Exclusive: SIG Sauer – Swiss Arms. 300 BLK, 7,62×39 and more…

Below are four different rifles, in four calibers, from SIG Sauer – Swiss Arms, as presented at the IWA exhibition in Germany 2016. Of course, they had more rifles in their stand but let’s focus on the ones below and the news in particular.

The SG 553 is also known as Stgw 04 and used in the Swiss Forces. It’s specially made for special units, paratroopers and the AAD 10 (The Army Reconnaissance Detachment.)

At IWA they presented the 300 Blackout version, with a semi auto suppressor attached.

IWA is a civilian exhibition, so there are no fully automatic firearms around.

Below: SG 553-BK in 300 Blackout. As you can see on the receiver it says “Prototyp 1  300 Blackout“, serial number 0001. “16” is most likely because it was made in 2016.


The prototype has no Picatinny on the fore end.



Note the end cap before the stock is not yet anodized, as in prototyping.




“Semi Auto Suppressor” – Serial SD00001.


Note the gas switch for suppressed or non-suppressed.


Number One




Transparent magazine.


SG 553 R in 7,62×39. These don’t have the fun switch, but they are supposed to accept the common AK47 magazine.


SG 553 R in 7,62×39 from the other side. This rifle has a different grip to the 300 BLK.


Below: The SG 553 CH in .223 Rem. Note the front Picatinny.




SAN Swiss, SG751 in .308 win.



Most of Swiss Arms rifles can be found on their webpage here.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Harry’s Holsters

    I really hope we see a 553R pistol come in to the US. I want a real 7.62×39 sig so bad!!!!!

    • Rob

      JDI firearms is importing some. They are presently awaiting ATF approval. They may have some left on from the initial batch.

      I tried posting a like to their site but it must not be allowed.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Thanks I’ll see if they have any left!

        • nick

          they have not brought in 553R pistols in yet. still waiting ATF approval.

  • TheNotoriousIUD


  • Patriot Gunner

    They look great but the original SIG’s were horribly unreliable. I hope these are different.

    • Stephen Hubert

      I hope you mean the abominations that the US got, and not the real-deal SIGs… I’ve heard little but good things about the stamped receiver models we (effectively) cannot get here.

      • Patriot Gunner

        The ones SIG makes now are total abominations. The original rifles made in Switzerland were not as bad but still terrible overall. They had so much slop and play that they made AKs look like a precision instrument. Their guide rods were polymer and would either snap or deform. Then they “upgraded” them to steel, which was basically a rod tack welded on a piece of sheet metal. They also had accuracy problems. Sig tried to pimp them to some LEOs and they would group 5-6 MOA at 100 yards with m855 ball. Yes I know police aren’t the best marksman but 5-6 MOA is terrible, even for an AK. Given all that I would still buy one for the tacticool factor but it wouldn’t be my go to SHTF rifle.

        • Rob

          The original Swiss made rifles are regarded as some of the highest quality rifles ever issued. There is a reason they are highly sought after. You also got your chronology wrong with some things. The 552(9in model) originally had a a steal guide rod that would break at the tack weld with prolonged use. It was later changed to plastic before being replaced by the 553 series that moved the recoil spring forward around the piston like its longer barreled brothers and fixed any problems entirely.

          The Swiss rifles also carry an excellent reputation for accuracy, and I can confirm that personally.

          As for Sig Sauer Inc and their copies. They are crap that only bare a passing similarity to the originals while missing everything that made them great, particularly their high quality.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Correct the polymer guide rods came after, I mixed them up. I never had a chance to play around with the 553, which did fix the problem but they should have never released the earlier and much crappier versions. I can’t attest to the accuracy of the 553 but LEs and SWAT officers who can shoot a whole heck better than me were the ones complaining about accuracy. I have never had any experience with swiss arms so I can’t attest to their quality but it looks promising. The original SiG patents probably expired and looks like they picked it up where SIG left off.

          • Rob

            Swiss Arms(SAN) is the only surviving portion of SIG that still makes small arms. They are SIG. Sig Sauer Inc is not the same as SIG of Switzerland(Their small arms division is now SAN).

          • Patriot Gunner

            Ahh I see, I find it strange that they didn’t use Sig Sauer Inc to be the exclusive distributor but instead chose JDI. Oh well, as long as we get our hands on some that’s all that matters.

          • Rob

            Sig Sauer Inc. did import a limited number after M+M did for Armati USA. I think that Sig Sauer in general is trying to move away from the design in favor of the MCX and has little interest in importing firearms any more after imports of the pistols from Germany stopped completely.

        • iksnilol

          Swiss rifles = terrible?

          Okay, I need the number of your dealer. That’s some good stuff.

          • Patriot Gunner

            No no no no…I’m not foolish enough to say that all swiss rifles are terrible. The swiss make some damn fine firearms, but every once in awhile even they get it wrong.

          • Rich LPS

            Patriot Gunner,

            I completely agree with you….if you are talking about the Sig Sauer USA versions of the SG550 / 551/ 552 & 553……everything you stated is completely wrong if you are talking about the Swiss Made (SIG and now Swiss Arms) guns. I was issued a new SG552 that I carried on my team for about 6 years. Outstanding weapon, 1 malfunction in 6000 rounds. Accuracy at 25 meters a single ragged hole…100 meters (with 9″ barrel and open sights) was about 2 MOA with nearly any ammo we tried.

          • Rich LPS

            We also now have SG553’s. Funny thing, never broke or had a problem with the polymer guide rods in the SG552’s and when the new SG553’s showed up the guys issued SG552’s wouldn’t give them up, they made the new guys take the new SG553’s. The guns work wet, dry, dirty and at -30. A bit heavy but very stable when firing multiple shots. We did try out a Sig Sauer USA version with a 16″ barrel. The SG552 with a 9″ barrel was more accurate at 100 meters than the USA version with the 16″ barrel.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Just out of curiosity, which ones were better…552 or 553?

          • Rich LPS


          • FarmerB

            Yeah, I (and many of my shooting colleagues) have 550, 551 and 553 (Inc suppressed and FA) and all are outstanding firearms. I shoot tomorrow in a 300m competition with a 550 and GP90 army ball. Need to get an 4-5″ group with standard military iron sights to get any real result allowing us to move to next round. Do NOT confuse SIG and Sig Sauer USA.

          • Rich LPS

            Both are outstanding. But 553 is better, the bold carrier is solid like the 550 and 551. The cocking stud is large and strong like the 550 & 551. The 552 had a thinner cocking stud and the solid gas tube was attached to the bolt carrier all the time, this made the material at the top of the bolt carrier very thin. The 553 is much thicker. We had a Swiss Arms gunsmith look at one of our barrels that has about 25k through it. He could not believe how good the bore was and the gun is still accurate.

          • Rich LPS

            One other thing we have been noticing over the past couple of years. Our guys going on some advanced CQB and Carbine courses where there is a requirement to shoot Non-Toxic Frang ammo (2 to 3 K for the week). This ammo is almost universially very, very dirty. The Swiss Arms chew through this ammo by the thousands with no issues. Other students using C8 / M4 / AR15 DI systems plug up and jam after half a day and a few hundred of rounds. They clean every noon hour and still have function problems. The HK G36 and HK 416’s also chew through this dirty ammo without any issues. I love the DI guns, light, accurate and pretty good guns but this is an issue. Our guys will never give up their Swiss Arms after seeing this as their little guns never malfunction. They tried HK 416 and still will not trade the Swiss Arms guns for them.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Thanks Rich, lots of good info. I didn’t know that the bolt carriers were that drastically different. I have had the same experience with frangible ammo in DI ARs and I found that excessively lubricating the bolt carrier will get you through the day but prepared for the filthiest upper in AR history. I think you just convinced me, I’m totally getting one of these when they become available. My bank account hates you.

          • FarmerB

            Bolt and carrier is the same – I swap them regularly between 550 and 553.

  • klaus.ramelow

    “the gas switch for suppressed or non-suppressed.” (title of one picture)
    I assume, is not the intention of this construction.
    it is a “switch” for regulating the gas-system depending on the pressure of the load.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Thanks I’ll try to get in on it!

  • FarmerB

    I didn’t know this was such big news or I would have sent you my photos from the Hunting, Fishing and Shooting show in Bern earlier in the year. “-) They had the same prototype there, although with a different lower it seems.

    A few people here have pre-ordered them – they are due for release in 2017. From a friend who’s ordered one, he’s said it’s designed for the .300 Whisper and compatible with the .300Blk. He says the gas regulator can use the same position for both subsonic and supersonic ammunition (I normally buy a 4-position regulator for suppressed use on the 55x). Standard gas regulators only have a “Normal” and “Adverse” setting. It uses existing 55x magazines.

    Supposedly (at least here) there are 2 versions – one with a shorter barrel with suppressor for LE use and a longer barrel without suppressor for civilian. The manufacturer for the suppressor is apparently not yet fixed.

  • Dave D

    Anyone else notice the American Sig style adjustable “classic” stock on the 553R. Thought most everyone didn’t like them here in the US and the quality wasn’t that great on the American version. Hope that Swiss Arms is importing these from the US. It will be interesting to see if some of these stocks get imported to the US, just might bring these back in style.

  • Treyh007

    Man…… Sig sure does put out some beautiful firearms! ????

  • AirborneSoldier

    Will we see a version in semi of the sg553?