Strike Industries Extended QD Endplate and Castle Nut

At the NRAAM Strike Industries showcased a new product, the Extended QD Endplate and Castle Nut.


According to Strike Industries, the new castle nut design is compatible with spanner wrenches and traditional castle nut wrenches. In the photo above, you can sort of make out the indentation at the bottom. I believe that is the QD pocket. No idea on price or when these will be available yet.

Nicholas C

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  • Kyle

    The red accents on that rifle looks pretty good. They are going to need to price it pretty cheap or you would be better off just buying the proper wrench.

  • Jack Morris

    Help me out here; why is this beneficial? I mean, it looks cool, but what makes this better than a traditional castle nut?

    • DW

      It now positively looks like a castle

  • kregano

    Yeah, I’d like to know why this castle nut exists too.

    Also, I’m surprised that Strike Industries didn’t show off their ambi-charging handle, since that’s worth getting excited over.

  • jcbauerca

    The accessories for AR rifles have reached the level of absurd fashion statements instead of acrretive usefulness.

    • John

      AR-15: it’s Barbie for men.

      • jcbauerca


  • Jacob

    All these people asking why… well, why not? I dont tgink there’s ever a point when you should just stop trying something new

    • kregano

      It’s super hard to assess the potential value of a product when you only know part of what it does (adding a QD mount). For all we know, this thing secures the buffer tube better than a conventional castle nut, but until Strike Industries actually tells us what it does, we could make up just about anything and it would a valid guess based on the near nonexistent information available.

      • John Yossarian

        If this thing assists in keeping the buffer tube from snapping off, then it might be beneficial – Especially when running the buffer tube raw (without a stock).

        • kregano

          Oh yeah, it would be beneficial and be worth money. That’s why it’s weird that Strike Industries would show off this castle nut without saying what it does (beyond adding a QD mount). If I was them, I would’ve put that near the top of the Facebook post.

  • I need a M-LOK attachment that I can install some truck nutz on my AR with, and we all can confirm thar we have hit PEAK AR.

    (Especially now you can buy/build one for $450….)

    • Jwedel1231

      I’m glad that someone else out there has realized that Truck Nutz are the peak of human achievement.

    • Jesus

      Bro do you even tac-sac?!

  • Zachary marrs

    So, with no apparent way to stake it, it looks like this is the exact opposite of an improvement