British Army Close Quarters Training

British Army Photographers posted up some videos of soldiers training in CQB and CQM.

Here is the CQM (Close Quarters Marksmanship). The soldiers appear to be using SA80 bullpups, Benelli M4 shotguns and Sig Sauer pistols.


In this CQB video one soldier is using an SA80 with a grenade launcher while his team mate is using some sort of .308 AR. Can anyone recognize what make it is and the giant optic?

British AR10

Nicholas C

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  • pc299

    The .308 AR is probably the L129A1?

  • CharlesH

    The optic is a 6×48 Trijicon ACOG scope

  • The Benelli M4 is designated the L128A1 in British service.

  • MechanizedSwede

    Honestly Nicholas… How can you not know what AR that is, and not know what the “giant optic” is? I come to TFB to read serious firearm journalism. Not to identify something that a 12 yr old with a little intrest in military firearms could answer for you.

    Step up the game goddammit

    • Ax

      I think they pose those obvious questions to spark up the comment section.

      Here’s a serious question: What do you guys think of the technique that guy is using when he’s shouldering his SA80 on the left shoulder? If I saw that right, he kept his right hand on the trigger, which is new to me. His face looked very close to the charging handle…

      • Bob

        I was surprised at the guy with the AR putting the muzzle so close to his buddy’s ear, but your question is also of interest. I believe I have seen Russians using their left shoulder with right hand in training videos. At the time they were transitioning to the left hand and I thought that it was merely a training exercise to get used to firing from the opposite shoulder before switching the hand as well and not an actual technique.

        • Jacen

          Thankfully, they were wearing earplugs, but it’d still be loud and the concussion of the muzzle blast would be felt that close.

          • Flounder

            Just call it training… And when someone gets smart they get the guy with the lmg as their cover man.

          • Dan

            I can’t imagine it would make for a pleasant training experience

      • Tassiebush

        Yeah it’s a handy way to switch shoulders without getting all cackhanded.

  • Shake my previous comment loose from the over-exuberant spam filter and you’ll have the complete answer, from Wikipedia :p

    • Tassiebush

      I have just posted a comment to explain what gets caught up and what doesn’t and rather ironically it is now pending. I dare not speculate what triggered it.

  • Colin

    Old news . ENGLISHMAN is annoyed. Sig dumped for glock . M4 shotgun just dumped . X6 sight did not have right ballistic round match dumped for s&b sight and current dmr May be reissued long barrel sa80 ( tested at range just as well ,lighter ,same ammo ).basco sand bag walls makes it Afghan old news. IF you gonna talk about your trusted ??!! non USA allies please run articles past said countries experts , and stop for example telling the aussies for eg “” about THEIR own GUN LAWS”” COS l’m sick of your rednecks telling me about mine and how much better he /she is being ‘merican

    • Tom

      L85A2 already has a 21″ barrel and is 5.56 the L129A1 is 7.62mm are you perhaps talking about getting rid of the L110A2 (Para Minimi) with the L86A2?

      If you are going to have a rant you might want to try and make it a little more coherent. Or not that could work as well.

      • forrest1985

        To play devils advocate i do agree with colin that perhaps TFB should do a bit more fact checking before posting articles about overseas armed forces. That said i do NOT support his views on the US! Jng1226 hit the nail on the head! If the governent try pulling us any more to the left we will be a european wipping boy….wait?!?!?

    • jng1226

      But, we are better. Way, way better. In a little over a month we’ll be celebrating the 240th year of the proof of how much better we are.

      Just kidding. Lighten up, Francis. Or do like my ex-pat British friends did and move here when they finally had enough of the modern British government’s over-reach forcing the entire country to the far, far left.

    • Kivaari

      Only part of America has better gun control laws than Australia. There are parts that pride themselves as having Australian-like gun laws. That makes those Americans poorer for that. Individual gun rights in much of the nation is superior to anywhere else on earth. It just is. I’d never visit Australia, just like I’d never visit NYC or DC. Both places don’t respect rights.

      • Ezra Bristow

        But it’s not a right over here in the UK, or in a lot of other European countries, it’s considered a privilege, ergo not an infringement if it goes away. If you’re interested there’s a book called The World We’re In that highlights the differences in approach in terms of the approach to laws and law-making in Europe and the US.

        • Julio

          Erm… in the UK everyone does have the right to possess such smooth-bored or rifled arms as are not prohibited (Section 5). That right can be suspended if the would-be owner is disqualified on criminal grounds or lacks good reason (in the case of rifled arms), but it remains a right. To represent it as a privilege is to misrepresent it.

    • Volk

      Not sure you can call anyone a redneck after that disaster you seem to think is a legible use of the English language.

    • DW

      must be some Irish drunk on scotch posing as Englishman

  • Arie Heath

    The scope is made by Trijicon, I don’t know what model it is. I believe it has a 6x magnification.

  • USMC03Vet

    Was this filmed in Londonstan?

    • ChierDuChien

      Yep, that’s in the Caliphate of Britain.

    • Audie Bakerson

      Wouldn’t surprise me if they too had to do it in France.

  • Ed

    Must be SAS or SBS training. Most bits use Glock 17s they like to use ACOGs even there 762 DMRs have them.

    • Ryan

      UKSF don’t use the SA80. This video is three years old, the ACOG on the L85 was part of our Urgent Operational Requirements. ACOGs got binned in favour of the Elcan Spectre. The P226 was used as UOR as well.

    • Jacen

      They could be Paratroopers or the Royal Marines. None of the Special Forces guys use the L85

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      No SF present. TRFs show that they are a mixture of Royal Engineers and Household Cavalry. Instructor is (naturally enough) Small Arms School Corps.

    • Core

      They are too young and not physically developed enough to be SAS/SBS, aside from the uniform items indicating non-SF. SAS handles weapons with amazing speed and technical skill.

  • Jacen

    At 1:26 of the first vid, I’ve never seen someone shoot a bullpup with both hands on the pistol grip

  • Patrick M.

    LMT L129A1 I believe

  • John

    Is that a FAMAS?

    • John

      But seriously.

      England. Listen. Give us, your American cousins, your rifle. Let us take it apart, mag dump it with 100-round drums, cake it in mud and test it on countless zombie targets. Let us break it and put it back together again. If you really want to stick to this weird, uniquely British rifle that only makes sense to you guys, we’ll build you a better and modernized version for you.

      • Colin s

        Why, the A2 works just fine? People keep dragging up the same bs about the rifle (crap ego’s and weight apart), that argument is just as out dated as people who moan about the M16’s faults.

        • forrest1985

          @john Tell you what, for every SA80/L86 you take, keep it and send us an M4 in its place, then you can do what the hell you want with them! A2 is improved but its still not an AR/C8!

        • John

          And there’s a world of difference between the M16A1 and the M4A1+ as well. Weapon systems evolve and adapt.

          The SA80’s latest change has a rail system. I envision ambidextrous ejection ports and AR-15 style controls (fire control, safety, mag and hammer release) and furniture (grips, stock, etc.) Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be good on that rifle.

          • Colin s

            As I said “crap ergo’s and weight aside”, oh and I’m ahead of you on that too 🙂 Need to learn 3d animation to show it off better.

        • CavScout

          Sounds like someone is failing to adapt. If we listened to you types of people, we’d still be using muskets.

          • Colin s

            Sorry CavScout, but I don’t follow? How am I failing to adapt? If the SA80 wasn’t reliable (it was always accurate) and able to fit the latest extra’s it would have been replaced at the start of the Afghan campaign because soldiers would have been dieing left, right and centre.

      • Ezra Bristow

        You’ll build it or you’ll get the US division of a European company to build it? 😉

  • Lt M

    The .308 (or 7.62 NATO as we call it) is the L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle, manufactured by LMT and procured under UOR in 2009/2010.

    • forrest1985

      Agreed, AR platform is by far easiest to get to grips with…never liked SA80/L86 platform although SUSAT was nice optic. Whats the weight like on the L129?

      • Lt M

        Roughly the same as the L85, maybe a little lighter.

      • LazyReader

        L129a1 9.8 pounds, not taking into account whatever stuff you mount on it

  • LazyReader

    “Some sort of .308” You mean that LMT they bought over a thousand of

  • bella

    OMG… Such a hard training to go through….. Good work guys!!!! Keep going…

  • Larueminati

    Wouldn’t want to take that .308 concussion to the face from 2″ away, he needs a can on that thing.

  • Jim

    L129a1 or known in the states as the lmt .308 mws with a 6×48 Acog

  • sean

    Those Sigs look like Legions. How new is this footage?

    • Christopher Miller

      Those had the old carbon steel slides which were stamped. Those are probably original P226 pistols from late 80’s to early 90’s.

  • durabo

    I’m in favor of the traditional fire & movement…but I question fire DURING movement. Just an ol’ timer.

  • Stan Darsh

    So this is the famous British “FISH and CHIPS” in action.

  • Core

    Muzzle discipline is scary. I’m all set with a. 308 covering my head and spine. No thanks. I noticed his transition was lax and he covered the back on several occasions. Those guns are too long to be used for cqb training in my opinion. If they are using live rounds God bless them.

  • Christopher Miller

    The biggest issue I had with their 2 man movement was that the muzzle of 2nd man was right at eye/ ear level and the muzzle blast and flash could have blinded/ injured 1st man.

    • Jamie Wiley

      Bear in mind the procedure is in the event of a stoppage to drop to one knee stand the cover man take over the engagement. also when manoeuvring in tight areas you don’t have much of a choice but to put the muzzle over your oppos shoulder. It looks bad but much like the occasional muzzle sweep, it should be avoided if possible but the real world does not always allow for this.

  • Joseph Goins

    The sight is an ACOG 6x (TA648-308 6×48 ACOG). The rifle is a LMT LM308MWS (army designation L129A1).

  • Joseph Goins

    Yes, I would mind. I’d rather have the limited probability of getting shot over the near certainty of losing my eyesight and hearing.