Slovakian 9mm Frankencarbines


Thanks to my friend Jan Lučanský of Laugo Arms for telling me about this company. Originally he was remarking on the Hungarian Steiner Bark that I posted earlier. The Bark9 is actually a Slovakian firearm. It uses a Scorpion EVO3 fire control group and mag well.


Well they didn’t just stop there. Here they take Vz.58 actions and make them 9mm. Below is a PDW with wire folding stock and uses Scorpion Evo3 magazines.

P1020839 P1020857

Does anyone know what the latch mechanism is for? Directly above the Fab Defense pistol grip.



Here is a similar weapon but it uses Glock magazines.







To check out their creations go to their website.

Nicholas C

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  • DW

    Well that’s a camera you don’t smile and wait for flash to…

  • ASterisk

    I think the latch mechanism is for the railed dustcover. It replaces the original and locks into place with that latch

  • Maxcoseti

    The latch is for the side mounted rail I believe

  • mechamaster

    If they make the BREN 805 / 806 9mm variant, I think it’s like the the B&T APC-9

  • SineNomine

    I like it. It’s weird but I like it.

  • Jim

    Can we but this in the USA?

  • Jim


  • Adam D.

    By the way, KolArms is a Slovakian company, isn’t it?
    Have they merged into Steiner?

    In one of Fegyvervideo’s vids Gabor Vass reviewed a modified VZ58 from KolArms that had a railed top cover and an under barrel single shot breeching shotgun(!), similar to Hera’s Hasta .

    What happened to that prototype? That little subcarbine with the railed dust cover was the most promising VZ conversion I’ve seen to date.

  • Caffeinated

    The BARK9 is a blank firing gun.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Great article, Nicholas. Thank you for raising our awareness of the potential availability of these carbines. I would hardly call them “Frankencarbines”, though, as they seem to be well-designed and properly-executed short carbines based on the proven vz.58 action. I am especially impressed with the 9mm PDW with folding stock, FAB Defense pistol grip and Scorpion EVO-3 magazine. It certainly appears to be well-made and to have good parts commonality ( and, therefore, availability ), aside from chambering what is probably the most common pistol-caliber ammunition in use today.

    Reading some of the other reader’s comments, I am guessing that they reside in Eastern Europe and may have more direct access to these weapons. Perhaps some of them would be so kind as to share any real-world experiences they have had with these guns?

  • Rocketman

    Slick looking little piece of work. What the latch mechanism might also be would be a smaller version of a scope mounting bracket to mount an aimpoint type scope off of.