New Bushnell Scopes

Bushnell scope

Bushnell Outdoor Products announced “a complete re-engineering” of the company’s Trophy line of rifle scopes. Additionally, the company announced it is now offering a new line of Trophy Xtreme products that includes rifle scopes, spotting scopes and more.

According to Bushnell, the new Trophy rifle scopes offer:

  • multicoated lenses with 91% light transmission
  • six reticle options
  • Rainguard HD waterproofing & fogproofing
  • shockproof
  • pricing from $129 – $229

The Trophy rifle scopes come in a variety of configurations:

  • 1.75-4×32 for shotgun slugs – matte black or Realtree AP
  • 2-6×32 handgun scope – matte black or silver
  • 2-7×36
  • 2-7×36 Scout
  • 3-9×40 – standard, Bone Collector, muzzle loader and shotgun slug varieties
  • 3-9×50
  • 4-12×40
  • 6-18×50

According to Bushnell, the Trophy Xtreme rifle scopes offer increased brightness and image clarity. Four different reticles are available in this line. Currently, there are four magnification ranges in the line and range in price from $259.95 – $455.95.

  • 2.5-10×44
  • 4-16×44
  • 6-24×50
  • 2.5-15×50

Additional products in the Xtreme line include a 4×20 laser range finder for $229.99 and three models of binoculars (10×50, 12×50 and 8×56) that range in price from $179.99 – 249.99.

Bushnell is also offering a number of new spotting scopes in the Xtreme line that offer magnification up to 60x and include tripods, window mounts and both hard and soft carrying cases. These are waterproof and have rubber armor.

According to the company, all of the new products in both lines are backed by a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty.  According to the company:

Regardless of how these optics are broken, Bushnell has one response: “Yes, that’s covered.”

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  • DrewN

    I’ll bet you could replace every single one of those except the x15 and up with a 4x fixed and see the exact same results in the field.

    • Chris

      Maybe. Once your eyes hit 50 years old those 4-12 and 4-16 become appealing.

    • Jwedel1231


  • Tom Currie

    Yawn. Call me when any of the US scope makers (all of which have their scopes built on the wrong side of the Pacific Ocean anyway) discover that any variable power second-focal-plane scope with any sort of measuring or ballistic reticle is a total farce.

    • Jwedel1231

      You mean like Leupold (which is built in the USA) and Vortex (introducing a totally-made-in-America line)? They produce exactly what you are looking for.

      The combination of features you want is out there, but not at Bushnell Trophy prices.

      • Tom Currie

        True enough. It is still annoying when the minimum price of worthwhile glass starts at two to three times the price of a 1 MOA rifle.

        • Jwedel1231

          That’s true, but I attribute that to budget rifles becoming increasingly accurate at low cost. I don’t know how much it cost to get a 1 MoA rifle 10 years ago, but it was more than the $400 or less it costs today.

          • Tom Currie

            Actually my 1 MoA rifle is a Savage 110FP that I bought new for somewhere in the close neighborhood of $410-$420 more than 10 years ago.
            At the time most of the gun magazines covered rifles more than handguns and it was common to find the Savage 10 or 110 reviewed in the same issue as a Remington 700 or Winchester 70. In nearly every review the Savage either fired tighter groups than the Remington or Winchester or groups no more than 0.1″ larger — but those reviews always mentioned the phenomenal accuracy of the Remington or Winchester rifle and generally complained about the trigger of the Savage rifle. Of course none of those magazines ran any head to head comparison among these three bolt action rifles.
            I bought my 110FP in .308 at the Indy 1500 gun show, brought it home, gave it a basic clean & lube (which it didn’t really need), mounted a cheap 3-9x? scope that I had picked up at the show for around $40, and took it out to zero it. I don’t know exactly how accurate that rifle would have been under ideal conditions but it mostly gave me 3-shot groups I could cover with one 1″ square patch (so, yes, some were just over 1 MoA).
            I am no longer that accurate, but I have no doubt that the rifle still is.

  • gusto

    1.5-6×42 or 44 or slightly smaller is the most allaround scope and not many makers make them

    ffs I just spent 3000grand on a rifle I can’t afford another 2g for a swarowski or zeiss ):

  • Definitely a great price point. If you could had a $500 budget what would you recommend?

  • Thank you!