Glock Wielding Mini Robot Tanks

DOGO Robot is a small tank treaded robot that is armed with a Glock. It is a remote controlled robot that can be operated in dangerous areas. Due to its small size it can maneuver underneath cars and even traverse staircases.

From the video, it looks like it is armed with a Glock 26. I am not sure how they got “14rd capacity”. A Glock 26 flush mag only holds 10 rounds + 1 in the chamber for a total of 11 rounds. If it was a Glock 23 in .40s&w then it could have 13+1 making 14 rounds of ammo. However looking at the screen cap below, you can see it is not a Glock 19/23 sized pistol but a Glock 26/27 sized pistol.





Nicholas C

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  • Bob

    Skynet, man, Skynet…

  • U Get It?

    Walle’s not so well known cousin…..Kille.

  • Bob

    Some other thoughts occur to me…
    1. It is hard to tell from the itty bitty screenshot on my phone, but perhaps the bot can fit larger Glocks, though they used a 26 for the demo for whatever reason.
    2. I wonder how resistant it is to return fire. Or for that matter how quietly it moves when moving in on suspects.
    3. What are those things sticking up in the back? Antenna?

    • Bob

      OK, Google has answered some of these questions. It appears that it is as “quiet as a church mouse” for stealth purposes, and some of the pictures for the bot show a Glock 26 with an extended mag in place, so it seems that it is supposed to be sneaky instead of Rambo and the talk about 14 rounds of nine millimeter isn’t a mistake.

      • Ballna

        And I shall dub thee, ‘Mighty Mouse’.

    • gunsandrockets

      2. Another good reason to own a shotgun.

    • Flounder

      the things sticking up are cameras 8 to be exact. I don’t know why TFB has the shortest and least complete video of this little guy.

      I really just came here to ask what glock holds only 14 rounds? Sounds extremely silly. especially since you could just make it fit the G17 and then almost any normal framed glock could fit in it…

      This does look cool but i would be a bit surprised if many PD actually buy this; and that is the market they are catering to right?

  • paulm53

    Can you say “Brass to antenae?”

  • Lance


  • gunsandrockets

    Holy crap!

  • Bill

    It’s just a mini version of the larger shotgun-bearing ROVs used to disrupt bombs and IEDs. You’ll never see one used for anti-personnel use – having the bad guy pick it up and throw it away would be embarrassing.

  • Broz

    Why a lousy PISTOL in 9mm…why not an SBS???

  • Don Ward

    Evil robots wielding the most Evil of all handguns!!!

  • ZF

    So, the robots will be firing Gangsta style then? I’ll admit, they look more adorable then deadly but that might be the point.

  • Big Boss

    Finally….a weapon to surpass metal gear…

    • mechamaster

      Agreed.. Imagine the right side screen is replaced with the internal handgun mounting.

  • MrEllis

    I for one embrace our new robot overlords, meatbags…

  • mechamaster

    Combined with CornerShot system, it will be a formidable system for Close-Quarter Battle.
    Or with silenced handgun like Ruger MK.22 silenced or makarov PB , it will have extra benefit.

    • mechamaster

      Makarov PB

  • Badwolf

    “…not sure how they got “14rd capacity”. A Glock 26 flush mag only holds 10…”

    You can’t see it in the video. But there’s a little man inside the tank doing the reload.

  • OJS

    Needs also propellers for pesky above ground threats

  • MrApple

    Glocks… now robot approved!

  • DL

    Comes out from under the bed or a piece of furniture and blows the intruders crotch out with a R.I.P.

  • CountryBoy

    IMO, unless the robot can spin accurately and quickly aim at a moving object, dodging this would be fairly easy for a perp who wasn’t cuffed, bound and gagged, once you’re aware they’re armed and in the area.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The DEA version of this armed robot will use “the Glock 40”, because only they are professional enough.