Here is some interesting marketing for a jewelry store in Stuttgart, Arkansas. The ad ran last year and if you purchased a diamond from them you got a free Benelli shotgun. From the photo it looks like it is just a Benelli Nova. I am curious how they managed this. Did they buy the shotguns ahead of time? Or did they work a deal with a local gun store and once you bought a qualifying diamond you go to the gun store and transfer your new shotgun. However they did it, one must think that if they can give away a $400 shotgun then they must have quite a markup on their diamonds.


Here is an ad that ran in the Stuttgart Daily Leader.



  • John Sjöström

    Come on guys. TIme to propose to your significant other. 😉

    • Hinermad

      What if she doesn’t like guns?

      Oh, I know! Take the money I would have spent on the diamond and buy a REAL shotgun, like a Mossberg 500!

      • Giolli Joker

        How it would be more “real” than a Benelli Nova?
        More convenient and equally effective, no doubt.
        More “real”… how?

        • iksnilol

          Last time I checked, both were very tangible.

      • Porty1119

        Novas have a reputation for being stupidly solid waterfowl and combat guns. There’s also that awesome magazine cutoff feature…

  • Phillip Cooper

    This is not an unheard of promotion. It’s not that difficult.

    All they need now is to have her knocked up and barefoot, and you’ve got the beginnings of a fine redneck wedding…

    • DIR911911 .

      this is MURICA after all , if they can give away ak’s why would a shotgun be a problem?

      • Phillip Cooper

        The word is “America”, you insufferable imbecile.

  • Roy G Bunting

    Diamonds (and jewelry in general) typically have *huge* margins. There’s some good stuff out there on why diamonds are intrinsically worthless.

    I’d assume they have a arrangement with a local FFL where they have pre-paid for some shotguns and printed up some coupons. The recipient gets a coupon (with a disclaimer on the back that says you have to qualify to own etc) goes down to said gunshop, fills out the 4473 (and whatever state paperwork is required) and gets the firearm. This avoids the jewelry shop from “Engaging in the business of selling firearms” and doesn’t allow for a “Jewelry shop loophole”. The gunshop benefits if they can upsell the buyer (maybe the voucher is for a dollar amount?) and or sell accessories etc.

    • flyingburgers

      I can also imagine a business that runs a jewelry store for upmarket, and a pawn shop/FFL for the lower end. Nice stuff sold at the jewelry store, trade-ins go to the pawn shop.

    • The Truth

      “I’d assume”…just stop. You have no idea how they did it and speculating makes you look like an idiot. SMH, I swear I’ll never understand some people.

      • Phillip Cooper

        How’s it look up there on that high-horse?

  • Justin Roney

    Rediculous markup indeed.

  • Swarf

    Diamonds– and the artificial markets from whence they come– are stupid.

    • iksnilol

      Roll with da moissanite instead.

  • gunsandrockets

    Aww… just a Nova? I was hoping it was one of those sweet higher end Benellis.

    • Evan

      Yeah, for a Benelli M4, I’d buy any number of diamonds.

      • Some Guy

        As someone who recently went diamond shopping: why?

        The gun is cheaper to buy outright.

        • Evan

          I’ve never bought a diamond that cost anything near what a Benelli M4 costs. And if you think about it the other way, if you’re buying diamonds, it likely means you have a woman in your life. Now, I’m divorced, but when I was married, my wife wouldn’t let me buy a gun any time I had a mind to. One time she wouldn’t let me buy a Mosin Nagant for $78, because she suspected (correctly as it turned out) that it wasn’t a gun I really wanted, I just wanted it cause it was $78. So, if you spend a couple grand buying her a diamond and you get a “free” gun out of the deal, you’re buying a gun, she’s getting a diamond out of it, you’ll probably save some money over buying both separately, so it’s a win-win situation.

          • iksnilol

            Damn, can I say congrats on the divorce? I mean, she didn’t sound very friendly.

            + I am a bit disappointed, who doesn’t want a Mosin?

          • Evan

            It’s a Mosin. I’ve shot them before, they’re really nothing special. Give me a Mauser or a Lee-Enfield any day, they’re both infinitely superior.

            And in defense of my ex-wife, she was good with money. I can be quite reckless with money. She let me buy guns that I really wanted, but discouraged me from buying guns on a whim because they were cheap.

          • Rock or Something

            Nothing wrong with buying a garbage rod only because it was 78 bucks. How many times does a woman buy a pair of shoes for similar price because it was on sale?

          • Evan

            She wasn’t much of a shoe buyer, more the “don’t spend money recklessly” type. Though in retrospect, I regret not buying a $78 Mosin when I see them for upwards of $200 now.

  • Evan

    Normally the best part about buying a diamond is the hope that I’m supporting horrendous atrocities in Africa, like cannibalism. But if they threw guns in with the deal, it would be even better. Too bad I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment or live in Arkansas.

  • DIR911911 .

    “it looks like it is just a Benelli Nova” . . . don’t expect any sponsorship calls from them any time soon 🙂

    • Bill

      Yeah, “just” a Benelli?

    • Nicholas C

      Benellis Novas are not expensive, if it was a Benelli M2 or M4 that would pique my interest.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    “Official jeweler of the worlds championship duck calling contest” ?

    Screw that. I buy all my jewelry from Dales Diamond Depot, official jeweler of the championship hog wrestling contest.

    • Bill

      That would be the redneck wedding honeymoon…

  • Burst

    Long barrel, with no ghost ring or mag extension?


    • Andrew Dubya

      I don`t wholly agree on ghost rings but if I can`t put an extended tube and shorter barrel on without super easy work, it`s not worth it to me. I just don`t have any use for a “sporting” (I hate that word so much) shotgun.

    • Giolli Joker

      Those are the mods you’ll pay the FFL to do once you collect your shotgun, giving them a reason to offer such promotion.

  • Darren Hruska

    Some diamond store over here in Wisconsin, can’t remember which one, also gives away Benelli shotguns with diamond purchases.

  • Swarf

    Maybe Benelli and DeBeers are in cahoots and up to shenanigans.

  • iksnilol

    Pfft, if you know anything about jewelry you’d go for moissanite. Costs a fraction, is way more brilliant than any diamond.

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks for the heads up!

      • iksnilol

        Seriously, check it out. Looks kinda like a diamond, only with a better flame and it isn’t affected by the artificial price that diamonds are.

  • sb

    dang….all I got with my diamond was a used pussy…cat