New Holosun HS510C Solar

The up and coming budget priced optic makers Holosun will soon be releasing their first open flex sight the HS510C. You can keep the HS510C on all the time because it’s powered by a solar cell with backup power from a CR2032 battery during low light conditions. The reticle can be switched from either a red dot or a circle which is a pretty cool feature. The battery life is rated at 50,000 hours with the circle reticle at a mid brightness setting and 20,000 hours with the single red dot also at mid brightness. It’s 10 DL & 2 NV compatible as well. The red dot is 2 MOA while the circle is 65 MOA.

It has integrated dual laser sights and it’s parallax free with unlimited eye relief. It has a large 32mm x 24mm window with multi-layer coated lenses with 1x magnification. It also features a Titanium alloyed shock resistant hood to protect the optic. The HS510C weights in at 264 grams and it includes a quick release mount and AR riser. Holosun claims it’s waterproof to 1 meter and can be stored from -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F) and has a working temperature between -10C to 50C (14F to 122F). Holosun also includes a lifetime warranty on the metal structure of their optics while the optical system is covered with a 5 year warranty and the illumination systems are covered under a 3 year warranty in case you have issues with your optic. Their site has the HS510C listed with a MSRP of just $319.99, check out for more info.



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  • thedonn007

    Looks like an eotech, with aimpoint battery life.

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      Yeah, but can you drop it and trust that it will be ok, that is the real question.

      • Bradley J. Alexander

        I bought a Holosun and the rear glass fell out while doing reload drills on my AR. I had only ever fired five rounds through it. They have taken care of me through customer service, but you can’t trust the build quality.

        • 6.5x55Swedish

          I’ve heard
          similar stories about the Holosun. I find it amazing that so many people just
          look at the number and are ready to declare the Holosun sights as an Aimpoint-killer.
          Truth is that Aimpoint is highly priced because they are well made. It’s not
          about fancy functions or numbers. It is about how trustworthy the product and
          company is.

          • Twilight sparkle

            The primary arms md-ads is supposed to be made in the same place and it seems pretty solid.

        • Tritro29

          Holosun feedback from people who’ve used in Ukraine has been bad generally.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Where have you heard feedback from Ukraine? I’ve been following since the revolution but I haven’t heard much stuff like that… maybe I should learn to speak Ukrainian…

          • andrey kireev

            I speak russian if that helps

          • Twilight sparkle

            That would probably help with what most of the rebels are saying but from what I’ve seen the holosun optics are being used by Ukrainians. The way they’ve shined a light on them in some images makes them seem a lot like a propoganda instrument showing how well their people are equipping them, I would think the quality can’t be that bad. Plus I haven’t heard much bad about holosun stateside.

          • andrey kireev

            I have Holosun branded one, and another PA branded one… they seem to do just fine from what I can tell.

          • Twilight sparkle

            I’ve got the primary arms version, rob ski from ak operators Union just got a new holosun branded version that has the primary arms acss reticle so I’m sure he will put it through its paces like he does everything else.

          • andrey kireev

            Lately I seem to prefer less busy reticle…. mostly because I decided to switch out my Eotechs by aimpoints

          • Twilight sparkle

            I like the acss reticle in their 1-6 power scope but I feel like in a red dot it would be too much like a blob

            Still it’ll be interesting to see rob do his thing with it, if there’s any quality difference between holosun and the primary arms version he would figure it out.

          • andrey kireev

            nah, it’s the same sight… PA’s ones are made by Holosun as well….

          • Twilight sparkle

            I was more worried about the extra features like the auto on and off function, that just seems like more stuff to go wrong to me.

    • Jay

      and even heavier too, at 9.3 oz

  • Mike N.

    Price is ambitious, given the brand, which seems to have been previously known for red dots that give you 80% of an Aimpoint Micro (including 50k hour battery life) for under $200.

    • Twilight sparkle

      It looks like it’s just trying to fill the eotech vacume. Plus you get a qd mount which is something they didn’t have on the other optics.

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      The price is what you get when you cut costs on producton and the value of the product. Their sights might look like aimponts but they are not on the same level. I’ve heared too many people complain about them just dying or the glass falling off for them to be worth their price.

      • Curious_G

        Haven’t heard any of those things with the Holosun. Care to point to a source?

  • dave

    if they made a fixed power 3x or 4x with holdover dots i would be sooo happy

    • andrey kireev

      Primary arms has 3x and 4x scopes, Acog-ish type.

  • Daniel

    I’ll take 6.

  • Lawbob

    No lasers on this model.

    That’s $550ish.


  • Random Disabled Person

    What is the life span of solar cells nowadays(hey Opportunity rover we’re looking at you) ? How many are required until the cells reach a low enough output to no longer produce enough power? While the battery will be always useable(hope that is designed in the product), how does the unit switch/select power sources? How bright, would regular room lighting be enough? How long of a delay from bright sunlight into shadow/shade before it has to switch power sources? Any drop out on the reticle during this? Can the power source be over ridden/user selected?

    Rechargeable batteries could have been a nice up sell option. If you could have the solar cell doing power for optics and keeping the battery topped off. Although gun safe and gun case life would hurt that possible option.

    …”Holosun also includes a lifetime warranty on the metal structure of
    their optics( pretty hard to screw up a metal body without something being abuse) while the optical system is covered with a 5 year warranty (5 years on the glass and coatings)
    and the illumination systems are covered under a 3 year warranty (only 3 years on the electronics and solar cell ) “….

    It will take someone that is better expert on solar cells to compare the types and structure to rate it. The fact it is warrantied lower makes me wonder if it is expected to fail with the next few years. After 3 but before the glass at 5. That is small tight spot to fit extra cells in. So it is an accomplishment, that we would have laughed off just a few decades ago.

    They used Titanium alloy for the hood but what about the rest of the body and riser attachment? Answering my own question-> the body is Aluminum with a PEO/MAO housing finish.

    Holosun gets a big bonus for including a base.

    Which not including a base mount on the higher end brands, has always felt kind of them being cheap for what they cost. That they wanted an up sell to get you a fully functioning setup and help hide that extra price/profit. People may want various heights for the mounts but one basic standard would seem more fair. I wouldn’t want dealers having to stock the same product with all the different possible height options ether. Certain models would probably have different heights based on the intended firearms and shooting distances.

    Plus people would still buy the higher end or trendy company name mounts for better quality and/or because fan boi lore says it improves tier 1 and above operators’ MOA….

    Looking forward to the first hand review.

  • Kwong

    Waterproof to 1 meter, bowl shaped structure between dot emitter and lens, but no draining hole(s), seems legit…?

  • Jay

    With -10C as the lowest operating temperature limit, It’s worthless here in Canada, for almost five months.

  • SLi-Fox

    The CR2032 battery turns me off even with the solar power. Besides, an Eotech doesn’t cost much more, is suited for my civilian needs, and I love AA batteries. I could buy a used Aimpoint around the same price point as well.

    • Gene

      Been pleased with my meprolight trudot rds. Love that it takes a single AA.

  • TangledThorns

    It’s made in China so you know its quality!

    • Twilight sparkle

      They are made in the same factory as the primary arms md-ads

    • andrey kireev

      I have nothing but good things to say about Holosun / PA microdots

  • Bill

    I’ve never grasped the concept of visible light lasers on a RDS – I never knew which dot to chase.

  • Mikele Deziell

    I wonder what co-witness the AR riser will be, 1/3 or absolute? I hope 1/3!

  • plumber576

    Holosun should team up with ALG to make a version for the 6-Second mount. I bet it’d be a slick combo.

  • Fred Lead

    To be fair I’ve had one of the Holosun Aimpoint knockoffs for a year now, put through about 200 rounds of 00 buck and it actually stayed on the rail and stayed zeroed. I’m not super high speed, I just wanted something for the range and it has worked well. I thought it was coming loose at one point but it turns out the rail on my Mossberg 590 was coming loose from the receiver, so I tightened it down with the Holosun still attached. QC is hit or miss, but I think I got a hit. I wouldn’t put it on a firearm my life depends on, though.

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      With an Aimpoint you pay more because you know that you will get good quality products that works well every time. With holosun it seem to be hit and miss, you may get one that works just as well as an aimpoint, or you may get one that breaks in a few days.

  • Wingbert

    They need to take all that gimmicky crap like solar panels and motion sensors off their red dots. If it’ll last 5yrs on a $2 battery I’ll change it out once a year. I don’t need anything to make the unit more complicated.

  • Very nice rifle. I’ve shot one of these a good deal and really enjoy it.

    • andrey kireev

      Haven’t shot it yet, but hopefully it will do great here in alaska =)