Looks like this was probably done as a joke. I see a rather tricked out Glock that appears to be done by Agency Arms. It has an RMR mounted to the slide and is holstered in a Crye Precision holster. The Glock has a threaded barrel with the Tuff Products railed muzzle brake. Nathan S. wrote an article about it.  Then they added an Aimpoint micro and angled foregrip.



  • Squirreltakular

    It’s… beautiful…

  • nova3930

    I see you like tactical, so I’m gonna put some tactical on your tactical so you can tactical while you tactical…..

  • c4v3man

    Hope that glock’s got a tax stamp to be an Any Other Weapon, or else that’s going to be an expensive joke by putting that foregrip on there…

    The laws are stupid, but they’re still the law. Hopefully we can get the NFA repealed completely so shooters can engage in this kind of tomfoolery legally.

    • Nicholas C

      That is an angled foregrip so he is good there.

    • Cymond

      Although I cannot swear to this particular angled grip, ATF has ruled that the Magpul AFG is legal on a pistol, so it should be legal.

    • randomswede

      I just realized I’ve never seen “vertical foregrips on a pistols” put to the test.
      I’ve seen pictures of the pistol I think caused the ban, the Lehman “Baby Machinegun”. In a machine pistol, not really intended for accurate shots, a vertical foregrip probably is the way to go, but is there any merit at all to haveing one on a semi auto pistol?

      • PK

        “is there any merit at all to haveing one on a semi auto pistol?”

        Folding, so it’s out of the way when not in use? You bet! I’ve had plenty of fun with only the folding grip on a G17 SBR, with or without the stock in place. Using a “pull on the front, push on the rear” grip style, it’s remarkably stable.

        • randomswede

          Thanks for the info!
          I guess there’s at least some merit to the NFA thinking.

    • Bill

      After the SIG-brace back and forth and thou shall not this or that, even if it is an “angled for grip” or handstop, I’d be really leery of doing that. I’ve never listed “test case” as one of my life goals.

    • Luke

      Maybe the author should adjust his text from “foregrip” to “handstop”

  • Budogunner

    Operator’s gotta operate.

    • PK

      That thing is beyond operating. That’s at least opernining. Possibly even opertening.

    • Billy Jack

      He’s in the operating room or will be shortly!

  • Billy bob

    Should have done it up in cashpat.

  • ironked

    It’s all fun and games until the muzzle blast burns your hand…or you shoot yer eye out.

  • Kevin

    Wouldn’t the stuff on the break… blow right off?

    • Squirreltakular

      Oh yes.

  • mechamaster

    Somehow the “Glock-joke” is emerging recently. Lol.

  • Billy Jack

    He better not shoulder that.

  • 40mmCattleDog

    What, no PEQ15?! Fail.

  • Putting that much off-center mass on the end of a barrel with a Browning-Pettier lockup– and a partially unsupported case breech!– is sure to do exciting things for barrel life, especially combined with a fast-moving lightened slide.

  • Joshua

    um, can you get the gun out of the holster like that? it looks like it shouldn’t

    • Nicholas C

      Yes you can. I have that same holster. It doesnt draw out like a normal holster. There is a snap and a flap. You release the snap the the flap opens out to release the gun.

      • Joshua


  • HubbaBubbaD

    Where’s the folding stock??