Incredible Polish Radom Collection at NRA 2016 (RARE Guns!)

Do you like history? Do you like Poland? Do you sing the lyrics to “40:1” in the shower when no one’s around? Then boy have I got a treat for you! At the 2016 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting, there were more than just companies showing off their wares; there was an entire section for collectors, as well. One of the booths that caught my eye (you’ll see exactly why in a minute) was that of the Virginia Gun Collectors Association, which was showing off the largest Radom Vis pistol collection in the United States:


That’s a lot of Radoms.


On display in a place of honor were no less than three consecutively numbered Vis pistols, including one pre-war pair made under the Polish government!

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In the larger display was one of the last Vis pistols made before the German invasion in 1939:



Not rare enough for you? How about a Vis prototype:



Jeeze, you’re hard to please! Try a wz. 38M on for size:


My jaw dropped when I saw this rifle. Besides being one of the coolest early selfloaders, it’s also easily one of the rarest. At most 150 were ever made, and today only 9 exist. Truly a treat to see something this rare at the humble NRA show!

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It’s definitely a change of pace from the industry-focused SHOT Show to stumble upon a collection so excellent as this one in the middle of an expo. There were many other fantastic collections present at the show, and I only regret I could not cover them all!

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • ostiariusalpha

    Seems like this year was a particularly sweet show! Glad you were there to send us back some nice pictures. Thanks, Nate!

  • Twilight sparkle

    Was fabryka broni involved in this collection or is it all private?

    • Private, although the fellow who owns it knows FB Radom. 🙂

      • Twilight sparkle

        That’s a cool collection, did he have any info on the msbs?

        • No? He’s a collector.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Ahhh I think I misunderstood your last comment, I thought you meant he knew people in charge of FB Radom.

          • According to his son, he does, but so do I, and neither of us have news. 🙂

        • Wosiu

          MSBS is now under bureaucratic paper work in Polish MoD. Official state qualification tests and trials should be finished at the end of 2016. MSBS have chance to be adopted by Polish MoD at the beginning of 2017. Please remember that 14.000 pcs of MSBS in classic configuration were already contracted in 2014 for “Titan” project.
          There were rumours that some quantities of MSBS are unoficially tested by other LE services like fg Border Guard.

          As to the civilian production, matter is unclear due to fact that Fabryka Broni have not full intelectual rights for MSBS, some rights belong to MoD.

          There are ideas that newly organised Territorial Army in force of minimum 35.000 soldiers should be equipped with MSBS.

          So, all seems to be OK in this moment.

          Fabryka Broni Radom new production plant is most modern in Europe (if in the world) and can be international production center of precision barrels (there are such plans like production of barrels for other manufacturers).

  • The pistols were cool, but the wz.38M … now that is a gem.

  • ARCNA442

    Spirit of spartans, Death and glory!

    • BOBJIM

      Soldiers of Poland second to none!

      • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

        Wrath of the Wehrmacht brought to a halt!

  • Bojan

    Watch out, Polish government might want that Wz.38M back, like they did with other one. Unlawfully acquired, it was claimed.
    In the end collector IIRC reached agreement and sold it to them, but it left bad taste among collectors.

  • andrey kireev

    Can’t wait for Polish imports to hit the US market =)

  • DW

    Still cannot into space

  • Peter Andersen

    No army may enter that land

    That is protected by polish hand

    Unless you are forty to one

    Your force will soon be undone

  • Schmiss

    Just make sure the Polish government doesn’t seize that one, like how they stole the other one that was in private hands.

  • M240B

    I didn’t sing that in the shower… until now

  • Fox Hunter

    The WZ-38 is being reproduced by a gunsmith in Poland. That’s right, new production, don’t know the numbers though.