William Tell Challenge – With ‘Arrow Guns’

Even if you have zero interest in airguns, you could still spend an entire evening watching the Ted’s Holdover YouTube channel and not get bored. Not only that, but you might also learn a lot about range estimation, bullet drop and windage adjustment from watching Ted’s videos. The light weight and subsonic velocities of airgun pellets make for interesting ballistics and trajectories. Some of the shots that Ted takes on pigeons, squirrels and starlings are quite dramatic. How about a 140 yard shot on a pigeon with a crosswind using a .22 caliber air rifle? Yep, it’s in there.

Ted started his channel using an Edgun Matador (a Russian bullpup airgun) to document his pest control stories around local Wisconsin farms. Using a custom camera/scope mount, he is able to show pellets in flight and perfect shot placement. It is probably my favorite ‘entertaining but educational’ YouTube channel. He has since expanded his arsenal to include reviews from all of the best air gun manufacturers.


Camera scope mount from Ted’s Holdover.

One of my favorite episodes is where Ted uses empty pellet tins to teach range estimation with mil dot reticles.  The tins, which are conveniently-sized at almost exactly one mil at 100 yards, are placed at varying distances as Ted ranges, shoots and narrates. His casual style makes it easy to watch and learn.


Empty pellet tins were painted and used to demo mil dot range estimation.

In this episode, Ted and Green Bay Packer Jeff Janis, use two different pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns that are modified to shoot arrows. The Crosman Pioneer Airbow and the FX Bobcat are two commercially available ‘Arrow Guns’ that use a blast of air to fire a bolt with surprising accuracy.


Janis (left) with the Pioneer Airbow and Ted with the FX Bobcat.

Both shooters use the Airbow and the Bobcat to attempt shoot an apple off the head of a dummy (donned in a Bears jersey). Results (and hilarity) are included in the full length video below.

Give it look – Ted’s Holdover is well worth your time. I know that watching his videos has made me a better shooter when using both airguns and powder burners.


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  • john huscio

    Nice to see a local kid (Janis) make good, even if he does play for the packers……

  • DIR911911 .

    AirRow gun . . . cool 🙂

  • jng1226

    Found his videos a year or so ago, he’s great and does awesome camera work. A few other airgun channels are quite interesting and they are great hunters of small game.

  • AndyHasky

    His hunting videos are brutal, I love them.