LEUPOLD to DISCONTINUE MARK 4 Sales to Civilians; Will Only Sell to Military & Law Enforcement

Leupold Mark 4

If you have ever wanted to own one of Leupold’s Mark 4 scopes, now is the time to pull the trigger! The Leupold Mark 4 will only be sold to military and law enforcement units starting January 1st, 2017.

The Leupold Mark 4 series of scopes has been very successful in the civilian market over the years because of their success and endorsement by the military. With that being said, Leupold’s target market for the Mark 4 is the military. It is disheartening that they will now reserve the Mark 4 for only them, but it does make sense. They are narrowing their focus on the segment of the market that buys them the most.

This leaves people wondering if the popular series of scopes is going to be replaced with something else for civilians. Possibly a similar line of high-end, tactical scopes exclusively for civilians? Maybe they will let us “regular joes” feel special with a separate line of scopes for us. Or possibly a more economical line of AR optics?

Mark 4

Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x20mm Firedot-G SPR Illuminated Reticle (MSRP $584.99)

Many competing companies like Bushnell, Nikon, and Vortex have dedicated AR optics in their line-up that will not empty your wallet. Leupold does have their “Mark AR” series of scopes, but they MSRP anywhere from $350 – $650. The modern sporting rifle market is very soft right now and many shooters are budget-minded. If Leupold were to roll out a more economical series of optics for the AR market it could be a huge hit.

Some may argue that even though we are losing the Mark 4 series there is still the Mark 6 and Mark 8 lines available. This may be true and the quality is spectacular, but the pricing is equally spectacular; anywhere from $2,859.99 – $5,624.99.

So you now have from the time you read this until December 31st, 2016 to get your Leupold Mark 4 scopes. Ready… Set… GO!

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • Evan

    I have a Mk4 CQ/T. Good optic. This seems like an incredibly stupid business decision in the long term though. I can’t speak for any other branches, but I know the Marine Corps doesn’t use Leupolds. At least I never saw one.

    • Joel

      I have a CQ/T also. It’s a great and underrated optic. Leupold’s prices have been going wild though. The CQ/T skyrocketed after I bought it. Their LCO and Deltapoint Pro are in the pretty ridiculous range. Such pricing may only be sustainable in the LE and Mil world.

      • Evan

        I bought mine in 2005, it cost me somewhere in the $8-900 range. I looked at their current pricing a couple years back, and it was like $13-1400. That’s a big difference.

    • politicsbyothermeans

      I also have a CQ/T. It’s the only optic I had in the military that I seriously considered buying once I got out. Definitely underrated.

      • Evan

        I bought mine while I was in the Corps on a recommendation from a friend, and took it to Iraq with me, because as good as the RCO is, it isn’t the best suited optic for urban environments. The only problem I ever had with my Leupold was that for several years after I got out, I lived in NYC, where owning an AR is out of the question, and I had neglected to take the battery out. I ended up having to replace the battery case.

    • fasteddiez

      A long time ago they did

  • iksnilol

    Paying that much for a Leupold seems kinda meh to me. We’re I am it’s always been considered a middleground scope. Not the best, not the worst.

  • Bacon Chaser

    One more reason to buy Nightforces.

  • Mike N.

    C’mon, you can’t post something like this and not post a link to the source. This site isn’t TTAG. I’ve not seen this story corroborated any where else.

  • Joe Goins

    Leupold makes better scopes; this one is an older design. My guess is that they will eventually discontinue the line in favor of their other options.

    • iksnilol

      Plenty of folks make better scopes than Leupold.

  • Dave Y

    “They are narrowing their focus on the segment of the market that buys them the most.”

    This quote is rarely true of Gov’t sales. Most large manufacturers make hand over fist more money celling to the commercial market than they do to the .gov – at all levels. There could be some mitigating factors; it may be that they can’t be competitive with this model in the commercial market but have contracts for .gov purchases. This could allow them to free up resources to concentrate on selling models more competitively in the commercial market.

    Still… whenever I see this quote from a company, it makes me want to shop elsewhere.

    • kzrkp

      it might be a “legacy support” sort of situation where they want to discontinue it but gov agencies still want it.

      • raz-0

        That would be the only sane thing. Big customers want the mark 4, leupold wants to introduce the mark V or whatever.

        On the other hand, a lot of the “new ideas” showing up in their product line have been questionable at best and priced by a madman. They seem to be losing their grasp of the situation, so going full colt wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • notalima

      “whenever I see this quote from a company, it makes me want to shop elsewhere.”

      Yep. I’ll be reading about this a bit more to try to both corroborate and clarify. If this appears to be a ‘none for you’ situation, that will be the last Leupold that I buy. Shame, but I can find similar quality at that price point from other OEs.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Bad form. Not that could afford them any way, but what makes the civvy population not worthy? I don’t buy the “focusing on market that buys them most argument”. If they’re already making them, then why not make some available for the rest of us?

    • jamezb

      Exactly. If there is already a production line in place, and demand is an issue.. ramp up the production for heavens sake! Suspend production on another product until supplies of it get low.
      I suspect they are going to introduce a new civilian product, (that they already know will never meet military spec standards), and intend to cram it down civilian throats…probably at a lower manufacturing price, lower material quality, and yet somehow even higher retail price.

    • Aramaki

      They want to flat out discontinue the Mk4 line, but they have contracts in place still for .gov/.mil customers. Kind of like how normal people can’t buy Windows XP anymore, but the Navy can because they’re paying hand over fist for it.

  • C. Her

    Well this article if indeed true just solidified my optic choice this summer. Was torn between Leupold’s Mark 4 6.5-20 or Vortex’s Razor 5-20. Vortex Razor it is!

    • Drew Coleman

      You’ll still be able to buy the Mark 4 this year.

      • C. Her

        Yes, I’m well aware of that.

      • Evan

        I think his point is that since Leupold is making that decision, he isn’t going to give them his business.

  • Laserbait

    While I think it’s a poor decision, I think this is probably more of a marketing decision than anything else.

    Hmm, maybe they’re coming out with something that that the .gov/.mil wants restricted. Dunno what that would be, but…

  • Agent_Orange

    This kind of attitude just puts a sour taste in the civilian buyers mouth. It’s not the first time we’ve seen products get otherwise restricted to MIL/LEO, and for little apparent reason. If it’s a marketing ploy, it’s a poorly executed one in my opinion.

  • Rob

    Leupold is discontinuing sales of older product because they have newer better options available. There will be new products launched to fill any remaining voids. They are maintaining LE/Mil sales because they have written commitments to continue to do so. When those commitments expire so will the MK4 line. The MK4 line was getting tired compared to newer offerings from competitors. People have been crying for updates for years and now it is coming.

    The fact that people are upset with a company attempting to update their product line in favor of newer improved products is mystifying to me.

    Every company does this to stay current with the market. Evolve or die.

    • nadnerbus

      If this is indeed the logic behind their decision, the article here should probably be edited to make that clearer. As it reads now, it gives the impression that they are simply restricting the line to MIL/LEO, not phasing it out.

    • skippyxxx

      Yes but they generally come out with the new before the old is completely exhausted, business 101. You generally try not to alienate your customer base!

    • Heyoka

      I have six of the things in various iterations and their MK IV Spotting Scope. Hope they will continue to service them. A contract is a contract

  • Sn SM

    The “bitching” is due to the elitist and insulting way this has been announced.
    A LOT of us have already had to deal with this attitude from folks like H&K
    and we are tired of “LEO royalty” . Cannot think of a worse way for them to
    handle this.

  • Drew Coleman

    Is there a source for this?

  • Christopher

    Just because CIVS won’t be able to buy them doesn’t mean they are snubbing CIVs. They may plan of fielding a new line up. Some of you jump the “I’ll show them, I’ll never buy there product again” gun way too quickly. I can tell you right now they already make LE/mil only products. Not a big deal.

  • jamezb

    Lets all join hands and say it together ;
    “Because you suck and they hate you”
    …now faster …and backwards…

  • LibertyDwells

    If you are paying 3k+ for a scope you are what is called an optics snob. You aren’t getting a better scope, you’re just buying a name so you can go be an asshate on a forums somewhere.

    As for discontinuing civilian sales, that should be reason enough to buy none of their products. I couldn’t care less what their damned “reasons” may be.

    • MH-TX

      I watched someone be an asshat on a forum one time because they resented folks with the funds to purchase a level of performance they couldn’t afford. You ever see anything like that on a subject the asshat clearly don’t know anything about?

  • Stainmaster Zinc

    I may keep that drawing.

  • Spencerhut

    Gunning for douchebag of the year huh?

  • Smedley54

    Whatever motivations Leupold may have for this decision, it will have very little impact on me. Even though I very rarely buy anything but Leupold optics, the Mark 4 series has always been just beyond my budget, and there have been excellent scopes that met my needs and budget. No pain here.

    Besides, Mark 4 features have already migrated into the Mark AR and VX3i lines. Civilians are more susceptible to trends than military and LEO, so when the market reaches peak tactical (we may have already), civilian product has to position for the next wave. Viewed strictly as a marketing strategy, separating the product lines makes complete sense.

  • Frank Grimes

    Marketing gimmick.

    They’re beginning to realize nobody wants their overpriced Chinamart scopes anymore so they start rumors hinting at them soon being “LE Only” so the mall ninja crowd scoops them up to pretend they have something exclusive or the bumpfire stock crowd scoops them up so they can feel like they’re getting away with something.

    Leupold makes junk they should just go out of business.

    • DwnRange

      spoken like a true idiot – Leupold tactical Mil-Dot scopes set the standard for long range shooting for decades and anyone who has every used one seriously knows that – neophytes like yourself who have never gotten a hit at 1000 yards in their life should stick to what they know…….. : (

  • John Swinkels

    Well thats a bit of a kick in the pants i liked m4,So i guess you could save your bucks and buy a Schmidt & Bender or one of those crapy Aussie scopes that they make in America that i cant buy direct. Which i do own anyway.But as a sales man said to me if you want to fuc up a good hunting gun put a nightforce on it they are so heavy,with a tripod no problems.

  • John Swinkels

    Anyone considered this is just a marketing ploy so everyone will go out and buy one,cause the price will go up.And when all th stock is sold they will bring out the new magic scope that can hit anything.

    • Heyoka

      You can have all the battery operated wonder junk in the world. In our world where we don’t have an open check book like the military simple is best, quality is everything… well durability is equal to quality but you get the point. I would rather be a genuine shooter than one enhanced with crutches and can’t shoot a lick without them.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    If this is true…I”m not ever buying another Leupold product. I’m sick and tired of companies that stop sales to civilians and just allow the vaunted “military” or “LE” to own them. It sucks. It makes it seem like they are special and above the people. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SERVANTS of the people not their lords and masters. Drop dead Leupold. I’ll buy Vortex or Nigh Force from now on.

  • Geoffry K

    I never could afford a scope that costs that much. The Mark 4 series run from $800 to $2300.
    So selling to the Military and Law Enforcement makes sense.
    Just like $700 hammers and $2000 toilet seats.
    A $300 Nikon does fine for me.

    • DwnRange

      a $300 scope is fine for a $300 rifle, but any shooter worth his salt will tell ya to spend at least as much on your optic as you did on the rifle it sets on……

      • Geoffry K

        50 yards, bench with bipod, custom built 300BLK 16″ 1:8 Ares Armor black nitride barrel, handload Hornady 150gr. FMJBT .308″ 15.5gr. H110 OAL 2.180″. Crosman Centerpoint 4-16X40mm Scope at 10X. Scope cost $70.

        • DwnRange

          LOL, 50 yards……..

          Get a real caliber rifle and let’s see what your $70 scope does at a grand.

          • Geoffry K

            The 300BLK is for varmints, don’t need to go any further.
            No 1000 yard ranges around here.
            There aren’t even any ranges more than 100 yards anywhere near me.
            This was all shot in my backyard range.
            You’re just jealous because I just proved super expensive glass is no better than the cheaper glass. It is the rifle and the shooter that make the difference.

          • DwnRange

            You proved nothing, a $30 scope works fine for those that set ’em and forget ’em, I got one on my 10/22 – Leupold Tactical scopes are for those that shoot long range, which you can’t do (I’m looking at 800 yards off the back porch here and my gun-builder has 1200 yards nearby) – not even the same ballpark…….

            btw – I’m embarrassed if my 100 yard groups go MOA+ so there’s nothing to be jealous of here at all

          • Geoffry K

            Let me see you do better.

          • DwnRange

            Son, I shoot a custom Redline 77grn SMK load out of a CR6724 to 1000 yards and have done so for more than a decade, so your 223/5.56 information is long out of date and inaccurate. Ever hear of MK262 Mod 1 military rounds, ever wonder where they came from?

            This is an article about Leupold phasing out the MK4 scopes (save for their military contracts) not about how excellent you think you shoot with sub-par equipment.

          • Geoffry K

            My equipment is hardly subpar, and my $300 Nikon does just as good as those high-priced ones.
            Shot this at 10:45AM ET this morning.
            So one of you yahoos with a Leupold or whatever show me what you do with it.

          • DwnRange

            Ya just can’t grasp the concept or the differences between 100 yard shooting and 1000 yard shooting and the precision equipment needed to do it sub-MOA, running out and back and getting hits (consistently) at every range.

            Check my comment here in this TFB thread and you’ll see the difference between precision hand-loaded ammunition in a precision scoped AR hunting rifle at 100 yards (please note these are hunting bullets and as such not a tight as 6.8mm 115grn MatchKings would be) –


          • Geoffry K

            Yes I do. I have read all the info on long range shooting, but as there is no place to do it here, it is a moot point.
            The concept YOU can’t wrap your head around is that you DON”T NEED a super expensive scope to hit what you are shooting at.
            You’ve fallen for that myth.
            Yes, I know about heavier bullets, 90 and 100 gr. and powders and single round loading in the AR because the OAL is too long for the mag.
            I’m telling you an expensive scope is not needed. Mine holds zero repeatedly. I have the ballistics chart for all my loads. I know which retilcle circle is for what range for each load. (BDC600 reticle).
            This ammo load is calibrated out 493 yards with the reticle. I can put a proper range size target out to any range and hit it, just like at 100 yards.
            I already have 1 MOA grid targets made for 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards, but no place to shoot that distance.
            South Carolina is SUPPOSED to be building a range for out 1000 yards, they have the money, but no place to put it or anyone to manage it. Politics, you know?

            I am not bashing high priced scopes. If you have the money to waste on them, fine. I don’t. I’m retired. Money is tight. A $300 scope works for me, so there. It took me 2 years to put that rifle together, buying what I could afford when the opportunity arose.
            I built the suppressor on a Form 1 and it cost me $100 in parts and the $200 to ATF. It is hearing safe with full power ammo and hardly makes a sound with subsonics.

            All my ammo is handloaded, measured to .1gr (scale limit) on powder charge, bullets sorted by weight, LC NATO brass full length sized and trimmed and sorted by weight.

          • DwnRange

            South Carolina Official Training Grounds. The face book page is scotg13, address for club is 8524 Neely Ferry Rd Laurens SC 29360. they have a 1000 yard range there and there are many more that have 300 yard ranges in your state (you keep making statements that simply are not true, without checking your facts and didn’t even check my post w/ a 5 shot group shown on the other thread, or so it appears) – I’m done here as you’ll never learn anything about long range shooting until you get outta the mindset you are in……

            The day this started I centerpunched a 4-5″ sized turtle on a log in the pond at 340 yards, saw him, stepped inside the house, grabbed up my custom Rem 700 “Krieger” hvy-bbl’d 223, (one of 2 as my elderly dad has one built at the same time as mine, both w/ Leupold 6.5x20x40mm mil-dot/turrets) benched it, dialed the Leupy to 4min (based on my dope for the log) one 3 ounce (yes “ounce”) trigger squeeze, 1 shot and he’s history. My eighty-five year old dad pops crows in the pasture at 5-600 yards, using either rifle (mine or his) – one-shot, dead crow – this is what precision optics and precision rifles do for us. I have women who have never fired a gun in their lives that peg a 4″ steel plate at 700 yards right here off the back porch shooting bench repeatedly (they can’t do that using a BDC recticle scope as they’d not know where to aim when one is past the internal scope marks) – trust me here, that’ll put a smile on anyone’s face.

            I am not a good shooter, or don’t consider myself to be (only one good eye) – David Lueders is a good shooter (scored for him down at Golden Triangle SC several times – “F” class – the guy once busted my plastic spotter pin 4 times in one 20 round set, made mincemeat outta the target which was at 600 yards – the spotter pin was 1/4″ in diameter, maybe [IIRC he finished the set with 18 Xs] – only time I ever had to replace the NRA sanctioned target in the middle of a set) – MASTER CLASS shooters reading this dialogue are shaking their heads at how much you do not know, me I give up.

          • MH-TX

            You might consider not digging any more, that hole is gonna cave in on ya.

      • Geoffry K

        Again. Why?
        100 yards, bench with bipod, custom built 5.56, PSA 1:7 SS Freedom barrel, Nikon P-223 4-12X40mm at 10X, Hornady 55gr. FMJBT, 25.0gr. CFE223 OAL2.230″ Ave. 2776 FPS. Scope cost $300.
        I don’t need scopes that cost more than my rifle.
        Both my ARs were built for about $800 each.

      • Geoffry K

        Here’s a 3 shot group at 100 yards from my 5.56.
        I save all my targets.
        Oh, I forgot to mention that it is suppressed.

  • Richard Chelvan

    Who cares, even if true, there are better scopes out there!

    • DwnRange

      “Only in recent times” – old-timers like myself had very little choice back in the 60s and 70s and let’s face it – I am still to this day running Premier Optical modified VX-IIIs with Mil-Dot and Gen II Mil-Dot recticles on my long range rifles and THEY still get the job done 100% of the time that the shooter does his part, (and yes some are nearing the 40 year old mark),

      From 4.5x14x40s to 6.5x20x40s (which place the scope closer to the bore than the newer big tubed optics which require high mounts) they were at one time the only choice used by the elite military units and still are a damned fine choice for dead nuts repeatable accuracy at any range.

      (and yes I do own a MK4 4.5×14 and a newer MK6 1×6 as they are always a good choice) You can’t ever go wrong choosing a Leupold Mil-Dot IMHO.

  • Joel WS

    I’ll hold out for the Military Surplus store price.

  • C T Kuna

    Well, I have bought my LAST Leupold !!!

  • Roland Smith

    Why bother buying from Leupold at all? There are lots of excellent, cutting edge, scope manufacturers out there. Sounds like Leupold is becoming a fudd/Zumbo company. Screw them.


    Nightforce thanks you Leupold.

  • The Carden Chronicles

    something feels very “funny” about this. As several of the comments stated, businesses generate a good deal of revenue from civilian markets. There are many other good comments here that point out that this just doesn’t make business sense.

    There is one other possibility- I wonder if someone in the current “administration” mentioned to Leupold “if you sell ‘military spec hardware to civilians, we are going to make sure your current contracts don’t get renewed”.

    After all the other stunts the “current administration” has pulled- operation choke point for example- it is not out of the realm of possibility that the government may try something like this quietly.

    Government interference would explain this move that otherwise doesn’t seem to make much sense.

  • Deminimismax

    OK. So I’ll never buy anything from them or their associated companies. Nothing but love for them and their friends!

  • skippyxxx

    Good for them, night force is a much better scope. This tells me they are part of the new world order because a normal company would just expand to cover the extra sales as well as creating more jobs but they are not!
    Think what you want; I put this directly into the 22lr. and ammo shortage scam and that is exactly what it is!
    I know it’s hard for dummies to understand but try. Corporations are in business to make money, those buildings they work in were never that large originally, they became that large because the demand was there to make more money. Now there’s demand to make more money with ammunition like 22’s but no one is expanding, that alone should tell you what’s happening.
    A shortage can only happen on the consumer side of the counter, if the business can’t get 22lr how can you hoard them? Get it! No business is getting them so where are they going exactly? Ammo companies claim they’re working three shifts that’s 24 hours a day compared to one shift when I was a kid; they were 22 stacked up everywhere by the billions. if they are in fact making them at three shifts and none are showing up at any store in America except a tiny little box here and there where are all the 22’s going? Because this is business 101 at its simplest. I pour one gallon of water into a one gallon bucket it should be filled to the top… right!!!
    Forget all the spin boys and girls and just admit it, you’ve been dumbed down and just don’t know it.
    They ran the same game in 1973 with the oil shortage scam, only ten years left worth of oil in the entire universe and the dummies in the Good ol’ US of A bought it hook line and sinker; remember, 50 and thrifty so Nixon can fly! That was almost 50 years ago, that’s one half century and gas is flowing like there’s no tomorrow, this time even in China where there’s 1.5 billion people.
    My answer to all this is this, buy a Chevy Bolt when they come out in the fall. They go two hundred miles on a charge at 65-70 miles an hour with no oil changes, no radiator to flush, no transmission to have serviced. The best ancillary of all is you get the starve the Arabs to death because they make no product but oil and once we know longer buy oil from these people all these problems are over, they will literally starve to death. You’re probably wondering where is all the electricity going to come from, buy solar panels stick them on your roof put them in your backyard and charge your car for free… Boy that was hard! And while you’re at it, call your congressman and ask them why are there no electric service stations every 50 miles around America if global warming is really true, excuse me, climate change!!!

  • Jeff Fisher

    Leupold can go to hell. Lon Horiuchi surely sends his thanks though. I hope they get “L3 Syndrome”.

  • mazkact


  • me ohmy

    meh…nightforce is even tougher and about the same price point

  • AirborneSoldier

    White house uses political pressure to effect change.again.

  • Dragonheart

    What a way to create demand, just say you can’t but it anymore. Let’s face it a quality scope does what a quality scope does regardless of the name on the scope.

  • Mike11C

    Any manufacturer who wishes to restrict some of their products to Law Enforcement and Military has completely lost me as a customer. I won’t buy ANYTHING from a company who will only sell certain items to me. If I can’t buy anything you offer, I will buy nothing from you. There are plenty more companies who will sell to any citizen. If you want to make sure I’m not a felon, that’s fine but, if I, as a law abiding citizen, can not purchase body armor, unrestricted firearms, optics, or ammo, I will not buy a damn thing from you. If we all did this, they would change their tune or go out of business.

    • Heyoka

      Yep about like the states enacting magazine bans and the like… Time to take our money elsewhere.
      It sounds like the message is “new” and “affordable”. It is the ruggedness and dependability that I bought them for. It was designed and engineered for the SEALs. But it seems that the SEALs have adopted the Night Force to a large degree.
      We all need to write letters and find out why. A mail deluge usually gets results.
      ABANDON SHIP!!!!

  • jon

    I saw this over at the Leupold Facebook Page…

    “Beginning in January 2017 we will no longer be accepting commercial orders for the current Mark 4 line of riflescopes. This legendary optic is battle proven and is instrumental to global military and law enforcement efforts. As such, we will continue to support government entities for the foreseeable future. Due to consumer demand and the popularity of this line for competition, hunting and sport, the Mark 4 riflescopes will continue to be available to the commercial market throughout the remainder of 2016. Rest assured, significant product evolutions are underway in the Leupold Tactical line-up that will continue the Mark 4 legacy of rugged, reliable service. These exciting advancements will be available to all, and details will be released as they develop.”

  • kcshooter

    Restrictions of civilian sales equals an instant boycott in my book. Too bad, Leupold makes good glass. But so does Burris and Vortex so I still have great choices from great companies.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    It is obvious they think a lot about their products.

  • Paul Prochko

    I will assume this is true….and this reminds me of another Smith and Wesson of the past. And no, I won’t support Leupold if this is true. I stopped buying Smiths for 10 years when we went through this with them. I own Leupold products, but I don’t have to buy any more. They can do what they wish, and so can I.

  • i1776

    Said it before, the government doesn’t like competition. A capable person with these scopes represent “competition”.

    • Heyoka

      Rodger that…..

  • Mikie G

    The writer does present the info as though leupold is snubbing us subjects in favor of our masters. If this is so, then the hate is well deserved.
    If this is because they are phasing it out, then it should have been presented as such. MKIV was cool 20 years ago. Today we have much better and more affordable. The SWFA SS series of optics are hands down the best bang for the buck and hold their own against higher priced brands to boot.

    • Rob

      Leupold actually answered these questions with their release:

      “Beginning in January 2017 we will no longer be accepting commercial
      orders for the current Mark 4 line of riflescopes. This legendary optic
      is battle proven and is instrumental to global military and law
      enforcement efforts. As such, we will continue to support government
      entities for the foreseeable future. Due to consumer demand and the
      popularity of this line for competition, hunting and sport, the Mark 4
      riflescopes will continue to be available to the commercial market
      throughout the remainder of 2016. Rest assured, significant product
      evolutions are underway in the Leupold Tactical line-up that will
      continue the Mark 4 legacy of rugged, reliable service. These exciting
      advancements will be available to all, and details will be released as
      they develop.”

      They have new products that they are announcing and have told people that orders will stop in the future for old product in January (same month as shot show were new products are typically announced). They will continue to support existing Military customers because they are contractually obligated to do so. This is typical for companies to do as they update product lines. People have been screaming at Leopold to bring the MKIV line into this millennium and now they are. And there is more screaming.

      Also of note is that the Nightforce 2.5-10×24 has been a .mil only product for years and people aren’t screaming at Nightforce. It is not that they hate us it just is not economical to keep an obsolete design in production unless you have a large order for it. The military doesn’t order one-sees or two-sees.

  • ColBatguano

    2K for a scope? That’s another 4 AR builds 🙂

  • rbdthnfngfnh

    Are things really that bad for them?

  • David Harmon


  • StBernardnot

    Well if that’s true, keep the rest of your scopes, too.