommendation of getting cheap tin pans however if you plan on doing a lot of dying then just go to a Goodwill or Salvation Army and buy a cheap used pot as your dedicated dyeing receptacle.

The other issue to note is the color of the Rit Dye is not necessarily what you get when you dye the PMAG.

Here are the examples posted in the GunMag Warehouse article.


Pearl Grey turns out blue


Camel turns out light green.


I am digging this Banana 40rd PMAG.


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  • xebat

    So just a basic question did their previous magazine not work for the process of applying any color to it ? So was the Sand PMAG specifically designed for applying new colors to it ?

    • thedonn007

      I think it is mostly due to the fact that sand is a lighter color. A black magazine is not going to work out too well.

    • Nicholas C

      FDE mags could take dye but you are already starting off with a somewhat darker color. Sand is lighter and easier to get brighter colors. You can always go darker but not lighter than the base PMAG color.

  • sean

    Why do they call it Sand? That is totally storm trooper white

    • Twilight sparkle

      It looks more sand in person

    • Nicholas C

      More like Vanilla Ice Cream.

  • Bill

    Ewwwww, what did a magazine ever do to deserve that?

  • Jalen Byon

    Title: “How to Dye PMags”
    Content: “The colors aren’t what you expect”

    • Jeff S

      I feel like I’m missing something here… Like the ‘recipe’ for FDE.

  • Big Daddy

    I bought an AK47 Magpul 30 round mag in sand for my Mutant with FDE hardware. I wanted to dye it FDE since Magpul doesn’t make one. No one could tell me definitively what colors to use. Did I want to spend $100+ worth of experimenting with mags and dye colors? No, so I’ll stick with the black ones and that one sand mag.

    • Jesus Marquez

      I know your pain, 5 sand pmags later and dying base plates seperatly from body, and I still cant figure out the damn recipe, not even close, I did however end up with a OD green mag using camel tan, sunshine yellow and a little bit of dark brown) on accident at one point, almost makes me just want to swap out my fde furniture for OD

      on the bright side some black dye makes fixes em right up when you inevitably end up with chocolate magazines

  • Rob

    How to dye a Pmag?…well, just like dying anything else. But those “sand” colored mags do dye up very nice, I had one laying around when I was (trying) to tie dye a shirt for my wife, I just used one color for the mag, and it came out pretty cool…maybe when I have more free time I’ll try again with a little more “artistic effort”.

  • Edeco

    GJ with the banana mag.

  • Longnkrnch

    Actually I have more important things to do with my time. Like watching old reruns of Hogans Heros.

  • Max Daddy

    Why not just a can of krylon? Worked in the kitty box.