Found this cool cut away. It looks like a CG render rather than a real firearm. I am not that familiar with this gun and its operation to know if the CG model is accurate or not. Any of our readers know this gun inside and out?

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Phil Note: Hey Alex have you got one?


  • PK

    Whenever I see this rifle, I get a certain itch to make a clone that uses the MG13 mags I have laying around.

  • Max Popenker

    yes, it’s a 3D render, and an accurate one

  • DIR911911 .

    mmmmm . . . gun porn

  • Mike

    arguably the world’s first assault rifle.

    • Alex A.

      It actually falls into the forgotten category of machine rifle. A machine rifle is a full-auto capable rifle which can be used as a light machine gun, but differs from a true LMG by lacking a readily changeable barrel.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      Not really, the round still recoiled too much for that. Actual use was in more of an LMG or semi auto rifle role (closer to an HK417), than an assault rifle.

      The first assault rifle was either the French select fire Winchester 1907 or the Winchester-Burton machine rifle – though the only one that I know was issued to ground troops in any capacity was the 1907 (and it was issued before the Fedorov, as the AF was sent to the front sometime in 1917, between the February and October revolutions, mostly serving in the Russian civil war).

  • CissyScum


    • Tassiebush

      I can’t believe that sat there for 5 hours without getting an upvote! shame on everyone!

  • Alexandru Ianu

    Not a wonk-fest, since the recoil on the gun meant that most soldiers used it like the Chauchat.