New Models in Winchester Super X3 Line

Super X3 Ultimate Sporting Adjustable

Winchester Repeating Arms announced several additions to the company’s Super X3 line of semi automatic shotguns. The two new additions to the line are called the Super X3 Ultimate Sporting Adjustable and the Super X3 Composite Sporting Carbon Fiber.

Super X3 Ultimate Sporting Adjustable

The Ultimate Sporting Adjustable (can I call it the USA?) is a good looking 12 gauge shotgun. The wood is grade II/III walnut with a satin oil finish. The stock has an adjustable comb and precisely cut checkering on the pistol grip portion and fore end.

The receiver has a matte nickel plated finish. This has a slight contrast with the barrel’s Perma-Cote gray finish. The barrel can be had in lengths of 28″, 30″ or 32″. It is ported on all three lengths.

A Signature Red Briley bolt handle, bolt release and magazine cap are used. The color pairs well with the Extended Signature Invector-Plus choke tubes.

A Tru Glo fiber optic front sight and Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad finish out the USA. Winchester states the suggested retail price of the gun is $1,869.99.

Super X3 Composite Sporting Carbon Fiber

Super X3 Composite Sporting Carbon Fiber

The Composite Sporting Carbon Fiber (CSCF) is a very similar shotgun to the USA above. For this model, Winchester replaced the walnut furniture with a synthetic stock that has a carbon fiber finish. Other than the price, all else remains the same. The MSRP for this one is $1,739.99.

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  • Swarf

    F’ing carbon fiber.

    Carbon fiber is the “EXTREME” of this generation.

    I knew EXTREME was over when I looked in the First Aid kit at work and there were EXTREME LENGTH bandaids.

    • iksnilol

      I could live with it if it was actual carbon fiber (AKA lighter and stronger).

      • Edeco

        Yeah, apparently faux CFC, bleh. How insincere.

        • Dan

          Wait will there still be enough faux carbon fiber supplies to adorn my honduh civic? The fake carbon fiber is really a dumb idea. Nothing says looks at this cheap P.O.S. quite like fake carbon fiber.

      • Austin

        You won’t see real carbon fiber on sporting models, they want more weight so it can absorb more recoil and let you get on that second shot faster.

    • Edeco

      The moment for me was seeing an Xtreme (sic) Chevy S10. I was there in my car behind it making the DeGrasse-Tyson “whoa, badass” gesture.

  • Austin

    I will never understand why companies put sights of any kind on a shotgun geared towards competition shooting.

    • Sianmink

      It’s just one fiber optic lightpipe, not much different from a 14k bead sight or similar.

      • Austin

        It most certainly is a difference in how noticeable they are