I found this mysterious picture online. There is no information on who made this. Here is a link to the post. As you can see from the photo it is an AK with a PPSh barrel shroud attached almost like a free float rail system. The part that looks suspicious to me is the gas block. It looks too short to be a real AK.


  • Darkness 99

    “The part that looks suspicious to me is the gas block. It looks too short to be a real AK.”

    Hmm, RPK maybe?

    • andrey kireev

      Define a real AK. There are dozens of different variations of AKs and their parts.

  • Vitsaus

    Some one figured out how to make a free float monolithic AK.

  • BearSlayer338

    Should have put on a drum mag on to really get that PPSH look.

    • forrest1985

      Agreed, not a ppsh without a drum mag imo

    • Major Tom

      And that traditional style wooden stock.

    • Henrik Bergdahl

      If you have ever fired a ppsh you would have gone for the stick mags as well 😉 the drum mags are iconic but awkward.

      • politicsbyothermeans

        But the stick mags make really uncomfortable seats.

        • Cottersay

          Why isn’t that guy’s corporal kicking that puke’s ass for using his PPSh as a friggin’ stool!? No army allows a soldier to treat his weapon in that manner.

          • politicsbyothermeans

            I’m going to guess that this is what you would expect from conscripts and their leadership.

          • oldman

            Because he is the corporal.

          • Cottersay

            Why do you say that, #oldman? Do foreign armies try to mess with our American minds by using different rank insignias?? Clearly, the dumbass sitting on his PPSh’s drum mag — in the USA anyway — would be an E-1, while the guy standing next to him would be an E-4. And I seriously doubt that this changes much from civilized army to civilized army nowadays.

            Are you jerking my chain, or are you just unfamiliar with military rank?

          • oldman

            I could not make out the rank insignia on my screen but thank you for clearing that up. I see my mistake I though i used a question mark not a period sorry was a typo.

  • gunsandrockets

    Might have disabled gas system. So it’s a straight pull bolt action.

    Plausible for locations like Australia which prohibit semi-autos.

    • FarmerB

      I think with the pistol grip and military styling, it would still be banned in Australia.

  • Vrsovice Rebel

    Century-built AK with a silly front end, mostly (out of spec?) WASR-10 parts. Receiver and trunnion stampings were WASR/Cuigr. The shop I once worked for sold a dozen of these things, which we were told by our distributors were the only ones.This was in Spring 2009 IIRC, and they were briefly the cheapest AKs on GunBroker by about $300. Everybody we talked to was planning to cut off the silly nigh-ungrippable front end and return them to something like AK-standard configuration. Fit and finish were atrocious even by Century standards, and I personally wore out a lot of cleaning supplies preparing these for shipment. The short gas system seems to have been Krinkish parts grabbed at random out of a bucket and slapped onto standard-length AK barrel blanks with the gas port drilled for the short piston. They were a silly idea which went nowhere, and I never encountered anyone else selling them- they had the feel of “hold my Slivovitz and watch this!” toolroom proofs-of-concept. The sort of thing that would sell well for low-budget “Fallout” cosplay. At the time they shipped with sling and one of the then-new Tapco AK mags as pictured- if a buyer ended the auction with the “Buy It Now” we’d throw in two more steel mags and a two-slot Romanian carrier. As a project gun, they weren’t bad. For an as-is shooter, they were suitable only for use at the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.

    • Elijah Decker

      If it’s built off a WASR-10 receiver, then why does it have receiver dimples?

      • Vrsovice Rebel

        They seemed to have been mishmash guns, honestly, and may have had SAR-series parts as well. I even recall one which arrived with East German “pebbled” plastic furniture. Real “Bannerman Specials” but without the history, practicality, or lines.

        • Elijah Decker

          A SAR-1 receiver would explain it, though I still wonder why Century wouldn’t just sell the SAR-1 receiver with the rest of the SAR-1 it had to have been imported with.

          I actually wouldn’t mind having one of these ‘PapashAKs’ as a conversation piece and a range toy. One could probably make a crude handguard from a slab of wood or wrap the barrel shroud with a leather strap.

    • Squirreltakular

      Nailed it with the Fallout quip.

    • SLi-Fox

      I’d still add it to my collection as a conversation piece. Probably wouldn’t shoot it.

  • Kitsuneki

    AKS74U real, but this one seems not?

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Cool Ak, I’d buy one.

  • Henrik Bergdahl

    They should have gone hogwild and made the cuts in the barrel shroud m-lok :V

    • Billy Jack

      Nah this way you can stuff your tourniquet in next to the barrel. Your lunch too.

  • jamezb

    I kinda like the looks… of course I am entranced by perforated bbl shrouds… I’d weld a M60 bipod on the shroud , stick a 75 round drum under it, and have the what-the-heck of what-the-hecks to play with!

    • Gunner4guy

      And add a Gen 1 laser sight…. I mean, why not?!?!?!?!

  • randomswede

    It need the underfolder stock and a custom sheet metal pistol grip in a “niet rifle is metal” thinking.
    Also visually/personally a long piston like the Vepr Supers would look more “the part”.

  • Zugunder

    But why?

  • Iblis

    I like it. I would shoot that.