BREAKING: Academy Sports Pulling Modern Sporting Rifles From Shelves

UPDATE: We have received a photo of the policy from a reader, you can read it below.

Academy Sports + Outdoors, a southern US sporting goods chain is reportedly pulling modern sporting rifles from their shelves in the wake of the attack in Orlando. According to Redit user Potato_Muncher the move to pull rifles from the display rack was at the request of the corporate offices in Texas. According to u/Potato_Muncher the rifles will still be available for sale but not on display leading many buyers to believe that there are no rifles available.

TFB also received information from a Academy employee that requested to remain anonymous that there are even more changes. Our informant stated that Academy Sports corporate hosted a conference call requesting all modern sporting rifle lighters and other gifts are being pulled from the shelves along with all the airsoft and bb guns resembling an “assault rifle”.

The most shocking development is that the conference call outlined a new policy requiring any sale of more than 10 boxes in a caliber that Academy deems an “assault rifle caliber” will require the buyer to furnish personal information that Academy is planning on keeping in a database, other employees have stated that they were just directed to “report the transaction” with no clear outline on how to do so.

TFB reached out to Academy Sports’ media department and has not received comment at this time, we will update as we learn more information.


Photo courtesy of U/Potato_Muncher


UPDATE: We have received a photo of the policy from a reader, you can read it below.


Patrick R

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  • Mark

    Worked out really well for Sports Authority. See ya in chapter 11.

    • nadnerbus

      I think you are thinking of Dick’s, though maybe SA did the same thing.

      • raz-0

        Nope, SA caved and removed guns entirely form most, if not all locations. Ammo too. Post Sandy Hook.

        Dicks still sells guns and ammo, they just screwed people over on a bunch of AR pre-orders by getting out of the AR game just as they said they were jumping in.

    • smartacus

      Sports Authority truly deserved to die.

      • Rooftop Voter

        SA next to our local Costco has been on life support for years with the priest on standby to administer the last rites. FINALLY going under and the rumor mill is that Costco will buy the property for a gas station/car wash site.

        • smartacus

          Good idea! repurpose the land for a Costco
          They should do that to the Sports Authority over here in my town.

  • Volk

    Yeah, limit them to 10 boxes. Couldn’t possibly hurt anyone with a mere 200-500 rounds.

    • Guy

      Well with that fancy “assault rifle” all you have to do is point in the general direction and pull the trigger- thats 200-500 bodies right there.

      • John Smith

        Well – to the leftists, all you have to do is own what they call an “Assault Rifle” and it will ensnare its owner like the one ring in the lord of the rings, and that owner will take that assault rifle, pull the trigger, and thousands of people will just fall down dead in a 20mi radius around that person.

        • 200 mi radius if you were on a school zone, fyi :p

  • JumpIf NotZero

    As long as we’re blaming anything but the person who did it…

    Is B&N pulling copies of the Koran? Did he drive there in a Toyoya, because surely we have to stop selling that car! Didn’t it take 2-3 hours for Orlando PD to enter, we should probably remove them… Um… Well the FBI clearly has to be disbanded. He passed background checks for his job and guns, so that all has to go.

    Anything we can do but to call it what it was, a terrorist act that one lunatic carried out because he was a bigot extremist.

    But hey, better pull that metal and plastic off your selves. That will make it seem like your “doing something”.

    • David P

      They wouldn’t dare go after the car. The big, evil lobbying group UAW owns all of congress. That is why so many people die in car accidents because the auto industry is allowed to make millions of dollars on these coffins on wheels…………………..what? That’s only the NRA, that makes sense.

      • Car Analogies in general are more poisonous than they’re worth in regards to firearms, but one that’s always been applicable is that nobody thinks it’s an intelligent idea to sue General Motors when some scumbag drives drunk and murders a bunch of kids by plowing into a bus stop in his Suburban.

    • nadnerbus

      I get the corporate need to get on the right side of the mobs. But the people screaming for gun bans are probably not their bread and butter customers, so moves like this seem counter to their interests.

  • OJS

    “Sporting Goods” stores that don’t sell sporting arms are cheating themselves into BK

  • David P.

    Everybody who buys 10 or more boxes of assault caliber ammo will be required to provide personal information- For what? So when a mass shooter picks your store to buy his ammo and the FBI investigates later you can tell them “yeah, we sold it, yeah we got his address, no we didn’t do anything else, what do you mean the victims lawyers want to talk to us?”

    Obtain data is only useful when you plan on making changes because of it. Obtaining data for the sake of obtaining data is lawyer bait. But it’s their business and I have never bought from them so I am not out anything when they go out of bankrupt.

    • Reef Blastbody

      I do my part to keep Big Brother in check, and I sure as hell won’t enable Little Brother either.

    • nadnerbus

      I suppose they may have some plan to report such purchases to the authorities or something. All it will do is make sure people with ill intent only buy nine boxes, then go to a different chain for more.

      • Matt Wilder

        Yeah, like they did with cold medications and meth heads down here… last I checked, jerks were still making loads of meth. “Don’t forget the receipt man!”

        • I always ask gun control advocates how well unilateral bans have worked on crack and crystal meth, or how hard they think it is to buy enough pot to light up their whole neighborhood.

    • El Duderino

      WTF is “assault caliber ammo”?

      • Matt Wilder

        It’s the ammo of low class and even lower caliber that will assault you in a dark alley at night if you’re caught unawares.

        • drew

      • smartacus

        if it’s for your .22LR upper or your AR Golf Ball Launcher

    • steveday72

      It’s probably at the behest of 0bama … to start a covert “assault weapon registration” database.

  • Pistolero

    The only people that will notice are gun people who actually go to the gun counter. Stupid Academy.

  • Right-wing Realist✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Wow, the government doesn’t even have to lift a finger.

    We can destroy our own rights!

  • SpazC

    I spend roughly $2k there annually between fishing, kayaking, clothes, shoes, and shooting. They no longer have my business.

    • THE_manBEar

      Thats the real way to cast your vote in our commercial democracy!

      • Rick O’Shay

        I haven’t forgotten Cheaper Than Dirt. Still boycotting them.

        • RocketScientist

          Remind what CTD did again? From what I recall they merely charged market-driven prices for ammo and other accessories during a demand spike, allowing them to maintain stock when everywhere else was sold out, which is, ya know, a good thing. Unless there was something else?

          • derpmaster

            They were price gouging idiot panic buyers. $100 for a standard 30 round C products AR mag, $40 for a box of m193.

            CTD are absolute scum.

          • RocketScientist

            So you were being forced to buy at that price then? or was it still a voluntary transaction? I’m assuming it was voluntary. And if so, you could have bought from one of the other vendors selling them at normal prices… oh they didn’t have any in stock? I wonder why… You do realize that what you’re complaining about is how free-market capitalism works. And its a GOOD thing. Lets say Joe Schmoe the retiree already has a thousand AR mags, but is in a panic and wants to buy more. He has all day to find someplace with a bunch in stock, and enough money to place a crazy order for a thousand more. Now John Doe gets off his 2nd job, hears about the buying panic, and wants to get just one more AR mag, because he only has one currently. Too bad, he waited too long, no-one has any more stock. But wait!!! CTD upped their prices to reflect the market demand, and so they still have a supply! So now John can get the AR mag he desperately needs. Granted he’s paying a higher price, but its WORTH a higher price to him, because it is a scarce commodity and his need is high. This is a GOOD thing.

          • derpmaster

            Free market capitalism is one thing, but being a dick to your customers is another entirely.

            I blame anyone who paid the inflated prices more than I blame CTD. They have every right to set their prices where they want, but consumers tend to vote with their feet (or address bar) when companies pull shit like that, and I’m certain they lost quite a number of loyal customers.

          • I always groan when something from CTD shows up in searches when I’m looking around for various accessories and such online, because like hell are they gettin’ my money. It’s fifteen years later and still don’t stop at gas stations that raised their prices on 9/11-9/12.

          • Chuck

            So, CTD is in business to make YOU happy?

          • mossbergman

            If you run a business I’d say the idea is to keep your customer base Happy

          • Dirk Dasterdly

            If you run a business, the idea is to make a profit. Everything else is simply a factor in that. Customer satisfaction does play an important role in that, but I provide excellent customer service and still have people spend an hour picking my brain and then buying online because they can save a few bucks with a company they have no relationship with. Managing expenses and maximizing margins are also very important in running a business. CTD maximized profits. Now, if some consumers threw a tantrum about it, it might come back to bite them. Time will tell. Customer would be happy with a 10% sale. They’d be happier with a 20% sale. They’d be ecstatic about a 90% sale. And then the company would fail. Where does “making your customer happy” give way to “making a profit and sustaining the business”. You wouldn’t stay loyal to CTD after the crisis was over if Academy sold the same ammo for 10% cheaper would you? Would you pay CTD the premium since they did you a solid and didn’t gouge when they had the only supply? Doubt it. That’s just not human (consumer) nature.

          • mossbergman

            I’ve worked retail in a private sport8ing goods store and wholesale sales for the largest sporting good wholesaler at one time. so I know all the ins and outs. The point I was making is the sporting good community has toi stick together .when they pulled all the RARs off the shelf they stabbed the community in the back for the sake of PC. and when they listed what was approx. $20.00 brick of 22 lr for $199.00 . that was leaving the Vaseline at home. they are not the only game in town .I can usually buy my goods at a local shop that’s competitive with their prices on the std purchases.. I know a lot that have not returned to them , but most just bitch and buy anyway. they have a big enough base they can get away with crap like that . the average shop would die . Their buying power get them deal that john gun shop down the road would never see./so there’s no way he can compete with certain items

          • Doug Larsen

            You pretty much nailed it. While very few here would ever acknowledge or admit it, a lot (not all, but a lot) of the controversy surrounding CTD is little more than a tantrum. Gun owners tend to feel like they’re “owed” certain prices on ammo, regardless of the reality of market conditions. You even see that sentiment revealed sometimes when people claim CTD should be “on our team”, or they express some other equally vague notion that completely discounts the machinations of the free market.

            Ultimately, you wind up with a weird mix of entitlement mentality and ignorance of basic economic principles. And the more that people like you or I point out such objective truths, the angrier the entitlement-minded mob gets.

            It would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic.

          • get a life and stop being stup

            why it your business?or any or your business to that matter..? you buy from them you like them so much..hope they charge you triple for being a idiot to people

          • Keyser Soze

            When did America go from “the customer is always right”, to being a bunch of corporate bootlicking cucks?

          • Doug Larsen

            Pssst…the customer is NOT always right. Sometimes in fact, the customer is profoundly wrong. And anyone who has owned a business will likely tell you this.

            Moreover, understanding how capitalist economics work is not synonymous with being a “corporate bootlicking cuck”.

            Your arguments are 100% based on emotions and feelers. Sorry, but it’s true.

          • Larry

            This is only your opinion! Doe’s not make it true..

          • Keyser Soze

            People didn’t use the motto “the customer is always right” because they thought it was literally true, but because for generations American society understood that the entire point of a business is to SERVE the needs of the public. Then some time around the 1980s people decided that no, the people should serve the needs of the corporations! So here we are 30 years later, we’ve lost half our rights, all our morals, our society and infrastructure are crumbling to pieces, but glory be! These (international) corporations are richer and more powerful than ever before, while we, the people, have less money and power than ever before. What a coincidence!

          • Dirk Dasterdly

            Keyser, buddy, you are either very young or work in academia. The point of a business was never to SERVE the needs of the public. The business is formed because there is a need, and a supply, and the business marries the two for a profit. Rarely, if ever, does a business form to “serve a need” in spite of the potential for profit. We call those “non-profits” or “not-for-profits”. Corporations provide goods and services for a price to the public just like you, as an employee, provide a good or service (service, most likely) to the corporation for a fair price. In a way, as an employee, you are just like a corporation. You probably COULD do your job for less, but you don’t. You want to make a profit (your living expenses plus a nice profit margin). The company you work for is your customer. And from what I’ve seen out of employees in my 20 years of owning businesses, many employees do NOT think their “customer” is always right. They like to complain about low pay (wanting to price gouge their ‘customer’ apparently), long hours, no vacation, ‘meanness’, etc. Not all employees to that, but I bet you know some that do. So, if you are providing a service to your customer (employer), do you have the attitude that your customer is always right?

          • Donnie Buchanan

            YES. No satisfied (happy) customers = business fail.

          • Larry

            If I am not happy with any business it is good by!

          • Dirk Dasterdly

            I’m more in the camp of the free market crew to be honest, and here’s why. Most of the people who complain about the price spike are consumers and employees. So let me put it in terms you understand. Let’s say you are one of only 100 computer programmers who understand the new programming language. Now, all of a sudden, there is a huge boom in demand for programmers of that language. Businesses are competing for that talent. Sure, eventually other people will learn that language. But for now, there are only 100 people who can do it. Suddenly their salaries jump from 50k/yr to 150k per year or more. A year later there are 1000 such programmers and the salaries drop back to 50-60k per year. Now, if you’re one of those initial 100 programmers, are you telling me you wouldn’t take (or demand) the 150k per year!?!? Liar!! And that’s the free market at work.

          • sonny

            Still NOT buying from CTD EVER AGAIN!!!!

          • Keyser Soze

            So you think phone companies should be allowed to arbitrarily jack their prices up 1000% just because Free Speech is “in demand”?

          • Doug Larsen

            Your reply is what’s commonly known as a “straw man argument”.

          • Keyser Soze

            ALL hypothetical arguments are technically “straw men”. Good thing this isn’t a high school debate club so the laws of Formal Debate don’t matter!

          • Dirk Dasterdly

            That is about the worst comparison you could have come up with. So you’re saying there is a limit on the capacity of the phone companies to handle the free speech? Are you saying phone companies are the only conduit for free speech? I love your name, but your argument missed the mark by a mile.

            But, to your attempt at making a point, why does it cost $2mm or whatever for a superbowl commerical? Is that price gouging? Or is that an equilibrium in the free market?

            Why are newspapers closing shop? Consumers are spending their money elsewhere. Can’t a paper force customers to buy their product at $1.50 per paper? Another example of the free market at work. Why is there a 30 minute long line every day around noon at Chik Fil A? Their sandwiches cost more than their competitors. Maybe they have a better product that is still in demand at that price. Free market at work.

          • Keyser Soze

            And does Chik-Fil-A jack the price of their sandwiches up to $20 a piece at noon every day when the line gets long just because they’re “in demand”??

            NOPE! They’re probably not even ALLOWED to. Because it’s price gouging! So thanks for using an example that actually disproves your own point.

          • Doug Larsen

            No, Chik-Fil-A doesn’t jack their price up to $20, because if they did people would instead just go across the street to Wendy’s. They’ll pay a slight premium for better food, but not that large of a premium. Your example is irrelevant and off-point, because with your example consumers have easy access to what economists call “substitute goods”. While a consumer might prefer a Chik-Fil-A sandwich to Wendy’s, at $20/pop at Chik-Fil-A, all of a sudden that $8 Wendy’s sandwich would start looking much tastier. It’s just the free market at work. In other words, you basically made Dirk’s point for him. Although this fact is obviously lost on you.

            And yes, Chik-Fil-A can charge as much as they want, and as much as the market will allow. The fact that you think they might be legally prohibited from doing so demonstrates that you literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

            It is funny and cute though

          • Jon Goodwin

            “So let me put it in terms you understand”? My, aren’t we in a condescending mood today.

            We all get it, and we choose underlying free market principles daily. It may be difficult for you to understand, professor, but most don’t need schooling in the free market. But that doesn’t mean we won’t make emotional decisions on principles we hold so dearly. Neither CTD nor Academy are examples of any violation of market principles (exc CTD’s contract breach), but hearing stories of people we thought were on our team, the Good Guys, well, it just pisses us off. And the dollar is the vote of a principled market.

            Not one more cent to academy. Weak spines don’t get my vote.

          • Dirk Dasterdly

            It wasn’t meant to be condescending, but rather to make it relevant to most of the people complaining. Since most actually DON’T appear to understand supply and demand and the free market, but almost everyone understands “getting a paycheck”, I put it in terms they understand and can relate to. Everyone wants to make more money. Everyone wants a raise. But the ability of you to get a raise is largely based on the ability of your employer to find someone to do the same job for less. Everyone gets that (I think). Not everyone owns a business or manages a budget. Most people don’t think about the fact that the $1.50 bottle of water isn’t $1.50 worth of water. It’s the cost of bottling, transportation, profit, etc. Similar confusion from consumer-types. Just like many people think that when you buy a gun, it’s registered in a national database. It’s not. I hear that a lot in my gunshop. A little sidetracked from the idea of supply and demand, but it shows the general lack of understanding of the supply side from the consumer.

            The fact that CTD could sell ammo for what appears to be inflated prices simply means that there was a market at that price point. I quit going to movies when they got to $10/ticket. To me, that’s “price gouging”. To others, it’s fair apparently. I don’t go see pro-boxing events. $5000+ for a seat is insane! But they still sell out. Local Houston Rockets game…$81 for a seat. Crazy when I can watch it on TV usually. They still sell out sometimes. So what exactly is price gouging?

            Having said that, please don’t buy at Academy or CTD! Buy here instead!

          • Jon Goodwin

            Price gouging, by definition, can only occur in a natural monopoly. Anything else is either opportunistic (CTD) or illegal (in a regulated market). Don’t worry, I won’t be buying from either. I also draw the line and stay behind it on the same kind of issues.

          • supergun

            If they are focking afraid to display their merchandize, then they should stop selling it.

          • sonny

            They lost this one!

          • Donnie Buchanan

            I can’t quite agree, friend, but I see your point. Fear makes people do stupid things during a panic, but playing on that fear is price gouging. No one, business or individual should do that.

          • Rick O’Shay

            It wasn’t just price gouging. It was that there were standing orders before the shooting for AR parts and magazines, and as soon as there was a rush on it, CTD canceled those orders rather than honoring them, essentially forcing buyers to purchase at a higher price if they still wanted them. Let’s say Joe Schmoe has an order for a half dozen mags that he placed 3 days ago, he hears about the shooting and thinks, “thank goodness I bought those mags before the rush on the market started.” He gets home, checks his email, and sees that CTD has canceled his order and reimbursed his credit card. “Oh, that’s weird. You’d think they wouldn’t sell these things unless they’d actually had them in stock,” he says to himself. So he goes online to CTD’s webstore, and whadya know, they DO have them in stock. And what’s more, rather than having the mags at $15 a piece like he ordered, now they’re $80 each.

            That’s what CTD. Sure, it’s legal. Sure, CTD had every right to do it. But it’s shady as hell and shows that CTD really doesn’t care about the customers, as long as there’s a buck to chase. And I’m not talking the eight-pointer in the woods that keeps showing up on your trailcam, but never in front of your blind.

          • RocketScientist

            Yeah, i get that, I already replied to your previous post about the order cancellations:

            “Actually hadn’t heard that bit before, just the typical ignorant complaints about “price gouging”. If this is true then yeah, thats pretty shady, can’t blame anyone for being pissed about that.”

            I had never heard that part of it until now. Just complaints against “price-gouging”, which I have no problems with. Breaching contracts like that is pretty shady and would piss me off.

          • Rick O’Shay

            Yeah. It wasn’t until after I hit enter that I realized that. Sorry for repeated replies.

          • sonny

            Some people are “For” price gouging…….. some are NOT! I am of the latter persuasion and have chosen to NEVER buy from CTD EVER AGAIN!!!

          • Sam Hill

            The only problem with that analogy is, during a county wide power outage, a locally owned outdoor motor sports store started price gouging generators the state AG prosecuted. They are no longer in business. I don’t know if there was jail time, but I know there were fines. Yes there is free enterprise and I believe in it, but this is similar to breaking SEC regulations let’s say insider trading laws!

          • johnbegood

            There are rules against price gouging for basic needs during an emergency. Water, batteries, food, etc. are protected. A generator probably fits into this. This protection does not extend to guns or ammo. Your comparison is flawed.

          • nicholsda

            Actually, it does. Those that have firearms during an emergency are less of a drain on the police. After a Cat 5 Hurricane, the cops didn’t worry about our area. They knew there would be no looting or if there was, the citizens would have taken care of it. To paraphrase the cops, ” shoot them and call us when you can get to a working phone.” You might need more ammo depending on what the emergency is and how long it lasts.

          • Ed Forney

            During a county wide outage, you wouldn’t be able to get gas for it anyway. Takes electricity to run the pumps’

          • James Denton

            Nope during hurricane emergancies we remove the front cover of gas pump and attach a standard pulley remotely driven off rear drive axle of a jacked up pick up truck…. Lol

          • Ed Forney

            Didn’t know that.

          • sonny

            Which came first……. Gasoline or Generators?

          • nicholsda

            Which is why we now have a law that says that grocery stores and gas stations must have working generators.

          • firefighterbill

            Just like you said……we can buy elsewhere. Most of us still do 4 years later.

          • When a skeevy business has outstanding orders for products that were purchased at $n and, instead of honoring those good faith sales, decides to cancel those orders so they can relist existing inventory at $nx5, that is unambiguously a scummy business practice. The customers who were dishonestly cheated out of a product at a fair price weren’t being “forced” to buy them instead at a gouging price, but neither are they “forced” to ever spend one red cent at that business ever again, and have every right to let everyone they meet know how scummy and dishonest that business is.

          • Dirk Dasterdly

            To this, I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I dare say that if it happened systematically, you’d have a cause for action (class action suit). That’s not free market, in my opinion. That’s “bait and switch” or “breach of contract”. When you hit “buy” and they charged your card, that should be essentially a contract to deliver the goods at that price.

          • raz-0

            No, they were canceling orders for the lower prices, so you could reorder or go elsewhere on a transaction they already committed to, so yeah, kind of forced definitely not simply bumping up the price to what the market would bear.

          • n0truscotsman

            The amount of fair weather free marketeers never ceases to amaze, and amuse, me.

          • sonny

            Maybe some undercover CTD spies……….. What do you think?

          • Doug Larsen

            Lol! Yup. I long ago learned that many conservatives LOVE free markets when they happen to be personally benefiting, and LOATH those same free markets when they are no longer getting the better end of the deal. I.e., they have no principled view on free markets, in general.

            Both liberals and conservatives tend to be hypocrites on certain issues. This just happens to be one for which a significant number of self-professed conservatives are absolutely hypocrites. Although I don’t think they mean to be. Usually, it’s just a case of them literally not understanding the economics of the situation.

            Most adults in America are unable to pass an 8th grade economics test. Reading many of the comments here, this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

          • Jon Goodwin

            Thank you for that observation. Glad it wasn’t just me surprised to see a bunch of whiny babies on here. Sheesh. Grow a pair and move on already.

          • FranklinsGhost

            Except they were doing this to existing paid orders. Future transactions, sure. They should honor pre-existing orders until those are fulfilled

          • mossbergman

            I have not purchased from them since, and K Mart pulled all guns from the shelves on 9-11 to protect us / note have not spent a nickel in their store either. there’s one thing taking advantage of supply and demand and then there’s just plain ripping people off

          • albaby2

            “Upped thier prices to reflect demand” is just longer way of saying gouging the customer. The customer who can afford to pay the excessive price means more money in their pocket and nothing more. They are not doing it as a piblic service by any means imaginable.

          • Doug Larsen

            Have you ever seen a supply/demand and price curve? Do you know how it works?

            Your comment suggest you haven’t, and don’t.

          • albaby2

            Will the curve dictate sales and customer satisfaction. If not, what good is it? I don’t let academics curves dictate my opinions. I base my opinions on my life experiences, not those of others.

          • dltaylor51

            Anyone who isn’t gunned and ammoed up by now deserves to get bent over the counter and violated,the democrats have been steadily beating the gun ban drum for over 8yrs and now these people decide its time to react?

          • Keyser Soze

            By your logic they could do a form of backdoor gun control by arbitrarily pricing firearms out of most people’s budget and you’d champion it as “Free Market”

          • Doug Larsen

            Who is “they”? And why would companies that primarily make their living selling guns (Buds, your local gun store, etc.) want to ensure they don’t sell any guns?

            If you’re talking about some type of government regulation that priced guns very high, you’d be correct…that wouldn’t have anything to do with the free market. That would be government manipulation of the market. But that isn’t what RocketScientist was talking about. At all. His argument was limited to voluntary transactions between sellers and buyers.

            If you want to move the goal post of the argument, that’s fine. Just give fair warning that you’re doing so.

          • Keyser Soze

            Creating artificial scarcity in order to drive up prices is a well known economic tactic

          • Jon Goodwin

            Where CTD crossed the line is when they cancelled existing contracts (at any price) without the customer’s consent. That is NOT a good thing, illegal in all 50 states.

          • WateryWilly

            You mean kind of like it’s a “good thing” when someone buys a truckload of generators and takes them to an area devastated by storms, and charges a 100% markup? THAT kind of “good thing”? It’s called price gouging, and it’s actually illegal to do. I would call it “Capitalism at its WORST”, taking advantage of people when they are over a barrel.

          • sonny

            CTD is Absolute Scam! I used to buy a lot from them, but NO more! Price gouging in the worst since of the term! Now that ammo prices have come back down, I hope they starve!

          • Doug Larsen

            There’s no such thing as “price gouging” on non-essential items. (I.e., anything other than food or shelter). There is only a free market with voluntary sellers and voluntary buyers. Don’t like the price? Then don’t buy. It really is that simple. People who use the term “price gouging” have an entitlement mentality. They think they’re somehow magically “owed” a lower price because, well, just because. Market dynamics and economics be darned!!! And if you DON’T think you’re owed a lower price (which is the common retort), then what exactly are you complaining about again??

            This is a huge problem with America. Entitlement mentality is EVERYWHERE! It isn’t just “a certain group of people”, as commonly claimed on gun forums. Anyone who thinks they’re owed something that they’re absolutely not owed, has an entitlement mentality.

            BTW, CTD did the gun community a favor by raising its prices. Because if you REALLY needed ammo in a bad way, they had it. Yes it was expensive, but “the expensive ammo you can actually buy is more useful than the cheap ammo you can’t buy.” The reason no one else had ammo is because most other retailers refused to raise their prices to a market rate. While well-intentioned, this actually extended the length of the panic. Because panics only subside when the market clearing price reaches equilibrium. And it can’t do so if everyone is selling ammo below market value. This is all basic, basic economics. But as I mentioned beforehand, a sound economic argument will NEVER trump people’s precious emotional arguments.

          • Rick O’Shay

            They canceled standing orders, then restocked and charged “market-driven” prices. So if you had already ordered a couple of mags and were waiting for it to ship, they canceled it and you could only get them if you paid the new, higher prices.

            It’s one thing to charge to market demand. It’s another to break what’s essentially a promise or contract to provide a good at a higher rate.

          • RocketScientist

            Actually hadn’t heard that bit before, just the typical ignorant complaints about “price gouging”. If this is true then yeah, thats pretty shady, can’t blame anyone for being pissed about that.

          • Big Daddy

            But you’re a rocket scientist and you know everything, right.

          • RocketScientist

            Lol, no jackass of course I don;t know everything, I doubt anyone does. And the username comes form my job, where I’m, ya know, an actual rocket scientist. As in I design build and test systems for spacebound lift vehicles, satellites, planetary probes, missiles, warheads, and other munitions.

          • nicholsda

            That is exactly what was going on with them and a few others. Ask your local FFL if they dealt with them what went down.

          • Dave Y

            I would take exception to the ‘market demand’ comment and point out that at the time the alleged order cancelling took place, prices were not inflated, and there wasn’t a “run” on magazines. There was political chatter after an unprecedented tragedy. it wasn’t market demand until late January / early February after Newtown. Then there was a run on magazines, ammo, rifles, but it was blown way out of proportion on the internet. It was actually a case where I could buy locally and at gun shows for literally fractions of what online retailers were peddling.

          • Mystick

            Not around here….. the cupboards were bare…

          • Guy

            They were charging upwards of 100 bucks for GI mags. I’d call that murder.

          • Reef Blastbody

            They cancelled already paid for orders in order to resell the items at astronomical mark ups, like PMAGs for >$100 apiece.

            Yup, never getting a dime from me.

          • Rick O’Shay

            It was more like $80 apiece, but yeah, still ridiculously stupid markups.

          • Dave Y

            I saw a screen shot someone took over $100

          • Sam Hill

            They aren’t really then, CTD!

          • WRBuchanan

            Saw it happen to a friend of mine, they actually cancelled his order, and when he tried to reorder they would not honor the previous price.

          • Peter Wolf

            I was trying to by some 9mm ammo at Walmart in Fort Worth so my son and I could go to the range, but the two Cheaper Than Dirt Employees (wearing their name tags) in front of us bought all the 9mm, 40 cal., 45 cal., .22, .223, 5.56 and 7.62×39 they had. Every. Last. Box. Then as they turned to leave one said; “Come see us at Cheaper Than Dirt. We’ve got plenty of ammo” and laughed as they walked away with all their bags full of ammo. I have never spent a penny there since and will never again. 🙁

          • David Briggs

            The best part is the stores are now shuttered.

          • Justin Roney

            Yep, the one in Austin closed, and the one in McKinney closed a while back too. That’s what happens when your prices don’t return to normal, no one buys from you.

          • Jake S.

            What Dickensian novel world do you live in? Did they twirl their collective moustaches and beat you about the shins with their gilded walking canes as they left as well?

          • RocketScientist


          • Doug Larsen

            No offense, but that story sounds a little made-up. Especially since I know for a fact that Wal-Mart has a corporate-wide policy that would prevent any single individual from cleaning them out of ammo. And I know that for the last three years at least, that policy has been very strictly enforced.

            You should have brought the matter to the attention of Wal-Mart corporate. If it actually happened, someone would have absolutely lost their job over it.

            All that notwithstanding, let’s say it happened just like you say. My reply would be, “So what?” If they got there before you, had the money, and the clerk was willing to sell their entire stock of ammo, how is that wrong? Why did CTD “owe” you those couple boxes of ammo? (And make no mistake about it, your argument IS one of thinking some third party you don’t even know “owes” you something.). Did Wal-Mart have the same obligation to you as CTD? Especially since their corporate policies prohibit what you describe? How come you are mad at CTD, but didn’t say a word about Wal-Mart’s culpability? Not to mention your own! Do you REALLY not keep at least a few boxes of ammo around the house??? If your Wal-Mart trip prevented your range trip, well…I guess that would explain why panic buyers exist.

            By now we all know, or should know, that ammo can evaporate almost overnight. Those who don’t understand and act on this reality are only setting themselves up to be “victimized” at some later point. In other words, if you actually HAD to buy ammo just to shoot a few rounds at the range…you’re doing this entire gun thing completely wrong.

            Hopefully you’ve heard there’s an election coming up?

          • Hervoyel

            Who is CTD?

          • Sickshooter0

            Cheaper than Dirt

          • GaryGary

            YES ! They took rifle orders and charged my card for rifles. Then 3 days later told me the rifle I wanted was sold out. Took another 4 days for them to remove charge from my card. AND I was not the only one they did this to. Screw those weasels !

          • albaby2

            So maintaining stock rather than selling it is the goal of business?

          • Doug Larsen

            Remember…As gun owners, we are absolutely, 100% adamant that the economic laws of supply and demand DO NOT or SHOULD NOT apply to us! We’re all special snowflakes, entitled – ENTITLED, I tell you! – to yesterday’s prices on today’s guns and ammo.

            90% of gun owners, who have obviously never sat in an Econ 101 classroom.

            (I’m aware CTD did some other shady things, like cancel already paid orders. But that isn’t what most people whine about. They whine about CTD dramatically raising prices, even though that’s EXACTLY what retailers should do during panics to more quickly restore market equilibrium. I’ve explained why a million times, but when a person is mad based on their emotions and feelers, no amount of economic logic and reason can sink in.)

      • Jeff

        cast a vote
        cast a fishing line. nice!

      • 35Whelan

        But is is not enough. Mega chains like this can absorb that, and will to fit the agenda. Prime example, Target. They are willing to lose profits in order to mold behavior of the population. In a few years, most people will be gone or have forgotten this. Just like with Dick’s Sporting Goods and many others who have “bought in” to behavior modification. The masses are being prepped for what comes next.

      • Len Jones

        I will also do that and I also receive e mails from them and a AR is what I was looking for so I will unsubscribe from that also.

    • Nick

      I agree with you 100% im the same way

    • S. Plankenberg

      Don’t just stop shopping there, tell them why with multiple emails to their corporate headquarters.

      Very important to tell them why, so when sales drop off they don’t chalk it up to global warming or something.

      • As soon as we get some confirmation of this from company spokespersons, I am going in person to every Academy location I’ve ever bought anything from and letting the Manager or ASM know exactly why I won’t be shopping there anymore.

    • Hervoyel

      I understand your position but I’d keep my mind open and see how things play out. This looks more like a PR based decision than anything else. This time a year from now things may just as easily be back to normal.

      • SpazC

        I’m missing your point. Them caving for PR reasons is exactly why I’m not shopping there until they reverse their decisions.

        Things would be less likely to play out in our favor if we let them slide on this.

        • Hervoyel

          For me it’s a question of how long does this last. Do they pull these out of view for a week or two? If that’s the case it’s a gesture I can understand. If they keep them out of view for months and then stop selling them then of course, no more money from me. At this moment it appears to be a move that is based on empathy which is a good thing even if the cynic in me knows it’s more grounded in public relations. The thing is how long does this go and does it lead to them getting out of the MSR business entirely. Cave like that and they really are worthless in my eyes.

    • Dirk Dasterdly

      Please spend that money with a Local Gun Store like mine! We will welcome your business with open arms. We will still sell ARs, handguns, silencers, SBRs, reloading supplies, and do so with a smile, knowledge, and gratitude for your business. We also are competitively priced. We need your business!

    • mudflat

      I did the same with Sports Authority when they stopped selling guns.

    • SB

      I’m a part time gun-bar employee at Academy. Not for long.

      I’ll work somewhere else for my “discount” or just pay retail, but I’m on my way out of this place after this.

  • smartacus

    are they effin high on smack??
    Now when they are more popular than ever, they are gonna pull their cash cow???

    • smartacus

      i don’t see the Gander Mountain across the street from Academy Sports caving to any imaginary pressure

      • Big Daddy

        Their prices are so high it doesn’t matter.

        • Rooftop Voter

          Here in Palm Beach Gardens, FL we call Gander Mtn the Gander Jewelry Store. The only time they had super low prices was at their grand opening about 6 years ago. Store was mobbed then, now you are the only one in the place.
          Haven’t been there in 5 years. Ads on their site don’t match what they have in store. Price is mysteriously higher in store and the standard saw is “Oh, that was an old price online.” Right. Bait and switch maybe?
          Supposedly, Bass Pro Shop is coming to town. Might check that out when they finally get the building open.

          • If a store has a lower price online, always check for a “ship to store” option; not only does it cut out shipping costs entirely for the price of “driving over to pick it up”, you also usually don’t have to pay sales tax like you would at the counter. If you’re buying big ticket stuff like reloading equipment or optics, that alone can save you some serious money.

  • smartacus

    how come the terrorist does not represent Islam,
    but he somehow represents AR-15 owners?

    • theal

      Especially since he didn’t use an AR-15

      • De Facto

        What did he use?

        • A Fascist Corgi

          SIG MCX.

          • felix

            Terri can afford a goddam mcx and i cant even break enuff for an underfolder ak damn i feel salty af

        • Twilight sparkle

          An mcx and a glock

        • theal

          Sig MCX

      • I’m sure you’ve seen the handy “Journalist’s Guide To Firearm Identification” by now; they can’t even get basic concepts like “semiautomatic” right, I seriously doubt they’re ever going to split hairs like “AR-15” and “AR platform”. Take a drink every time “reputable” news outlets use the phrase “high powered assault rifle” when reporting on this, you’ll be in a coma by lunchtime.

        • Twilight sparkle

          The MCX isn’t an ar platform; it is its own thing they just happened to design it to accept ar-15 magazines triggers and pistol grips because there’s already a nice after market for them.

          • It’s not an AR platform the way a Mazda B Series isn’t a Ford Ranger; it’s a development of the same design, and will also accept many of the same parts. The MCX lower will also mount most piston AR uppers.

          • Twilight sparkle

            I would agree if we were talking about the honey badger but the MCX took the design principles from the honey badger and took them further than the ar platform could

          • steveday72

            I think you got it the wrong way round … Sign is making an adapter that lets you mount an MCX upper onto a standard AR lower, but a standard AR upper would still require the AR buffer system.

        • Amazingly on Brett Baier’s show today, they legit showed and called it a MCX, detailing a skilled rifleman could get *45 shots a minute* – I was impressed.

  • Hal P.

    Never shopped there and never will

    • derpmaster

      I’m sad to hear this story because they are a pretty decent store. They keep a good stock of interesting guns, including stuff like Sarsilmaz and CZ that few others stock. The ammo selection is diverse but obviously not as cheap as online. They also move tons of fishing gear, boat stuff, workout clothing, grills, golf gear, etc. as well.

  • Jeff

    maybe Academy Sports + Outdoors should buy up some Team Wendy helmets, they will need the support.

  • Justin Roney

    *sigh* And Academy is the only one with CCI .22 in stock. Guess that’s all I’ll be buying there now.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      You shouldnt buy jack sh-t from them..
      I wouldnt buy a pair of swim trunks from them after this.

      • Justin Roney

        Yea, I know. I’ll have to find someone else that can stock it or switch .22 ammo I’m stocking up on.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Im sure you can find it online.

  • Halon330

    Has anyone reached out to Academy to verify this claim?

    • Yes we have tried twice today by phone and email.

      • Richard Kelley

        Confirmed by local store in Weslaco, Texas. Still sell em but none are on the racks.

      • Twilight sparkle

        I work there, it’s unfortunately true…

        I wasn’t scheduled for today but I went in just to see it for myself

  • Twilight sparkle

    Looks like I need a new job…

  • Joe Perry

    Well guess I’m done shopping at academy… Talk about over reactions!!

    • Reef Blastbody

      Not that there was ever much reason to shop there for gun related stuff to begin with. They’re very high on prices even compared to Cabela’s.

  • Dan

    They just opened a new store outside of Ft. Bragg a few days ago. They have aisles of AR15 accessories, including ALL magpul products.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I knew it was coming.
    All ive heard for the past two days is AR this and AR that and not a damn thing about Muslim terrorism. They attack us and the idiotic response is to take away the means to defend ourselves since the government cant or wont.

    • tazman66gt

      Its amazing how quickly the media buried the 911 call pledging his allegiance to ISIS, or his fathers association to the Taliban.

    • Rock or Something

      I have to, in an almost sick way, admire the ability of the political class and the media to take a terrorist incident like this and blame everything and everyone else except the terrorist and ideological that fueled this heinous attack.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I say if ISIS wants to claim responsibility for these attacks then we should respond with an air strike.

  • Drew Coleman

    Well I won’t be shopping at Academy any more, which is a shame because their ammo selection and prices were the best in my local area.

    • Reef Blastbody

      That’s sad that Academy is the cheapest local source of ammo to you. They’re pricier than Cabela’s here in DFW.

      • Ron Ray

        Get your ammo from

        • Drew Coleman

          Their ammo is kinda weak loaded

          • The Raven

            When was the last time you ran it?

          • Drew Coleman

            Hmm. Middle to late last year i think.

          • Big Daddy

            SGAmmo in Oklahoma is the best for prices and shipping. Also Mass ammo for 5.56mm seem to be the best overall. Target Sports for bulk isn’t bad.

          • Aaron E

            Excellent source, great customer service, and very fast processing and shipping. They are a go-to source for rifle and pistol.

          • Ron Ray

            I put them on the chrono. No difference. I don’t use it for carry ammo of course but competition and training, it’s no different. 🙂

          • drew

            How about midwayusa? One of the few that didn’t jack their prices up after newtown

      • Twilight sparkle

        Academy is a lot cheaper than cablelas here in Waco

    • David Fletcher sells ammo cheap in bulk.

  • borekfk

    That’ll show those evil gun owners!

  • Ron Ray

    I will no longer do business with them. I tend to spend quite a lot there. NO MORE

  • Difster

    Are they trying to put themselves out of business?

  • Steve

    I worked at Academy sports and outdoors when the Sandyhook incident happened. They did the exact same crap then. Any gun that looked mean regardless of caliber was taken off the shelves. Making these knee-jerk reaction’s to appease political correctness is going to be the downfall of this company.

  • Aboyhasnoname

    Call them immediately and tell them how you feel 888-922-2336. I told them to expect more calls.

  • John Smith

    There is no reason to pull AR15’s from the shelf. Academy ABSOLUTELY should not be shamed into pulling AR15’s from the shelf because some psycho somewhere else used them to kill people. This is the leftist goal. To shame AR15 owners, distributors, manufacturers, because of the criminal acts of the few. Blame should be assigned to the perpetrator, not equipment manufacturer’s or distributors. Crazy.

  • flightwatch

    Annnddd I won’t ever step foot in an Academy ever again. They were expensive anyways.

  • Bob Blomberg

    What a bunch of sick, warped nuts. America’s going down the drain. And these guys are in the South?! I’ve never seen them, but if I do, I’ll never shop there.

  • Frank Martin

    I bought AR-15 Magazines from them before via mail order..

    But now that they have decided to go the way of Dick’s Sporting goods.. my association and orders to Academy are going to Zero in the future..

  • Markbo

    This is unfortunate knee-jerk reaction that does nothing to solve any problem. It does cost Academy sales and since they see fit to interfere with MY RIGHTs, I see fit to not shop at Academy any longer. Like others I probably spend $2000/year there. No more.

  • adverse4

    I just need 2 3/4″ 00 buck shells.

  • Gene

    They’ve lost me. Haven’t been to a Dick’s since their nonsense, too.

  • Brian

    I called and the CS rep. said it was out of respect for the victims. I asked if they are going to keep muslims from entering their stores. She did not answer that question. They believe MSR’s is offensive to the victims and families. Shop where you want by I will not spend money there. Remember, Dick’s did the same thing after the Sandy Hook hoax.

    • Trey

      Please do not call sandy hook a hoax.. CT’s make us all look dumb.

      • Porty1119

        I have my doubts about it. There are too many suspicious things floating around to take the official account as Gospel.

        • Trey

          the first step to a CT..claim that there are doubts.. tell me other than basic math what field of human endeavor has NO DOUBTS.

        • I swear on my life they had footage of a second man running from the school..

          The circulating people in and out of the firehouse

          The theatre man who magically and randomly had a school bus drop off four kids at his home

          The one boy whose photo was of that ?little turkish boy?

          Immediately tearing the building down…

      • Tassiebush

        I get really $hitty when people do the same CT thing about our Port Arthur massacre here. It really doesn’t help having that kind of nonsense coming from someone purportedly from the same side.

  • Edge767

    They’ve lost my business as well.

  • handoutnation

    Gun/ammo manufacturers should no longer sell to Academy. No doubt a large portion of their profits are derived from gun and ammo sales. There are many other outlets that sell guns and ammo and support law-abiding gun owners/users. See how profitable Academy will be without these sales. Bye Academy.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I like the way you think. This would force retailers to fall in line.

  • Sam Hill

    I remember when Dick’s did a similar thing after Sandy Hook. They lost my business! So will Academy

  • Brian

    I don’t believe the gun community realizes the power they have with boycotting. Simply, don’t spend money with an organization that doesn’t support your 2nd amendment rights.

    • steveday72

      It works for the LGBTQWERTY and we are a much bigger group.

  • Big Boss

    August of 2013….

  • TheUnspoken

    I hope they pulled all the glocks too, can’t just blame the rifle when he had Glock. And thus all other semi auto, black plastic, military grade pistols. And Beretta 9x because it is military grade.

  • nova3930

    Well, they got my last dollar….

  • FTM

    Are they pulling Glocks off the shelf as well?

    • Heard nothing on that—

      • Twilight sparkle

        Glocks are still there
        They’re also pulling ar-15 magazines from high visible areas too

        I haven’t read the exact thing yet but I talked with my coworkers about it.

  • joethefatman

    Customer care for academy # 1-888-922-2336.

    Damn shame. It’s the only thing close to me, BPS and Gander are both about 100 miles away. I guess I’ll have to keep going to the 3 local gun shops. Only one sells new guns, but they all do transfers for online selers.

  • Michael Schwarz

    I guess they are just gonna lose out on gun business.

  • Tmac

    Yep, like SpazC below, I spend a lot of money at Academy each year. I’ll go elsewhere.

  • El Tejon

    This would never happen in Texas!

    • SpazC

      …. Academy’s home office is in Katy, TX. I hope your comment was sarcasm.

      • Big Daddy

        Yeah we have one in Killeen, I will never go into again.

      • GaryOlson

        KKR, a New York investment firm, bought Academy a few years so it has not been a Texas-owned company for awhile.
        I expect there will be a sports store chain for sale soon when the profits disappear along with the customers.

  • Big Daddy

    I won’t be buying ammo there anymore.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    It’s nothing for me to burn 300 rounds in a weekend. I know others who will burn 1000 rounds using both Saturday and Sunday. This idea of buying ammo in bulk to hoard or commit mass murder is stupid.

  • Madcap_Magician

    Oh look, another company following the Dick’s Sporting Goods Business Plan. First, you kowtow to people who never go to your stores. Then you spit in the eye of people who do. Next step? PROFIT!

  • HH

    Awesome! Great Job Academy. Making the world a better place I’m sure. This will “fix” everything. And glad to know that the execs at Academy put in many long hrs into deabting this…and thats is not just another stupid worthless knee jerk reaction to events like ORL.

  • Blitz12

    Don’t believe everything you read people. They will be back on the shelf soon. They did the same thing at Newtown and they pulled them from display but have always sold them.

  • GMD

    This in not true…. Not in my city at least. I work at Academy and we got no notice on this at all!

    • Twilight sparkle

      I work at academy too and this is what our shelf looks like

      I’d rather not say what city

    • Twilight sparkle

      If you work in one of the north east stores you may not have gotten the notice because you have a different supplier.

  • Michael Lubrecht

    If the mother NEEDS a generator for a crucial life-support task, why on earth does she wait until a cyclone approaches to buy it?

    • oldman


    • mak13

      You’re missing the point–you can “what if” it to death. Maybe her generator that she had conked out. The reason why is irrelevant. Low pricing allows people to unnecessarily hoard, perhaps for their own nefarious purposes, like turning around and selling for a 500% profit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but in that case, the government shafted the legitimate businessman that carried the inventory (with the anti-gouging rules) so that the opportunistic kid with daddy’s credit cards could “gouge” the poor mother.

      • MarkVShaney

        No- I think he has the point exactly. It is not the job of government to ensure equal outcomes and remove the consequences of selected bad decisions.

        • mak13

          Then we agree.

      • czman75

        The seller can stipulate one per customer….

  • Bill

    I’ve never shopped there, never had anything I wanted, but could we PLEASE stop this “Modern Sporting Rifle” bullpucky? We accuse the antis of disambiguation, and do the exact same thing; AR, SIG MCX or AK, they are all designed as military/LE firearms which are perfectly appropriate for anyone who is legal to own. But they don’t have a Barbie Doll range of accessories exclusively for hunting groundhogs. A zillion different flash-hiders, compensators and other muzzle gizmos aren’t for the benefit of deer hunters. That’s not bad, but we aren’t fooling anybody but ourselves.

    We use “MSR” like antis use “assault rifle.” They’re both BS.

    • ostiariusalpha

      I prefer the modern ArmaLite’s acronym of DSR (Defensive Sporting Rifle) as more accurate.

      • Bill

        In LE it’s “Patrol Rifle,” I’ve pushed for “Utility Rifle,” for target shooting, food gathering and protective purposes. I’ve gone on record as a proponent of the Scout Rifle concept as an all purpose tool, and think there are iterations of the AR/AK platform that can fill the role, even if they violate Cooper’s dogma.

    • I have a freezer full of venison (and rabbit) that would like to register a disagreement with your position. As it turns out, firearms that were originally designed with the intent of being effective on humans also tend to be rather effective on human-sized game animals.

      • Bill

        Of course they are. However, the muskets of the 1770s was pretty generic in contrast to weapons designed in the latter part of the last century and this one. It’s not debatable that the AR/AK platforms were designed as fighting weapons. They CAN be used for “sport,” but were developed for use against humans. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous and the same kind of wordplay that antis and politicians use.

        • If yuo’re going to take issue with anything developed for military use that found later widespread civilian application, I have some bad news about the platform upon which you’re doing it. There is a looooonnng list of technological innovations and subsystems and complete products which began as purely military or intelligence projects.

          • Bill

            I’m not taking issue with it. I’m taking issue with playing word games. No one tries to pretend that the Jeep wasn’t developed for the military or that the internet came from ARPANET.

          • Well, no one’s really trying to pretend that the AR wasn’t originally developed as a military rifle either. What you’re characterizing as “word games” is just ordinary Marketing 101 to indicate that something has been rebranded for a different niche market, and there’s also a fairly large marketing segment that deliberately plays up the AR’s military heritage to sell them specifically kitted out for a defensive role. A long barreled flat top AR with a match trigger, free float tube, and adjustable comb/LoP stock– especially one that comes in various camo patterns– is going to be marketed at hunters and long range sport shooters rather than contractors or HSLD armchair commandos, so it makes perfect sense that they’d be referred to as sporting rifles. If a complete rifle is rigged for 3 Gun competition, it’s going to be advertised as “3 Gun ready”, not “Civilian-appropriate version of a military Killamajig-16”.

          • Bill

            So it’s just marketing when the antis call them “assault rifles” and you’re fine with that. After all, one was apparently used to assault the deer and rabbits in your freezer.

            Interesting that you mentioned Three Gun, like biathlon, they both are essentially martial arts.

          • So when what someone actually says doesn’t fit your narrative, you’ll just make something up and pretend they said it, and you’re fine with that.

            We’re done here.

          • Bill

            So you are fine with antis calling them assault rifles? It’s only fair – if we obfuscate, so should they, and vice-versa, right?

            You can call it a manually operated earth moving device if you want, but I’ll still call a spade a spade.

        • A short list of firearms “developed for use against humans”:

          1. All bolt-action rifles.
          2. All revolvers.
          3. All lever-actions.
          4. All single-shots based on the Rolling Block, Falling Block, Trapdoor, Snider, or Sharps patterns.
          5. All percussion muskets, rifles, and pistols.
          6. All flintlock muskets, rifles, and pistols.
          7. All wheellocked muskets, rifles, and pistols
          8. All handgonnes.

          So that leaves us with like, a handful of .22 LR semiautomatics, pump-action shotguns, the Auto-5, and the Remington Model 8 quick loading semiautomatic assault rifle.

          • Bill

            Seriously? Really? The Ruger #1 was designed as a anti-personnel weapon? The Colt Officer Match? The Smith .500? The Browning Citori? The Drilling? Purdy double rifles?
            Let’s try a little common sense. Plenty of firearms have been and are designed strictly for hunting, target shooting or other uses. Then again, plenty of pump guns are in LE and mil use, as has the Browning Auto 5.

          • Bill, you seem to be making some strange jumps of logic. For example, it seems that according to you, this is not a military rifle:


            And I agree. Yet this was a military rifle:


            Now according to you, this is a military rifle:


            And I also agree with that. However, now your logic changes. Because you then seem to believe that the weapon below is also a military rifle, despite have an identical relationship to the last firearm that the Ruger has to the Sharps:


            The majority of small arms on the civilian market have military origins, because it is the military that normally drives innovation in this market. Therefore, if a Remington R-15 or Colt 6920 are “military rifles”, then so is your Ruger No. 1.

          • Bill

            Whatever. Pickup trucks are designed to carry loads, but some people race them, so I guess a pickup truck is a race car.

            The “MSR” fans are making equally strange leaps of logic. Putting a dozer blade on a M1 Abrams tank may enable it to plow snow, so I guess it’s a snowplow.

          • It’s very simple. Regardless of the word games you want to play, civilian rifles derived from the AR-15, AK, or any other pattern of military rifle are not, themselves, military weapons. That R-15 was not designed for the military market, nor is it sold on the military market. In the same way, the Winchester Model 70 is not designed for the military market, despite being derived from the decidedly military Mauser 98.

            I don’t like the term “Modern Sporting Rifle” either, it’s silly and superfluous. But let’s not go around creating our own errors in logic in response, shan’t we?

          • Bill

            Sure, defend something you don’t agree with, knowing it includes the same logic flaws as when antis use the term assault rifle. I’m no journalist, but I’ll keep calling them what they are: ARs.

          • gabriel brack

  • Johnny G

    Why didn’t the buy the generators before hand? Stock up prior to the panic and you don’t have to hoard, gouge, or panic buy. Not buying smart and having to get gouged is your own problem. But yeah, CTD went above and beyond capitalism.

  • David

    LOL they took the same stand after sandy hook.

  • Sasquatch

    Well they just lost my business.

  • Suppressed

    Target Sports is already gouging on ammo, M855 is at $0.50/round in their new email, was $0.3X last week. It’s not the only caliber/round either, seeing lots of %20-%25 increases in the latest email.

  • Pistolero

    “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature.
    They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit
    crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for
    the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent
    homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence
    than an armed man.”

    – Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

  • RIRat


    • Geoffry K

      Actually it is “traitors”.

  • Samouel Bernstein

    Another store to BOYCOTT. Off to Bass Pro Shops to buy more guns and ammunition!

  • Samouel Bernstein

    ACADEMY SPORTS are ISIS supporters. They should be assisting in the defense of our Constitution. Sell more guns and ammunition. DEFEND OUR COUNTRY!

  • El Duderino

    Yep CTD lost my business too. A couple hundred bucks a year I suppose. The gouging, yes, but their weird multiple warehouse shipping charges too. If they had come back with a mea culpa and had the best prices (with shipping) for ammo they might have drawn me back. I asked them to quit sending catalogs and that was the end of it.

  • Drawntoscale

    Hasn’t Academy done this after every largely publicized shooting. It allows them to save face publicly & reduce/eliminate inventory on possible banned items.

  • Carlos Soliz

    Well damn last week end I grabbed my last ammo and scope from them. I like to Feel and Touch the FIRE ARM I want to walk out with. It is great that you are bending over to obozo, killery and the muzrats. So now I order a gun on line but that your guys screw up the order, now I have to send it the dealer. Well Now I hope the new store that opened in 78224 San Antonio CRASHES

  • tommyroswell

    now I know why I never shopped in that lame store and never will and I know a lot of people who will not shop there anymore.

  • Jimmy Courson

    I suspect shady dealings here. Why anyone would alienate a large majority of their market base is beyond me. It’s suicide for your company. The real victims here are the thousands of Academy employees who will soon be out of work.

    • Dave Y

      I think you’re overestimating the MSR buying segment as compared to the other wares the stores sell. It’s probably a very small percentage of their sales and they made a calculated business decision to stand with Obama and Clinton.

      It’s times like these when your friends – and enemies reveal themselves.

      • raz-0

        MSR sales perhaps, but in terms of sporting goods, the general category of “outdoors” is HUGE. That’s camping, fishing, hunting, shooting, archery, etc. Sporting goods is about 1/3 that, 1/3 clothing, 1/3 footware over the years. Roughly. Firearms sales relative to that is hard to put into proper proportion. If that is total revenue, compared to that ~60 billion split three ways, it’s 13.5 billion. If it is retailer income due to sales, it’s about 3.5 billions.

        Now when you come down as anti-gun owner, how big a dump did you take on that segment of your income? You are potentially pissing away about 40% of your revenue if you sold guns and ammo.

        Dicks pissed people off, but they did it by not selling something they took pre-orders for that they didn’t previously sell. They still kept selling everything they had actually been selling the previous 365 days.

        SA got out of the outdoors segment entirely in many locations.

        • Dave Y

          right now I don’t think there’s any impact. customers are still going into their stores. I think until our community responds that this is unacceptable – scapegoating law abiding gun owners who want or use MSR in a completely fake gesture of so called respect, we’re not making any impact at all to Academy.

  • Lee Lanier

    How are we to be free people if we cannot own a gun (s), Liberty or Tyranny? We have enough Laws on the books for gun Control, enforce the ones you do have. Our Constitution & Bill of Rights are under attack, our For Father’s knew of this day. Keep our Constitutional rights safe by voting against anyone who threatens them.

  • Geoffry K

    PC has run amok.
    Complain. Flood her inbox.

  • Heartland Patriot

    I will NOT buy from them if this is true.

  • Humpty Dumbrowski

    I’m done with Academy.

  • Bri Smith

    By By Academy. Won’t be buying anything there.

  • dogman197

    I’m going to wait and see if this is really true, and really happens before I make rash statements on here and have to eat my words . You know, this is Fakebook.

  • S Angel

    I hope this business is fine with going bankrupt because that’s exactly where’ decided to head down as of today.

    First of all, their ignorance and arrogance in demanding “personal information” alone will cause people to buy elsewhere. Why on earth would someone go buy ammo from them and provide personal information instead of going to the other thousands of gun and ammo shops where they walk in, pay their money, and walk out?

    I pity the level of utter stupidity modern day America is filled with. People, us Americans in particular, have become much much more passionate about things, yet have also surrendered any concept of intelligence or critical thinking. So you’ve got passionate clueless ignorant morons as the average American today…..this gun shop is case in point.

    But whatever, this business is hanging itself but maybe that’s exactly what it needs to realize its own magnitude of stupidity. You just lost at least half of your customers and you did it in an instant, real smart.

  • JLR84

    Dicks had only recently dipped their toes into “modern sporting rifles” before Sandy Hook, after which they quickly pulled them from the shelves.

    Now they carry plenty of black rifles, and have even started carrying handguns as well, which they didn’t before.

  • RICH

    It sounds like Academy Sports is setting itself up to go bankrupt ! This is total BS. If I worked for Academy Sports I would be sending out resumes and looking for a ‘more promising’ job……!

  • Paul Kersey

    I’m finished with Academy. I shop there regularly but will never shop there again.

  • Cole Dedhand

    Spineless corporate types. I know them well. And I despise them. Oh, and yeah, never shopping there again.

  • Bob

    $crew em. tell them you will take your dollar$ elsewhere!

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington


  • livingonenergydrinks

    I am done buying ammo from Academy, or anything else they sell just out of principal.

  • Jack

    No more shopping at Academy .

  • ajhnson

    I picked up a colt le6920 m4 carbine at my local gun shop today. I had checked with academy earlier in the week to find they weren’t offering the AR platform. Not even on their website. My local gun shop told me they were getting a lot of business from people that were leaving academy sports because academy no longer sells these guns. At Least Gander Mountain is still selling them.

  • ajhnson

    So a muslim terrorists shoots up a bar and it’s we the people who are getting punished for it? This country is ass backwards.

  • It may ease your mind a bit. I called several companies today and none reported it being anything other than an average sales day. No increase in sales etc. At least for now you should be ok. I just wouldn’t wait very long just in case.

    • Matt Wilder

      Thanks Phil, I really appreciate the intel.

      And I just want to clarify and say, that I wasn’t so callous to think of just availability for my own personal benefit when I first heard the news Sunday morning. It was really just a sense of extreme anger that this happened on my home soil again. See, I lived in NJ 15 miles from NYC during 9-11 (and actually watched the towers fall from a local hill by ditching school after having to comfort good friends immediately after we learned of the first crash, whose family worked in and around the Towers), and later went to college in NYC only a couple of years after when I attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As such, I was constantly involved on a daily basis and friends with many first responders who had actually been on scene that day. My own mother was a 411 operator on that day as well, and in several cases, she was the last person to ever talk to some of the victims who were calling trapped from the top floors when they could no longer reach 911; that really messed her up then, and still even to this day.

      So to have to see even one tenth the sadness and outrage in my newly adopted home state that I had to see in my own friends who lost loved ones during 9/11, brought back some pretty lousy memories and anger of those days towards the scumbags that would brazenly commit such humanitarian crimes. Only THEN I thought of my own availability issue, and my very much renewed perceived need to be able to protect my own loved ones now that stuff like this has shown up on what is literally my new doorstep.

      But, long story short, I’m getting on ordering the rest I need Thursday. I too haven’t seen any rush as of late, but seeing how payday for most will be this Friday, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is at least a small panic rush. But now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, logically, if it does happen, it should be small and contained. It seems to me anyway that those who did it last time already have their rifles, and the market is already highly saturated with parts and rifles, so anything that happens should be negligible. However, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I would bet dollars to donuts that come election season things will be a magnitude different though.

    • Jessica Worden

      We haven’t seen an increase in sales yet. Our vendors are reporting panic sales to dealers though.

      • Thanks for that info

      • drew

        I have an FFL friend who is trying to get on with some distributers. Said they sold 7000 AR 15 type rifle today.

        • Jessica Worden

          I believe it. We just started receiving ones we ordered Monday. Monday alone was crazy for our vendors. I’m thinking Friday should start the sales once people get paid.

    • Mystick

      Distribution lag… just wait.

  • MrEllis

    I’ve never even bought anything from these folks, I only buy from local shops. I’m sure 90% of the “boycotters” here have never bought a firearm there. But I guess a certain segment of the population doesn’t grasp anything more subtle than open belligerence and direct conflict.

    • Twilight sparkle

      I work there and I’m sending as people to other stores as I can… if they fire me oh well… I’ve already got friends at Cabela’s

      • MrEllis

        I’ve never even seen one, I doubt most the boycotters have ever set foot in one. And they should probably fire you. I try to buy from at least local stores, if not sources. I went to Cabela’s once when it opened. Watched them run an obvious straw purchase for a gang member and was like, no thanks, I’m out.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Well when people ask about what happened to the ar-15s I let them know. Not my fault if they want to know the names of other places that have them… I’ve had a manager that came over and completed a sale that felt too much like a straw purchase to me when I wouldn’t do it, so I don’t have much loyalty to that store, especially not now.

  • Patriot Gunner

    One more reason to support your local independently owned shop. The fact that they are a Texas based company just makes it even worse, I mean its Texas..come on!

  • Cymond

    Y’know, I’m going to be the Devil’s Advocate here.
    This is a very delicate time, and not a good time to appear insensitive. Pulling them temporarily could avoid scandal, although if this goes viral like the Walmart thing, then it hurts them more in the long run.
    Like, I remember the Starbucks thing. Realistically, Starbucks is a coffee company that just wants to sell you over-priced, over-roasted coffee. Somehow, they became the focal point of open carry protesters and anti-gun protesters. In the end, they caved in and chose a side, just to make the protesters from both sides go away. I don’t like the side they chose, but they were practically forced to pick one*.
    I think it’s understandable for a company to want to avoid becoming the next protest focal point, and to act preemptively to avoid that, especially if the action taken is temporary and quiet. I also think it’s relevant that Sports Authority is primarily an athletic store, not a hunting/fishing/camping wilderness outfitter store. That surely impacts the tone of the store and target market demographic.

    *Personally, I think Starbucks should have banned protesters and demonstrations, no different than banning any other obnoxious disturbance. Those who quietly carry a pistol in a holster would be served normally, while those who brazenly strut about with an AK & drum magazine are asked to leave. Likewise, those with anti-gun stickers on their laptops would be tolerated, while those with signs and bullhorns would be removed.

    • One of the few real benefits of of allowing OC in Texas was that the 30.07 notice requirement completely deflates protests and public outcry; stores that don’t want OC just put up an approved sign at the front door, and anyone who walks in strapped gets to take a ride downtown to a new life on the Prohibited Persons list. There are so many 30.07s posted that there’s no single representative place for IRL protests to have any effect, and anyone who’s upset about one of them does all their complaining/organizing somewhere else, which drastically reduces the likelihood of belligerent confrontation.

      • Porty1119

        I’m solidly in the camp that believes posting “no weapons” signs in a business open to the public should be a misdemeanor.

        • So, not a fan of “private property rights”, then? Your right to self defense does not trump the right of a business or indivual property owner to decide who is and isn’t allowed on their premises; it’s legal to walk around shirtless and shoeless, too, but you’re still getting turned away at the door if you show up at a restaurant dressed for the swimming pool. Nobody’s forcing you to patronize a particular business.

  • Ceiling Cat

    Are they stupid? Libshits never buy guns in “hick” shops anyway, and the last time anyone did this (CheaperThanDirt), they lost A LOT of money.
    They probably get consulted by some left wing, snobby “consultant”.
    Their loss.

  • Oh, dammit all, I liked Academy, they were the only place that ever had the football socks and steel toe boots I wear in stock, and it was convenient to pick up a Super Combo license and boxes of shells and fishing lures to use it with at the same place. Real shame to have to add them to the No Fly List with the Dick’s.

  • It’s adorable that you think “self-regulatory pressures” are in any way implemened for the benefit of the consumer.

  • Cowards.

  • will_ford

    BYE ACA-DEMY(wrong on purpose) Same BULLSHIT :DICKS & sports authority pulled.

  • Gregg Spengler

    Has this been confirmed yet? I cant find anywhere other than here that this is true, not doubting you guys, but I think we need to make sure this is the case before jumping the gun.

    • Gregg Spengler

      FYI, just looked at Academy online and they have ZERO Modern Sporting Rifles. I thought I had seen them before on their website, but maybe wrong.

      • Jessica Worden

        They currently have 3 online but when you click one it takes you to their homepage.

    • As I’ve said we make sure we have multiple sources and that those sources are reliable. I don;t ok publishing anything without solid proof. The other outlets will catch up and basically repost what we found, verified and posted first.
      We don’t just hear something and immediately post it.

  • Coma White

    When’s the name change?
    “Progressive Academy” seems more fitting.
    Guess I know what I’m doing this weekend.
    Parking my gun carrying ass outside letting everyone know whats going on.

  • Kevinj

    they just lost business as well!

  • cargosquid

    Self selection for boycott. They don’t need my money.

  • Harry

    I have ordered plenty of ammo from Academy, but now they just lost another customer. I will not do business w/Academy unless they change their policy.

  • certbobdobbs .

    and the gun grab begins……I am sure many of you though it would never happen…but here it comes.

  • Arkyforlife

    I just talked to my local store and the online chat people and they said they are still seeking them at this time, they just aren’t advertising it out of respect for the families of Orlando. No need to worry, they aren’t pulling them from the shelves.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Everything’s going to be fine… I promise.

    • gabriel brack

      That’s even more bs than just stopping sales of MSRs entirely. As if buying one is a shameful act. “We want your money, we just don’t want anyone else to know.”

  • Jamie Scott Wilkes Sr.


  • Borchardt

    Omar had a Glock 17, I wonder if they are doing the same thing for Glocks?


  • Clyde_Frog

    Don’t give Academy any more money.

  • Mark Rogers

    I’ve dealt with gun rights, mass shootings, self defense, concealed carry, political opposition, etc. endlessly for the last 9 years. I’ve never seen a more defined group of idiots than right here. It’s a retail establishment that is still carrying the same firearms for its customers. Currently it is keeping the weapons in question from display in respect to the shootings in Orlando. It has no bearing on anybody’s 2nd Amendment rights to own and carry firearms for self defense or any other purpose. It is a retail sporting goods business that has to consider way more than any one dimensional view can accommodate. Give it a rest.

  • Retiree2005

    Dick’s Sporting Goods did a similar thing after Sandy Hook, I think it was. They are in the process of closing. That will be your fate as well Academy. You just lost my business and no telling how many other people will feel the same.

  • Chris

    Yea that’s Obama. Behind that he wants America. To be gunless. But there’s to many guns out there already. Good people. That like guns for target shooting ruins it for them. Obama wouldn’t allow all theses Muslim’s in we would be better off but when trump gets in it will stop

  • Chrstopher

    I just wrote an email to academy and warned them not to go down the PC raid like target or suffer the consequences like them with over 10billion dollars in losses in 2 weeks

  • Chris Sky

    LOL time to treat this place like TARGET.

    good bye!

  • Robert William Weatherby

    oh my god people who don’t buy from us are freaking out over the AR 15 better stop selling them to the people who actually buy from us.

  • Mystick

    Well then…. no more for you, AS…S.

  • Mystick

    If she has something that power-sensitive, a backup system should already be in place, and it is negligent for her to not have one already.

  • C. Merose


  • klsparrow

    The Sport Authority went of of business correct. Now we can add Academy Sports outdoors to the list. A lot of people went there for the firearms and while there would buy other things. No reason to go there now.

  • anon

    Typing in “ar15” on their website redirects to the front page with this garbage at the end of the url


    Words like: handgun, m16, or ak47 still work.

  • Ric S.

    I spend 5k to 10k a month on hunting, fishing, and outdoor supplies and equipment for my ranches and coast houses that I allow my close friends along with all my company employees to use at free will for their pleasure . So now i will spend the money else where than Academy Sports. Oh and all the sports memorbilia for our company football & basketball weekly potluck parties.

  • Casey Hunter Hansen

    Ok fine Academy, all you have now is stupid clothes that have slogans of freedom for customers to purchase, yet Academy will not support the 2nd Ammendment. To Academy…. all my associates and I, myself will no longer give our business. We can’t see the rifles for sale and your database will keep files on customers. Say goodbye to most of your customers. Good luck Academy now you are just a glorified bicycle shop. If some one uses fishing line for an evil cause, pull the sale of that too.

    Good bye.

  • Ghost

    BTW any tool that is used to assault anyone is an assault weapon. AR 15 stands for “ArmourLite Rifle” not “Assault Rifle”. There are no automatic weapons for sale in any gun stores. Semi auto or semi automatic rifle means 1 pull of the trigger 1 bullet comes out. With all that stated if automobiles look aggressive and some nut uses one to run over some people, will it be banned as an assault vehicle? Anyway, let’s ban everything and do away with all of our freedoms, never mind that millions of our soldiers and patriots died to secure them. Thanks for supporting the Liberal Agenda Academy….

    • Armalite

      AR-15 stands for “Armalite Rifle”, not “ArmourLite Rifle”.

  • GaryGary

    one word ……………………….. BS ! And I’m in SW FL !

  • 4th Amendment freedom lover

    time to let them close down.. we need a patriots outdoor store…

  • 4th Amendment freedom lover

    give them the shaft! enough pc crap.. Americans should be able to buy legal items…

  • louis42

    I am an employee of Academy Sports and while i can confirm that we have pulled these rifles from are display racks the rumor of a database for ammunition sales is that, just a rumor. We have no database for ammunition sales and have no real way of implementing one. We do still have MSR rifles for sale in store, you just have to ask the people at the gun counter what they have in stock. I do not agree with this policy and it honestly just makes my job harder. I would like to say that while I don’t agree or understand why they feel the need to do this these products will likely be back on the racks within a couple of months. Academy Sports did the exact same thing after the Sandy Hook shootings in December 2012. We were selling our AR’s so fast that even after we could put them back on the racks we didn’t have stock to do so. I hope that that the political climate calms and does not result in a massive gun scare( not that it wasn’t completely justified) like the one in 2013. Academy Sports is a good company with a lot of honest hard working employees. Don’t let some knuckle head CEO that is worried about a PC backlash change your opinion of an overall good company that is a very gun friendly environment.

  • Dude Lebowski

    Academy is done. When you go PC and we have an ATF / FBI for this = no longer a customer. I hope the Billions they lose are worth it. This is the corporate people – educated idiots not understanding what keeps that store in business. Take an anti-gun stand = people stop going to your store. I guess local gun stores get my business instead.

  • JuanEllisBush

    Ask? Ask for a less knee-jerk retailer.

  • Bill Clinton

    Academy’s reply to my letter….

    Dear Bill,

    you for contacting Academy Sports +
    Outdoors. We are currently selling
    modern sports rifles, but out of
    respect for the victims and the tragic
    situation in Orlando, we have chosen
    not to broadly advertise or display
    these items. Our selection varies by
    store and your best source for current
    inventory availability is by checking
    with your local store.

    As a family and community
    focused retailer, Academy Sports +
    Outdoors is constantly evaluating
    our business to ensure the safety
    and satisfaction of our customers.
    Our decision to remove modern sports
    rifles from display while continuing
    to make them available to those
    customers legally eligible to
    purchase them reflects that
    commitment. At this time we are not
    in anyway collecting customers
    information when any ammunition is
    purchased. It is Company policy to
    protect our customer’s data when
    purchases are made.


    Derrick E.
    Customer Service
    Academy Customer
    Academy Sports +

  • spencer60

    Won’t be shopping there again, and sent a fairly nasty letter to their HQ in Katy TX.

  • barfomer

    Academy owner is a raving liberal. This should be no surprise.

  • Rebellivesmatter

    Ask Cheaper than Dirt how this worked out for them a few years ago. Bass Pro and Cabela’s are giddy with anticipation right now.

  • Cameron

    So let me get this strait. If I buy 10 boxes of 5.56 at 20 rounds per box (200 rounds) I have to give them my idea, however I would be free to buy 9 boxes of 150 (1350 rounds) and not have to give my information… I don’t see how this could enforceable.

    • Cameron

      ID, not idea

  • steveday72

    What bullshit! They’ve lost my business.

  • Jakewwa

    I’m boycotting the hypocritical organizations that don’t fully support the citizens, “homeland security”, “border patrol”, or the 2nd amendment.

    Organizations like Winchester and Federal/Speer/ATK disgust me. They have an exclusive product line that isn’t supposed to be sold to the People, only governments. I have been surprised that never alarmed anyone.

  • Jaime Lynn

    Great. These corporations are falling for the image is evil routine being pushed by this kangaroo govt and the msm. Academy will never see a dollar from me. Typical corporate wimps.

  • Bruce Rowley

    I will no longer patronize the Academy Sports stores or website.

  • Marty Wolf

    I just read the ” about the company” page at Academy Sports and it appears the are owned/advised by KKR the takeover monster money machine. Check them out and it will be no surprise at all that this happened. Crap web site, by the way.

  • David Nordling

    That’s too bad, I liked going to Academy Sports and picking up what I needed but now that they are caving I will no longer shop there.

  • dan690

    I am sure this is a joke, no business in their right mind would do this.

  • Jakewwa

    Ammunition manufacturers don’t permit selling their law enforcement brands to citizens…so why isn’t that as big of deal?

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I’ve added Academy Sports to my list of firearms companies who are disloyal lily liver appeasers. They can sell outdoor yuppie wear, because they won’t get another penny of my gun money.

    I can see why this corporate communication was marked “Private & Confidential – Do Not Distribute”. It’s not good to get caught biting the hand that feeds you, and that’s exactly what their spineless corporate policy does, given that they make money selling guns and are stabbing gun owners in the back by caving to anti-gun knee jerk emotionalism.

  • H.A.

    I stop buying their over a year ago because your not allowed to even check the the trigger pull of any gun so i go to retailers that are more professional and also back up their guns with their own in store life time warranty, might pay 5% more but well worth it.

  • iview

    The new corporate directive by the chainstore executives seems a sensible marketing compromise designed to help stop impulse purchases by unsuitable people and wanabe rambos. There are too many of these types within the general population who are naturally avoided by genuine hunters and target range enthusiasts.

  • camosoul

    I got the email about this literally hours before I was about to go there to buy blue water trolling gear… Not gonna happen! I might still swing by to mention that I’ve got some AR-15s I don’t care about taking up space…

  • Stephen Brown

    This kind of crap is why I don’t buy firearms from “Big Sports” stores. It’s been going on a long time, and almost always is a directive from Corporate HQ, bowing to political pressure or some kind of market projection. Support your local GUN shop, where the main revenue stream is from firearms and directly related items, instead of ping pong balls and designer “atheletic apparel and accessories”. Those chains look at firearms as just another source of revenue, but will drop them in an instant if they think someone is going to protest or give them “negative publicity”.

  • Geoffry K

    Gander Mountain in Myrtle Beach still has them on the shelf. Even a SlideFire.
    To H with Academy. If it isn’t on the shelf where I can compare and see prices, nope, not gonna shop there.

  • Fed Up

    I emailed them and let them know I would no longer shop there because of this.

  • Jones2112

    While I’ve only been to one a couple of times, their firearms are way overpriced anyway, you’d have to be pretty desperate to buy there anyway…

    I thought I read somewhere they were having financial problems, seems like the few times I was in there were only a handful of people shopping…

    This (very poor) decision could be the proverbial final nail in the coffin for them anyway…

  • Old Gringo

    On 911 the price of diesel went from $2 to $4 per gallon in just a few hours and people were lined up for gas/diesel. So, I walked to the head of the line and explained to the gas station manager that I was turning him into our state attorney general for price goughing….within minutues he had contacted the owners and prices were changed on every pump….now price goughing is a crime that usually only involves disasters like a tornado or earthquake or flood….but it is a crime to raise prices more than 6% I think following a disaster….the reason is obvious….people should not starve or do without necessities just so some merchant can get rich at their expense… when CTD did their dastardly deeds, I had ordered a case of 223 for $175…they cancelled my order and I reordered at $275 days later….for that very reason I dont by anything from them now….my choice to buy from others because of that krap is free market capitalism… will recall Walmart never jacked up the price….now I buy basically every sporting good item from if they are going to play this political game with the second amendment I will quit buying guns and ammo their and will tell them everytime I go there for other items and I will mention it on every blog I get a chance…just like I do at Walmart who also cancelled ARs… I hunt deer with a 300 Blackout sometimes, other times I really like blue steel and walnut….and there cannot be a better hog gun than an AR in many calibers….certainly the second amendment is not about hunting….but ….

  • Len Jones

    I new I should have gotten the AR they had on sale on Monday. That would have been my 3rd gun I bought from them I guess I won’t buy there anymore. I will show the ad to the gunshop down the road they might still honor the match the price that they usually do.

    • I hate Ethanol

      If the gun shop can match (or even come close) to matching the price, do it.

      I’d rather support the gun shop in my area that may well have employees that know what they’re talking about than shopping at a big box store where most employees know only how to ring up the sale…..

      If you can, support your local gun shop. It’s a VERY good move on gun owner’s part in so many ways, and they’re far less susceptible to politically-motivated corporate “policies”.

      Think about this. Seriously.

      • Rap Scallion

        I have to agree, the big box, or big bog type stores sell cheap and are fickle…….boycott, IF that is in effect, what they are doing!

  • supergun

    I will not buy any more firearms from Academy. If they choose to slap their gun customers in the face like this,,,so be it. What comes around goes around.

  • RDB

    I will not patronize Academy any more whether it be for hunting apparel foot wear or anything else. i have informed all my hunting club members about this as well as many friends. Academy is obviously being politically correct even though we see nothing that indicates the current administration ‘persuaded” them. There is no Federal or State law anywhere requiring Academy to record personal information.

  • Core

    They no longer have my business.

  • Ed Ward

    I fired-off a letter the other day stating the complete and utter immediate removal of my entire families business. It’s solely the bottom line that matters to them here as, like Target, they do not care about the bad PR absent adverse financial consequences…

  • Sonny

    I bought over $2,500 worth of goods there last year. NO MORE!!!

  • BigFED

    Daniel Defense has announced they are stopping sales of their products to Academy Sports because of Academy sport action of not displaying MSRs. I suspect this tactic will soon be applied to other businesses that implement similar policies!

    • I hate Ethanol

      Good for Daniel!

      They make respectable, quality guns. If I was a manufacturer of anything, if I learned that a retailer wasn’t actively and openly selling my products, I’d refuse to deal with him.

      Ummm, we can still DO that, can’t we?

      Maybe I’ll contact Loretta Lynch & see if we still have that right… 🙂

      • Rap Scallion

        It seems that some bakers no longer have any choice in whom they sell their products to!

  • sonny

    Still NOT EVER buying anything from CTD!!!

  • Rodney Steward

    Looks as though they have fallen into the Obama butt kissing ring, and they’re from Texas! Texas is slowly loosing it, but didn’t sop their much anyway, couldn’t afford it! Wal-Mart carries a lot of the same items for a much lower price, even ammo!

    • gabriel brack

      Unfortunately you are close to the mark. Because we have a very business friendly environment, we have had an influx of coasters move here and it is showing in the cities.

  • I hate Ethanol


    It’s one thing to express your anger at Academy Sports + Outdoors in this forum for this corporate move, but to actually COMMUNICATE your anger to their corporate headquarters is another. DO IT.

    Give them a reason to reconsider their new policy. Scroll down & read the comment from “Geoffry K”, below, and use it as the basis of your letter (GOOD comment, Geoffry!). YES, sports fans, a formal and civil communication to the corporate management about your complaint DOES have an effect.

    To be fair to Academy Sports, do realize that their policy isn’t nearly as bad as Dick’s (appropriate name) banning of many firearms in their stores, Target’s (a Left Wing corporation) policy of removing all gun related magazines from their magazine racks, and the sporatic arbitrary of many commercial businesses (Chipolte’s, A&W Roor Beer, etc) banning customers legally carrying firearms.

    I think Academy is just laying low until things cool down (I doubt it), and they’re hoping that America comes to it’s senses in the next Presidential election and does not elect another Marxist.

    But, that’s just my opinion…

  • Reginald Pettifogger

    Every decade someone in the industry falls for the siren-song of the Progressives, and receives a Super-Shock from their customers when those customers just disappear.
    In the 90’s it was Smith & Wesson, and most recently Dick’s.
    Academy, it was nice knowing you.

  • Bryan Brah

    For the past several years I have used the Academy Sports weekly sales flier as a barometer of the political gun climate. After a shooting occurs, the guns usually disappear from the flier. As the hysteria eventually calms down, you start to see shotguns, then rifles, and eventually pistols appear again. Usually the process takes about a month or two. Since the Orlando shooting occurred on a Sunday, I guess they didn’t have time to change the flier or they had already been printed because when it arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday it still had guns in it. I didn’t count, but there were around a dozen shotguns, rifles (including MSRs) pistols, and revolvers. Even a promotion for “buy a pistol and get a Heritage Arms .22 revolver for free”. In light of this announcement, it will be interesting to see what next week’s flier contains. Academy used to sell military surplus in the 80s and 90s, so I feel like someone in their corporate leadership is bound to be pro-2A. I think they are more concerned with making money than mollifying liberals and will eventually put the MSR’s back on the shelves when this blows over. As far as creating some kind of data-collection scheme for reporting large “assault ammo” sales, I think it’s just posturing. Like someone else said, just buy nine boxes and come back later for nine more. Anyway, their ammo is already overpriced, so anyone buying ten boxes probably has more dollars than sense and could stand some scrutiny at the ammo counter.

    Oh, and BTW CTD are a bunch of lying profiteering scumbags and will NEVER receive another dime of mine! For more than six months after Sandy Hook CTD didn’t even bother posting the prices of military-style arms and accessories in their catalogs. Instead replacing the printed price with “Call for latest price” or some other nonsense. And this was across the board for anything “tactical.” So yeah, they are well within their rights as a supplier to screw their customers at every and any opportunity, but I’m also well within my rights as a consumer to tell them to “go f_ themselves.”

  • Jarhead0369

    Close their doors.

  • dltaylor51

    It sounds to me like some liberals at the corperat level of this company have figured out a good way to bankrupt it,if this is a publicly traded company the next shareholders meeting should be a riot.

  • Ken

    Another retailer caving to the ignorance, idiocy, and hysteria of the no-nothing liberals in America. They will be the end of this country that is spiraling down the drain.

  • PatsFan

    Well then, let’s put them out of business.

  • Wayne Withrow

    Chicken s#@$!

  • itsmefool

    I had already given up on this company, even though it’s based in Texas like me, for other reasons. Still, sad to hear.

  • geezer_daddy

    Add’em to the Target stores list and boycott them into the twilight zone.

  • Keyser Soze

    And so it begins…

  • Hyok Kim

    This is actually a good news for your local gunshop, the real gunshop, not a Walmart wannabee posing as a gunshop.,

  • silvestris

    Looks like Academy no longer wants my business. Seems like they want to have their cake and eat it. You can’t treat America’s rifle like porn and sell it out of the back and keep my business.

  • Amanda Blankenship

    Darn! I was going to buy my 11th AR15 there, but now I can’t. What WILL I do?? The zombie apocalypse is coming any day now and without AR # 11 I’m sure to be overrun! 🙁

  • WRBuchanan

    Since I have never heard of this outfit and probably wouldn’t buy from them anyway this doesn’t affect me directly However now I will never buy anything from them ever!!! Along with places like Cheaper Than Dirt (another Texas Based Corporate Crook, which tried to price gouge on Mag sales and ammo sales in 2012 when the Bamas’s got re elected! $79.95 posted for .22 RFM box of 50 was ridiculous and Used Ex Mil AR mags for $99.95 was the end for me. I do not buy from them or any other outfit that tries to run and hide or take advantage of a situation to gouge it’s customers.

    I call them,,, “Corporate Terrorists !!! ”

    This is a good time for consumers to retaliate against those outfits that submit to the BS of the Left and really teach them a lesson!
    Death to Political Correctness !!! Been sayin’ it for 30 years! now is the time!

  • ScottyG

    Only problem I have with what they are pointing out is that if you have something in stock and have an already filled out order for it then you have entered into an agreement with the person who made the purchase before hand. In my opinion, those orders should be filled as per the agreement. This would still leave them with stock to sell to those “in need” at the inflated prices. This of course is just my personal ethics speaking, not a matter of legality.

  • Larry

    I have a store about one half mile from my home, have never been impressed with the store and now I am really unimpressed,,tata,good by.

  • Chemiker

    Just who are they trying to impress? Certainly not their customers. Wall-Mart did the same thing to mollify lefty progs who would not be caught dead in a Wall-Mart.

  • Zebra Dun

    Have fun going broke in firearms lack of sales.
    If you don’t sell a Rifle in the AR platform your selling basically .22 lr, shotguns and what few single shots and lever guns there are out there.

  • armydadtexas

    Due to the knee jerk reaction of the Academy Corporate offices, I will no longer be able to conduct any business what so-ever with this group of COWARDS. Hey Academy, bankruptcy is in your future. Reminder it was a ISLAMO-Fascist who slaughtered the young Americans in Orlando, no law abiding American Gun Owners. Your (Academies) action was a knee jerk, cowards action. You definitely have lost this customer and I have spent thousands of dollars with you over the years. No more though. You may as well shut down now.

  • SheriffJon

    If they think this will improve their bottom line, they are fooling themselves. If they think it will reduce crime, they are fooling themselves, If they think this will in any way improve their business or standing in the communities they serve, they are fooling themselves. If they think this is going to cost them business, respect or both, they are on target. Foolishness rarely does a business any good.

  • Old Dominion

    I’m done doing business with Academy Sports. Any sporting goods store that won’t uphold the Constitution, is not a store that gets more support, or money.

  • greg adkins

    Obama/Hillary(ASS KISSING)company.


    Pure nonsense!

  • pecos pete

    OMG! I work in stores. Read the memo. It’s to keep liberal picketers and morons out of our parking lots and theres no database

  • BigFED

    Used to be a “sporting goods” store that sold guns and sporting apparel. Now, it will be a “sporting apparel” store, soon to be having “going out of business” sales!

  • lamarlamar

    No big deal. I do not buy from them often enough to add to their bottom line. I’ve always found them to be overpriced and run by people who did not know what they were selling. They rely on employees that could work at Micky-Dees or Burger King, no big loss to me!

  • fossie1

    I have no problem with them taking the AR off the shelves if they were no longer going to sell them for whatever reason but to take them off the shelve and hide them! screw them there are plenty of places that sell them without caving to the bigoted left

  • tx883749

    Wow i’m a 4-5k per year Academy customer. I’ll just go to the local shops from now on. Whatever.

  • uisconfruzed

    They’ve gone the way of Richard Head (Dick’s).
    I will not darken the door of an unconstitutional business.

    I’ve >$28K in guns, my son’s & grandsons fish, live on a river, 5 min from a lake, boat, hunt, camp, etc.

    I also help Academy move their products to market. No more, find another vendor.


    Gun control at its worst. I wonder if they’ll order you one, doubtful.

  • Doug Larsen

    “It’s like selling water to someone who’s house is burning!”

    No. It’s really not.

  • mak13

    You exerted the best possible revenge by taking your business elsewhere. But the key here is that YOU did it. You did not wait for a mommy government to come in and smack the bully, and accidentally smack a few good guys in the process. And that is my point.
    BTW, I never bought from CTD because In the course of shopping I discovered that they had a bad warehousing model that they were trying to make me pay for. So they never got my money, at least online.

  • Russ Elder

    not one penny——POS company

  • Bob Smithsonian

    From the CEO of Academy Sports:

    Dear xxxxx,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective with me. I deeply respect your conviction as well as your patronage of our business.

    Our ongoing actions are not in response to any political or media related pressure. As always, they are intended to serve the needs of our wide group of customers. We are still selling modern sporting rifles and will continue to preserve that right; we have just temporarily removed them from display out of respect for the victims and those directly impacted by this tragedy – including our Central Florida team members. Given the reports of theft and large dealer purchases that have circulated, this step also helps to preserve inventory for our customers who wish to purchase. The process to purchase is no different than before, and our team members stand ready to serve as always.

    Any reports regarding ammunition database activity are completely false. I can confirm that our stores do not collect and/or retain personal information on ammunition purchases. The only information we review is that which is required by law (such as verifying date of birth to ensure customers meet age requirements).

    As we continue to evaluate our approach in times of tragedy, this is helpful context for us to have. I can assure you this feedback will be taken into consideration as we go forward, and I appreciate you sharing your concerns.

    Academy Sports + Outdoors welcomes all of our customers and their feedback, especially when it is as constructive and thoughtful as your note. I appreciate the guidance and support, and I hope we will continue to earn the right to serve your needs.

    Thank you for your business and for reaching out.


  • iview

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for taking sensible steps to benefit the general community. I hope you can maintain the necessary resolve to ignore those shooters with an assault gun fetish. I love fishing, hunting and range competition, but I have taught my children to avoid ‘gun extremists’ in an otherwise responsible outdoors fraternity.

    Best wishes.

  • glenn cheney

    Anyone buying an AR off the rack deserves what they get. If bigbox sporting goods stores are your firearms go to guys, then what can I say. These big box stores are going BK from the inventory they can’t turn, go into a store and look.
    Smart buyers go on line. Do some reading, find a quality armorer and order what YOU want. Charles at KM Tactical is easy to get along with.
    He won’t let me “help” on a build, but that is a good thing.