Walmart Back in the MSR Game?


Last year, Walmart made a very big deal about not selling AR-15 rifles – or anything even vaguely tactical – in its gun department.

In statements made to our own Phil White, Walmart said it was getting out of the AR business on a permanent basis. Included in the self imposed ban were:

  • all AR-15 firearms,
  • rimfire .22 rifles that looked like AR-15 guns,
  • all “MSR guns of any type,”
  • shotguns with 18.5″ barrels, and
  • accessories for the AR-15 and similar guns.

So, when TFB reader BG walked into his local Walmart in Oklahoma, he was somewhat surprised to find the Ruger Mini-14 being offered for sale in the gun department.


As many readers know, the Mini-14, like the AR-15, is chambered in 5.56 NATO – a military cartridge – and uses so-called high capacity, detachable magazines. In fact, both the Mini-14 and the AR-15 are semi-automatic versions of actual military rifles: the AC-556 for the Ruger, and the M4/M-16 for the AR rifles.

It would seem that Walmart backtracked on its position from just several months prior…unless, the original self-imposed ban was really just political pandering.

In August 2015, Walmart’s spokesperson insisted that the elimination of AR-15 guns and equipment, plus the additional elimination of all MSR-type guns and shotguns with 18.5″ barrels was not a political decision. Rather, the company stated the market for these items had grown soft and its customers wanted “traditional rifles and shotguns.”

Oddly, Walmart stated its decision was permanent even though it was basing the decision on a temporary sales trend. I’m not an expert, but I did not believe then (nor now) that a successful company would make permanent product decisions on temporary sales trends. Many other people expressed similar doubts about Walmart’s motives.

While the Mini-14 would seem to fit squarely in the MSR category, and therefore subject to the company’s own sales ban, it is a much more politically correct weapon for the ignorant observer. After all, it has a wood stock.

Of course, the truth of the matter is Walmart never really exited the AR/MSR market like it claimed. Sure, you cannot walk into your local store and pick up a Colt Law Enforcement Carbine like you could less than a year ago, but the company is still profiting on the AR market.

If you head over to the company’s website and type AR-15 into the search bar, you will get many pages of AR products. Oh, and not just cosmetic ones either.

You want an Adams Arms piston kit? Walmart has you covered with free shipping to your local store for easy pick up. How about a CMMG lower spring kit? Maybe a Wheeler delta ring wrench? Walmart’s got all of it, plus a whole lot more.

walmart screen shot

Yes, some of these items are being sold by third parties using the Walmart sales platform. However, a lot of them are sold directly by Walmart itself. The Adams Arms piston kit, for example, shows as “Sold by Walmart.”

So, Walmart permanently got out of the “anything that looks scary” market, claiming declining sales. Yet, the company’s actions suggest to me that the decision was very much a political one. Otherwise, why would they be happy to sell the Mini-14 in the stores, and quietly make internet cash on the AR parts and accessories?

What are your thoughts? Has there been a sudden spike in Mini-14 demand causing Walmart to carry the rifles? Did Walmart lie to shooters last year, and if so, why? Were they getting pressure from consumers or anti-gun elements in the government?

Hat tip to TFB reader BG for providing the Ruger photos and some of the information in this article.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • imachinegunstuff

    My Wal Mart never stopped selling Mini 14s. In all fairness I understand why the AR market failed for Wal Mart, they entered when the market was saturated and their rifles were pretty expensive.

    • Billy Jack

      It was a convenient fake stand to take along with liquidating that stagnant inventory. But now we see educated middle-class gun haters haven’t flocked to Chinamart to give them their cash. I wonder if this was to trick that Manhattan church that was pressuring them to stop selling firearms or if they were in on it too looking to get some sort of boost in stock price.

  • Gonna have to go with political reasons. As you noted, the Mini-14 isn’t a scary black rifle. Doesn’t have the same recognition as the AR-15.

    • Kivaari

      They never had the models with flash hiders.

    • hoochbear

      Just dam reliable. Watch on of the inside the prison shows & chances are the guard tower will be stocked with Rugers. & guards dont make warning shots.

  • Jwedel1231

    I’ll just stick to not buying my gun staff at Wal*mart, and supporting local businesses instead (when possible).

    • Kivaari

      Walmart IS a local business. Every Walmart employs dozens of local citizens giving them more benefits than are available in the smaller businesses. We even see employees of other grocery stores buying groceries at Walmart. Reality is thanks to the magnet effect it has boosted county revenue substantially. Other stores located nearby thanks to that magnet effect. Go to any small town that is having a hard time, and see how much they want Walmart to come to town. More jobs, lower prices, and a safe environment. When I was in the gun business, I learned not to compete with the big box stores, adapt to areas they can’t compete in. Lot’s of the guns they sold were “seconds” and took gunsmith services Walmart could not offer. You charge the customer to fix the defects or upgrade the customer to higher grade accessories. The little guy often is benefitted.
      NO, I don’t work there. I never did and never will. I can buy most gun stuff wholesale or near it, and still find deals too good to pass up.

      • plumber576

        Hail corporate!

        • Kivaari

          What part of corporate don’t you like? The one that brings you food, airplanes, cars, doctors and toilet paper?

          • The part where they use thier billions to undermine our individual liberties and slowly attach themselves at the imbelical cord to the politicians so they can rule over us as serfs. Icorporations are not conservative, or mindful of liberty, they are amoral rent seeking scum who help push collectivist statist controls over all of us and they should be put on a very short leash. And don’t think I’m not pro free market capitalism, becuase I am, it is these mega corporations that are against true free markets and capitalism using thier power to buy politicians and destroy competition.

          • Kivaari

            Obviously that is sarcasm, since no one can be that stupid, except on purpose. But, there are Bernie voters out there.

          • Kivaari

            Like unions and democrats?

          • yes them too. dont think corporate america is the friend of traditional values or individual liberty they are not. google and facebook are to examples of corporate billions being funneled to leftwing policitical causes to undermine our way of life and help fundementally change us forever. they take the money we give them for goods and service and use it to inslave us. zuckerberg is a fascist pig. thier is a price being exacted from us much greater than the price of the goods or service alone. they have spent billions to help big government get bigger and the citizen get smaller and collectivism gain more power to put a boot on our faces for ever. and unions and democrats are just more players in this destruction.

          • hoochbear

            The old fashioned Democrat and Republican took the middle, moderate road and worked things out. Today’s absolutist, pro-theocracy, doctrinaire, left and right wing nuts are pulling the country apart . (absolutist- 2.arbitrary; despotic; uncompromising. (doctrinaire Noun . a person who tries to apply some
            doctrine or theory without sufficient regard for practical
            considerations; an impractical theorist. ( Adjective . dogmatic about
            others’ acceptance of one’s ideas; fanatical: a doctrinaire preacher)

          • AirborneSoldier

            The definition of crony capitalism, yes

          • VT Patriot

            I have a suggestion. Take what ever few dollars the ‘evil corporations’ have allowed you to keep, and start your own evil corporation. First, think of sonething you can do better than anyone else (like H Ford), then work 24/7 to put it in play, then hope you aren’t the only one with the idea, then take your meager profit and choose to:
            1. Reinvest it in your business.
            2. Go on a spending spree in Vegas.
            3. Give it all to your employee (or employees)
            4. Close the business, then pay back money borrowed to start the whole thing.

          • Kivaari

            Yep! The people hating corporations don’t like anything that costs big buck to get rolling. Jimmy Bobbie’s 787 factory would have a hard time coming up with enough money to buy more than toilet paper for the one toilet in the place. Build a GMC system out of ones personal wealth. People that hate corporations do not understand what stock holder are doing. Many hate the corporations, even when their personal retirement accounts are invested in them, otherwise there would be no retirement. Yes, the market fails. Risks exist.

          • hoochbear

            sure, & greedy wackos from Wall St & beyond will LOVE to gamble. with your hard earned retirement, even your Social Security. Every family should replace their Social Security investing in stocks for their retirement. such a grand pool of funds to keep A-MERICA prosperous, & investing, & borrowing costs of corporations low. Yea. Probably create the likes of Deflation no one could even dream of. sure just like making their own investment decisions, every household ought to be a homeowner. too.

          • hoochbear

            Oligopolies- like decreasing competition in satellite/cable/cell services. Gasoline. Health insurance companies. Monopolies in retailing , like walmart in a small town or many walmarts in a medium size town.

          • plumber576

            Who says I don’t? This is the internet and people make sarcastic comments. Be careful out there.

          • Kivaari

            Like I said, it is sarcasm, or you have an issue.

          • hoochbear

            would you believe?

          • AirborneSoldier

            And jobs. And donates a lot in communities

          • hoochbear

            Donates. Esp Walmart. part of the local walmart being is that of a giant PR machine that has mastered the art of press coverage for say, a $2,000 donation to x or Y charities on a regular basis.

        • anonymous

          Socialists to the left of me, Oligarchs to the right.

          Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

          • hoochbear

            damngood! But look who occupies the choices Hillary Huckster & Donald Duckster. liars, cheater, fakes all.

      • 11b

        Except Walmart actively tries to NOT give those people benefits by only giving them say 38 or 37 hours a week, that way they’re not “full time”. It’s well known and documented. Furthermore they hardly pay a livable wage which is one of the ways they can price so low. I’m not saying Walmart is evil or anything like that but don’t paint them as some angel of business. They also knock a bunch of small guys out of business because they can’t compete with the pricing.

        • Kivaari

          Walmart hires around 1500 people per week. If you stay long enough the money is better, as are the benefits. In our area if you don’t work for government, a car dealership or Walmart, you don’t have benefits.

          • John

            How long do I have to stay to get above minimum wage Kivaari??? A year, 5 years??? How many hours of overtime do I need to GIVE for FREE before Wal-Mart deems me worthy of their love???

            Get religion Kivaari, it pays better than being a corporate shill!

          • I’m very sure he isn’t a corporate shill. Most retail companies these days(including Wal Mart) only hire employees for 32 hours or less per week to avoid paying benefits. I always thought that stunk.
            Wal Mart will offer benefits if you have been there long enough to be promoted to a department manager or some such title.

            Still they do provide jobs that otherwise wouldn’t exist in most areas.

          • John

            I’m sorry Phil, but are you saying that if Wal-Mart did not exist, we would no longer need toilet paper? or tires? or food? They don’t lift up communities, they latch on like a leech and suck the cash out. When MOST of the profits from the local Wal-Mart GO BACK into the same city, you let me know.

          • Kivaari

            We would just pay more at little stores that don’t have benefits for anyone. I’ve never seen WM take away union jobs. Almost all of the mom and pop stores can’t afford it for themselves.

          • AirborneSoldier

            Many mom and pop stores used to price gouge too. I have mixed feelings now as it is a different company since Sam W died

          • Kivaari

            Many were horrible. I told customers that I can not compete on some items. I referred them to the Big Box. Others appreciated my candor and bought the item from me. Customer service, customer education and all the things that are often missing from unhappy Big Box employees, should not exist in a mom and pop. It can. I’ve seen too man small gun hops with really poor attitudes that run off customers.

          • Len Jones

            Now here you go, I have also run into that smart ass attitude at gun shops. Those guys know everything there is to know about guns if you don’t believe it just ask them. I like to buy at Academy Sport they answer the questions without attitude and are friendly and have good sales.

          • Kivaari

            We had a gunsmith (AKA: Blacksmith) that wouldn’t work on guns bought elsewhere. Especially if it was from Walmart. He was an idiot. A chance to win a customer, earn a fair profit, and create good will, gets blown because of his small mind.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            When son Robert took over the reins after Sam died, Sam’s “Made in USA” program died with him.

            Now it’s “ChinaMart.” 😐

          • Kivaari

            Walmart can’t find enough people that want to work AND actually how up. We have a Walmart, about 9 years now, and so far I haven’t seen a small store close because of WM. We have the same number of sporting goods stores and tackle stores, grocery stores (one within sight of WM) showed a huge increase by selling premium meats. Literally 150 yards away. WM stimulated the local economy. They are a magnet for a much wider area.

          • n0truscotsman

            “Still they do provide jobs that otherwise wouldn’t exist in most areas.”

            ding ding ding! I was waiting for somebody to answer this correctly.

            The fact is that walmart also employs those who would otherwise be considered unemployable or permanently out of the job market due to a wide variety of factors.

            Something to consider (and I loathe Walmart and their labor practices with every fiber of my existence).

          • AirborneSoldier

            Thank obamacare. Lots of businesses now only hire less than 32-36 hrs weekly. It was predicted.

          • Kivaari

            That was common over 30 years ago. When Big 5 bought out Sportswest stores in the PNW, in 1984, they offered a 60% wage cut, and only jobs under 32 hour per week. People needed jobs and worked for them. It was a place holding job for most, as it was worse than unemployment.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            In many instances, ObamaCare “doubled” employment numbers – one 40-hour full-time job became two 20-hour part-time jobs.

            Remember that every time an Obama “cheerleader” touts his “Obama has created (x-number) jobs” crap.

          • Tothe

            Indeed. In a good economy, we wouldn’t need both parents in a family working multiple part-time jobs.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            Old cartoon:

            Jimmy Carter giving speech: “I have created more jobs than any president before me.”

            Speech observer to fellow observer: “Yea; he’s made everybody have to have TWO.”

          • Kivaari

            Everywhere I go, I see people that would have a hard time getting a job. WM hires lots of folks. Our local store has at least 3 great gun people.

          • hoochbear

            Oh my goodness..stay long enough to be promoted to a dept manager…So you can really be trounced on by upper store management. Too many upper store management people have passed their level of incompetence.

          • John Redman

            Speaking of benefits I think it is primarily “health care benefits” Walmart, and every other retailer under the sun are trying to avoid paying. Affordable Health Care is one of the biggest oxymoron’s I’ve ever run across.

          • Len Jones

            You don’t work at walmart to support a family that a no brainer you are just making money enough to buy smokes for a week. If your working to support yourself your screwed.

          • Kivaari

            I don’t know. I understand that people wont show up for work – reliably. That is why they hire 1500 + people per week, to replace the lazy people. Locally, getting hired by Walmart is a good thing. Unless you have a technical skill in medical or mining you are pretty much without choices for jobs.

          • AirborneSoldier

            My daughter loved walmart. Quickly made management. But she had old fashioned work ethics,unlike many slacker co workers who would complain about low pay

          • Kivaari

            Exactly. Good – reliable employees do well. The very typical lazy American worker doesn’t do well anywhere, except in government.

          • cian smith

            Don’t know where you get your info, but it’s bs. I know several people that have taken part time and overnight work at Wallyworld to supplement income. They were started out WELL above minimum wage(2-3 dollars an hour more) , received a significant wage increase after less than 90 days, and were eligible for benefits in the same time period. Part time is capped at 32 hours. Anything beyond is full time.
            I know it’s fashionable to hate the big guys, but some places don’t have the luxury of many other choices. Quit being an elitist Douche.

          • Fernando Urrutia

            I worked for walmart for 5 years, and its all BS! They offer benefits yes if you are full time, but they hire part time employees, they offer training but only for the pet employee that a manager needs, they barely promote USA manufactured products in favor of cheap Chinese crap (profit by sales volume)

          • Kivaari

            Every business pushes pet employees up the ranks. Pet employees get there by being harder working. A manager that “needs” a certain type of employee will pick the pet employee because that employee has shown themselves to be better than the ones that are not pet employees. That goes on everywhere. In a police department who gets promoted to sergeant or captain, it isn’t the slacker? Walmart like most businesses tried to find the best deals for them, that maximize profit. Profit is a good thing. We have a hard time finding quality items at Walmart, so we will buy better grade stuff elsewhere. Walmart has staked out its ground as what it is. It is a cheaper place much of the time. They ae the only store within 50 miles that sells TVs. If you don’t want the Christmas TV soaking in rain or snow for an hour. Walmart doesn’t have it all.

        • Tom Currie

          It is “well documented” that everyone is supposed to hate Walmart for SOMETHING — it doesn’t really matter what, just so long as you post BS crap about why you hate Walmart (and, of course, don’t mention that you shop at Walmart every week just so you can find something new to whine about).

          • Kivaari

            I used to laugh at the head of the UFCW union, putting his dark glasses on, so he could go shopping without being noticed.

          • John

            No Tom, you are wrong. We talk shyte about Wal-Mart because they are the poster child for corporate greed. They make BILLIONS in profit, while sharing almost NONE of it with their employees. I have shopped there about 5 times,(it’s true) and each time what I bought was either already broken or defective in some way. Good luck with their return policy because it sucks. Please show me the ACTUAL FACTS about how Wal-Mart saved a town from going under without showing how they BURIED every other business selling similar products. All I know is….CHINA LOVES WAL-MART!

            I await your educated response.

          • Justin William Officer

            Actually Walmart loves to open a store in a small town, drive the smaller businesses out and then close once they see their numbers not on par with projections. laying off a large community workforce. Many many problems result in this model.

            I’ll stick to buying ammo using ammoseek and guns from small privately owned businesses. I typically buy nice quality stuff so wallmart doesn’t really effect me.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            While I still shop at WallyWorld occasionally, I have moved my primary shopping to Kroger – which welcomes ‘Open Carry’ here in Texas – even though I personally don’t ‘open carry’ my sidearm.

          • Tom Currie

            Funny thing. Around here our Walmarts that sell guns have a silly notion about having someone from the store carry your newly purchased gun from the sporting goods department out of the store — BUT none of those Walmarts have any sort of No Firearms signage. Like you, I rarely open carry, but I will admit that sometimes my concealed carry is a bit casual because generally no one notices or cares in the places where I usually go. Around here, I don’t panic or cause a panic if a sudden gust of wind happens to blow my windbreaker cover garment aside. Off hand, I have only open carried in one Walmart, when I happened to stop to pick up another box of ammo on my way to the range and did not bother to put my jacket on — I parked out front, walked back to sporting goods, bought a box of ammo, and returned to my car. No one paid the least bit of attention. Part of the reason is the overall attitude in the suburban area where I normally am; another part of the reason is that I don’t look like a gang-banger or one of those idiot Texan open carry “activists” that have done more harm to the RKBA movement than all the liberal gun banners put together.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            “…or one of those idiot Texan open carry ‘activists’ that have done more harm to the RKBA movement than all the liberal gun banners put together.”

            Yea; some of them went “over-the-top” and acted more like ‘Liberal Loonies’ than level-headed, peaceful, Conservative 2nd Amendment advocates.

            Hopefully, when the ‘Constitutional Carry’ discussion comes up again in next year’s legislative session, they will be more ‘low key’ than last session.

          • Len Jones

            Academy Sport also has a store employee walk you to the checkout and the door I have done that twice and also at walmart.

          • Xaun Loc

            The day after I posted that, I was in my local Walmart and I happened to notice a young man open carrying — not any sort of “Open Carry Movement” protest demonstration, just a guy (who looked just barely old enough to buy a handgun) with a pistol in a strongside OWB holster. I was using a handicap cart at the time, so his pistol was close to eye level for me. I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it anyway and I doubt that I was the only person who saw it — but no one paid any attention to it at all.

        • Kivaari

          Little shops, especially gun shops don’t bother competing against Walmart. Sell what they don’t have. Provide services they don’t offer. Don’t bad mouth them, as often the gun sales people are your customers.

        • Striker333

          True true. The union-busting teams Walmart sends out are the same reason the mob got so powerful with unions back in the day…only now the union-busters don’t come out with bats+chains like yesteryear….they just fire everyone.

          • Striker333

            For those who don’t know…the mob offered their “protection” to the union organizers back in the day. In a way, the mob did 1 good dead…their “protection” allowed Americans to unionize+make a living wage+work an 8 hour day. I’m not talking about the unions the media loves to put on tv to smear all unions. There are actually union workers that work better+harder than non-union, no-benefits workers.

          • Kivaari

            I’d sure like the 6 years of pension my union didn’t give me.

          • Len Jones

            Yes they also screwed my Dad out of some of his. IBEW what a screw job.

          • AirborneSoldier

            Unions are part of the problem, and are un american, all propaganda aside

          • hoochbear

            Tell you what, l’LLfavor abolishing unions, if you’ll favor abolishing all business alliances like THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS and THE US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. NAM loves anyone who expands their labor pool, legal citizen or not.

          • Kivaari

            The only union in our area is for miners. Walmart didn’t take any mining jobs away from anyone. It was the union that were killing people and blowing up mines and ex-governors.

          • Len Jones

            So you make min. wage join the union and take home less money because of union dues that don’t make sense.

        • throwedoff

          11b, if you work 36 hours or more a week you are considered full time by Walmart. If you show up on time, don’t call in sick regularly, and perform you job duties with an above average level of competency, your yearly evaluation will reflect this along with your yearly raise. My wife left Walmart after eighteen years. She started out at $7.50 an hour and was making just over $21 an hour when she left. She also received quarterly bonuses, participated in the company 401k program, the stock purchase program, and had medical, dental, and vision insurance. She also could pretty much adjust her schedule on the fly except during the build up to Black Friday, Christmas, and inventory.

      • John

        Oh Kivaari, take off your “Trump for President” hat for just a minute! Walmart sells crap, bought from China, sold by underpaid Americans, to people too stupid to understand they are cutting their own throats by shopping there. YOU are the very reason this country is no longer the best, because you try to convince us that billionaires need love too.

        I can’t actually say “F**k y** Kivaari” so I will say “I hope you lose enough in your life to force you to shop at Wal-Mart.

        Have nice day!

        • Kivaari

          I don’t like Trump. But I can’t stand Hillary or that socialist Sanders. Let’s get that out of the way. I wanted Cruz. Loose enough in life to force me to shop at Walmart. Seriously, Everyone shops at Walmart. If you want stuff, its buy there, over pay in small shops or drive 50 miles one-way to a larger big box store.
          Since retiring 15 years ago, my finances took a huge hit, and I shop at Walmart. I buy gun stuff mostly at a hardware store, small sports shop or a small dealer 50 miles away. I’d buy ore locally, but the local stores don’t inventory what I like.
          I owned 2 gun stores. I had big box and small box competition.
          So you tell me what it is like to have a small gun store where you have 17 competitors in a county with 83,000. Then tell me how can we get the small shops in a county with 13,000 to bring in the stuff I want. Walmart isn’t selling any tactical gear. Well, none of the other stores locally are doing so either. Who could pick up the slack? Who doesn’t? Why? Your hatred for corporations is the typical of a small mind trying to be the big fish in a small pond but unwilling to risk capital. I’ve done it before and did quite well.

          • Striker333

            Trump is a good man. I hated him for the past 20 years…until he ran for President. He isn’t PC, he doesn’t sugar coat, and he says how he really feels(even though I don’t agree with him on every issue…especially abortion…but I think he said he will leave that up to the states to decide).
            He loves America+won’t sell us out like 90% of the elected officials in DC have over the past 40 years. Think NAFTA was bad…Hillary will put the trans-Pacific trade agreement into law…goodbye to any last hopes of the USA being the way it was when jobs were actually available…I’m talking decent jobs…not the current “lowest unemployment numbers in decades” minimum wage Starbucks type jobs held by people with 4-year college degrees+$80k of student debt loans to pay back.
            Trump went to military school as a kid…most people don’t know that. He worked with his father as a young man, and had MUCH bigger dreams than his successful mid-level developer father had. He wasn’t given his empire, he built it on his own.

          • Kivaari

            I find his child-like whining to be, well, child-like.

          • hoochbear

            Trump-The only shame he cant handle is when he himnself is shamed.

          • AirborneSoldier

            Its not the consumers fault that the gun store biz is overcrowded the weak will exit, the strong will stay.

          • Kivaari

            That’s free markets at work. I id visit a small tackle shop yesterday to ask about what Walmart did to his shop. He lost sales. Why? Well, it is a small, dirty, disorganized place and it is not easy to shop in. Piles of merchandise in dusty cardboard boxes do not make for easy shopping. A harder working store owner could increase sales though cleaning and organizing.

          • hoochbear

            hmmm wonder if he had some old wooden American made fishing lures in original box & is dumber than a sack of nails. NOT that dumb.

        • Striker333

          I still have my Trump hat on. You make some valid points as well John. Unfortunately, 90% of products have the dreaded “Made in China” sticker/stamp on them, regardless of the retailer. Clinton took huge donations from a Chinese national(he has dual citizenship I believe). These donations are being investigated b/c they think the $ could have come directly from the Chinese gov’t to buy favorable trade practices with China.
          Trump has said he will tax the crap out of imports to make it cheaper to buy made in the USA products. He stopped eating Oreo’s(lol) b/c they outsourced the factory to Mexico. He shamed an American auto maker for doing the same. Trump will create jobs here, just as he’s done with his business that employs thousands of Americans. Don’t you want a change from the past 30 years of (paid-for) politicians? I do-

          • Striker333

            BTW…he’s not a racist or sexist. He employs people of all ages+races. Many woman hold top jobs in his company(not just family members). He doesn’t want the same problems here that Europe is having with Syrian refugees(the Europeans are scrambling to find legal ways to deport most of them). As far as illegal immigrants, it doesn’t matter where they come from. Breaking the law is breaking the law.
            And he didn’t say all Mexicans are rapists. He said there are a lot of great people in Mexico…but their worst are crossing illegally. There are signs in southern Arizona that warn hikers to stay out/beware of these lands b/c of cartel activity…google it! Our American lands given up to the cartels! We gave up??? The wall is ok with me so Americans can travel anywhere in our country without fear of Mexican cartel snipers(that’s on one of the warning signs in Arizona).

          • hoochbear

            full of it. forget the Mexican cartels. We have enough home grown criminal gangstas to keep us busy for a while.

          • Kivaari

            Dual citizenship? Seriously. More internet magic.

          • hoochbear

            Dear me, China cant afford for us to fail. they own our bonds & we keep their factories going so they can keep Walmarts stocked. WELL… Not always……

          • The funny part is when people turn up their nose at me for shopping at Walmart and say “Well I only shop at Target” haha yeah good move there, target has the same exact made in china walmart stuff at 2 times the price lolo

        • Kivaari

          John, You are a real brain power house. I love shopping at Walmart. The gun people in our local store are great. I have never bought a gun at WM. I never will. I would be stupid to not buy ammo that can’t be found elsewhere and at good prices. I shop small family owned gun stores. I no longer have a huge pile of guns, as I am in my declining years. I can’t trade an AR15 for two new Beretta 9mms at WM, but I did at a one man shop last week.
          Regardless, of where you show up, you have a certain way about yourself. It isn’t pretty.

          • John

            You defend the indefensible and that bothers me. Too bad if it bothers you too.

      • Striker333

        Very good+valid points-

      • hoochbear

        SAFE? environment? Better CC your weapon. And bring your friends. whether you shop there or work there. Phenix City Walmart pulled security patrols months ago, already carjackings, etc. Alabama tort attorneys must be licking their lips in anticipation. Of course, these are are Unarmed Security, Unlike Barney Fife dont even have one bullet to share.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        I’ve never seen anything in WalMarx that wasn’t available cheaper and/or better elsewhere. I occasionally use them when traveling because I can one-stop shop for everything I need, accepting it’s going to be crap, overpriced, but all in one location to save time.

    • Ambassador Vader

      Easy guys, I used to work for walmart. There is no right or wrong answer. They are a corporation. They are A moral. It’s a good or bad thing depending on your views. they employ people who are otherwise unemployable. They put out local businesses. They offer goods at moderate prices were locals might take advantage of that. They randomly shut down stores that have already put local businesses out of business forcing people to drive further to their other stores. They are good or bad based on how you feel about their tactics. Yes their tactics are very dirty, but you have to take the good with the bad with capitalism……………Or just flame war on the internet.

      • Ambassador Vader

        But personally i’m not pro walmart so I might be biased.

      • Jwedel1231

        I prefer internet flame wars, it’s just easier.

        • Ambassador Vader

          lol it’s true. Just go into any forum and yell 1911’s are better than glocks!, ar-15’s jam and AK’s are the solution!, or Mossbergs are better than remingtons!

          • John

            HA! That IS funny….everyone knows AKs are better than ARs!


          • Ambassador Vader


            hahaha idk as an engineer the design of the AK is one you look at on paper and say that will never work. I hate the design but respect the reliability.

          • Kivaari

            Remember Kalashnikov copied the M1 rifle/carbine fire control group.
            Borrowed heavily from Germany and made choices upon existing machinery. Soviets wanted a small bore rifle and cartridge before WW2 started. It’s funny when people say they like the 7.62mm when even the Soviets wanted a .22 in the 30s.

          • John

            Come on, the AK is so ugly it’s beautiful, kind of like Macaulay Culkin.

            JK MC

          • Kivaari

            It’s the same old stuff we’ve heard for my entire life, with only new things popping up when they get invented.

      • Kivaari

        The free market works. It is business. People like WM for prices and selection. They are the biggest business in the world for a reason. That’s seems like it is pretty good for millions of people. WM could close all its stores and millions would be out of work on all sides. Everyone would suffer. If you don’t think so, you are not thinking.

    • RSG

      As the nations largest retailer, and most convenient for the “Everyman”, walmarts political decision can and should be viewed as an intentional, albeit their right, infringement on our abilities to exercise our rights under the 2A. Viewed through that prism, any freedom loving American who continues to shop there should receive the scorn Walmart does.

    • In other words, you like paying more for less..

  • Political no doubt. If they were really interested in getting out of the scary black rifle business they would have stopped selling .223/5.56 or .300 BLK ammo – but they kept that on their shelves. Mini 14’s were gone for about 6 months after the announcement, but were quietly re-shelved at my Wal-Mart.

    As the election gets closer, I would not be surprised to at least see accessories come back, if not a basic rifle altogether. Money talks, and Wal-Mart is about making money.

    • Kivaari

      Other guns use that ammo. It would do no good to stop ammo sales, except to alienate may customers. The anti-gun crowd doesn’t know enough to understand what ammo goes where.

    • Tom Currie

      If you are counting on politics driving the stocking of any product at Walmart you have your tinfoil hat on too tight and it is cutting off the flow of blood to your brain. The Mini-14’s disappeared when they were sold and they reappeared when the next shipment made its way through the supply chain.

    • gunsandrockets

      Heck yeah! Even here in Commiefornia Walmart does tremendous business selling ammunition for politically incorrect firearms. Though that will likely soon be changing because of looming changes in California law.

  • jamezb

    If I’m not mistaken, our Walmart still sells AR’s, or at least had them still until very recently, as in within the last few months – …perhaps they are just using up existing stock… which for a company that big could be rather substantial..
    Of course this is Arkansas, and we ARE talking about WALMART. I could see them make a big deal about pulling the ARs in “unfriendly” areas, yet quietly leaving them on the racks in “friendly” areas… with the unfriendly zone media – too lazy or afraid to travel outside their comfort zones – never knowing the difference.

    • Burt Maclin

      Same here. The only time any of the 5 Walmarts I go to in my area (can you say saturation?) hasn’t had an AR in stock is when they’re sold out. The literally have never taken them off the shelf as much as the news and press releases claim otherwise. Sure, they may have taken them out of a few locations, but if they did they just sent them to more rural Walmarts where locals may not have a lot of LGS.

      That said, I still wouldn’t buy one from there. But the press fluff is just that, fluff.

    • Kivaari

      They all went away at our nearby Walmart. Even the slightest looking tactical accessories went away. Locally, it hurt the bottom line.

  • Cal.Bar

    Wal-Mart, like the CA legislature only cares about how guns LOOK. They are ignorant as to the obvious operational similarities between the rifles.

    • Kivaari

      They did not like the nasty letters from anti-gun customers. In North Idaho they were well received.

    • Tom Currie

      Actually, Walmart doesn’t really care how guns look — they care about one thing and one thing only — how much money they can make per square foot of sales space. It doesn’t matter whether that sales space is in the sporting goods department, the ladies clothes department, the frozen food department, or the seasonal display aisle. Walmart is NOT in business to push any political agenda – they are in business to make money, and it just happens that they are very successful at doing exactly that.

      • Cymond

        Then why make permanent decisions based on temporary market conditions? Why eliminate high margin/small space items (accessories) that are politically sensitive?

        My guess is that, yes, profit is king, but part of chasing that dragon is avoiding any unnecessary public outage or boycotts.

  • UCSPanther

    Wal-Mart is a huge business. I would not it past them to “pander” until things cooled down.

  • Eric S

    So, political as in they’re expecting a run on SBR come November? Cause pnaic buying is always good for business.

    • Kivaari

      There has been an uptick in SBR and silencer sales.

  • Justin Thomasson

    I have only ever bought one gun at WalMart, and that was only because I was in dire need of a shotgun for duck hunting due to mine breaking, and Walmart was the closest place to where we were hunting that had something decent (Remington 870). Will still be the most laughable gun buying experience I’ve ever had.

  • John L.

    Don’t know and don’t really care. I usually buy through – direct or transfer in – the friendly smiling local gun shop. (I avoid the unfriendly scowling LGS that treated my wife poorly when she went looking for magazines.)

    I wouldn’t be surprised, however; WM is big enough it can’t really afford to annoy the federal political class in a serious way.

    • Kivaari

      I think that is “feral” class.

  • Bill

    Who cares? It’s Walmart, never known to be a paragon of business ethics, nor the place I would choose to go rifle shopping. One in a conservative city near me carried ARs, one in a liberal city near me never did. I was stunned to find a 7.62 SIG AR in the one, priced at MSRP, and it was on the rack for weeks. The average Walmart shopper isn’t likely in the market for a SIG AR, and the average SIG or AR aficionado can find one at less-than-list. Their “tactical” stuff was Dark Chicken dung and the optics were straight from China.

    Walmart is for deodorant and maxipads.

  • Evan

    I wouldn’t buy guns at Walmart anyway. I’ve bought ammo there occasionally, and I’ve found that the staff in the firearms section aren’t gun people at all, and tend to stare at you blankly if you ask them for anything other than 9mm.

    • Kivaari

      It depends on where you live and shop. Our Walmart had several fine gun people. Better than most big box stores.

    • hoochbear

      getting like kmart eh?

  • Joshua

    They know the election is coming, and they see it as a very lucrative one.

    Let’s face it it’s a buyer’s market atm and has been for a while. This election will be a sellers market.

    My Walmart was either AR-15 or shotgun, then it went to all shotgun, and now it’s getting back to AR/shotgun .however they always carried BlackHawk grips and stocks, promag magazines, etc for the AR.

  • Nicholas C

    The Mini14 is not anything new. It has been at my local Walmarts ever since the AR ban.

    • Kivaari

      They never had the flash hider variants. Those make the Ranch Rifles much more assaulting.

      • hoochbear

        can I get one with a bayonet lug? always wanted to lead a charge.

        • Kivaari

          There are quite a few Mini-14 GB models around. It takes the standard M16 bayonet (M7). That store in Couer d’Alene Idaho, Triple B guns had 3 on the rack this afternoon.

    • Kivaari

      It isn’t a black gun with a pistol grip and flash hider. The average anti-gun customer doesn’t know the difference.

  • ironked

    The whole 18″ barrel tac shotgun line is pretty much crap as well. Around here they always have a couple of tactical looking, black, defensive, cylinder bore pumps in stock under at least three or four brands. Most maddening to me is that around here they rarely have anyone staffing the sports counter who can unlock ammo. If you’re really hard up, you can wait 20 minutes while the one checker completes sales or fills out fishing licenses. God help you if the guy with the key goes to lunch.

    • Kivaari

      They went to 18.5 inches to keep them Canadian legal. Like revolvers now having 4.1 inch barrels, since 4 inch and under are illegal in Canada. That 0.10″ makes the gun incapable of being concealed. You can get 18 7/8th ” M1100 Remingtons as they are not offensive to the Canadian government.

  • JamesG3

    I’ve seen the Mini-14 in our Walmart all along. They never pulled them here.

  • Porty1119

    I buy much of my ammunition at Wal-Mart, because my two LGSs either stock virtually none, or have a selection a mile wide and an inch deep. Seriously, I can find every obscure handgun or rifle cartridge loaded by more than one company, but God help you if you don’t like the brand they stock. Anything else is reloaded; Wally World sadly doesn’t stock powder or 209 primers.

    • Kivaari

      Ours does. At fair prices.

    • hoochbear

      Ammo, depends on wally’s deal l And I would hope they wouldnt. sell reloading. And more than once I’ve had to speak up in Walmart sporting goods when a customer was going to buy goose size steel shot for a dove shoot & the clerks were totally clueless. Actually heard one woman buying $18 a box steel shot for his dove shoot. & wondering out loud if her husband had taken on a really expensive new sport.

  • Olyn McKinney

    Not to mention that the mini 14 is based on the M1 Carbine.

    • Kivaari

      The M1/2 carbine was Americas first assault rifle.

      • hikerguy

        Or maybe the first PDW. Or maybe both…..

        • Kivaari

          It did replace an inadequate pistol.

    • gunsandrockets

      Nah, closer to a M14 than a carbine.

      • Olyn McKinney

        You are correct. My mistake.

      • hoochbear

        EEK! that close? The CAT is out of the bag. oh well, doesnt matter those anti turds wouldnt be caught dead reading this blog. 😉

  • Blumpkin

    If it is at all possible, I try not to buy anything at walmart. My level of aggravation appreciates this decision.

  • Richard

    The Walmarts near where I live have never not had at least one mini-14 in the case

  • Kivaari

    Our local Walmart never stopped selling Mini-14 Ranch Rifles. The crew was not happy since they did a good MSR trade. Even the popular optics that “looked tactical” were dropped.

  • Tom Currie

    Yawn…. I don’t know why bloggers have to try to make a big fuss over nothing at all. No one paid any attention when Walmart was selling the Springfield M1A, but the bloggers had to make a fuss when Walmart started carrying a couple of the dreaded Black Rifles — and those firearms bloggers almost universally attacked Walmart for carrying the guns that their customers were looking for — then the market pretty much dried up once everyone had either bought a black rifle or figured out that congress was not really going to ban then, sales fell off and Walmart decided to stop stocking “tactical” guns because they made more money selling hunting rifles and shotguns; and, of course, those same bloggers who attacked Walmart for selling ARs came back for another round of stupid nonsense attacking Walmart for not selling ARs. Now we have a blogging idiot who cannot tell understand that a Ruger Mini-14 is NOT BLACK and NOT SCARY, and it never fit into any of the categories that Walmart said anything about dropping. But now we have another round of damn fool bloggers attacking Walmart yet again for selling a common semiauto rifle.

  • El Duderino

    Walmart sells Fudd’s 5.56 again. News?

  • robert h kruckman


  • robert h kruckman

    How many of you Walmart experts have ever worked or associated with Walmart? None I bet. I know many who have and they did not complain about having a job that paid real money.

  • ozzallos .

    You might recall that at about the time of this self imposed ban, a major shareholder of walmart was seeking litigation of walmart to ban their sale of firearms completely. I doubt the ban was political so much as it was appeasement in the short term toward that entity; a major NY Church if I remember correctly.

  • Jdixon

    I worked at Walmart from 2008-2011 in the sporting goods section while I was going through school. We always sold the mini-14 ranch rifles in store and had the option to special order the other variants or the mini-30. I agree that is not too different from selling ARs, but walmart had always sold minis.

  • John

    You know, I was googling the definition of “hypocrites” a while back and I got mad because the Wal-Mart page kept coming up for most of the results….now I know why….

  • John

    Wal-Mart sells CRAP for cheap. If you can only afford cheap crap, shop there till you get a better job. I have NEVER been able to justify their low prices to the level of CRAP they sell. Check your history folks, ever seen a problem with defective ammunition sold from Wal-Mart? No? Then you’re not paying attention. JMHO

    • Kivaari

      Have you ever seen an ammo recall from Remington, Federal, Winchester, CCI or any other big ammo company? I have. Yep! blame WM because they bought ammo that the maker screwed up on. I have never seen a Walmart ammo plant. Go look through past issues of gun magazines and you see recalls of ammo and guns from every maker. Yep. it’s all WMs fault since they make special deals that can bring on lawsuits, injuries and deaths to customers, since it is so profitable. People, get real.

      • John

        Don’t kid yourself, Walmart DOES buy lots of the cheapest everything, including ammunition. Is it there fault when there’s a bad batch? Not DIRECTLY, but if you’re known for buying leftovers and seconds, then the odds of you buying a batch of questionable ammo goes up. The cost of a lawsuit from a few people does not equal the profit you make, just ask the airline industry. If it’s cheaper for people to die than to fix the problem…people will die. This is corporate law #1

      • hoochbear

        Thank goodness they’re ISNT a walmart ammo plant. probably be in China & have outside & inside of box fully contaminated with lead dust.

  • Martin frank

    My walmart has never stopped selling mini-14’s. Just everything else. This is not news.

  • Uncle Dan

    The Wally Whirled closest to me did a BRISK business in Colt’s, Bushies, Windham, Diamondback and other brands of ARs and had Mini-14s, too.

    When they swallowed Obama’s agenda the ARs disappeared overnight.

    The two Minis in the rack were and are still there.

    I asked the clerk what happened and he spouted the company line about “no one was buying them anymore”. I’d seen The greasy haired 350 pound turd ringing one up just three days before.

    I explained to him what a lying POS I knew he was and pointed out the Mini-14s were functionally the same and he blushed and said “it was a corporate decision which I think is right.”

    I told him he was clearly headed for management and looked the part!

    • Kivaari

      It wasn’t up to local management. Our store did a brisk business in ARs and accessories.

  • Freedom?

    The LIE that walmart is a “local” business is full of BS holes.

    Walmart is a corporation, in so much that the feds have allowed and backed their incorporation, or their corporate status if you will. So they are a federally backed business.
    They get most of their merchandise from china.

    Of course they hire local, they aren’t going to bus people in, and pay for their rent/housing. They hire locals because they are set up in that community.
    Is a Saudi Royal a local citizen because they own a house in a community? No, they aren’t. They foreigners that own a house. Just like walmart is a foreign company that owns a business locally. Their home office is in bentonville, but they are still a federally incorporated business, so the idea of locality is really in question.

    And since Walmart is incorporated by the feds, is it really a wonder that they make political decisions based on the politics of the day?

  • Captain Obvious

    I don’t shop at or work for Walmart but they are no different than any other retailers.. The retail industry is notorious for low wages and benefits. They do however employ a heck of a lot of people who may not otherwise have a job. Yeah they sell cheap chinese crap but that’s because everyone else does too. They just happen to be the most successful at it and we in America drink the koolaid served up by the left that success is evil.

    We live in a country where there is an orchestrated effort on the left to make everybody a victim and everything they don’t like offensive. If Walmart makes an effort to fly below the radar on the gun issue I don’t blame them. Conventional looking rifles (CLRs) and shotguns are more politically correct so that’s what they carry now. Heck, even some police departments have gotten away from EBRs (evil black rifles) in favor of Mini 14s or other CLRs.

  • john4637

    Political Correctness is not the law of the land. As long as the 2nd amendment of the Constitution stands, all the weapons in question are legal to own. As for myself, since Walmart chooses to stand with the liberal Marxists I will no longer buy as much as a pair of socks from any of their stores.

  • nadnerbus

    Ah, Bill Ruger’s gun, flying under the radar again with a traditional wood stock. It’s funny, because that has been fooling anti-gun shills for decades now.

    I want to design a semi auto rifle that has a cosmetic bolt handle and full length wood stock, but takes AR magazines. It will give Feinstein nightmares.

  • Cymond

    Y’know, I could understand dropping AR-15s because of slow sales and slim profit margins, but they dropped everything, including all of their airsoft guns. Then they started carrying a ‘less lethal’ gun that looked like a shotgun and fired pepper balls.

    So Wal-Mart can go F themselves.

    • Cymond

      Although, I should add that I’ve never bought a firearm from Wal-Mart. I thought about it in college, but never did. I have bought ammo there numerous times over the years. Back in 2009-11, I lived near one, and they had the best prices on bulk 9mm in town.

  • Joshua Knott

    pretty sure this is the first article Ive seen mentioning the Mini14 and not a single person bashing it…is the world finally becoming a better place or did someone switch the tylenol outta my bottle for xanax

  • adverse4

    Nothing political here.

  • Kivaari

    Silly stuff. One in 20 have an AR15 based business. not even the gun business has that.

  • Kivaari

    I love the cars and trucks I drive. Jimmy Billy Bob car company can’t do it so well. I like paper, lumber, food, glass windows in my house, electricity, TV, TFB, and all that stuff you hate because of companies investing and making what I want. I love that they also provide the medical care that is made possible by corporations. I just had an MRI at 1PM. Billy Bob’s MRI service isn’t quite up to doing it like big business. Yep, those veil people that have kept me alive need to be put in jail. Next thing you’ll want me to vote for Bernie so we can have al that free stuff. Just tax the corporations more, even though corporations never pay any taxes that don’t derive from the pockets of its customers. Raise those corporate taxes and prices will go down. Wow, Americans for the most part are very stupid.

    • AirborneSoldier

      We have the highest corporate tax rate on the planet. What should we raise them to? Who gets to decide?

      • Dan Moore

        I think you missed Kivaari’s sarcasm too.

  • Kivaari

    Marx and Lenin wrote books also. I trust their non-biased opinions on corporate greed.

    • AirborneSoldier

      Marx and lenin unbiased? Ha!

      • Kivaari

        You missed the sarcasm, didn’t you?

  • MarkVShaney

    As long as we’re breaking the firearms: not politics rule… can you guess which Presedential candidate sat on the Board of Directors of Wal*Mart. I get the feeling that in a smoke filled room somewhere someone said “If I get elected I’m gonna ban all these black rifles. Ya oughta dump them while you have the chance.”

  • I hope and pray not!

  • Tothe

    Wood furniture fundamentally alters the nature of a firearm, dontchaknow…

  • John Mood

    The Mini-14 does NOT come painted black and all scary so Killary won’t zero in on it…

  • phil box

    if i will make walmart money they will sell chunks of bummer

  • Geoffry K

    Yes, I saw a Mini-14 with wood stock at my local Walmart. I don’t recall the price. Walmart actually never quit selling those “scary” rifles and shotguns. You just had to ask for the gun catalog and special order them.

  • Earl

    Walmart has made erroneous marketing decisions before. This just just one of several. Easily fixed by management. Their only concern is profit. Nothing else of concern to them. They’d sell used oats if they thought they could do so at a profit.

  • Chris Mallory

    Our local store has had a Mini 14 on the rack for a couple of months. Last week they added a couple of home defense shotguns, a Remington and an H&R Pardner.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Welcome back to your roots walmart, all things redneck!

  • AirborneSoldier

    Wow, pessimistic much? Trump will PREVENT WWIII by reestablishing our strenghth in the eyes of our enemmies…we are at serious risk of war now, right now, as our enemies do not fear us. Weakness invites war.

    • hoochbear

      Trump is PT Barnum on Steriods

  • BigFED

    Strange, no one has mentioned the Remington Model 7615.

  • LiberalsH8Me

    A few weeks ago I overheard a conversation between a Walmart employee (working the gun/ammo department) and a guy saying Walmart was going to start stocking ARs again. They realized they are missing out on the sales…he said will quietly re-introduce them. Seems gun control to appease is not gun control for long…

  • RSG

    I’d rather take a gamble on trump then get what we know is coming with Hillary. And if there’s a WW3, I’d like to keep the guns I have in order to fight it here, when that happens, thank you very much.

    • Kivaari

      I support Hillary for prison inmate.

  • Kivaari

    Agreed. Trump is very child-like. Very immature.

    • hoochbear

      Even a fifth grader understands what facts are. and why they are useful.

  • bubba

    Wal-Mart never stopped selling the wood stock mini 14. It looks like a regular hunting rifle to the anti’s, so why would they stop selling it?

    • Kivaari

      It didn’t offend the eyes of anti-gun people like an AR.

  • GRComments

    They make a highly public announcement pleasing the anti gunners.

    Then, stock guns that people will buy. The anti gunners don’t visit the gun section and aren’t offended.

    Anti gunners aren’t offended and don’t pick on Walmart.
    Gunners get to buy at Walmart.
    Walmart makes money.
    Everybody’s happy.
    Except for the anti gunners who are never happy any time.

  • Paul Labrador

    Huh??? The Walmarts in my town have ARs and other MSRs in their gun cases.

  • R Wesley Endres

    Remember way back when, when Walmart said they’d no longer sell guns at all? Yea, they’re just pandering now too.

  • The Concerned Conservative

    Let’s hope Wally World sees the light once that piece of schít 0bama is out of office.

  • Isa Akhbar

    PC pandering, of course, but they’re also trying to “exit” the legal liability market, too…here’s the headline they don’t want to see: “Assault rifle in school attack traced to legal purchase at local WallyWorld”…

  • hoochbear

    Simon & Garfunkle. “Mrs. Robinson”….’any way you look at it you lose’… what’s new after almost 50 years?

  • TJ

    Walmart never stopped selling Mini-14s. They only stopped selling rifles that LOOK like a MSR. Ruger Mini 14s have been stocked at my local Walmarts continuously since their decision on MSRs. They never cared about how the rifle operates. They only cared about how the rifle looked in the eyes of the anti-gunners. It was purely a political pandering decision on their part trying to appease the anti-gunners by getting rid of black rifles. As long as it has wood on it, they will still sell it.

  • Mike11C

    Good luck finding an employee anywhere near the sporting goods counter and, if you “get lucky”, it’s almost guaranteed they won’t know a damn thing about anything they’re selling. I live in a small town and, the only things I buy at Wal-Mart are things I can’t get elsewhere within a 30 mile radius.

  • Sid

    Mini 14 is not a AR15.. Hence they will sell it.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    While it bothered me that they stopped supporting the AR platform, I was able to grab up on some terrific mark downs for my builds.

  • RPK

    WalMart is run by commie rats and stooges without any moral conscience and geared by personal agenda of the upper management types who have not a clue what the consumer wants. It used to be about the consumer. I imagine Sam Walton is rollin’ over in his grave! His children should be ashamed of the way the family business went to hell in a hand basket. But with all those personal millions, no doubt they are doing just fine. I will make my firearms and ammunition purchases at a competitor here locally or at Academy Sports and Outdoors as they will gladly welcome sales from semi-automatic and “assault style” shotgun platforms.

  • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

    The only things that are “permanent” are Death and Taxes.

    • Tothe

      Taxes are only around because they are backed by death threats.

  • Miguel Raton

    Wow, tons of commentary on WM and what a horrible company they are/are not, but not one post pointing out that the Mini14 _ISN’T_ an MSR & that the author’s premise is rubbish? MSR = AR15 [& look-/function-alikes.] Mini-14 neither looks nor operates [by virtue of no pistol grip] anything like an MSR, so yeah, WM is adhering to their public posturing while not leaving much on the table by carrying the Mini [plus they’ve got a long association w/ Ruger to rely on.] Don’t expect WM stocking the AR- or SR-556 any time soon, but Ruger has plenty of real gunstores to move those thru…

  • Whatever the number of hours these days they tend to keep new employees just shy of those hourse.

    • Tothe

      That’s what happens when price controls are imposed. Unintended but readily-predicted consequences occurred. Just like the Austrian economists and Chicago School warned.

  • Wes

    Mini14’s don’t look scary. They aren’t (mostly) black. They look like a innocuous hunting rifle.

    • Tothe

      Until you throw in one of those scary 600-round-per-second high-capacity banana clips, that is. Or bolt on a shoulder-thing-that-goes-up.

  • Len Jones

    yea he did that but if you work 40 hrs a week everything over that is overtime in the gov. He has screwed business employees out of all kind of money.

  • a vote for hillary is a vote for civil war. We know she is going to try and take all the guns

    • John

      Um Regent…no…that will not happen. Try as she might, she will never get the votes needed for disarmament. There are too many people in the U.S. with enough political clout to stop any real attempts at this. The best she will get is background checks and MAYBE a ban on “scary rifles” again.