TacomHQ TARAC Image Shifting Lens Technology

TacomHQ makes a lens that is positioned in front of an optic to shift the image and give the shooter a new Zero. They have lenses that can attach to a scope or a flip up lens for red dot sights. I wonder if this would be legal in Tac Limited 3Gun? The rules state you are only allowed irons or a non magnified optic. If the TacomHQ lens does not magnify the red dot image then perhaps it could be used.

Here is a video they posted shooting an AR out to 500 and 1000 yards.


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Their website is a bit sparse. No mention of price or availability.

Nicholas C

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  • iksnilol

    I could see using it for a red dot, but for a scope?

    Pfft, I don’t want to look through a good scope through their lenses.

  • “Their website is a bit sparse.”

    Aaaaand, how about mentioning and listing the website IN the article?

  • noob

    that’s kinda interesting, so if you look at the target through the image shifter you have to lift your bore axis by some number of degrees to line up your reticle with the target, which increases the range of your zero.

    can a different optical setup put the image lower in the visual field? and how do they get it to be so thin? is it some kind of lenticular lens?