Why You Should Wait to Buy a Silencer, Even if You Have an NFA Trust. An All Outdoor Post

There are many opinions and views on the future of suppressors not only after the NFApocalypse happens on July 13th but following the general election.

Most of the opinions tend toward suppressors becoming harder to obtain therefore buy them now! Well maybe and then again maybe not. Jon Stokes, the editor, of our sister publication All Outdoor has another possible outcome which if it came to pass would make suppressors much less expensive and affordable for almost all shooters. I for one certainly hope he’s correct in his outlook of things to come.

Of course rather than my posting his article here on TFB I would urge you to look at Jon’s post and let us know if you think suppressors could drop in price. Check this link.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Bobb

    I mean, Orlando just happened and there’s a chance Hillary makes it into office, you’ll have a can in hand before it drops in price

    • Of course this was written a couple of days ago. We shall see what the fallout is from this horrible incident.

      • Bjørn Vermo

        Has there ever been a mass shooting with silenced weapons?

        • Never and likely never will be.

          • Cory C

            Because they laws keep these dangerous suppressors out of the hands of criminals. This is proof that gun control works.
            That was hard to say with a straight face. 🙂

          • iksnilol

            Silencers are dangerous, I mean, those American ones are like 20 cm long and made out of steel. That’s basically a baton.

            You could bludgeon someone with one.

        • Ken

          Does it really matter? Their goal is total ban and confiscation one little cut at a time no matter how many times they say “we’re not coming for your guns”.

          • Navy Davy

            And, how many homicides have been done with a silencer overall, by year? Damn few I’d bet. It was just a backlash of govs by watching Hollywood movies. Let’s keep track! Put that question on the FBI and police questionnaires. One more check box wouldn’t cost much of anything. Maybe “WE” don’t want to know. Maybe WE don’t want it known. I mean THEY. Don’t want it known.

          • Ken

            Again, does it really matter? You will never get a liberal to Ok any gun related item. They hate them all, they want all gun related items to just poof into thin air, so it doesn’t matter how many people are killed with XYZ item.

          • Kingsman

            This – liberals think black plastic and pistol grips make rifles more deadly

          • AK™

            They don’t mind their bodyguards being armed though..

          • Ken

            Or the security in their gated neighborhoods being armed. Laws for thee, not for me.

          • visionvocal

            If I’m not mistaken the answer to your question is ZERO ever. That is to say murder committed by someone using a LEGALLY acquired NFA suppressor (that the murderer owned not stole).

          • dltaylor51

            All of these little cuts at a time originate from the democrat party so cutting down on the number of democrats who hold public office is job one if we value our freedom.

          • Ken


          • ProudAmerican

            Oh, really? The first AW import ban was conceived under Reagan and promulgated by Bush.

        • Navy Davy

          And, how many homicides have been done with a silencer overall, by year? Damn few I’d bet. It was just a backlash of govs by watching Hollywood movies. Let’s keep track! Put that question on the FBI and police questionnaires. One more check box wouldn’t cost much of anything. Maybe “WE” don’t want to know. Maybe WE don’t want it known. I mean THEY. Don’t.

          • JoelM

            It’s nearly impossible to tell if a gun had a silencer on it or not in the case of most homicide weapons. That’s why the FBI doesn’t track that stat last I checked. Unless they find it still attached they have no idea, generally.

          • Navy Davy

            OH? Well, VERY few guns have a threaded barrel, and a threaded barrel is a sure sign of a silencer capable gun. Recovered gun ballistically linked to a murder/shooting would be a dead giveaway. Recorded. Documented. Major gigantic headline story in all the newspapers and magazines and tabloids. How many have you seen in your lifetime? None in my memory banks.
            Side note: silencers not used on revolvers, only pistols.

          • Old Gringo

            Davy: When I was an Assistant District Attorney about 20 years ago, our local police confiscated a 357 mag….it has 2 fired rounds as I recall but never linked to any crime….I always wondered if the supressor might have pushed more gas out the cylinder gap making it even louder? We are rednecks where I live so maybe that is the answer….

          • Navy Davy

            JoelM-OH? It’s nearly impossible to tell if a gun had a silencer on it or not” ? A silencer needs a threaded barrel, so any gun with a threaded barrel is at least CAPABLE of mounting a silencer, and the threads would readily tell you if SOMETHING had been screwed on. Threaded barrels are VERY rare. Banned in many States. My question is how many PROVEN homicides have been committed with a silenced gun. Open question. Anyone know?

          • JoelM

            I’m a big fan of suppressor ownership, I have several, so don’t take my tone wrong. I’m not saying it’s common if that’s the impression you got. There are suppressors that don’t use threaded mounts though. Collet mounts for smooth unthreaded barrels are uncommon but have existed since the days of maxim silencers. There’s also flash hider mounts that don’t directly use the threads but slip over the A2 flash hider and lock. I’m only aware of a few states that regulate threaded barrels. Mostly the same that don’t allow suppressor ownership too. You’re right about revolvers… With one exception for the m1895 Nagant gas seal revolver that takes a suppressor quite nicely.

          • Navy Davy

            JoelM-Real great reply, you are very knowledgeable about suppressors. My major question still stands. How many court cases revolve around assassinations with a suppressor/silencer? I found only one on the Web but it was not the core issue. My intention originally was why are suppressors so demonized/banned Federally and State.

        • JoelM

          Not that I could find. In a mass shooting a silencer wouldn’t be much advantage at all, so that’s likely why. Even the quietest silenced guns are still around 117-120 decibels. Plus once one person sees they have a gun they’re going to be screaming and that’s going to get everybody’s attention really quick.

    • JoelM

      I don’t see them going after suppressors even with her in office. Even after Orlando. They would have to say that a background check and registration system doesn’t work in order to say that silencers are getting into the wrong hands. That’s counterproductive for their current goals with getting universal checks and registration passed.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I think regulation combined with grow makes his theory weak. More people are becoming educated on suppressors and the NFA process and I think the market will be stronger after the rush same as high end ARs were.

  • Dave D

    Have to agree with simple supply and demand. But that doesn’t mean I’m not part of the “tapped out” crowd. Made my purchases months ago and only received 1 of 4 made. I”m okay with prices dropping and think that it will happen, Such is life, but I’ll be sitting with SBRs and Cans while others try to figure out the new system. I’ll save up and get back in the market once things get figured out.

  • Edeco

    I’m holding out for total deregulation. Not that deregulation of silencers is a major thing on my wishlist, this doctrine of silencers being the next goal for gun fans doesn’t seem tactically optimal to me, but whatevs.

    • Pete M. – TFB Writer

      Go buy a rimfire can and enjoy the heck out of it.

      • iksnilol

        Buy cheap rimfire (IE one of those Norinco CZ clones).

        Put can on it

        Plink cans, bottles

        Assassinate rabbits, birds and enemies


        First gun ownership experience for most people in Norway.

  • Bill

    “Well maybe and then again maybe not.”

    That’s some hardcore trenchant analysis right there.
    Your compatriots on that other website seem to have an archaic yet simplistic view on firearms regulations; namely that the atmosphere is constantly descending upon us at high velocity.

  • I think the main reason to hold off on major firearm related purchases is that the next couple of months are going to be ever so slightly completely insane thanks to The Latest Panic; the smart plan is to hoard money for a few months and keep an eye out on GunBroker/Armslist/et cetera for firesale deals after all the angry wives see all the angry credit card bills and demand that all those panic-bought toys get unloaded for the sake of groceries.

  • Stephen Paraski

    People in Detroit area have jumped on the “ban the AK-14 automatic rifle from sale or ownership”, that was from the Tom Brokow piece. Today I have been trying to find out the % of upward spike of gun sales. All I have heard is “Military” type rifles have no place in citizens hands. I believe you should be able to have what ever you want. But being from Detroit it is hard to get the logic across that only law abiding citizens follow laws. A person hell bent on murdering 1 or more persons will use whatever tools at their disposal. This past weekend made November a crossroads for US.

    • ColBatguano

      It blows my mind that people ignore simple economics. If these firearms are banned, when the economic reward from breaking the law exceeds the risk and threat of punishment if caught, those guns (tools) will be made, smuggled and supplied to criminals who are ready and able to pay. People have no sense.

      • I hate Ethanol

        Thank you!

        A voice of sanity and reality is nice to hear.

        You nailed it.

      • Talos

        Well, I’m not in the market for another rifle so a ban wouldn’t negatively affect me right now. What it would do for me and ALL owners of assault rifles is triple their value if not quadruple. Have a $600 rifle? A ban instantly turns it into an $1800+ rifle. Your 20 or 30 Rd mags go from $5 to $25 or higher (assuming a mag size restriction with a ban).

        Think of a ban as an investment opportunity. In any case, it won’t get past a GOP filibuster in the Senate assuming a Dem takeover in the Fall. It will never get through the House which had no chance of flipping in the Fall. Even if all the stars align in 2016 and Dems took both House and Senate AND beat a GOP filibuster in the Senate and passed a ban, 2018 would see a big flip in both House and Senate back to GOP and the ban would come to an end then.

    • iksnilol

      What’s an AK-14?

      Sorta sounds like an updated AK-12.

      • Fukishima is a ELE

        LOL, I was wondering what an AK-14 is myself? (Message to gun grabbing showboaters politicizing the tragedy and using the event to further their own careers and agenda; Please do introduce flawed legislation borrowed from the same authors in the mid-1930’s to complete the subjugation of the German people by the Nazi Party.Everyone knows how that turned out. Just use Tom Brokaws “expertise” in describing the elusive “AK-14” in the wording used for any new laws that won’t change a damned thing for a piece of garbage bent on murdering as many people as possible! Has it not occurred that legitimate gun owners and the NRA already have been the first to call for the strict enforcement of the existing legislation against bad people who commit crimes using firearms? So law abiding firearms enthusiast community is demonized and slammed by liberal nutjobs and not a thing changes that could be used to show an improvement in the crime rates in America,in fact the ineptitude of their own failures to properly enforce the strict gun laws on the books will be bogged down and more “Omar’s” will slip through their cracks and the only thing they will accomplish is that nobody will manufacture or offer a weapon designated as the AK-14. I’m finding it easier to loathe the media every single day and the sheep who let Brokaw or any other pasty-faced celebrity mold them into their TV media star’s images are only a few steps behind the propaganda machines spokesturds IMHO.

      • I hate Ethanol

        Honestly – sounds like a typo, guys.

    • Joseph Anthony

      There is no AK 14 or AR 14. If you dislike something at least know something about it.

  • Talos

    They are NOT going to get less expensive and, now, the Hearing Protection Act is a certainly not going to come up. Orlando and the fact that Trump appears to be almost trying to lose by some of the things he says means that $Hillary is a shoe-in. The game is fixed by Obama too. The FBI investigation may have real red meat to indict Hillary on concerning her email server and corruption at the Clinton Foundation but Obama’s recent meet wits the AG before giving his endorsement to Hillary means he is thwarting justice and will not permit prosecution. Otherwise he wouldn’t have risked his rep by endorsing a (likely) felon.

    Orlando + Hillary = assault weapon ban, harder to get guns, and no reduction in price on silencers.

    • Nels

      All those things that make you think Trump is trying to lose? All those things are why he’s going to win, by a landslide.

      • NukeWaste

        People are starting to wake up. Trump is gaining voters all the time.

        • I hate Ethanol

          Including, ironically, the LGBT community.

          They’re scared, they’re arming up, and they’re giving Trump a second look.

          Who knew? But, welcome aboard The Sane Train!

      • Talos

        He is alienating women and Hispanics in a big way. The leadership of the GOP is attacking him for his attack on Hispanic judge, etc. The press covers his most outrageous statements (while completely ignoring his more reasoned and calm statements). Both Temp and $Hillary have big negatives polls but, at least at the moment Hillary had slightly smaller negatives than Trump. It’s a race to see how low your piling can go and still get elected at this point. In fact, I’d virtually ANY other GOP candidate were the nominee (except Cruz) Hillary would not have as much chance of winning given how untrustworthy voters consider her.

        That corrupt cow gets $400 focus-grouped haircuts and wears $600 focus-group pantsuits. Nothing about her is genuine but she still is favored to win because Trump polls lower. I’m hoping for an FBI indictment but am not holding my breath. Hillary moved her campaign offices into the same building as AG Lynch, just a couple floors beneath. Bill Clinton is the one who gave Lynch a govt job in Justice in first place. The corruption is thick as molasses around the Clintons.

        • Nels

          “He is alienating women and Hispanics in a big way.” I suspect he will get more women and hispanic votes than Romney did – perhaps more than Romney and McCain put together.

          “The press covers his most outrageous statements (while completely ignoring his more reasoned and calm statements).” That’s why he’s going to win. Haven’t you noticed that every time he says something “ outrageous” that is supposed to sink him, he gets more support? What outrages the lying press endears him to Americans.

          Trump is smart enough to alienate the people who would never vote for him anyway. He’s also smart enough to NOT alienate his support base, unlike McCain and Romney. Trump would have a chance to beat 0bammy, if 0bammy were running. Against Hillary, he will win in a Reagan-esque landslide.

    • JoelM

      So far I don’t see AR-15 prices going up. I saw a local shop jacked them up the day after… and dropped them back down today since it completely halted all their rifle sales. I’m not buying more and nobody I know is unless they already had planned to. Everyone I know is buying ammo an magazines if anything right now. I’m good on all fronts though… not buying anything.

  • John Butler

    For the paranoid government there would be a lot more if easily obtained.

  • I doubt equivalent quality suppressors will drop much in retail price, even if they were wholly deregulated. What we would likely see would be a plethora of lower priced, lower quality, cans from a slew of new manufacturers.

    Upside, these cans may be cheap enough that, for a low volume shooter interested in pistol or rimfire cans, they are effectively disposable – shoot ’em until.they wear out, and replace them.

    The current model.of high quality cans that are super durable and extremely effective is largely driven by the PITA of servicing or replacing cans – and if you’re going to jump through all those hoops and pay a $200 registration tax to get one to begin with, you might as well pay a few more bucks and get a *good* one.

  • Old Gringo

    I live in a suburb where it is legal to shoot varmints but nothing else…and because I live on a creek I have skunks and coyotes and bobcates etc near my house every night…..the only thing I shoot is skunks and snakes but any shot brings out the neighbors….I have found the little suppressor on my Walther P-22 sovles the problems..the last 2 skunks I shot not a soul looked out…my wife not the house never had a clue even though she was just yards away….and for those of us with a VA hearing disablity it is well worth the cost to save what little hearing we have left…my advice is to buy them asap…Hillary will ban them as sure as the sun comes up in the east….duh?

    • I hate Ethanol

      Hillary will have a total gun and ammunition ban in place and ready to implement before the end of her first term.