SIG Getting Aggressive in The Optics Market – New KILO Rangefinders


It wasn’t that long ago that SIG SAUER launched its Electro-Optics division. When the new division was introduced, the company rolled out a number of scopes, rangefinders and other accessories with it. Not content to rest on its haunches, the company announced a thermal reflex sight and pistol light recently. Now it is offering a pair of new rangefinders.


The KILO850 offers fast range finding operation with a 4x magnification. SIG SAUER uses a SpectraCoat lens coating that is said to improve light transmission and clarity while cutting glare and reflection significantly.

According to SIG, the KILO850 can provide up to four range updates per second. For a reflective target, this unit can range up to 1,200 yards, while it can accurately range a deer at 600 yards. With a black finish, the unit sells for $239.99. With a camo finish the MSRP is slightly more at $264.99.


The KILO1250 is similar to the 850 in features but offers longer ranging and increased optical magnification. This unit offers 6x magnification and will range up to 1,600 yards on a reflective target. A deer will range to about 750 yards. This unit is also available in black and camo finishes. The suggested retail pricing on this model is $359.99 and $384.99 respectively.

Both of these new units are based on the company’s KILO2000 – a unit that can range up to 1,200 yards on a deer, and 3,400 yards on a reflective target.

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  • Cuvie

    Has anyone tried any of Sig’s line of optics? I watched one review of the Romeo 4C that seemed pretty favorable. It seems like a step up from budget optics like the Primary Arms Micro Dot, but is still cheaper than an MRO/Aimpoint/EO Tech.

    • bravada2002

      I have the Romeo 4B and love it. It has a great auto shutoff feature. For the price I highly recommend it.

    • I know Holosun makes the Primary Arms micro dot, and I’m about 95% sure that Sig’s new micro dot in a Holosun 515 model (even if they claim they are making them in house). People talk trash about Holosun (most of which don’t even own one), but it’s a pretty good optic.

    • Kimjungill

      I have a Romeo 4B that came with my MCX.
      It’s decent, nothing to write home about.

  • sean

    I have been playing with the Kilo2000 and i am really shocked that i have been able to mark at over 1700 yards! The glass is great but that laser is phenomenal!!

  • QuadGMoto

    How is Sig rolling out all these impressive new goodies so quickly?

    • Kimjungill

      By not shipping already promised products.

      They seem more interested in releasing new guns and gadgets then producing parts and upgrades they committed to a year ago