Troy Introduces XM177E2 Replica at NRA 2016

At the 2016 SHOT Show, Troy introduced their first retro AR-15 replica, the Air Force’s GAU-5A/A Colt carbine as used by the Sơn Tây raiders in Operation Ivory Coast. Now, at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, Troy has introduced its US Army counterpart: The XM177E2 model, with a forward assist.


Both weapons are faithful replicas of the originals, with only minor differences to the originals. These include Troy markings (disguised within replica markings, that I honestly think is a very tasteful way to “split the difference” between a perfect replica and an identifiable reproduction), non-functional sound moderator pinned and welded to a slightly longer barrel to make the weapon Title I, non-functional “auto” setting, and milled faux-A1 lower receiver castle made from an A2 forging. On the interior, the rifles use a commercial style bolt carrier and are marked internally “REPLICA SEMI ONLY”. Otherwise, the weapons are really exceptionally close recreations, including fake third pin holes engraved onto the lower to represent the true auto sear pins of the originals. Indeed, speaking with Nicholas Packey of Troy, he pointed out to me that the Troy guns even given replica acceptance marks.


A very neat feature of the rifles is that each comes with an original military surplus pistol grip, while Troy’s supplies last. That’s a very nice touch for a replica.


There is one other important difference between the two replicas, too: While $50 of every purchase of the GAU-5A/A replica goes to the National League of POW/MIA Families, $50 of every XM177E2 purchase goes to Special Operations and Special Forces Associations.


If you want to learn more about the Troy CAR-15 replicas, such as “what’s in the box!?” you can watch the Military Arms Channel’s video on the GAU-5A/A:

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Swarf

    I’ve never cared for AR type rifles, because in general I think they are ugly, but damn if this doesn’t make me want one.

    AR/M16/M4/whatever nerdism is a whole level of crazy I don’t even understand. They all look basically the same to me. *do not insert racist joke here*.

    • Green Hell

      Curiously, what rifles do you consider beautiful?

      • Swarf

        That came off a lot more snooty than I meant it. No offense intended.

        I just don’t care for the pistol grip operator-ness of them.

        Beautiful is subjective, of course, but as far as war rifles, I’m going to go with Garand. Sadly, I don’t own one and it’s looking like they are about all bought up.

        • AirborneSoldier

          Im with ya on the Garand. But my back prefers a ar type MSR. Go get one, shoot it, youll live the lightweight, lack of recoil, and accuracy

    • Thomas Weißhuhn

      same here!

    • AirborneSoldier

      Careful friend. ARs grow on you. Leave two in the safe, you may wake up to a third. How is it they always seem to get my cc billing info?

      • Swarf

        Okay now, if they procreate on their own, that’s a deal maker for me.

        Aww look, the rifles went and made a little rifle!

  • ItalianAmerican

    For a US Military ‘clone’ gun nut like I am, this is certainly a great thing. However, Colt has just come out with the same and more – I strongly encourage everyone to check Colt’s clones – I am going to try and purchase every single one of them.

    • AirborneSoldier

      Dont forget the current ar15a4, hbar with detachable carry handle. FA version is still in use.

  • Daniel

    Want a clone? Buy a Sarco kit. Piece it together yourself.

    • Orion Quach

      I love Troy products and always look forward to buying more.

      • Wolfgar

        Yea, who cares if they hired and support a man who shot an innocent woman in the face and blowing her brains all over her infant baby she was holding.

        • Orion Quach

          Really, who does care, cause I don’t and they keep selling goods and are in business. That’s not even that bad of a story haha

          • Some Dude

            Wolfgar is probably a liberal gun owner.

          • Orion Quach

            Even if he is, it shouldn’t mean much. The fact is they hired the people, they got called out, they fired them. Just don’t spend money with Troy if you don’t like their practices. Troy threads tend to devolve into this kind of thing and apologies Wolfgar and Iksniol if I’ve started an argument.

          • Wolfgar

            No conservative or liberal gun owner condones murder of any innocent. We all know what you must be.

          • Wolfgar

            Your reply says it all, have a nice eternity in Hell slime.

          • AirborneSoldier

            As long as you are a compliant serf, and dont fall into a fed entrapment scheme, you should be fine

    • Jeff Smith

      Curious – what’s wrong with Troy?

      • Orion Quach

        He most likely has a problem with some of their hiring practices in recent years.

        • iksnilol

          Such as hiring murderers, then trotting them out as heroes. Yeah, that’s kind of a problem for most folks.

          • Swarf

            Please to explain more?

          • iksnilol

            They hired Lon Horiuchi as a spokesman and they hired Dale Monroe as an instructor. Those two were partners during the whole Ruby Ridge shooting. Lon killed Vicki Weaver whilst she was holding her 10 month old baby.

            They played judge, jury and executioner. The ROE for Ruby Ridge basically boiled down to “if somebody is armed or seemingly armed then you can and should kill them”. Usually you are only allowed to use deadly force if there’s casualties to be had by not using it. They hunted down a family like goddamn cannibals… only difference is that cannibals would’a gotten a bit more than perverse enjoyment out of it.

            In other words, I can’t support people who support people like that. To put it shortly, those people are sick, and anybody who supports people like that are also sick. People like that should be put down.

          • Wolfgar

            Well stated and I agree 100%

          • Swarf

            Hell. That was certainly enlightening. Thank you.

          • iksnilol

            No problem, happy to help.

            You can just google Ruby Ridge if you want to find out more.

          • AirborneSoldier

            I havent forgot rr. Murder. Ill pass on troy

    • politicsbyothermeans

      Eff Troy and eff Lon Horiuchi.

  • It looks like they will have competition from Colt themselves, who have just announced the release of the ‘Colt Classic’ XM177E1.

    • Twilight sparkle

      I haven’t seen this anywhere but that would be great, do you have a source?

      • It’s on Soldier Systems. TFB and SS are my two daily industry newspapers, probably check them both twice a day.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Hmm I should check them out, TFB has sorta been my daily go to other than YouTube

    • Chris22lr

      Didn’t Colt announced their XM177E2 replica (it also had pinned faux moderator) a few years ago? I remember seeing pictures of this, but it never happened…

      • Chris22lr

        Replying to myself, but yeah – during 2013 Shot Show Colt announced two models with fake 5.5 inch moderators – one essentially a M4 Commando, and second retro-styled with short triangular handguards and non-detachable carry handle.

        • McThag

          The retro community rode rough shod on them for missing the mark so widely. Colt probably returned to the drawing board after that. Their recent financial crisis likely slowed development of a retro line as well.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I’ll buy the colt over the troy any day if it becomes available.

      • Yeah it’s really a no-brainer if you’re interested in a replica Colt, to buy the replica from Colt.

  • Bub

    At the NRA show yesterday, Colt is promoting themselves as the new Colt. Their retro guns looked kool for what it’s worth and yes I want one of the M16A1s. I only hope new Colt is not like old Colt and comes through with announced products.

    • Jose

      Colt its reintroducing their line of original M16A1 and A2 rifles? When it will be available? Any pictures of their retro reproductions?

  • me ohmy

    WANT !!!!!!!!!!

  • gunsandrockets


  • Jose

    Thank you for the info.

  • ChierDuChien

    Somewhat ridiculous though.

    • AirborneSoldier

      There are many of us who remember how devestating that 55 grain bullet was with that twist. The hbar 1 in 7 was desired by marine generals who wanted a longer effective range on paper targets. Ill take a 1 in 12 barrel anyday with gi 55 grain boolets

      • Gorilla Biscuit

        Good to go. I personally would not choose to purchase a weapon, fully knowing that only 1 type of common bullet weight will be properly stabilized. Let alone exclude myself from using all of the advancements in projectile designs that have taken place in the last 40 years. Marine, is also capitalized. Semper Fidelis.

      • Um, the 1:7″ twist wasn’t to stabilize the ball ammo. It was to stabilize the *tracer* load to burnout range. Since we had *already* decided to go with the SS109 loading anyway.

        Even more important – the M193 isn’t more damaging at 1:12″ twist than it is at 1:7″ or 1:9″. It isn’t the spin RPMs that cause the bullet to fragment, nor is it a stability issue cause by a looser twist. M193 (and, for that matter, M855) bullets get all verklempt and fall apart when they hit at high velocities because their thin little jackets compromised by a cannelure can’t take the stressed of going sideways as they attempt to transition (as do *all* spitzer type bullets in meat, especially if they hit, as most bullets do, with any discernable yaw) to the *hydrodynamically* stable profile of “blunt, heavy end first”). Frankly, the bullets would fragment in mid air if spin stabilized fast enough to remain spin stabilized in meat.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I really hope they make these long enough for me to save up for one. So much easier than piecing on together.

  • I agree with Shawn, at first I thought they were originals they brought to the show for swag.

    And both Shawn and I know AR-15s pretty well.

  • DwnRange

    I tested several of these big honking flash-suppressors on one of my AR15s once and all they ever did was turn a one hole group shooting rifle at 50 yards into a rifle that shot 2-3″ groups on the very same target and range, (depending on the model – using the exact same ammo, rest and shooter).

    Vortex G6s and old A1s are on all my rifles simply because they shoot better/tighter groups with them – and while I have a faux SP1 1/12″ twist barreled retro AR in the safe, I dang sure would not want a 1/12 twist in a short barrel, not when a 1/7 twist would not affect the aesthetics and allow the use of 77grn OTMs.

  • john huscio

    Did they give one to Dale Monroe? Maybe an extra for His buddy lon?

  • Core

    I give them props for doing a great job at a good price. Can’t wait to see the Colt clones.

  • AirborneSoldier

    A little high as you can score a sp1 collapsible for that much if patient

  • Anton_Zilwicki

    As I recall the USG paid something like $110 per unit in 1967 for these rifles. 50 years later just add a zero.