Loose Rounds posted this on their Facebook Page. It is a Remington 7188 used in Vietnam. According to Gun Wikia it is a modified Remington 1100. I imagine the recoil would be somewhat brutal but could be mitigated with backboring and porting like what Vang Comp does to their 870s. 480 rpm is a rather slow rate of fire and might not be too bad if set up properly.

Here is a photo of the selector switch.



  • Zundfolge

    Holy crap!

    My father always said he carried a full auto shotgun in Vietnam and I always though he was blowing smoke (as he was often want to do) … and wel, there it is.

    • PK

      Interestingly, this was far from the only full-auto shotgun used in Vietnam. It’s simply the nicest, in my opinion, and was certainly the only factory made type. The rest were prototypes and conversion units, while Remington actually produced the 7188 in limited numbers.

    • NeroMANIAC

      They did and Mattel as well an oshkosh are built from military contracts from ww1/2

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        Mattel never had a military contract.

    • Jason

      It is my understanding that Matel did do the prototype work for all the plastic injection mold stuff for the original mass production bits for the M16. Whether or not they actually put their logo on them, I have no idea but they would have been the folks with the ability to have done that work at the time.

      • Jonathan Ferguson

        Evidence please!

        • Dracon1201

          They made A1 Grips, and nothing else.
          TFB doesn’t let me link, but it comes up on Google.

          • Jonathan Ferguson

            Then name the site & the details of the claim; you don’t need to post a full URL. I’m afraid I don’t believe there’s any link between Mattel & the M16 aside from the Marauder toy.

          • Dracon1201

            That’s fair enough. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this issue, and it could be all crap. Most likely any presented evidence is Photoshop. I’ve never gone through the military A1 grips, so I can neither confirm or deny it. I read that article wrong, it was in fact a photoshop, so I won’t bother posting more, I was wrong. I like to keep an open mind, it would be cool to have a ‘Mattel’ grip.

          • Jonathan Ferguson

            One of the more persistent myths in military history. But there’s literally no evidence for it, & plenty against (I.e. we have all the documents showing who actually made the components).

          • Jim N Kim London

            General Tire and Rubber Company, Marion Indiana did the 1st gen M16 stock work…I worked there in 1968/69 and saw them being made first hand.. They are closed now but a little googling can bring it up if ya care to look at that plant.

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            Prove that and arfcom will hand you $1000.

            Colt made the plastic in house. There are plenty of docs that show it.

          • Dracon1201

            I’ve been corrected. I retract my uninformed idiocy.

      • Jim N Kim London

        folk lore only,,,Mattel only did Barbie stuff …hahahaha. Read above. I worked on the line where the 1st gen stocks and parts were made for the M16…..No Mattel logo or hands on…

        • throwedoff

          I’ve heard butt stocks, and I’ve heard hand guards under the heat shields. I’ve handled several early M16’s including an A1 that was anodized a zinc chromate green and built by the Hydramatic Division of GM. It was still equipped with the three prong flash suppressor as well. It was in remarkably good shape. Of course by that time it spent 99.9% of its time sitting in a rifle rack tucked away in an auxiliary arms vault at Fort Sill only being issued for joint ROTC training exercises.

    • Jim N Kim London

      1st. generation M16 stocks were make at a fiber glass plant in Marion Indiana. General Tire and Rubber was the name of the plant. They made foam rubber and plastic and fiberglass parts. The raised wood trim on the Ford station wagons were made there too. I worked the line where they came off after being heated in the furnaces for the spreading of the plastic material under heat and pressure. I also worked the line for the Ford part but could not stand the fiberglass and ended up quitting over the inability to get the glass out of my skin ..LOL.

      • Jim N Kim London

        No Mattel LOGO on the stocks…Armalite maybe, but no toy company

        • Lt_Scrounge

          I personally wouldn’t be overly surprised if some creative GI made up a metal branding iron and added a logo or two before the brass caught on.

          You know how much some people like practical jokes.

      • ddhartma

        Lived in Marion for over 30 years and know the plant well. Never worked there but had plenty of friends that did. In their later years they did fiberglass semi-truck cabs I believe.

      • Anon. E Maus

        Gah, fiberglass is horrible to deal with if it splinters even slightly, your skin will itch and prickle for days and days!

  • BattleshipGrey

    I don’t even care that it’s full auto (though it’s a nice addition), that thing is sweet.

    • forrest1985

      Agreed i’d love a semi-auto version, thing is a beast!

      • DW

        In that case, go buy a Remington 1100 that works.

        • forrest1985

          Would love to, kind of frowned upon here in UK though! Personally this looks a lot better than an 1100 anyways

  • Bob

    At 480rpm you would empty it in about a second. I guess it would be good in an ambush but the reload would get you.

  • Kyle

    I never knew I needed one of these till now. Seriously I have titanic levels of want looking at that. So how expensive is it and where can I find one? Will they accept the sould of my firstborn as payment?

    • PK

      There are a few 7188s, both factory and converted, available on the transferable side of the registry, but they rarely come up for sale. Just keep your eyes open and regularly search the usual NFA for-sale boards, maybe contact the bigger MG dealers and let them know you’re in the market, etc.

      If you place WTB ads for an attractive enough sum of money, you’ll find one.

      • Lt_Scrounge

        By an attractive sum of money, he means a cash payment running close to the cost of a new Mercedes.

        I want them to repeal or overturn the ban on importation of selective fire weapons. Daewoo was making a box fed, selective fire 12 gauge they were planning to bring to market in the US in 1986 but it got shut out by the ban. It was a precursor to the Saiga but used a 25 round box magazine.

        • PK

          No, I do not mean that sort of money at all. The last converted 1100 I saw sold for $17,000 or so.

          • Lt_Scrounge

            In this part of Texas, $17k can buy you a fixer upper house.

    • RICH

      Be prepared to take out a home equity loan if you come across one…. LOL.

    • RICH

      Like PK says, post a WTB ad on a few sites. I posted an ad a while back when I was looking for a ’28 Thompson and scored. Try SUBGUNS.COM
      Good luck….. : )

    • John

      If you work for a PMC and you offer twenty grand, you’ll probably get some offers.

      But in this age of Saigas and similar, people would ask why bother.

  • TJbrena

    Is it select fire or full-auto only?

    • Anonymoose


      • TJbrena

        That’s better than full-auto only. Maybe it’s just me being a 6′ 150lb stick, but I don’t think I’d ever have enough trigger control to manage single shots from a full-auto shotgun when dealing with the recoil.

    • PK

      The 7188 is select fire. In the last photo, the shotgun is set to full-auto. Straight down is semi-auto, and the tab being back toward the stock is the safe setting.

  • gunsandrockets


    The receiver is even engraved! What a classy way to kill commie scum.

    • PK

      I believe it may be an excellent example of a converted 1100 and not a 7188, as the engraving shows. Still, very classy indeed! I don’t recall the 7188s built by Remington having the scroll engraving, but it would have been a nice touch.

  • PK

    The pictured shotgun appears to be either a recent (post-86 sample) 1100 conversion or one of the pre-mark 1 prototypes, as the factory produced 7188s (of all six known marks) were engraved as such at the factory. There were some early problems encountered with the 7188, one of which was the feed reliability.

    When it worked properly, it worked very well, but shooting from odd positions, leaning over too far, holding the shotgun improperly, all of that could lead to feed issues related to the carrier. An improvement for this, a “carrier latch retainer”, was developed. For more information on the latch retainer, take a look for the March 19th 1968 US patent – 3,373,519.

  • gusto

    a rem1100 was my first gun, had it for 10 14 years, pointed well for me and I shot well with it BUT

    never got it to run properly for any length of time, would not want to go to war with it

    • charlesrhamilton

      My father had one, and that was his experience as well. He traded it for a beautiful A5, which he has to this day.

    • Just the facts

      I bought an 1100 used 30+ years ago and it has been nothing if not reliable. It has been setup so it’s not much different than the one pictured above (no heat shield) and just a couple of months ago I put probably 100 rds of a mixture of shot, slug and 00 buck through it without a hiccup. I keep it clean but don’t tear it apart every time I shoot it and I think the only thing I ever done to it maintenance wise, besides cleaning, is to put new O rings on it every decade or so.

    • Lt_Scrounge

      I had a friend in the Army that had an 1100. It wasn’t reliable at all with less than 3 inch shells. I don’t know if it was because of the gas system needing adjusted or it needing a good cleaning. I know that I’ll stick with a pump action. I have two Winchester Model 12s that were made without trigger resets. If you hold the trigger back, they fire as fast as you can work the slide.

  • jng1226

    480 rpm is about .125 splits between shots. Quite achievable by practiced 3-gunners on semi-autos, although shooting tactical 00 would be a bit more stout than loads commonly used for steel and birds in gaming. Would be devastating firing 2-3 shot bursts in a gun fight if they connected. As was said, re-loading this in the middle of a battle would not be fun.

    • Lt_Scrounge

      Did you happen to see the 12 gauge Benelli that the guys from Red Jacket firearms put together for one of Benelli’s team shooters? It had a 15 round magazine that consisted of rotating tubes. It was a pretty wicked toy. You might be able to see the episode of “Sons of Guns” on YouTube.

  • GearHead

    Question? What makes the recoil on this gun any worse than any other autoloader?

    • Nicholas C

      Full auto.

      • GearHead

        I just mean it works out to 8 shots per second which sounds impressive but there are more than a hand full of people out there with speedy trigger fingers that can replicate or beat that with semi autos.

        • Doom

          Are they shooting buckshot or bird shot? plus they have probably shot a LOOOOT more than your average person in the military if they are a competitive shooter.

          • Mael99

            Recoil in shotgun shells depends on the weight of the payload, not the size of the shot. A 1 oz buckshot shell produces the same recoil as a 1 oz (any other size shot) shell. You were taught wrong.

          • Doom

            But very few birdshot loads are as heavy as buckshot, they also usually have a lighter powder charge and are almost always “low brass” instead of “high brass” to deal with higher pressure in the shell.

    • Giolli Joker

      8* 12 ga recoils hitting your shoulder during one single second.

      *maybe less, depending on tube capacity, but 480 rounds per minute are 8 rounds per second

  • Joe

    Given the ROF and tube magazine, would an M79 firing buckshot rounds do the job better?

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    …Invective from Destiny?! IS THAT YOU?!

  • Uncle Webkins

    So you’re gonna roll full auto on something that holds 8 rounds and takes 40 seconds to reload? Stylish, yes. But I wouldn’t want to be the schnook carrying it.

  • Glenn Schantz

    From what I understand they didn’t issue many of these and they were primarily given to the units in charge of clearing and destroying the tunnel systems, they also had Dog soldiers to run the tunnels and flush the enemy out.

  • Kevin K

    I heard stories growing up about my uncle using a browning A5 that was belt fed, in the left side of the receiver and out the right, stamped united states marine corp. If anyone has a picture please post it.

  • Jason

    Maybe it was an emergency feature? We need a lot of lead downrange right now as we back up. Imagine the noise as it is blasting away.

  • Tim Ellwood

    1986, SOF convention in Las Vegas.

    I think it was called a 2200, someone mated a right handed and a left handed 1100 together, one trigger and full auto conversion. 11 shot tubes.
    Muzzle climb was horrific, even with all that weight, kinnda cool though.

  • Will

    Why full auto???
    It’s an 1100. At the time it was one of, if not the, fastest cycling shotguns on the market. Full auto would have been a body punishing waste of ammo.

    Simply my opinion.
    Not a fan of full auto capable firearms in the hands of soldiers. They tend to get excited during the heat of battle and go to full squirt and spray and pray mode.

  • carlcasino

    Rumors are easy to start and hard to kill. I remember the Nuclear Reactors used in Subs in the late 50’s , early 60’s being manufactured by Rheem Hot Water Heater Co. or one of the Companies that manufactured Hot Water heater in the era. They were correct only in the aspect that the Reactor DID heat water.

    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      Remember the Ozone Hole or Global Warming?

      • carlcasino

        At 78 I have lived thru every farce devised by Government to always see debunked but that part is NEVER covered by the media. If it Might Bleed it gets coverage, if it turns out to be a myth you will never hear about it.

      • Ben

        Living in New Zealand I can confirm the ozone hole. Sunburn can happen within 15 minutes