SOFIC 2016

Just last week was SOFIC (Special Operations Force Industry Conference). It is like Shot Show but for LE/MIL. They always put on a grand show demonstrating techniques and equipment. Gratuitous amounts of blanks fired. The minigun on the helicopter is particularly fun.

I thought some guns need blank firing adapters in order to cycle properly? However I did not see anyone with a BFA on their weapon. In this video by Fox13 News, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn gets to ride shotgun firing a pintle mounted machine gun on a boat.


For those of you who cannot see this video, click on this link to watch it.

Here are some photos shot by my friend Quoc Ha of Q Concepts.

The splashes of water below the helicopter are from the brass raining down.

13254067_10153568090841570_1221345515150824362_n 13321630_10153569893606570_3459363931778777841_n


If a SF Operator falls during training, do his buddies never let him live it down?13227176_10153566401866570_3080995295206507470_n

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  • dave

    This article in a nutshell:
    There was an SOF thing.
    They fired blanks.
    A mayor fired blanks too.

    But what were they showing off there?
    Any coverage of the stuff inside?

  • USMC03Vet

    240p video?

    Must be because of OPSEC!

  • Redfoot

    @ 0:52, no sights on a few of the rifles. Fire the propmaster.

    • Yep, I paused to check out the hardware and noticed as well. =(

  • Alex A.

    I spotted one BFA, which I screenshotted and circled in red. The rifles the rest of the men are carrying appear to be 16″ barrel AR carbines. Since they are obviously capable of full-auto fire, this suggests to me that the majority of these weapons (excluding the one equipped with a BFA carried by the man in the screenshot) were supplied by a film studio armorer company, which would explain the concealed BFA’s. Why that would be done, I can’t say for certain.

    • noob

      also the Mayor is not firing a minigun. it’s a M2 with the M2 BFA which is held on with three long steel rods, which allows the muzzle blast to push back the M2 barrel and cycle the action.

      • noob

        another picture of just the blank firing adapter for the M2 HMG

        • Alex A.

          Yes, I’m quite familiar with the BFA for the M2HB. However, the “article” said the Minigun was on the helicopter, not the boat. The mention of the mayor was later in the “article”.

  • john huscio

    Antigun dickbag buckhorn has no problem blasting away on a minigun but has a problem with anyone else carrying or even having guns in his city……

  • Broz

    That a ‘Gatling” type firearm would not need a BFA is obvious…the system does not rely on either gas or recoil to operate, rather it depends on the availability of an elerctrical source (usually a 24 volt DC system) to power the motor that rotates the barrels. i saw this demo on line and the folks over in Tampa (my good Army bud included) got one hell of a show!!!

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Same goes with single-barrel chain guns like the 30mm Aden. The mechanism is operated externally by a motor and chain. Even if a round doesn’t go off, the cartridge will be extracted and the next one chambered and fired. Doesn’t matter if you’re shooting dummies, blanks or live rounds, the gun will operate.

  • joe tusgadaro

    I appreciate the SF guy from my country (Ireland) kept his persec up to snuff by having his face completely covered during all these shenanigans.

    good drills.

  • Diffy

    No sights on the ARs?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Pretty coo little demo I guess.
    Fun for the kids anyway.

  • Cal.Bar

    Good thing those were blanks the Gov was firiing – he was hosing the sky pretty fiercely.