Thanks to Josh B. for sending us this photo. Here is what he wrote.

This photo was taken by me at the former Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (aka the Littlefield Collection) museum in Portola Valley, CA. All of the formerly full-automatic weapons you see before you were rendered inoperable in preparation for leaving the state. This included torching both the receiver and barrel. Most of what you see in the photo are M1919s and MG42s. A number of other weapons were chopped up as well.

It is a shame these could not be enjoyed to their fullest potential and cut down in their prime.



  • TVOrZ6dw

    I would love to have one of those M2’s, even if only semi-auto. Is it open carry if it’s mounted to the bed of my pickup ?

    • PK

      Depends on the state laws, just stay off Federal highways.

    • Nicholas C

      Technically in PA once you are on a “mode of conveyance” it is considered concealed carry.

      • Suppressed

        I was wondering if it would still be CC if I OC’d on a motorcycle, I guess I have my answer now.

        This state is ridiculous. I know a very responsible shooting enthusiast that got caught with a bowl (for smoking weed) back in his youth and even though he hasn’t done that for decades, he has forever given up his right to properly defend himself for anything outside of walking distances from his home.

  • Roy G Bunting

    I wonder why they couldn’t be transferred? Were they Post-Samples? Unregistered “DeWats” from before the 1968 amnesty?

    • jamezb

      Why, they were scary, and black…
      Wait a minute..
      California’s gun control laws really ARE racist!

    • PK

      Probably just never papered. It happened a lot just post WWII, museums took in a lot of guns.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

      A GIF has never been more appropriate.

    • Brett

      Congratulations sir. For today, you have won the internet.

  • PK

    YĆ«ko sums up my feelings perfectly: “Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful Bad.”

    • Anonymoose

      No matter how many guns they torch they will never stop Misato.

      • PK

        Is… is that bottom one from Higurashi?

        • Anonymoose

          Don’t think so. idk where it’s from but I’m pretty sure it’s not Higurashi.

  • BR549

    The horror…the horror…

  • FrenchKiss

    Because criminals love them some concealed M1919s and MG42s.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Why aren’t you contacting your candidates for office to repeal the NFA?

    • OJS

      I’m in California, the candidates can’t SPELL NFA

      • Nicholas C

        / LOL

  • iowaclass

    I think we would like a fuller explanation.

  • Sasquatch

    Just want to slap the person who signed the paper work for this to happen. I mean just get a runing start and a crow hop super slap them.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Or cut them down with same tools used on these pieces of history.

      • Sasquatch

        No! No cutting at all! These old war horses made it through the great war and need to be on display behind glass at least.

    • iowaclass

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say: Whoever did this probably would like to see the same thing happen to every civilian gun in America.

      Choose your heirs very carefully, gun owners.

  • Renzomatic

    Ahh, the Littlefield collection had an amazing collection of armored vehicles, then he passed and most of the vehicles got auctioned off. I didn’t know anything about the weapons though. Very sad.

    • OBlamo Binlyen

      I got to go there a few years back with my son and grandson. Truly sad. It was a great collection of heavy armor.

  • hal

    Why did the family sell off these priceless weapons ? And why did they have to be torched ?

    • Marcus D.

      Because automatic (NFA) and other “assault weapons” cannot be transferred by sale, gift, or inheritance/devise. They must be destroyed or turned over to the police for destruction. Though why they could not be driven out of state and sold is a mystery to me.

      • Malthrak

        If they were properly papered transferrable guns then they should have been allowed to be sold out of state under CA law, the only thing I can think of is if they weren’t transferrable registered MG’s under the NFA (e.g. post samples, Form10’d, etc)

  • hikerguy

    Did anyone expect any less from the People’s Republic of California? Those Idiots.

  • Peter Nissen

    You should have seen the media footage Post-Howard Gun Ban in Australia – pristine semi-auto’s being dumped into furnaces and melted for scrap. Absolute collector’s pieces destroyed in the aftermath of the Port Arthur shooting. Broke my heart that one idiot’s action’s, a politician wanting to make a name for himself and the collective action’s of the Media portraying “anyone” with a firearm as a potential mass murderer fuelled a anti-firearms frenzy that still exists today in Australia

    • Jeff Knox

      There was also a lot of help from George Soros on that one. He was the primary funder of the group that spearheaded the “movement” and then tried to export it to other places. That really obnoxious woman heads it up for him. Can’t recall her name off the top of my head.

      • FarmerB

        Rebecca Peters.

    • Cattoo

      That’s too bad. I don’t even want to imagine even though I’ve seen pics of the time hearing you say that brings vivid images to my mind.

  • Cattoo

    Man. We have some screwed up laws. Had to be made inoperable before leaving the state. Heck. They were in a fine state until some folks took cutting torches to them. Everyday brings seemingly another reason to dislike CA.

  • Aaron E

    I cannot believe TFB allowed this crime against humanity to be posted! The picture is obscene, and highly inflammatory and offensive.

    … this is communism!

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    “Before leaving the state”

    CA Law generally allows for “illegal” firearms to be granted “safe passage” when removed from the state. For example, when an owner of registered assault rifles passes away, the guns do not have to be destroyed, they just cannot be owned inside the state anymore. Whoever is in charge of the estate is allowed by law to remove them from the state for sale or storage in another state, for example.

    Would love to get the real background here. Something doesn’t sound right.

    CA is messed up, but not THAT messed up. I mean, come on, we’re not NY/NJ.

    • g. cheney

      OK, There must be an EXECUTIVE ORDER around here somewhere. Who took it?

  • Andrew Dubya

    There will come a day when we`ll have to manufacture vast quantities of arms again, each day I suspect it grows closer in twos.
    When that day comes resources will be gathered from from scrapyards and piles like this, because it will be more cost-effective than mining for new ore. They`ll return to the steel mills and on to the manufacturing plants. They`ll be weapons again, and again and forever. Don`t cry for them. Praise them, and hope you can fulfill your duty time and again like these arms.

    • g. cheney

      I agree, just hope there is a manufacturing plant left. Robotic auto assembly line tack welding can not turn barrels. We had a huge lathe in our shipyard machine shop, they turned huge ocean going tail shafts on it after reman’. buildup….it made battleship gun turret barrels prior to and during WWII…..rifling and all…awesome, and, to look at them you’d never guess what they proudly did in their prime. Being wistful? No, wistful yes when you think, they haven’t made machinery like that since the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s….I wonder now about our true capabilities….Well, there always is the Boat Yard…subs…they still can run a pretty good weld line I hear.

    • Cattoo

      Hopefully the arms made from them will be at least an equal in quality and workmanship.

  • RICH

    This is so disgusting and also heart breaking ! To destroy so many historical weapons should be labeled as a ‘SIN’ ! ! ! I have recently purchased a Thompson smg and in doing research I was brought to tears with the reports of what has been intentionally destroyed by our government just because they didn’t want the ‘AMERICAN PEOPLE’ to own a full automatic weapon ! ! The Governments answer is to just take a cutting torch to everything and things will just go away ! There should be no issue with things such as a Thompson smg as the prices are astronomical to the collector and even non existent for the criminal !