HexMag Granted Patent on Standard Capacity Magazine “True Riser” System

The space can be used for storage.

HexMag, known for their hexagonal magazines (who’d a thunk?), has been granted a patent for their “True Riser” magazine capacity reduction system. In short, the True Riser is an set of parts that when combined with a standard capacity magazine, reduces the capacity of the magazine to the designed size.

The True Riser system comprises of the riser itself, and a shorter spring, which when combined make it impossible for one to increase the capacity of the magazine back to the full 30 rounds without other components. This is key, as the True Riser system is then fully legal in all restricted capacity locales throughout the United States (no word on export to our Canadian friends).


True Riser equipped magazines maintain the standard capacity magazine external shell. This is great for those wanting easy compatibility with common load carrying gear or those concerned about aesthetics (I agree, short magazines do look wonky in modern sporting rifles).

Retail pricing ($14.99) for the magazine stays the same for any of the True Riser equipped magazines. True Riser magazines come in both 10 round (CA, CT, DC, etc.) and 15 round (CO and NJ) legal configurations. They are available now through their website. The True Riser equipped magazines maintain their compatability with the HexMag HexID system.

Nathan S

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  • guest

    Is that a fishing line, hook and lure I see there? So this is what, a retarded mag cap limiter which functions as some kind of survival fishing kit??? That’s right folks, in case you get lost in densely populated California and have to fish to survive, this is right down your alley.

    This s*** this never ends!
    Hey, why not include an emergency phone charger, a handy case for Pokemon cards and what else… oh a compartment where you put in pepper and salt… and when you are eating that fish you caught with the “survival kit” you just have to rack the rifle’s bolt over an empty mag and it grinds salt and pepper.

    • Limonata

      That picture is from Facebook and someone who purchased it and found something useful to do with the empty space. Don’t like it, don’t buy it but don’t understand the vitriol.

      • iksnilol

        They advertise that the hexagonal hole is for securing line. And I quote “the magazines of choice for your survival gear”. Because having some paracord and fishing line instead of 15-20 additional rounds is a good trade.

        • Ethan

          Thank the Statists.

        • Cal S.

          I’m just interested if it comes out without any damage to the magazine. You know, because reasons…

          I’m totally not from Colorado. Nope.

        • Phil Hsueh

          In the case of states like CA, we can’t have an additional 15 – 20 rounds in our mags, we’re limited, by law, to only 10 round mags. Believe me, if were allowed normally capacity mags for our ARs & AKs, we’d be using them instead of 10/30s or 10/20s.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, but why have the long 30 round mag body. The 10/20 mags make sense, but the 10/30 is pretty stupid IMO. You get all the disadvantages of a 30 rounders with none of the advantages.

          • Cymond

            The advantage is familiar handling and standard magazine pouches.

            But yeah, I don’t go to the range covered in MOLLE pouches, and I live in a relatively free state, so 10/30s have never appealed to me.

          • Cynic

            Packing a set of first and second line kit for a shooting class is easier with 30 round mags, pouches for lower cap mags are a bastard

          • iksnilol

            I dunno, those 20 rounders are awfully handy.

          • Cynic

            True but my only 20 rounder kit is my name reenactors/airsoft kit and it’s not really practical for my more modern stuff

  • iksnilol

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with just putting a pin in a normal mag. That way you can at least remove the pin and suddenly have a regular capacity mag again.

    Also, short mags are a blessing. 20 rounders are amazing.

    • Limonata

      Because for many of those states listed, the law does not allow you to make an alteration that can convert the magazine back to full capacity. There website explains this fact.

    • Bill

      All I get anymore are 20 rounders. They’re short, maneuverable, don’t snag, are easily wormed into unconventional firing positions and don’t make me do a lot of math figuring out how many 20-round boxes I need to fill X number of 30 round magazines. It’s not like I have to lay down tons of suppressive fire.

      Don’t care how they look: I can’t see them when I’m firing the rifle.

      • iksnilol

        Also, IIRC you can store more rounds in 20 rounders than in 30 rounders if you pu the mags in a box.

        Might be useful if you like to load a bunch of mags and throw them into an ammo can.

    • thedonn007

      I would guess that you could replace the mag “guts” and turn one of these back into a 30 rounder.

      Actually, all you would probably need is a 30 round magazine spring.

      • kregano

        From the looks of it, it’s as simple as taking the mag apart, chucking the riser, and putting in a standard length spring.

      • iksnilol

        Or you could just get multiple of them short springs. Some jury rigging should make it work.

    • Bob

      I rather like my 20 rounders for my AK, though the two 10 rounders I bought were a disappointment. The 20s are long enough to easily grab and handle, the 10s are short enough I end up uncomfortably grabbing with only half my hand, driving the edges of the baseplate into my palm, and forget about doing the cool empty reloads where you use the new mag to knock the old off…

    • nadnerbus

      What Limonata said. Plugged and pinned reduced cap full sized mags have been a thing for a while. My LGS just puts a bolt through them. An online retailer sells Pmags with plugs they make and install along with a roll pin to fix the magazine floor plate.

      Advantage to this is that the mod is still “permanent” while being able to disassemble the mag.

      So to be real about this, it’s a dodge to allow owners to comply with the law while retaining the ability to quickly restore them to full cap with the proper length replacement spring.

  • kregano

    I wish they would make a 5 round version. For some reason, Florida only allows hunters to use semi-auto rifles if they have no more than five rounds in the mag. Since I know at least one store often sells bundles of the 10 round mags, I figure 5 rounders could get the same deal.

    Of course, if someone figured out how to 3D print a working 5 round capacity riser, I’d just buy a bundle of 10 round mags and swap out the riser.

    • iksnilol

      Do you have a 3d printer?

      You could just 3d print a dedicated 5 rounder.

      • kregano

        I don’t (yet, who knows what the future may bring), and don’t really know how to make a good 5 round mag with one.

        If I wanted a cheap 5 round mag of questionable quality, I’d just buy one of the Thermold 5 rounders that Sportsman’s Guide sells.

        • iksnilol

          What should be easy is to get the files for the 30 round mag the DefDist guys designed and then modify the design to have a solid non-removable part that stops the follower from going past 5 rounds. Or just buy the 5 rounders that Brownells sells.

      • Shankbone

        I do. Are the mags easy to print?

        • iksnilol

          DefDist did manage to print working 30 rounders. I mean, it should be possible to shorten it.

          QUICK GOOGLING: Brownells is selling 5 round AR-15 mags for… 17 dollars a piece! Seriously?

          Yeah, I’d recommend getting the files for the 30 rounder and editing them for 5 rounds.

    • Anon

      You could just, you know, type “5 round ar mag” into Google and find out that there are steel and aluminum mags for sale by Brownells, gunmagwarehouse, and midwest shooter supply for somewhere around $15

    • Magpul used to sell limitators for their magazines.

  • Roy G Bunting

    I prefer the 10round Pmagwith a ranger plate, but these do what they are supposed to do and allow you to completely disassemble the magazine, which most pinned magazines don’t.

    I find these to be easier to manipulate for reloads, but the pmag more bench and range friendly. YMMV

  • iowaclass


  • Justin Roney

    Or, instead of buying these, people could spend that money supporting individuals running for office that want to repeal said restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, support recall petitions for those politicians that don’t, and send money to the NRA-ILA to help stop these restrictions from being enacted in the first place. Oh wait, can’t talk about politics. X-(

    • Dan

      They can do both, but they also need a solution now.

      • Justin Roney

        Moving to a free state is a good solution.

    • Kjk

      Obviously in the meantime they actually you know, want to have magazines.

      • Justin Roney

        In which case, currently manufactured, lighter, 10 round magazines are available.

        • Andy Kay

          which often fit far too deeply into mag pouches to be comfortably removed.
          or people have to pay through the nose for a magpul 10/30 that’s pinned. LGSs in my ares sell 15/30 Hexmags at 15.99 compared to Magpul 15/30s which are 25-27.99

          at least with the hex mag it allows for users to convert the 10/30 or 15/30 back to full “normal” capacity if the do decide to move to a different state or if current gun laws in their state of residence change…

  • Pod

    I’m not familiar with how the enforcement of mag cap bans in restricted states work, so bear with me.

    I know that (unless things go south tomorrow in California) mere possession of a standard-capacity 30 round magazine is OK if it was made before a certain date.

    But, consider this, in most of those cases, the cutoff date is well before the advent of PMAGs, Hexmags, and so on.

    Hypothetical – you’re on a range in one of those states, and the RSO, not wanting an issue, sees you with a Hexmag, which appears to be a 30-rounder. He comes over, and basically you have to stop shooting and probably disassemble your mag to prove it’s a “compliant” one? Or worse yet, a cop takes notice. Meanwhile the guys and gals with stubby 10-rounders continue on, unmolested…

    • Andy Kay

      I live in a gun restrictive state. through my hundreds of trips to ranges I’ve never been molested by RSOs for having magazines that look to be 30 rounders. in fact damn near all the shooters who use modern sporting rifles have full capacity dimension magazines that are legally set to the 15 round capacity. nor has there ever been a known arrest or seizure of said firearms due to a magazine “looking” like a 30 rounder.

  • Mike Harper

    These would not be legal in Canada as when disassembled, the mag body is unaltered at a 30 round capacity, and they would probably take into account you could put a standard spring in there and away you go with a 30 round magazine.

  • Geoff

    Totally pointless. Jurisdictions with anti-gun laws require that the mag limitation is either permanent or very difficult to remove. This does not make that cut, however immoral or unconstitutional it may be. Otherwise, no sane person wants to neuter their mag. I am baffled at who even approved this for production.

  • Jeff Heeszel

    They should just make shortie mags. It makes bench shooting nicer and there will never be confusion that you have a 30rd mag in a state that doesn’t allow them. If you wanted to neuter your mag, a piece of scrap plywood could be cut instead of this too.

    • Andy Kay

      depends on the state. for example in NJ a piece of wood will not count as a permanent alteration.

  • Mystick

    “without other components”…. you know, like what the magazine came with originally…

  • Tierlieb

    Can someone explain the patent thing to me? Because mag capacity limiters have been around for a while. As have mag capacity limiters that are equally “hard” to replace. Because other countries have had the same problem for a while now.

    So a patent like this seems frivolous.

  • All the Raindrops

    On somewhat of a tangent, I have been hearing a lot about hexmag failures recently. The “step” that engages the mag release wears easily and the mag doesn’t sit at the right height, like the polymer is too soft or something. For light range use they’re fine, I have one or two, but pmags, lancers and GI with magpul followers are the holy trinity