Gun Pro Expands Sure Fire Magazine Line

We’ve all gone through them – failures in our firearms. Whether it’s a failure to feed, failure to eject, or even a trigger failing to fully reset, problems happen. In order to combat those issues we do everything from swapping out components to using different brands and types of ammunition. Of course, some companies create products specifically designed to stave off failures. Gun Pro is one such company. They created the Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive Magazine which is meant to prevent feed-related failures.

From Gun Pro:

“Due to the notorious gap between the top and following round, today’s magazines have one serious shortcoming…Nose Dive jams. This physically presents a nose dive problem when the slide extracts the top cartridge from a firearm magazine frequently forcing the cartridge nose downward thereby jamming the slide.”

The two newest additions to the Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive Magazine lineup are six and seven-round .45 ACP magazines. There are multiple features designed to keep your pistol feeding reliably and smoothly but there is one in particular Gun Pro mentions as notable. That’s their patent-pending Nose-Dive Control Assist Spring Tab, created to maintain a consistent angle of feeding for every round in the magazine.

MSRP varies between $35.00 and $46.00. Visit the company’s website at

Gun Pro Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive Magazines:

Govt. 1911, 8rd. Magazine w/ Removable Base Pad (Available)

.45 ACP 7 Round Compact/Officer’s w/ Welded Floor Plate (on back order)

.45 ACP 6 Round Compact/Officer’s w/ Welded Floor Plate (on back order)

  • Coming Soon: .45 ACP 10 Round w/ Removable Base Pad

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  • The Book of Armaments

    And Saul, after the Lord had forsaken him, pondered the depths of human stupidity, only to find it without limit. With a cry of despair he raised his voice to heaven saying “What man, having 50 dallors, buys one magazine, when with the same wealth he could purchase several?!”.

    This was counted as righteous before God, who knew of the depraivity of man and his obsession with nonexistant problems.

    • TVOrZ6dw

      So sayeth we all. Amen

    • Bob

      Unfortunately Colt makes mags of questionable quality, and Chip McCormick mags work well in my Colts. Did get a great deal at a gun show and walked out with a handful at $18 each as I recall.

    • Edeco

      Si omnes-Ego non.

  • thedonn007

    How die they get away with using the Sure Fire name?

    • Luke

      No no no, these are Sure Fire, not Surefire, it’s a clear distinction that nobody could ever mix up.

      • Billy Jack

        Sure. Fire?

      • AirborneSoldier

        Missed that. Thank you for the correction.

    • Sampson

      Queue the Cease and Desist letter from Surefire in 3… 2… 1….

      Talk about a bone-headed trademark selection. Out of all the names they could have picked for this line of products, they chose this. It’s so idiotic I’m beginning to question how good these magazines are.

    • John Yossarian

      SGM Tactical also uses the Surefire name for their crappy plastic magazines. So there are apparently three companies producing mags with this name?

  • nova3930

    Does the follower have a dimple? No dimple no care….

  • John L.

    Yeah … While I appreciate the effort, and the cost-to-market for new products …

    I’ve learned that for the 1911s in the household, everything likes Chip McCormick and Wilson Combat. Can’t say that for any other brand I’ve tried, and at this point have no real incentive to try another brand, especially at that price point.

    • Billy Jack

      Is the advice to always buy magazines from a different manufacturer outside of Wilson hold true at all? I’m not a 1911 guy obviously but I heard that a few different places.

  • Drunk Possum

    Hey check it out everybody! Katie A. wrote an article that didn’t ask a question and start a flame war. Amazing, ain’t it?

  • mazkact

    Going after the 1911 magazine market when we already have Chip McCormick mags is the biggest bone headed move. Chip McCormick mags for 1911 and MecGar mags for everything else.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Chip McCormick mags work well in my 45s. Ive used the Surefire 60 as a bedstand mag in an Ar pistole. Works great. No idea on the 100. Too long for prone work. The 60 impressed me as perfect for home defense work,no reload. Their flashlight have been good to me tactically, in the home, or hunting. I will def try these.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Changed my mind. Ill stick withe ones i know work