Thanks to Dickson L. for sharing these with us. This is the H&K P8 A1. Looks like a USP doesn’t it? It is a modified USP for the Bundeswehr. The safety/decocker has been modified. The P8A1 safety is raised parallel for fire and lowered for safe. H&K also uses land and groove rifling instead of the polygonal rifling seen in ordinary USPs.


Here is a photo of a regular USP. Notice the safety design is different and the S/F markings indicating safe and fire are opposite from the P8.

USP DSC_5340


  • TheNotoriousIUD


  • John

    Interesting. It’d be cool with an ambi safety, though.

  • hking

    UP = FIRE and DOWN = SAFE would throw me off. Every gun with a manual safety I have ever shot has been the opposite.

    • Anonymous

      Never served in the military then, or shot a Beretta, I presume?

    • Tom

      Same as the Walther P1s already in service. Whilst it is unnatural to someone brought up on 1911s and Hi-Powers lots of pistols have this arrangement,

      • Bob

        Safeties should go down to fire, as God and John Moses Browning intended.

        • ballan

          Nope, it’s called ‘cocked’ for a reason. Up to fire.

          • Bob

            OK, why? Bringing the safety down is part of a making a fist/tightening your grip motion, why is taking your thumb off and up better? How is it more intuitive?

    • Jeff S

      It’s really much more intuitive.
      I had the privilege of shooting the P8 along with the BW UZI, G36 and MG3 in a few different competitions with a Landeskommando unit a few years ago. Good times… I really wish I could get a P8-spec USP in the US.

    • Mark

      I can see how it’s much more intuitive andturning it around probably solves the problem the USP can have of working its way off safe in a holster.

      However being the owner of 1911s for so long will present challenges.

  • xebat

    I’ve had extensive experience with this firearm during my time in the Bundeswehr. it’s really not new or something but it’s easily one of the most accurate pistols i’ve used. God i wish i could live in the United States and own one of these myself.

  • cwp

    I saw “HK” and “P8” and, in that brief, glorious moment before I looked at the picture, thought they had decided to update the P7 for the 21st century.

    Goddammnit, HK. Stop messing with my head.

  • Skokie

    As a long time USP owner this makes my head hurt. Decock for safe! That would take some serious getting used to, but I’m sure many who trained on the P8 would feel the same way about the USP. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

    • charlest

      Why not eliminate a safety altogether and have a single action/double action like the SIG series?. Works a treat. I have the P228.

      • Ben

        You also eliminate the ability to carry cocked and locked too. You still need decocker too.

  • Thomas S

    Now this I want. Just did a quick look around and didn’t find a price range here in the states but I imagine if I could find one it would be 1200 or so. That is the downside, damn pricey.

    Honestly I just want them to take the USP workings and drop them on a VP9 frame (maybe keep the USP trigger guard, even more open for gloved use) and sell it for no more than $800.

    Threaded barrel and some night sites and you just may have my perfect sidearm for all but carry.

  • nick

    As a long time Walther P1 user, i find this intuitive to use. Its a well balanced firearm that works well.