Revealing Your Baby’s Gender With a Bang

There have been a few people to use this method of announcing a baby’s gender to their families. A little binary explosive and some blue or pink powdered chalk is all you need alongside your favorite rifle of choice.


Here is one done with shotguns. Not sure what they used to get the powder to spew outward because it does not look like a tannerite explosion.



Here is one that got some people upset for stupid reasons. Here is an article about it. I don’t see the problem. He has proper trigger discipline and shot a target from a safe distance. Sure, they should be wearing eye and ear protection but I will let that pass.

gender-reveal-gun-1 gender-reveal-gun-3


Nicholas C

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  • KK

    Remember, a fetus can’t wear hearing protection. Practice responsible parenting, use a suppressor.

    • Bob

      The article linked suggests the parents did use hearing protection for the actual shot, and I am skeptical that loud noises can harm a baby protected as it is inside the womb. Mind you, I wouldn’t make a habit of it, but I doubt a single gunshot has scarred their unborn baby for life.

      • Bob

        Although I would submit that if one is protesting this gender reveal because of a big scary gun being involved, they probably would think that the kid is going to be subject to unsafe parenting with guns in the household anyway. Imagine that baby, growing up thinking dangerous weapons are acceptable!

        • Anonymoose

          Gotta admit, the guy’s use of a (braked) AR with no ear pro for himself, his wife, or his unborn kid shows his disregard for safety.

          • Nicholas C

            Benefit of the doubt, the photographer could have staged them there for the pic. Then the wife stepped away, he donned eye and ear pro to shoot the box.

          • Aaron E

            Can’t be positive, but it appears the guy has foamy ear plugs in. If that is right, it would likely be the same for her, just covered by her hair.

      • TCBA_Joe

        Yes, loud noises can harm a baby in the womb. The fluid would carry the concussion, not reduce it.

        • Nicholas C

          Not true. At least from the hearing expert that made my custom molded ear plugs. Sound losed energy as it passes thru different mediums. Imagine you are in a pool under water. And someone shoots a gun directly above you. It will not hurt your hearing.

  • TCBA_Joe

    News Flash: John Browning invents the 1911. Timely stuff Nick.

    • Nicholas C

      News flash for you. Not everyone is as well informed and experienced as you.

      • TCBA_Joe

        Maybe that came off harsh. I’ve just been shocked how far behind TFB (the biggest gun blog on the Internet) has lagged in gun news in general. This has been making the rounds for weeks now, Heck evenThe Blaze “reported” this a couple weeks ago.

        • Get Gud TFB

          Same goes for the magpul 5.45 mags…….old news

    • Drunk Possum

      I see no reference to JMB or a 1911 in this article anywhere. Relevance?

  • Rick O’Shay

    The non tannerite might be a chalk bag on a canister of compressed air?

  • Matt

    My wife and i just found out we are expecting again this would be so cool to do with my oldest shooting

  • Cal.Bar

    This appears to be a particularly SOUTHERN thing to do (no?)

  • Anonymoose

    It’s not the gender you’re revealing, but the biological sex. Gender is identity politics BS stemming from pronouns and clothing. Biological sex is easily determined through ultrasound and visual confirmation.

  • JW

    Does any one know how they made the colored powder?
    Thanks for the story

    • Paul Joly

      Natural pigment powder, something that doesn’t burn easily.

    • Nicholas C

      Someone told me it might be the powder people use to chalk football and baseball fields.

  • gerald brennan

    Babies are not born with “gender,” they are born with a sex. Sex is biological and demonstrable; Gender is an imaginary construct. The progressives want you to conflate these terms (like “discrimination” and “bigotry”) but they are NOT synonyms. Stay out of that trap.

  • Bob Lewis

    You might be a red-neck if……