GRAPHIC CONTENT: GoPro Footage Of U.S. Special Forces

The footage is a little bit washed out and you don’t really see that much. A U.S. Special Forces Operative is working with Afhan National Army soldiers. They break into a house and a firefight ensues. According to American Military News, the ANA solider that breached the building was shot off camera.

Nicholas C

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  • Sasquatch

    You play call of duty? That’s cute. My hat goes off to our men and women of the armed forces.

  • 11b

    Oldie but goodie. Also, ‘operative’? Cmon….

    • politicsbyothermeans

      Operating operationally as an operational Operator.

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      Yes, 2011 to be precise.

  • Tritro29

    That’s why we never do improvised door kicking any more in the Caucasus. If they want to die, you bury them inside.

    • 11b

      Well collateral damage is the number one concern of the American military. You can’t kick down a door without a risk assessment 😉

      • Tritro29

        In this case it cost a pair of brown pants and a dead Afghan. At that rate, you’ll going to get abysmal attrition numbers. Plus, the two guys who weren’t harmed, will bet upped by some other civilians killed as collateral on following strike. these f*cks hide among the population for a reason. Avoiding Non-combatant casualties is a concept made in Hollywood or MosKino, not real life.

        • De Facto

          Here in the US the overwhelming majority of our population has no vested interest in the overseas conflict. So instead of saying “better the enemy than our forces, it’s war” their primary concern is the human rights of the people we’re at war with. Many (if not most) American’s world views have been formed/shaped by Hollywood. They think pistols kill instantly and send your enemy flying, that you can shoot to wound/shoot a gun out of someone’s hand, and that war can be waged without innocents paying the price.

          • Tritro29

            Well that’s something that’s catching up with Russians too.

          • Ron

            This is what happens when you go to war and attempt to “engage with and understand” the enemy instead of going to war to destroy him.

          • n0truscotsman

            You’re absolutely correct.

            IF you dont have the will to win, and stay until you win, and plan to win, then dont go in.

          • randomswede

            We take two potential suicide bombers:
            * One knows that his actions won’t negatively effect his friends and loved ones.
            * One knows that his actions will absolutely negatively effect his friends and loved ones.

            Does this make a difference?

            “An eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth would lead to a world of the blind and toothless.”
            So it needs to be “an eye-for-tooth and head-for-eye”.
            The alternative is to liberate the women, give them control of their reproduction, spread and share information, root out and disprove false information.

        • iksnilol

          Like you Ruskies proved in Beslan, right?

          • Tritro29

            … Beslan is doomed if you do doomed if you don’t. 1000’s of hostages, insiders that tipped and helped the terrorists. Explosives everywhere. Terrorists that had started killing people way before the teams tried to enter. Bodies dumped left and right. Teams that had to shield children from bullets. If you think that’s your average CT/SWAT scenario you’re seriously mistaken.

            Beslan is what happens when you get soft with the wrong people.

          • randomswede

            I don’t know enough about “Riyadus-Salikhin” to make a judgment on “soft with the wrong people” but from what I’ve seen and read Beslan was essentially a very slow suicide bomb attack. (days as opposed to minutes or milliseconds)
            Once the terrorist were entrenched I can’t think of any tactical approach or team that could have made a large positive impact on the number of casualties.

            Gasing terrorists and hostages indiscriminately and not having the antidote available or even communicating to the hospitals or ambulance personnel that an opiate gas was used after the fact, that’s preventable civilian deaths.
            I wasn’t there and ultimately those deaths are on the terrorists, but it must be seen as less than professional.

          • Tritro29

            Yeah Nord-Ost is exactly how it happens in Russia. Someone has a genius idea, the perfect plan, nec plus ultra. Then they half ass the aftermath and response because of “State Secrets”.

            And Beslan, yes, they were clearly not looking to go away alive. The problem is that Local response was, logically, to try and find a solution and save their children. Which in hindsight was a folly.

            I’ll repeat my early question, are you sure you’re 100% Swede? ;-). You reflect way to much in a Russian way.

          • randomswede

            Hehe, must be my appreciation for Russian/Soviet design, development and construction thinking.
            I once heard an American describing the aerodynamics of a Russian plane as “Scalpel on the front surfaces, where it matters, and axe at the back, where it doesn’t really matter.” true or not I really liked that kind of thinking.
            Or stuff like: ” – Being in a cockpit can be stressful, what’s the most calming color? – Light blue – Good, let’s paint all aircraft dashes in light blue.”

            From what it looks like from over here I don’t think Russian culture or politics would suit me very well. But then I’m not sure how aligned I am with Swedish culture or politics either, so there’s that.

          • Tritro29

            Culture will be OK, politics doesn’t suit us all. It’s not because we’ve picked the least “evil”, that we stride for “evil”. This is a normal realignment phase in a young Republic. After all our current system is only a quarter of century old and we still have totally inadequate social structures that we’ve inherited from the past. That being said, no body likes to be bullied. Especially when it comes in transition period like 21st century Russia.

          • randomswede

            It’s easy for us “westerners” to forget that Russia as it exists right now is very young and very different from Soviet Russia and Tsar Russia (I suppose).
            Even if the Soviet Union still existed it would be a young “country” today.

          • Bill

            The USA has had plenty of it’s own Nord-Osts throughout the years. I can’t cite them all without causing a poostorm and some were less unavoidable the others, but let’s just start with the 1970’s burning out of the MOVE radicals that left the better part of a city block destroyed…

          • Tassiebush

            If not for the failed after care of hostages Nord-Ost would be the text book case of how to do things. It was a triumph in so many ways. could have been so much worse.

          • Tritro29

            The fail in care was a given. Nobody was going to tell Public doctors that they had used experimental warfare gas on civilians. Even if they had a solid care plan, the hostages’ bodies didn’t react in a controlled way to the gas exposure, some were in very bad shape mere minutes after the aerosols were pumped in. Now we also know that they vaporized twice “to be sure”.

            Indeed in less opaque system, the operation would have been text book success, but you can’t have excellence in the land of average.

          • iksnilol

            It’s folly to save the hostages so you should kill the hostages instead of the terrorists?

            I am really too sober for this.

          • n0truscotsman

            That was a very ugly act of terrorism and I doubt western special operations could have achieved a measurably superior outcome, IMO. If they could, Id be very surprised.

          • iksnilol

            Nah, it proved what you were just encouraging. Don’t go soft and care about things such as “casualties” and “non-combatants”.

            If they wanted to live, they wouldn’t have lived there.

    • toms

      While this makes sense, I don’t think the Russian military really cares all that much about the casualty rate of its soldiers. I think the mass destruction method is done more as a statement than as a precaution. It sends the message that we will blow you and your children to smithereens if you do not submit to our will. Its really a Soviet philosophy not a Russian one and exists everywhere in the former USSR. The real downside is that it sets Russia up for world isolation, sanctions, embargos ect. The world by and large is pretty pansy nowadays.

      • Tritro29

        All militaries care about attrition rates. This isn’t exactly caring about their well being, it’s caring about the fighting force they need to deploy, so your post is abysmally bad. Beyond that your Ukropian rant about the message the Russian “military”, hint it’s basically the Police in most cases (yeah one of those things about rule of law etc), the Russian Counter terror teams negotiate a surrender and or release of family hostages. This happens in a regular basis. Terrorists however don’t like being caught alive, so they get extra attention.

        As for Soviet mentality, i’d say that you really need to look at how the Israelis do it. Terror acts are followed by the virtual annihilation of the terrorist’s estate and family house. That kind of collective punishment is what exactly? Soviet?

        You Ukropians have big problems with reality, unfortunately you’ve managed to piss in our brass flakes at the least memorable moment of recent history. Which is a shame, because Normal Ukrainians and Russians deserve to be the brotherly nations we actually are. But what ever floats your boat man.

      • Tassiebush

        I think the Russian soldiers on the ground care about their own lives and have the autonomy to use tactics that work for them.

  • Anonymous

    Balls. That dude has them.

    You don’t move like that and speak clearly like that in the middle of a firefight unless you have been there and done that.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Damn, imagine just huddlin’ in your mud hut watching, well, the wall and trying to keep the sand off your kebab and planning some car bombs when some motherf-ckers just bust in and start shooting up the place. Puttin’ holes in your damn door that used to be the hood of a 76′ Nova.

    • Cory C


  • Jay

    I think the Russian way of clearing a building is the way to go. Surround the building , park a BTR in front of it, ask them to come out. If that doesn’t work cut the building to peces with the 14.5mn machine gun.
    Door kicking/ room clearing, IN WAR is retarded.

    • Ron

      Because of the high casualties taken by SMUs during DA hits, the cordon and call out has become a commonly used TTP. But instead of destruction by small arms fire, an ATACMS, GMLRS or JDAM normally follows the failure to leave the building.

      • CommonSense23

        The high casualties taken by one SMU. The other one figured it out real quick.

      • Joe Goins

        Most are moving to the Israeli style of entry instead of the old enter and fight to the position of domination.

    • RealitiCzech

      Similar tactics have been used regularly since at least the late 1800s. I recall reading how British native troops would put a couple of volleys from their Martini rifles into a building before clearing it at bayonet point.

    • Joe Goins

      Reckless loss of non-combatant life…..criminal and inexcusable.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    If the video description is accurate, then it looks like the guy wearing a dark gown and a white hat did all of the shooting for the other side. He must have shot the ANA guy’s AK and then retreated back into the doorway after the U.S. Special Forces guy started to shoot at him. The SF guy then tried to shoot him through the wall. What confuses me is how the ANA guy died. The description claimed that he was shot again outside through gun holes in the building. You can see those huge gun holes in the video after the SF guy enters the room. Since the other 2 guys in there didn’t seem to be armed, the guy in the dark gown and white hat must have been dead on the floor in front of them. That means that after he retreated into the room he must have ran to the gun holes and started shooting the ANA guy that ran out of the building. The SF guy must have seen him shooting out of the gun holes in the wall so he put 5 shots into him. Either that or he was shooting at the 2 unarmed guys, but I doubt it since they seemed to be unharmed.

    • Lt M

      ANA #1 enters building followed by US #1, ANA #2 remains outside covering the exterior. ANA #1 and US #1 begin clearing interior.
      Hostile #1 emerges from doorway, ANA #1 covers him while US #1 continues clearing side room.
      Hostile #1 lets off grenade/explosive, ANA #1 exits building (with weapon), US #1 takes cover in doorway of cleared side room whilst giving fire against Hostile #1, Hostile #1 under fire into front room and begins engaging ANA #1 and #2 outside through firing holes in wall (weapon used must have been in front room), ANA #1 is hit.
      US #1 responds to sounds of gunfire in front room by moving to doorway of front room and engaging Hostile #1 from cover, Hostile #1 goes down, US #1 moves into front room to clear.
      Two unarmed persons in the corner of the front room would not have been seen by US #1 from his firing position in the doorway provided they stayed in the corner during the engagement. Upon entering the front room to clear, US #1 IDs them and covers them with his weapon whilst calling clear and requesting medic for Hostile #1.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    It’s great to see someone with balls and training react under stress. That guy is crazy to enter the building with ANA as backup. He was second man in not third or 8th. He basically handled the whole situation by himself. Impressive.

    • Tritro29

      Reckless, cool and deadly. Could be the moto for US operations since 1983…

  • John T. Clark

    I bet his ears are still ringing…

    • mig1nc

      He probably had some Peltor or MSA comms headset on. He seemed to be communicating.

  • Matt

    “get down?” who is going to understand that?
    Not even 2 -3 words of pashto or whatever they spoke there?

    • Tritro29

      Believe me. “Get Down” is international now. Plus everyone obeys an angry American that just annihilated the living crap out of your partner in Thursday Night fun. A bullet in the face is pretty much Lingua Franca in the universe. I bet they even got MTV.

  • iksnilol

    Nah, you misunderstood me. You said to disregard casualties whilst at war. I was taking your statement to its logical conclusion.

    • Tritro29

      Casualties are part of war, war isn’t a video game. And the people you fight overseas, cannot compete militarily, so they use guerilla tactics. That alone makes “minimizing” collateral casualties a pipe dream. The only way to not have casualties is to not report them.

      Something the US has tried to do or hush for a long time. And in order not to put it’s own in harms way in hostile environment, the US uses drones or extremely lax ROE.

      Bot, kettle, black. Still the reason we don’t do improvised door kicking anymore.

  • Cottersay

    And, where exactly is the “graphic” part, or is that just click-bait verbiage??

    • Dan

      Scary guns were used.

  • Dickie

    I see the afgan guy turn and run and let the US operative do everything.

  • Sam

    I remember seeing this video years ago. ANA dude’s AK takes a hit which is where all those sparks come from, and he books it out of there.

  • SD

    This is old footage.