M-Carbo Springs for the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 – Better Trigger Pull

Its a shame that there has not been a larger aftermarket for the Kel-Tec Sub 2000. Despite the near universal praise of the 1st generation platform, Kel-Tec only produced a fraction of what the market demanded. Now on the equally praised 2nd generation, Kel-Tec has kicked up production (so much so that I actually saw one in a store and not just over-priced on GunBroker).

Recognizing the customer base has grown and will continue to grow, M-Carbo springs has released a spring kit for the 2nd Generation Sub 2000. The kit includes three springs: a hammer spring, sear spring, and trigger return spring. When installed, they will reduce the pull from about 7.5 lbs to a respectable 5.5 lbs.

While designed for the 2nd generation, the spring kit will function in the 1st as well. Springs are manufactured from ASTM A228 Music Wire and 302 Stainless Steel Spring Wire. All springs are backed by a M-Carbo Lifetime Warranty and are made in the USA.

For those not wanting to be the home gunsmith, M-Carbo offers Professional Installation services. With a surprisingly short 5-7 day turn-around time the M-Carbo smiths will install any of their spring kits for $35.00.

Retail for the spring kit is pegged at $34.99. At the time of this writing, M-Carbo is offering the spring set on special for $29.95. A portion of every sale is donated to military-oriented foundations.


Nathan S

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  • A.WChuck

    I have one of these spring kits, as well as some other parts, on order. I’m happy for the aftermarket support, but disappointed that I have spend more money to make the Kel-Tec perform as it should out of the box. The trigger is so flimsy and the pull so strong that it feels like something is broken.
    This will likely be my first and last Kel-Tec. They are priced too high for what is essentially a semi-finished kit.

    • Nicks87

      Really? That bad?

      • A.WChuck

        Yes, sadly. The trigger stacks, then hits what feels like a wall, then the trigger blade flexes backwards, and finally releases the sear.
        Since I’m already taking it down to its smallest bits, I’m going to replace the trigger with an aluminum one and the rear sight as well. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    • Kivaari

      Too many guns need after market components, not only to make them work, but to make them look better that a cap gun.

      • A.WChuck

        Looks are subjective, but they should always function 100% out of the box.

  • Tyler McCommon

    Too bad every time I find a sub 2000 they want an arm and a leg for one :/

    • Kivaari

      That may be a good thing. I only know a couple people that found them and bought them. Then they were disappointed by how poorly they worked. Selling them below cost is not a good thing.

  • schizuki

    “Its a shame that there has not been a larger aftermarket for the Kel-Tec Sub 2000.”

    It’s a shame there isn’t a larger PRIMARY market.

  • VF 1777

    The gen1 trigger wasnt great, but my gen2 is actually good. Not light, but crisp, no creep and a positive/audible reset. Maybe i just got a good one.

    • A.WChuck

      I have read that the quality of the trigger pull is quite variable. Mine is horrible. They need to tighten their QA/QC.

  • Cymond

    About 7 years ago, I saw a Sub2000 new in the box for about $300 (Glock 19 mags). I hadn’t been out of college long, and was uncertain. I’ve been kicking myself for years.

  • Joel

    I’ve had my 9MM Gen2, Glock variant for 9 months and have put somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 rounds through it. From the first to the last, so far I have never had a failure of any kind, and I regularly blow out the center of the target. The trigger feels fine to me, every part of the carbine feels well made and it couldn’t be easier to clean. I have no complaints.

  • Paul O.

    I’ve got a Gen 2 and find the factory trigger is suitable for shooting steel match.

  • Risky

    I would probably recommended opting for the professional install considering the price. Complete disassembly of the sub2000 is awful… it’s just like taking and airsoft AEG gear box apart. The 35 bucks will definitely be work the couple of hours it takes minus all the aggravation of figuring it out for the first time.