Krieghoff Semprio In-Line Action

I came across this GIF and found out it is a Krieghoff Semprio. The Semprio is an In-Line action system that functions like a pump-action rifle. However Krieghoff desgined it differently.

Quick target acquisition in close quarters – just one of many hunting situations where the Krieghoff In-Line action proves its superiority. Lightning fast reloading and repeat firing without changing hand position – a true speed advantage of the Semprio. Hunting is now what it should be – a total focus on the target and safe shooting without distraction. Ergonomic repeating naturally draws the rifle into the shoulder further enhancing high shooting accuracy.
To repeat, the entire barrel in-line assembly is simply pushed forward with the guiding hand. Thereby the gun will be unlocked, the empty cartridge is ejected and the next round will be fed from the magazine. Pulling back the entire barrel in-line assembly shuts and locks the rifle and readies it for immediate firing. During the entire firing sequence, the hand positions never change. All precision parts of the mechanically operating In-Line action are moving on polished, friction-free sliders. The Semprio is designed to accommodate both right and lefthanded shooters.
The steel bolt head with seven solid lugs rotates and locks in the barrel assembly. The broad 65 mm² (0.101 square inch) locking surface offers the highest level of confidence and safety. The trigger can only be pulled when the rifle is completely closed and locked. The In-Line action rifle can be easily loaded through the large ejection port or by quickly changing the detachable magazine


The Krieghoff In-Line action is quite different from what many of us are accustomed to in a pump action rifle. In a traditional pump action, the fore grip is pulled back to cycle the bolt and extract the spent casing. The Krieghoff is different in that the entire barrel assembly is fixed with the fore grip and the entire barrel assembly is pushed forward away from the fixed bolt to extract the round and then pulled back together to chamber the round.

In The GIF above and video below, the shooter is not working the action properly. The shooter is supposed to push the barrel forward while leaving the stock shouldered and maintaining his cheek weld.


According to a review by Craig Boddington, the Semprio In-Line action allows it to change calibers easily.

Here are the specs off Krieghoff’s website.

Standard caliber: .223 Rem., .243 Win., 6,5×55 SE, .270 Win., 7×64, .308 Win., .30–06, 8x57IS, 9,3×62

Magazine capacity standard caliber: 4+1 – 4 rounds and one extra in barrel

Magnum caliber: 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .375 Ruger*

Magazine capacity standard caliber: 3+1 – 3 rounds and one extra in barrel

Standard barrel length:
55 cm (22″) for standard caliber
63 cm (25″) for magnum caliber

Direct triggering: approx. 1.25 kg

Weight**: approx. 3.4 kg

An added benefit to the design is that it is a takedown rifle.


Nicholas C

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  • gusto

    when you get the hang of it, its really fast, easily the fastest repeter, the recoil kinda takes care of the first movement, and the motion adds in you getting back on target quickly, much faster then a regular pump like a shotgun, the movement stabilizes the barrel while a regular pump jerks the barrel about

    practically made for driven game hunting in Europe, but it is a nieche piece because it s not as accurate as a blaser (the blaser is a legitimate long range rifle to)
    nor can you have bigger mags which is getting more popular

    • DIR911911 .

      it’s almost like some of the writers for the blog aren’t readers of the blog 🙁

      • J.T.

        This is one of the things editors are for. The editors should know there was already an article and not approve the new one for publication to the website.

  • Julio

    This is a more informative post than the one on the same item from 29-04-2016, but why are two TFB writers near simultaneously into this niche German design?

    • Austin

      Office paperwork mishap

  • Bill

    It makes sense, like a pump shotgun or previous iterations of pump rifles, but why do they insist on cycling the rear section, when the written description counters this?

    • marine6680

      There are going to be rules around what qualifies as a break action, so this dictates the need to open the action up to this level.

  • HKmaster

    I’d rather have them make more Lugers again! 🙂

  • Anonymoose

    I bet you I could break that nice, expensive rifle really, really easily. :^)

    • Austin

      Just because all of the action is exposed with every cycle

  • marine6680

    My theory on the reason for this action…

    It probably qualifies as a break action, and some countries may not allow a pump action, but will allow a break action.

    • NorwayBM

      You are correct. One more thing though, hunting is much more tradition-oriented in Europe. You won´t find lots of digicamo and drum-fed ARs for that here.

      • Dan

        I can’t think of anywhere here that allows you to use drums. Aside from pest or varmit.

      • marine6680

        There is a lot of tradition in hunting over here too, at least in hunting of larger hoofed animals.

        Though tech has started to creep into some areas, like turkey and hog. The AR as a base platform is popular for varmit and coyote hunting, due to the pack nature of many of the animals and the lack or large bag limits, making quick follow up shots desirable.

        But I am not a hunter, so this is all an outside looking in kind of thing.

    • gusto

      probably not, to expensive for such a nieche market IMO

      It is just an innovative design, many of the guys behind the blaser has gone forward into other new designs
      The merkel helix, a straight pull with gears so the bolt doesn’t travel outside of the action
      The Innogun hybrid with is a combination rifle, two barrels and the lower one is magazine feed

      it is probably a safety thing in the end, blaser have had a few high profile accidents

      this design no bolt can come back and hit you in the face (:

      • marine6680

        This is a European firearm… you can’t think from an American perspective. Hunters over their tend to be better off financially than most hunters in the US… and the rich hunters in the US do buy $4000+ rifles. This isn’t for the common man, this is for the better off hunter.

        Remember, England is home to H&H, makers of $250,000 double barrel shotguns.

  • DanGoodShot

    Consider my interest very peaked.

    • Brocus


  • Sianmink

    MSRP $5000

    Which for a Krieghoff, well, any time they come under 5 digits is exceptional.

    • Austin

      True but they are very nice shooting guns, at least from the few K-80s I’ve shot

  • Goody

    Verney Carron Speedline. If you need a not-quite-auto, then those are cheaper, faster and probably better.

    • Edeco

      Looked it up, those are neat.

  • Edeco

    Hey, the barrel’s not free floating is it? IIRC they’re free floating on a Remington slide action.

  • This is the type of gun that ends up on “Forgotten Firearms” only ten years after it’s release.

  • cicso kid

    My question is this. It looks as though you would have to take the gun down from your shoulder to jack in another round which in a hunting situation would make it impossible for a quick follow up shot as compared to using a traditional pump action rifle.