The Most Beautiful Range

This may be one of the best looking ranges out there. It is in Gimmewald, Switzerland. Bloke on the Range shows us a little bit of shooting for civilians. In Switzerland, the government has ammo allotted for its citizens to use and practice. I am not sure if it is mandatory or not. Regardless, the range’s ambiance is gorgeous. I don’t recognize the rifle. But he is shooting GP11 ammo aka 7.5x55mm Swiss.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Hi Nicholas, thanks for featuring my video!

    The rifle is a Schmidt-Rubin K31 with an old set of match sights on it, and the use of the issued ammo (which has to be paid for but is subsidised) is normally compulsory for competitions. Legally you’re not allowed to take this ammo away from the range!

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      What, exactly, is the gun shop voucher for and why is it issued?

      • It basically works like this. If you go to a competition, there’s a certain score called a “Kranzresultat”, above which you get a prize. This is often a medal, some of which can be quite beautiful, and many keep them on massive pinboards. Mine tend to go in a draw or get left around and mangled and then thrown away. Sometimes there’s a cheese, option or something else (I have a very nice cheese cutter, and a penknife from a big regional event). Aside from free competitions like the Feldschiessen (>100,000 competitors – it’s this weekend at ranges all over the country) and the Obligatorisch where the only choice is the medal, you have an absolute right to demand the voucher instead. Sometimes the amount of the voucher varies depending on what score you got. At big matches (where the entry fees for multiple courses of fire can get quite steep) the prizes can get quite interesting in terms of vouchers and “stuff” if you can shoot well.

        These vouchers can be used as cash at most (but not all) gunshops. I bought me a G11 foresight adjuster with just these a while back, and they took the bite off getting a diopter rail installed on my G96/11.

        As a cost breakdown, that competition from the video was CHF 20 entry, CHF 6 ammo (it’s compulsory to use the issued ammo at this kind of match), and I got a CHF 10 voucher for shooting a “Kranzresultat”. So it covered half my entry fee, which isn’t bad.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          Awesome! Thanks for the update. Always interesting to see different “gun cultures” than the US.

          The voucher is a cool idea.

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks for the update!

  • Unfortunately, the Swiss government does not give us ammo to practice. At least not for free.
    And: You can only use (old & new) service rifles on those ranges.

  • Pseudo

    The darnedest thing! I was hiking there a few weeks ago and I thought I heard gunshot echoes. I shrugged it off as highly unlikely, but it probably was that range. It was, in fact, stunningly beautiful there. I would have loved to shoot at that range.

  • Darrell

    Summit County, Colorado has a free public range. It’s near the landfill on the north side of the highway across from Keystone ski area. The range isn’t as nice as this one, but still, the views are spectacular.

    • Just say’n

      Just don’t bring any high-cap mags.

    • Paul

      My favorite range.

  • The_Champ

    Nice range. Switzerland’s gun culture certainly seems to have a unique feel to it. Also seems to have some rather strict and silly rules but I guess every country has it’s share of those.

    Oh and 1992 called and they want their video camera back ?

    • I don’t know why that one came out crap like that. The others are better!

      • The_Champ

        Haha only joking. Appreciate you took the time to share that range on YouTube.

        Frankly any mountains I get to see in person amaze me, being a flatlander living in Canada’s prairie. The location of that range looks truly amazing.

    • I’m currently in the process of uploading an HD version. Hopefully it’ll be better 🙂

  • Am currently uploading an HD version if Nicholas would like to change the link over when it’s done. Spam filter is being ornery again, so I’ll just post the end of the link: gSsb00ZnIVo

  • Lammo

    Rode a cable car up from the valley floor to Gimmelwald many years ago. A fellow passenger had his service rifle slung over his shoulder and no one panicked! This is truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth and well worth the time to visit.

    • Paul

      In 1973, after returning from Vietnam, I visited Switzerland for a few months. Was always amused whenever I saw elderly gentlemen on bicycles with their old rifles slung over their shoulders. My Swiss friends all had the new Sturmgewehr 57s in their closets along with sealed cans of ammo, their uniform and kit.

  • LAKramer1211

    They seem to have a common sense approach to gun safety in Switzerland. Kids who are taught truth about guns are not likely to have accidents or worse. Us needs more CMP encouragement and support. I am the NRA but I feel like we are so few compared to the numbers of gun owners. Why? I love everything about it.