Thanks to Dickson Ly for sending this our way. The MR308 has an interesting handguard. It looks like the MR556 handguard extrusion but just a lot longer. The bare section at the front of the hand guard is an odd choice. I do not understand why a shooter would want the picatinny rail closer to the center of the gun. You can see the top rail goes all the way to the front. But the sides and bottom rails do not. I would think having a bipod out further would be more stable. Also having side rails close to the front would eliminate barrel shadow of flashlights. I suppose this weapon is not used for such activities.

DSC_5376 DSC_5384


You can check out his other pictures on his Instagram page.



  • Pete M

    Looks awesome! Also looks front heavy.

    • iksnilol

      Looks expensive.

  • Kyle

    That is strangely attractive. I like it. To bad it is an H&K so it is going to be almost impossible to find and prohibitively expensive.

    • cody

      Hk mr762a1 sold in the states yes. I own one yes. Doesn’t have the ambient bolt or mag release like the mr308 does which angers me as a lefty. Prohibitively expensive he’ll yea I paid 3700 for mine and it’s the one with the 20 round mag and troy ironsights from the factory. But it balences a lot better than you would think

      • Suppressed

        Why do you need a bolt release on the right side? As a lefty, having it on the left is perfect for me.

        For the mag release, I disregarded my ethics and got a Troy ambi mag release, works great. Just a suggestion.

        • cody

          The bolt release doesn’t bother me the mag release would be nice. Also due to the nonexistent aftermarket support and extremely large magazine locking surface the only way to get a hk ambitious release is to ask hk

  • Evan

    Looks like an MR762 with a ridiculous extended handguard,

  • xebat

    Flecktarn Splitterschutzweste, HK417 and HK Mk23/USP what more do you need ?

    • Jeff S

      Wouldn’t a P8 have made more sense than the Mk23?

      • xebat

        Of course, but i was trying to relate to the picture.