The MAG/SLAB Pistol Stand

I am guessing that we have all seen a gun product and said to ourselves “Why didn’t I think of that?”. But Joe Holden, creator of the MAG/SLAB actually did think of something that will make high-end pistol owner’s very happy. The MAG/SLAB is a simple, yet functional stand for displaying and storing 1911s and other collectable pistols. Made with a polymer magazine insert and a metal or wood base, these stands are beautifully designed and perfectly match the aesthetics of a classic wood-and-steel gun.

Quick confession here: I am not a 1911 guy – I carry a Glock. However, that should only add to my credibility when I say that I really love the MAG/SLAB. Besides, i’m a sucker for well thought out ideas, real craftsmanship and American made products.


A MAG/SLAB laser engraved and available from Nighthawk Custom, a top-of-the-line custom 1911 builder.

Ok, so I exaggerated a bit. No, not about my fondness for the MAG/SLAB, but my thought’s on the 1911 platform. Although I don’t carry one, I do own a family heirloom 1911 with a lot of history. Holden, a collector of of the iconic Browning-designed pistols, was able to quickly to give me a historical breakdown of my specific 1911. Which is something that I liked immediately; the best products are designed and made by those who follow their passions. That old adage of “do what you love” certainly applies to Holden and MAG/SLAB.

At it’s core, the MAG/SLAB is made up of a non-marring polymer magazine insert that locks in like a normal 1911 magazine. The base, wide and heavy enough to keep a full size 1911 steady, can include a groove with a magnet for storing a magazine or a flat top for custom designs or engraving.


A custom MAG/SLAB made for Carolina Arms Group, a high-end 1911 builder.

Holden is a regular participant and a site sponsor on several forums dedicated to the appreciation of the 1911 pistol including and A few years ago, while attempting to photograph some of his collection, Holden designed and later patented (pending) the MAG/SLAB as a way for collectors to display their guns. The stands are also a perfect fit for the shelf of a safe – keeping each pistol away from dings and scratches.


Milspec-style packaging of the MAG/SLAB.

One really nice touch is the MAG/SLAB’s packaging. In a nod to the original government issue 1911, each stand is wrapped in oil paper and packed in a plain rectangular cardboard box that is printed with milspec-type markings found with early US Military issued gear. A very nice touch.

Being an amateur builder/refinisher/tinkerer myself, one of the neatest options on the MAG/SLAB website was their “Custom Pistolsmith Program” that allows builders to buy an unfinished MAG/SLAB that can be customized to match their personalized 1911. Each one can be blued, Cerakoted or otherwise finished to match their build. A great idea since options and customizations for these pistols are nearly unlimited.


A MAG/SLAB made with Cocobolo.

Holden is starting to partner with custom 1911 makers like Carolina Arms Group, Nighthawk Custom and others so that buyers can order a matching stand for their new pistol. This combination makes perfect sense: Anyone who is ready to spend upwards of $3,000 on a new 1911 should be looking for a display option of a similar quality. Laser engraving options are also a nice option.



Although I have many in better condition, my favorite Vintage USGI 1911 is a first year production Colt.  Shipped 1-November, 1912.  Because of the history it represents, this one wins the favorite spot every time. – Joe Holden, MAG/SLAB




Nothing shoots like a full size, 5” 1911!  My hands-down favorite for range use is a Stainless Steel Springfield Armory TRP.  It is accurate and reliable and just feels right in my hands. – Joe Holden, MAG/SLAB



For concealed carry, my absolute favorite 1911s are my CCW “Twins”, customized at the Springfield Armory Custom Shop.  One is a SA Micro Compact .45 ACP and the other is a SA EMP 9mm.

The custom work includes ball-cut serrations on the front strap, MSH and slides, 10-8 Performance U-notch rear sights, gold bead front sights, flush cut and crowned barrels, flush cut slide stop pins, single side combat thumb safeties, 10-8 performance flat triggers, trigger action jobs and 4×4 grips by Larry Davidson. – Joe Holden, MAG/SLAB



The MAG/SLAB is a simple yet beautifully designed product that will allow you to either store or display your prized pistols in style. Designed and built by a true 1911 aficionado, the MAG/SLAB will compliment the finest of guns.

My guess is that it won’t be long before retailers and distributors like Brownells start carrying the MAG/SLAB. Pick one up before the rush.



MSRP: $79.99 to $84.99 with custom options and styles available.

Models: 1911 (Browning Hi Power, Beretta 92 and others coming soon)

Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Exotic Wood

Finishes: Cerakote, stainless/brushed, unfinished.



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  • BattleshipGrey

    I’ve thought about making something like this, but for now, I don’t really want to display any of my pistols. Perhaps some day I’ll make one, in which case I’ll have to add the magnet as well, that’s a great idea.

  • Gregory Markle

    I’ve seen pistols displayed at SHOT on similar stands forever, these are just more polished looking.

  • DIR911911 .

    nothing your kid couldn’t make in shop for father’s day . . . now go scare some motivation into him/her 🙂

    • iksnilol

      Well, even easier. Just get the cheapest 1911 mag and bolt it onto a plank. Of course, sand and stain the plank to make it look classy 😛

  • Richard Webb

    Be interested to see what he patented exactly, I would have thought similar stands would be pretty well known.

    • raz-0

      It’s got to be the fact it locks in via the mag catch. it’s the only thing remotely worth differentiating it. The magnets to hold a magazine are just kind of lame.

      However, at that price, YOu might as well buy a nice slab of wood, and actual magazine for the gun you like, and some screws. It’ll cost you less even if it si a real nice slab of wood.

  • Mystick

    So…. he went and patented something people have been DIYing for years?

  • stephenfshaw

    Obviously the idea of holding / displaying a pistol in upright orientation via the magwell is something that gun stores and DIYers have been doing for years and is not by itself patentable.

    NB: The MAG/SLAB website only indicates “patent pending” not “patented’ – there is a big difference (i.e. including, you can go ahead and make your knock off right now, until the patent issues if ever).

    He could have easily applied for a design patent for the actual product configuration/design, which can give broad coverage. Or there may very well be a novel combination of pistol stand, locking to the frame via the magazine release, with magnetized magazine retention area that would give rise to a utility patent. Once the patent application publishes someone should put it up.

    • Pete M

      Thanks for the clarification.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Not a damn thing new here. Yawn.

  • Phil Hsueh

    Aside from echoing all of the other comments about how this is nothing new, I also want to point out the typos. First, an apostrophe S does not make a word plural, it makes it plural, so unless you wanted to saying something about your thoughts, there should be no apostrophe S at the end, just an S. Second, the possessive form, of it is its (no apostrophe), it’s is the contraction for it is. I point this out because I see this error all the time on this blog and I feel as journalists (professional or otherwise) you guys (esp. the editor) should be not making these kinds of mistakes.

    • Pete M

      “unless you wanted to saying something about your thoughts”

      ** Drops mic **

      Phil, I told you I wasn’t perfect and that I’m a work in progress. Bear with me. (Haha)

  • OJS

    Neat, now to get a 1911..

  • Cymond

    My first thought was the same as everyone else’s first thought. Even airsoft companies make stands like this. 5 years ago, I considered mounting q working magazine to a nicely finished board stop I could could display my park while keeping it loaded & functional for defense (I didn’t do it, but it was my only defensive gun back then).

  • Cymond

    My first thought was the same as everyone else’s first thought. Even airsoft companies make stands like this. 5 years ago, I considered mounting q working magazine to a nicely finished board stop I could could display my park while keeping it loaded & functional for defense (I didn’t do it, but it was my only defensive gun back then, and was also the most expensive gun I’d ever bought).

  • gunsandrockets

    Considering the prices of some of the higher end 1911 pistols out there, this display stand should be included with the pistol!