There Was A FIRE FIGHT!!! Video

Jon Patton of The Gun Collective posted this video. It looks to be drone footage taken at Knob Creek. I was a little concerned about the rounds skipping off in the distance past the explosion. But I was told there is not much in that direction other than some military base owned land that has nothing on it. Knob Creek just alerts them ahead of time that they will be shooting.

The video is mesmerizing to watch.

Nicholas C

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  • Any one that has shot tracers knows that berms rarely catch many rounds. Unless you have one of those Kommieforina compliant berms with a steel catch wall at the top of it you are getting rounds going over your berm. Most people just never see if since they do not shoot tracer.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      What the hell is a California Compliant Berm? Steel catch wall? WTF?

      Every single outdoor range I’ve been to in California has… dirt.

      Just dirt.

  • sneekygreenman .

    As a drone flier, thats awesome! As a film buff +1 for reference!

    • Nicholas C

      LOL thank you.

  • KestrelBike

    Now imagine you’re an ill-trained private in the Soviet Army attacking the Wehrmacht like this across a snowy-expanse.

    • DIR911911 .

      more like this is what the russians experienced when they tried to get finland

  • Big Daddy

    Just think for those who never saw combat what it’s like on the other side of those tracers.

    • Bjørn Vermo

      At the end of basic training our platoon loaded up with all tracers for a night shoot. The idea was both to show us the firepower we had with our AG3’s and to let us see how few hits we actually managed to get in the dark with iron sights.
      Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to see that kind of show again during the next 20 years.

      • Big Daddy

        When people start talking BS at the range I say to them simply think of how it would feel to be on the other side with everyone shooting at you. It takes the hero BS out of the equation. When they see Youtube videos of guys shooting over their heads on full auto and say why aren’t they aiming that is my response. There’s a difference between aimed fire and suppressive fire. Being under a hail of bullets you do not leave cover even to aim and shoot. Too many people watch movies or play video games and cannot equate it to a real firefight, everybody is a hero until the bullets are flying. I was never in a firefight but I was in some very scary situations, I really thought I was going to get killed or hurt badly, all the heroes ran and left me there.

        • Gary Kirk

          Yep, every kill-hardened call of duty survivor will readily preach concentrated aimed fire is the only way to go.. And they could take out all the mgers with one shot from their ” M-4″ .. And the “SILENCER” would keep them from being heard in the next room.. Oh, and they got mad knife skills too…… Tommy Tactical has little room in this actual, what’s the word.. Oh yeah, real world..

          • Big Daddy

            I talked with a good friend who saw a LOT of combat in both Iraq and Afgan. I wanted to pick his brain about techniques since he was a life long hunter, eventually a platoon SGT. and the main platoon 203 man. Yeah he saw a lot…..he basically said you shoot any which way you can without losing cover. So in training I try to use different techniques with my rifle and handgun. I once had a .357 magnum bullet fly by my head at a range many years ago, it bounced of a metal target frame. I’ll never forget that. The guy next to me turned pale I just laughed, he thought I was crazy but I said hey it didn’t hit us so we’re good right. It wasn’t my time….but the idea of being behind that onslaught of rounds I think yeah I’d be praying.

          • Gary Kirk

            Hey bud, I loved your comment.. Was just trying to further it.. And tell your friend I said Semper Fi please.. Marine or not, EVERYONE that served has my respect..

          • Big Daddy

            Thanks, another story, my dad knew a tail gunner in a B17 during WWII. He was so scared during an air attack by the German’s he pooped his pants and had to fly the whole mission like that, not much room back there. Anybody who saw combat has my appreciation and respect. for that matter anybody who served even if they were a non-combatant. Event though I grew up in a tough place I was not prepared for the hardships of service in the military. At least in WWII people and the government had full support for the troops coming home. It’s better now than I remember during Vietnam. I used to see all the stickers on people’s cars about supporting the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I asked them did you send money for supplies to them, in the beginning so many went to Iraq without even proper sun glasses.The answer was always no, just bought a sticker, I sent money for supplies and some goodies for a friend in Afghanistan. I now wish I had done more. I live near Ft. Hood, I see all the guys that served, so many are missing limbs and have very bad PTSD.

        • Gary Kirk

          I know.. Double reply.. But incoming fire has a way of changing not only your train of thought, but your religion as well.. How many people that don’t believe in God have you heard utter God help me in a gunfight??? Food for thought

  • sean


  • HH

    yeah it’s amazing to see how tracers reveal the crazy-a$$ trajectories that bullets take.

  • Mike

    MERICA!!!!! F##ckin A!!!!!

  • I’m more puzzled by the number of shots hitting the dirt a full 75 yards in front of the target.

  • Sasquatch

    always had been a dream of mine to attend this one day.

    • Hanzo

      I live in Cincy, so, yeah, I’ve been there numerous times. It’s a must see, and the flea market is incredible.

  • Jeffrey Scott Boyer

    Over all the noise you can still hear the Ma Deuce chug away. Awesome

  • gunsandrockets


  • John

    That is straight out of a Hollywood movie. Very cool.

  • Al Wise

    This range was once part of Ft. Knox. There were railroad tracks leading right in and they tested naval guns there. The machine gun shoot has been going on for over 30 years. They know what they’re doing.

    • Hanzo

      You beat me to it. 🙂

  • Joe Goins

    Ballistic masturabation at its finest.

  • d_grey

    So shiny….

  • politicsbyothermeans

    So much freedom happening. Cultural enrichment=100%

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    The worst part of this video is that it shows just how amazing the Stoner system is at mitigating recoil and muzzle movement.

    And yet the gun was by all measurements a complete military and commercial failure… So sad.

  • Dude

    It is all fun and games until someone opens up the M134. 😀

  • tb

    Can confirm. Just punch these into google maps and you can see where it is and what’s around it: 38.0073806,-85.9025435