Tyrant Designs MOD AR-15 Grip

Tyrant Designs, a small company that is putting form and function together in some novel ways, has entered the modular grip game with their MOD AR-15 grip. The grip is lightweight at 4 ounces assembled, which is about an ounce less than the popular Magpul MOE grip that typifies a large swath of rifles.

The MOD grip is composed of three parts, the main grip manufactured out of aluminum, with polymer front and back-straps. The front and back-straps are interchangeable across two sizes (medium and large), feature two grip patterns, a “standard” and a “chevron”. Tyrant Designs states that they plan on offering more sizes and shapes, but with no stated timeline for release.

The Tyrant Designs grip is machined from 7075 aluminum and is type III hard-coat anodized. The center section is hollowed out, which will provide a unique grip experience with parts of the hand setting into the grip.  The panels are polymer composite with the front strap having finger grooves.

Retail is not light, clocking in around $115 for a grip with one set of panels. For those wanting the aesthetics without the high cost, Tyrant also offers the finger-groove free Nexus and an “A2” style aluminum grip, the Titan 2.0. All Tyrant Designs grips are manufactured in the United States.


This is another model of the line of Tyrant Design grips.

This is another model of the line of Tyrant Design grips.

Nathan S

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  • Audie Bakerson

    That’s an expensive ounce.

    • BearSlayer338

      You haven’t been to Oregon, Washington,or Colorado then.

      • Lmao!

        • BearSlayer338

          I couldn’t help myself it was perfectly set up for that joke.

  • thedonn007

    I should carve up one of my A2 grips and see how much weight I can save.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    What optic and mount is that guy on the receiver? Anyone know?

    • RP

      It is Vortex Sparc with a Fortis F1 mount, I believe.

    • What @RP said. I have the F1, it’s a great sturdy mount (not to mention, great looking!). You can mount any optic that uses the Aimpoint T1/H1 pattern (Holosun, Sparc, etc). Pretty light too, I believe it was around 1.25 ozs on my scale.

  • nova3930

    $115 for a pistol grip? Better do dishes and laundry for that much over a Magpul or BCM grip. We have jumped the AR shark for sure now.

    • Bill

      And why do I need a lighter pistol grip when I can shave weight from areas that really matter?

  • gecko45

    What!?!? No space for tactical skiddles? No place for this on my light weight high speed bullet train!

  • Edeco

    Not a fan; the struts are busy and distracting.

  • Schnee

    Alright, I’m grumpy: If I see a dude show up with an AR at the range with that grip, my first thought is gonna be “toolbag noob with too much money and not enough taste.” I dig the Colin Chapman “add lightness” vibe here, but this is just pointless except as jewelry. Look, that $115 COULD get you part of the way toward a used gen 1 Bushmaster Carbon 15. The one with the fluted barrel. It’s comically light.

    I suppose a reasonable response to my trolling above is, “who cares how people spend their gun money? It’s none of your business and it helps the industry. And I kind of like chevrons.” Fine. No arguing over taste. But that logic is how we ended up with Muddy Girl ARs, Aqua SIG P238s, Tiger Striped gold Desert Eagles, KSGs, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    • Aaron

      Hey hey hey, Maggie was a very devoted secretary. 🙂

  • 40mmCattleDog

    Cant say I’m a fan of this, looks like it could snag on web gear or pouches on your plate carrier when the rifle is slung across the chest as well.

  • TDog

    Meh… not my cup of tea. I know some folks want to make their guns as light as possible, but that’s an affectation borrowed from motorcycle racing enthusiasts – except it makes all the difference on a bike and not too much difference on a gun. If I can’t maneuver a 6-pound gun as fast as a 5-pound, 15-ounce gun, that may be a sign I need to get out and exercise more.

    • Cymond

      I could swear that an A2 grip is like 2 ounces, and the Grip23 is a little lighter than that.

      Skeletonized aluminum looks cool, but it’s really not competitive with polymer for weight.

  • I just put one of each style on two of my rifles for testing. They feel fine now I just need to get to the range with them and let the readers know.

  • Budogunner

    There are bump fire stocks cheaper than this. Granted, they are equally practical but the ability to have controlled bump fire is more fun for the money.