Country Rifle: Sweden by Rainier Arms (Bravo Company)

Let’s start with some Mythology: The 12th-century King Eric IX saw a golden cross in the blue sky as he landed in Finland during the First Swedish Crusade in 1157. Seeing this as a sign from God he adopted the golden cross against a blue background as his banner. The golden cross was later changed to a yellow one, probably slightly more practical (and cheaper). A great story, except no one really knows if there ever was a crusade at that time or not. But Blue and Yellow have been used as Swedish colors at least since King Magnus III’s Royal coat of arms of 1275.

Time machine forward almost 900 years to 2016, Rainier Arms goes to the IWA exhibition in Germany and in a tribute to their customers they build a line of special rifles.

With the adoption of IPSC Rifle, around 2010, swedes find a way to legally own semi-automatic AR-15 rifles and sales go up. The numbers are small (probably similar to a small town in the US…), but the users are focused on high-end rifles for winning competitions, and most spend a lot of money on their rifle(s) and accessories.

ITAR is a frustration, when competition shooters struggle to get deliveries of simple things like grips.


The Rainer Arms Sweden rifle is a KMR 16″ by Bravo Company MFG (BCM).11

Specifications: Chrome Lined barrel, USGI Profile, and a mid length gas system. BCM Mod 0 Compensator.

BCM KMR-A15 Free Float Handguard. Yes, those Ceracoated lines fit the rifle very well. Would fit any Mossberg too. 12


If you live in Pennsylvania or Delaware, I’m sure you’ll recognize the design and colors as there is a  strong resemblance with both the Flag of Philadelphia and the Flag of Wilmington.


The Cerakote finish done by Blowndeadline. Charging Handle is a BCM Mod 4.


Mounts were supplied by by Boboro and Kinetic Development Group. Sorry I can’t identify this one.


Trijicon MRO – Not a bad sight, but strange choice as Aimpoints are Made in Sweden.


BCM Mod 3 Pistol Grip, BCM PNT Trigger and their trigger guard.

All pictures by CHummerz.


The Country Rifles collection:    (No, the rifles are not to scale to each other.)





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The USA Rifle is quite nice too.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • MeaCulpa

    Fun facts: Delaware was originally largely a Swedish settlement, hence the Wilmington crest and colours. The log cabin, at least in America, comes from Swedish (or possibly Finnish – but Finland was part of Sweden prior to 1809 when Sweden lost Finland to Imperial Russia) settlers building them in Delaware. Mossberg (literal translation Mossy Mountain) was a Swedish emigrant, hence the logo with the Swedish flag and three crowns.

    And before things get political – Sweden being a socialistic hell hole and all – in Sweden your allowed to own most guns that serves a lawful purpose, unfortunately (or thankfully, depending on political leanings) self defence and plinking is not lawful purposes and most fun guns require that you’re an active competitor in a discipline that uses that type of gun. Most shooters just get a hunting licens and buy a bolt action rifle or a over/under shotgun as it requires far less hoops. On the upside, it’s quite easy to buy a silencer for the more powerful hunting rifles.

    • BattleshipGrey

      So is any self defense illegal, or just with a firearm?

      • bull

        self defense is not illegal but its more of a grey area. you almost have to prove that you didnt use more force than necessary.

        • MeaCulpa

          self defence is explicitly allowed by the penal code as is some use of excessive force.

          • Henrik Bergdahl

            Yes it is, on paper. But you should know that Swedish law is not worth the paper it is written on.

      • MeaCulpa

        Self defence with a firearm is legal, hell most, if not all shootings by the police is done in self defence, as is all other forms of self defence as long as the force used is in proportion to the the threat. But you can’t buy or carry a firearm for self defence purposes (there’s exceptions for certain licensed professionals), sort of like it’s illegal to carry a knife for protection in some places in the US.

        • Kivaari

          Self defense is the most legitimate reason for owning guns. Proportionate force is a good way to get killed. One should use more force than the guy that’s intent on harming you or yours. It’s like saying “people must fight fair”. Screw the bad guys.

          • iksnilol

            You are using logic.

            That doesn’t work.

      • 6.5x55Swedish

        Yes, you can use guns to defend yourself or others. The problem is that you cannot have a gun on you on that many places. Basically the only places outside of your home is the shooting range and the forrest/hunting ground if you are a hunter and in the car on your way to the range or forest/hunting ground.

        You will however have to prove that you did infact need to shoot. Someone taking your TV is not reason enough.

        We have a case in court right now with a man who shot two people in self defence. Court will determine if it was legit or not.

      • randomswede

        The legal text translates roughly as: “A self defense action is only criminal if the attacked and/or the circumstances are apparently indefensible”.

        Brottsbalk 1962:700 Kapitel 24 §1: “En gärning som någon begår i nödvärn utgör brott endast om den med hänsyn till angreppets beskaffenhet, det angripnas betydelse och omständigheterna i övrigt är uppenbart oförsvarlig.”

        As an example shooting someone coming at you with a knife is OK, shooting them again as they are falling is probably OK, shooting the moaning pile again is NOT OK. However if you can argue “distress” you _can_ be found innocent despite having committed a criminal action.

        In the real world, in Sweden as in the rest of the world, law is practised by humans and thus what happens in court is not necessarily a reflection of the laws.

        Also we aren’t normally allowed permits for self defence purposes, hunting, sports and collecting are the common permits. The exceptions are sort of akin to whom(an actual person) can register a new full auto weapon in the US.

        On the flipside silencer permits are essentially “must issue” and they are the equivalent of $70 and I’ve seen no laws limiting barrel lengths on any weapon. The weapons must however fit the purpose of the permit, so getting a semi auto FAL on a hunting permit won’t fly, but a 5 round fixed magazine rifle in the same caliber would.

        Disclaimer, I’m not educated in law and probably made some mistakes in my interpretation.

    • bull

      the founders of keltec and manticore arms are swedish too? right?

      • MeaCulpa

        As far as I can recall yes.

        The greatest, IMO, firearm related individual from Sweden was Carl Edvard Johansson who worked for the state armoury in Eskilstuna and invented the gauge block set.

      • randomswede

        George Kellgren was indeed born in Sweden, the “Kel” from Kel-tec is his, he has also worked for Husqvarna, Interdynamics, Intratec and grendel. The Tec-9 is mostly his design. I have no source on it, but as I recall it was originally designed as a replacement for the Swedish-K.

        Sven Jonsson who owns Manticore Arms has a very Swedish name and (what to me is) a Swedish face but appears to be US born.

  • Kivaari

    How about using a flat dark earth background with a flat dark earth cross. Or get bold and use an ODG back ground with an ODG cross. Black on black is too boring and stands out too boldly.

  • DIR911911 .

    why are ALL the pics of the same side? at first glance I thought there was a giant size chamber flag in use 🙂

  • TB

    We can still own semi-auto rifles here in Sweden, but the question is, for how long? After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere, the moron EU politicians scrambled to tighten the rules of gun ownership. And instead of doing something about the illegal guns that criminals use, they focused only on legal gun ownership.
    The Swedish representatives wanted a total ban on semi-autos, and also that a license should be required for every magazine (no, I’m not kidding).
    This proposition was voted down, thankfully, but it is indicative of the goals of our politicians, and they will of course keep trying to achieve those goals. They will not be happy until all civilian gun ownership is banned.

  • Evan

    I live in Pennsylvania, in the Philly area to boot, and I was unaware that there WAS a Philadelphia flag.

    That being said, this rifle doesn’t look as bad as most of the other flag ones that have been featured here, but I still wouldn’t buy it.

  • mikebike

    It should have been an Aimpoint on that rifle…