B&T SPR300 Setup Video

The B&T SPR300 is a compact bolt action rifle that folds up into a soft case the size of a briefcase. I was surprised to see how short the actual barrel is on the rifle. Edward O. posted an article about it back in March. In this video, you will see what comes with the gun and how it is setup. I thought the dedicated brass catcher was a nice touch.

Nicholas C

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  • Petto

    Nice , almost like made for Mr.47 Hitman

  • Martin Grønsdal

    they should have skipped showing the screws on the stock. There are thousands of ways to make the stock adjustable in length and cheekweld, without using tools, and screws that you can lose…

    otherwise, a nice toy.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I’d love to see these imported!

  • SF

    I bought a similar case on amazon for pretty cheap. It fits a 16″ barrel AR when taken down. It also fits my 8″ barrel AR-9 with mag inserted as well as a couple smoke grenades and other nefarious gear. Im about to buy more because the hassle of pinning an AR together is way less that having to swing long as gun cases through car doors, hallways, and at the range.

  • guest

    wow, literally no way they could make this rifle just scream out “assasination tool” even more

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I think thats the gimmick; that being said its not just a gimmick. Im sure it would excel at that role very well.

      • Twilight sparkle

        This gun would also be great for movies

    • tsubaka

      oh come it’s just a “Veterinary rifle” use to terminate “animals” ,the brass catcher is made to leave no evid…”cough” …trash ,and the take-down is to avoid alerting the targe.. “cough” prey

  • sb

    cost? bbl length?…classified a SBR?

    • SF

      how would it not be an SBR?

      • Twilight sparkle

        If the suppressor was permanently attached it might not be an sbr, but since it’s not it should be an sbr.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      The barrel is definitely integrally suppressed so you have one NFA stamp there, but it may actually be 16″. A human hand is about 3.75″ wide so if you look at the proportions it looks pretty close to 16″. As for cost your guess is as good as mine. Id guess about $2k for the whole package without an optic.

      • LCON

        According to B&T’s website… no dice It’s a 250mm barrel or just over 9.8 inches.

  • santi

    Production quality of the video was as dry as plain toast. Nevertheless, the rifle sells itself. I must have this rifle.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    This is way cool, but in the end I have little interest in owning one (at least not until I strike it rich; and I see no way that my life plans could lead to that)

    That being said it has given me the idea to take a regular normal looking hard briefcase and use it to make a discreet urban personal defense kit with an AR separated in half, a pistol, some mags for both, a medical kit, some food, and all that jazz. I cant think of a situation in which I would use it (except SHTF but lets be serious; and even if it did happen I have other more realistic plans for that) so I would probably never actually make it, but the idea excites my inner spy fantasies.

  • Popig

    Were can you find this case I have a AR pistol that this would work well with.

  • mechamaster

    Just need the toolless adjustable buttstock, and it wins.

  • PaulG

    Kind of reminds me of the DRD Paratus series of weapons. Which, if memory serves, were SOF dedicated weapons, at least originally.