The TYPHOON F12 May FINALLY Be a Shotgun/AR Platform Worth Owning!

Typhoon F12

A relatively small company from Turkey dubbed Typhoon Defense may create a large name for itself within the US soon. A lot of companies in the past have tried to create 12 Gauge AR platforms, but failed to show staying power. Some were flat out flawed from the start while others pigeon-holed themselves (the Intrepid RAS-12 comes to mind).

If you have never heard of the Typhoon F12 or Typhoon Defense for that matter, do not feel bad, you are not alone. There still is very little known about this firearm in terms of specifications, capabilities, and pricing.

So far only a handful of photos have been circulating around the internet in hard to find places. An individual who has posted a lot of photos of the Typhoon F12 is MUSTAFA ÖZERBAŞ who appears to be part of the manufacturing process. His Instagram account has quite a few photos of the Typhoon F12 rifle and hints towards him being the owner of a fabricating company, Özerbaş makina, that is making it.

Typhoon F12

MUSTAFA ÖZERBAŞ with a Typhoon F12

Another individual who has released photos of this rifle on Facebook is Gungorav Gungorav Tasyagan who appears to manage a website that will be selling the Typhoon F12. Some specs on the rifle are eluded to on his website if you can translate the page; if not, here is a short list:

  • 7075 Aluminum Upper, Lower & Forearm
  • 18.5″ Barrel
  • 8.25 Lbs. (including magazine)
  • 37.5″ (Collapsed) & 45.25″ (Extended)
  • Ships with Leather Carry Case
  • Magazines included: 2-RD Mag, 5-RD Mag, 10-RD Mag & 20-RD Drum
Typhoon F12

Typhoon F12 12 Gauge rifle from Typhoon Defense

There is a price given on the website of $0.00, but we will just assume that is because none are available yet.

A short statement given by Typhoon Defense hints towards a lead time (The grammar is not great, but they are from Turkey. If you ask me to speak Turkish, forget about it):

We will pick demands [orders] up from clients [distributors/retailers] until 06.21.2016 and we will start to production process.

Hopefully we will be hearing more about the Typhoon F12 and be seeing them in the US market. It is truly an intriguing firearm! Once we all can handle one, know more about its construction, and performance, then we will truly know if this is a firearm worth owning.

Typhoon F12

20-Round Drum Magazine for the Typhoon F12

Thanks to Armament Research Services for the tip.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • CS

    Personally, I think 410 or 20ga is more in keeping with the AR philosophy of smaller ammo and more of it. Also, 12ga will probably limit upper and lower interchangeability.

    • Anonymoose

      20 is much better for capacity with adequate power. .410 is pretty meh in terms of ballistic effectiveness. .410 slugs even are only about as powerful as a .40S&W, and .410 ammo in general is overpriced compared to larger shells.

      • Sasquatch

        No joke about them .410 prices!

      • gunsandrockets

        The 000 buckshot load for .410 has intriguing potential.

        • Curtis Johnese

          410 ammo is outrageous in price though. You could still get the recoil management with a 20ga , at least that’s my thoughts anyway. 20ga shells are way cheaper than 410 shells. I bought a few boxes of 410 for a snake charmer my son has and I couldn’t believe how much they were.

        • Anonymoose

          Only 3 pellets, tho.

          • CS

            410 slugs are where it’s at.

          • Anonymoose

            .410 slugs? You mean 10mm Auto?

          • Jwedel1231


          • gunsandrockets

            Actually 4 or 5 pellets, depending on shell size. Pretty dang formidable for such a tiny cartridge. There is even a 4 pellet load available which holds .400 diameter pellets.


            I think the 000 .410 load has potential as a poor man’s Project Salvo weapon, good out to 100 yards. Now if only some crazed you-tuber would test that theory out!

      • ozzallos .

        Price is a none issue if you can get wide spread adoption. hell, the only reason .410 still exists as even remotely relevant is because of Taurus and the their judge line.
        But yeah, .410 is closer to PPC material, not full a full-up rifle caliber.

    • roguetechie

      I think the odds are very good that neither the upper or lower will be cross compatible with the AR-10. you’re buying this firearm more for the standardized control layout, detachable box and drum magazines, and the superb straight line layout. The straight line layout will enhance the shooter’s ability to manage the recoil impulse allowing faster recovery and hence subsequent shots. The controls being the same as say an AR 15 makes for a gentle learning curve if you’re already experienced with the 10 or 15, and again this will help the user be faster without sacrificing accuracy.

      Basically this appears aimed mostly at competition shooters especially 3 gun. I suspect it will be fairly pricey, but if it’s well made and engineered that would not be a huge issue for intended users.

      • Curtis Johnese

        Definitely a 3 Gun competition gun. Clint Upchurch uses the Saga 12 ga but if this works well I could see him using it. You have to send the saga 12 off to a gunsmith to get it worked on to make it reliable but he’s done well with it.

        • roguetechie

          I like the 20 gauge too, I have a Mossberg 500 with a plow handle grip I bought when I was 19 that I absolutely love. BUT I tend to just ride the sales on low recoil buckshot for my 12 gauge because of how cheap the ammunition is compared to 20 gauge.

          Personally my feeling is 20 gauge is plenty of gun for my needs, but economics dictate 12 gauge as my preferred shooting option.

          If the typhoon shoots as good as it looks though I can totally see it being wildly successful. Plus Turkish guns seem to be pretty decent especially for the price points they usually come in at. Realistically the typhoon would be $2000+ if designed and built here so a $1500 price tag really isn’t bad.

    • Curtis Johnese

      20ga would be perfect. Less recoil and faster follow up shots , plus more rounds could be carried.

      • Jwedel1231

        Agreed. 20ga vs 12ga = .308 vs .223.

        • Amaterasu_Junia

          It’s going through the same phases as the AR. Remember that Stoner originally designed the .308 AR-10, but the Army saying they wanted a smaller round led to the creation of 5.56 and the AR-15.

          You should also remember that 12ga is universally the most popular shotgun caliber and is the best place to launch a new IP.

    • Tassiebush

      12gauge has the advantage of lower cost

  • Jordan Mickelson

    If it works well and is priced under $800 it will be a hit if not it will just be another competition niche shotgun. For $699 the Vepr 12 is a beast and mags are reall coming down in price.

    • El Duderino

      I doubt it’ll be any less than $1200.

  • CS

    Why do they have a magnified and bipod on a defensive shotgun?

    • Anonymoose

      Assault sniper shotgun for durr season.

    • Pistolero

      Presumably for slug shooting. Which in 12 g. would get up pretty close to bolter status.

      • Jwedel1231

        Most likely for aesthetics.

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      Read the image caption; it apparently has a rifled barrel.

      • Jwedel1231

        I see what you did there!

  • Fruitbat44

    Sale price of $0? I’ll take two!!!

    • Cal S.

      When Windows 7 first went on sale, stores had the list price as $99,999.99 because they technically weren’t supposed to be in stock yet.

      Just being random, don’t mind me.

      • Fruitbat44

        Random can be cool. 🙂

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I’ll take 10!

  • Garrett Hart

    You should do an article on the utas xtr 12

  • Curtis Johnese

    If it shoots as good as it looks it would be great to own. I like the AR platform and I’m working on getting the RPR in 6.5 cal because of its AR platform. I don’t think it will be under $1500 when it first comes out if it does come out for sale here.

  • gunsandrockets

    Is it gas operated?

    • Curtis Johnese

      Would be nice if it was but that would probably up the price significantly if it is. Those piston ARs can be expensive.

      • Vitor Roma

        DI is gas operated.

  • More (or really any) cool concept shotguns like this should be made in 20ga; it’ll do almost everything 12ga will, but with smaller and lighter shells that kick a heckuva lot less. I’ve taken more whitetails with dirt basic 20ga 5/8oz Foster slugs out of a 24″ smoothbore with a bead sight– out to 60+ yards– than any other gun/ammo combo, and it’s never failed to knock a big ol’ hole all the way through. You could probably get a whole 25 round box of 20ga in that 20 round drum, too.

    • iksnilol

      Yeah, but 20 gauge is more expensive and less available.

      I like the 16 ga myself. Honestly, I find the 12 gauge pointless but it’s cheap and widespread so what can one do.

      • It might be less common in gun shops, but I have literally never seen a sporting goods store or feed/coop store that stocked ammunition but didn’t carry 20ga; it’s a standard hunting cartridge. Places like Academy also charge the same price for 12ga and 20ga in the same brands.

  • Strongarm

    It seems a clasical Italian Guild auto loader with AR15 make up. Has not even a rotating bolt like Stoner’s . Recently Turkish manufacturers have tons of similar shotguns which some of them having much closer AR15 configurations. An interesting advertisement.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    If its not less than $800 then Ill stick with the good old 870. Somehow though Im expecting closer to $1200-1500. And Im not saying it wouldnt be worth that. Im just saying I cannot personally justify spending over $800 on a 12ga shotgun.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    This is the first AR type shotgun that really draws my interest. The others had potential if you invested 3-5 times their cost in upgraded parts and custom work in them.

    I really like the idea of a ready to gun gun. Also I wonder what magazines will cost? This I could get sufficent magazines and the gun for $1500 total this would be killer!

  • 360_AD

    Geez. Did they hire a teenager to design the way it looks?

  • Aaron E

    I like the off-set iron sights, because who doesn’t like to shoot a semi-auto 12-gauge with poor shoulder and cheek weld? Good way to rattle some teeth out!

    Seriously though this looks very nice, and I’m OK with 12-gauge. A 20-gauge version would be great too. Unfortunately I’m thinking price is going to be in the $1200-1500 range.