Limited Edition Kahr Arms .380 ACP

Kahr Arms, a small-arms manufacturer whose founder started the company based on his personal belief that the carry guns available were lacking in both construction and features, is now offering a new color of pistol. The company has partnered with Davidson’s on the pistol which is a double-action, semi-auto, micro-compact chambered in .380 ACP. The gun is called the CW3833CG and is a limited edition offering.

The CW3833CG weighs in at 10.2 ounces, empty, and measures 4.96″ in length, 3.9″ tall. It has a 2.58″ rifled barrel. The frame is black polymer and the slide is stainless steel. The gun has several components with a bright gold Cerakote finish including the slide, slide release, and trigger. Capacity is 6+1.

From Kahr:

“The pistol features a lock breech, modified Browning type recoil lug, and utilizes Kahr’s seven patents including the “safe cam” action found in all Kahr pistols. The result is a micro-compact pistol with very little recoil and quick follow-up shots. The pistol also has a drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and a pinned-in polymer front sight.”

MSRP $439. The gun is shipped with two magazines. You can visit¬†for a closer look. Once you’re on the site click on “Gun Genie” and enter “CW3833CG.” Visit the company’s website to see their entire line of firearms:

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  • Justin Roney

    Yay for bling! I expect this to sell like hot cakes in gangster-ridden areas like Detroit, Chicago, and D.C. Oh wait, that’s right, they steal their guns…

  • marine6680

    Am I the only one who finds gold tacky?

    I can handle jewelry that is not overcompensating in its size, but I can’t stand gold trim on things, or as a primary color like cell phones.

    I work aviation, and so many older planes have interiors trimmed in gold on the metal fixtures… it’s horrid.

    • Justin Roney

      I would imagine Mr. Trump’s 757 that sits at LGA most of the time is a prime example…

      • marine6680

        I work aviation, he landed where I work twice last year for campaigning… I didn’t see the inside. The outside was bad, but not horrible, bit it hinted at the inside.

        Planes owned by oil rich middle easterners were the worst…

        • Justin Roney

          Haha, yea I’ve seen some of the interior pictures floating around. The best story I heard was the Prince that wanted to buy a new 777 with an Olympic length swimming pool where the cargo compartments are normally located, and the Boeing engineers had to devise a complete pumping system to keep the water from changing the CG, especially during takeoff and landing…

  • marine6680

    My comment expressing my opinion that gold is tacky gets deleted…

    But the comment about “bling” and intercity gang violence gets to stay…

    OK then

  • El Duderino

    I actually like it. Cerakote is FAR tougher than 24k plate.

    Then again, I kind of want one of those Taurus 1911s in bright chrome with gold small parts and pearl grips in .38 Super. I could put “El Duderino” on the slide for that custom touch. Half a key of Coca Cola not included.

    • gunsandrockets

      The pimped versions of Taurus handguns was exactly what came to my mind too when I saw that gold Kahr.

      • My friend refers to those as the “Sinaloa Specials.”

      • El Duderino

        “Pimped” isn’t quite right…more like “Carteled”.

  • Edeco

    Bleh, mag and I guess that’s a serial number plate still stainless. Not a fan of gold anyway, but having other metal finish as well makes it worse. Kahr are losing prestige in my eyes.

    I might like multiple metal finishes if they’re not just cosmetic, like parkerized frame + straw case-hardened hammer & trigger.

  • Will

    CW380 is a personal favorite.
    Reliable, rugged, well built and shoots to point of aim.
    No complaints.

  • I would have preferred gold Titanium Nitride, but overall I have to say it’s a handsome piece.

    Full size gold guns never did it for me, but for such a tiny blaster it works. Sort of like a gold Zippo that shoots.

  • Kjk

    distributor specials are usually pretty lame. What is davidsons anyway? I see the name only for distributor specials, is that where gun shops order their guns?

  • iksnilol

    Only if I can engrave “feeling like MONEY” on the slide.

    Other than that, fantastic piece.