Caracal USA Expands With A New Shop in Idaho


Caracal USA announced the company is continuing plans to expand its brand in the United States with the opening of sales and marketing offices in Boise, Idaho. It’s website is currently only a landing page for collecting e-mail addresses.

In January, Caracal made the announcement that Caracal USA would open offices in Idaho – but that all manufacturing would be handled elsewhere. For clarification, Caracal USA is a subsidiary of Caracal. Caracal, the parent company, is a small arms company located in the United Arab Emirates, a federation of monarchies located in the Middle East.

At this time, the company’s only guns to be made in the United States would be manufactured for them by Wilcox Industries in New Hampshire. The company announced in January that Wilcox would make the 816, a piston driven AR style rifle, for Caracal. It is not currently known when Caracal will begin selling those rifles, but they are not yet on the US civilian market.

After recalling every “C” and “F” model pistol manufactured, a number of people have been eagerly awaiting for Caracal to re-introduce the new versions of the guns in the United States. Caracal first showed the newly designed CP660, CP661 and CP662 pistols at the 2014 SHOT Show. I have been unable to confirm is any of those guns ever shipped to the US market.

At the 2016 SHOT Show, the company showed the Enhanced F model. According to the company’s CEO, Hamad Al Ameri:

“By redefining our weapons’ equilibrium, Caracal has differentiated itself from the competition. This approach underpinned the redesign process of the Caracal F pistol…

One would hope that the opening of additional offices means that Caracal will begin shipping guns in the near future.

Richard Johnson

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  • El Duderino

    Is anyone aware of a firearm that initially flopped due to quality/design issues that later went on to be successful?

    • Ambassador Vader

      Remington R51. haha that hurt just saying it.

      • El Duderino

        You sir have a low bar for success.

        I know some people happy with Remington’s 1911s but all of their other new handguns are on the Don’t Buy List. Even the somewhat-touted RM380.

        • Ambassador Vader

          It was a joke. their 1911’s are realistically priced, but their other products are built upon failure. the only reason their 1911’s are doing half as well as they are is because their conglomerate bought para and para is making them.

    • ClintTorres

      Kel-Tec PMR 30? Maybe.

  • stephen

    “by redefining our weapons’ equilibrium”

    Good thing I’m wearing my boots today.


  • Ben Loong

    Man, I remember when it was announced that Armscor was gonna be the official distributor of the Caracal here in the Philippines. (I still have a brochure.)

    And then the recalls came and Armscor dropped them like a hot potato.

  • mrxSimpson

    Do they sell guns to “infidels”?Jajaja

    • jay

      Yes, of course. Then they recall them all.

  • derpmaster

    This thing won’t last very long on the market. The market is so saturated with polymer pistols that nobody would even bother with this thing, unless by some miracle they manage to release it at Hi-Point prices.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Isnt it a pet project funded by one of the princes, as a dalience or vanity side project.

      It does not need to make money, just make the prince proud.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Awesome! I hope my local shop get one in to try out!

  • It’s a shame they seem to have gotten rid of their ‘quick sight’ system. It was one of the few things that truly set them apart, and it actually worked.

    • In January, I was told the company intends on bringing back the quick sight system when the guns start shipping.


      • Awesome :). Thanks for the update!

  • Just Sayin’

    Idaho huh, does that make it a Spud Gun?

  • vwVwwVwv

    caracal is around for years, the designer of the gun, an ex worker for glock,
    is working in topping the glock. till now it went wrong.
    i wouldn’t buy guns from manufacturers
    with no tradition in guns
    at all.

  • ClownBaBy2013

    Interesting. Was just looking up the state of their pistols yesterday.