Kalashnikov USA AK9 Test


Kalashnikov USA posted a video testing their AK9 in full auto.

I am curious how this compares to the Definitive Arms/Atlantic Firearms AK 9. If you look at the screen shot above the magazine is curved. Compared to the DA/AF AK 9 that uses a Colt SMG magazine. Could that be a proprietary magazine by Kalashnikov USA? Hopefully we will find out soon.

Nicholas C

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  • herf

    The gun is chamber in 9×39 not 9×19

    • M

      What makes you say that

      • herf

        My mistake I thinking of Russian made AK-9 which is camber in 9×39

        • SP mclaughlin

          It’s anologue is the PP-19-01 Vityaz SN

          • Red McCloud

            That’s exactly what it is. It’s simply the US-made version of the Vityaz.

    • iksnilol

      Nah, it is definitely not 9×39. The mag ain’t long enough for that cartridge.

      Probably MP5 mags. They’re rock’n’lock whilst being somewhat common.

      • M

        They used MP5 mags probably because people threw a shitfit when definitive arms used colt smg mags bc they weren’t curved

  • Tritro29

    The biggest difference is that the AF uses AKM receivers, Whilst the AK9 has a bespoke “9mm” one. A test was done by Rob Ski and Dima between the two, which outlined the completely different paradigm between the AF “smg” and the Izhmash/ AK USA one.

    • Steve Truffer

      I don’t think the AK USA one is bespoke. I think it’s using a vityaz magwell.

      • Tritro29

        AK USA/Izhmash is the same product.

        • Steve Truffer

          I meant as opposed to Atlantic’s offering.

          • Tritro29

            How’s that? AK uses AKM receivers with Colt 9mm Mags shoe horned. The PP19 is a bespoke receiver.

          • Steve Truffer

            The Vityaz can have a standard AK receiver with a polymer magwell insert. They’ve made variants with very short receivers, some with slightly shorter than 74m receivers, and some using normal receivers. The slightly abridged ones are SN variants. Given that this is an allegedly American made product, I would expect them to use standard receivers.

          • Tritro29

            Nope the Vityaz cannot have an AKM receiver because the action is completely different, you’re confusing with the former PP 19 Bizon protos which unlike the SN is a short stroke action and used also the 74 U as basis, Vityaz is a blowback action, therefore it doesn’t need a bigger receiver. The V-SN/PP19-01 is a standardized product.

        • Giolli Joker

          With AK USA you mean Kalashnikov USA?
          Aren’t Kalashnikov USA products fully manufactured in the US?
          They were Kalashnikov Concern importers but now they are unrelated.
          However it seem that they are proposing an American Saiga 9, that yes, appears to have a bespoke or at least shortened receiver.

          • Tritro29

            I don’t know if they are produced or not entirely in the USA, but the SMG I just saw is a 1:1 Vityaz down to the muzzle device.

          • Giolli Joker

            That would be the Saiga-9 on the civilian market.
            Russian guns can no longer reach US and the CEO of Kalashikov Concern said last year (TFB interview) that Kalashikov USA was no longer connected to them and they did not seem happy about their usage of the name…
            I have no idea if in the meantime there have been some agreements.
            Anyway, I’d take a Saiga-9 over the Atlantic anytime.

          • Tritro29

            I firmly understand the Sankcii issue (although it’s not russian guns, but Russian military sales related companies as Molot IS NOT barred), the problem isn’t that part. I realistically don’t know IF these are Russian Gun Parts (or guns) being disguised by KUSA or real US 9mm Vityaz. As I can’t from that video see markings…What is however very interesting is that visually AF has furniture that is very closely related to the PP19. I posted a video (still pending?) where Rob Ski and Dima checked out on both systems and explained both WHY the AK9X is the more “accurate” gun with longer reach and also why the PP19 is what it is. This leads me to believe that some parts or guns have been sourced to KUSA.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I want one.

  • Jon

    Oh, what a pity. I thought they were refering to the original AK9.

    • Ian Thorne

      Yeah, because a gun with impossible to buy ammo would be great fun. Nothing beats an AK based paperweight.

      • Jon

        Who knows? That title can also make you think somebody from the USA who works for Kalashnikov tried the gun I’m refering to.

  • Steve Truffer

    Still think something shifty is afoot, though If they work, I want one.

  • Burt Gummer

    I don’t fully understand why Definitive didn’t go with PPS43 mags over Colt SMG mags, PPS43 mags aren’t hard to find, they feed 9mm perfectly, use a rear latch catch like area AK, and keep the curved mag look an AK deserves.

    • Travis Fisher

      I agree. PPS43 would have been perfect. Plus 35 rounds is always more better!

  • John

    From what others posted during shot show, the KR-9 will be using proprietary polymer mags. Any link to Kalashnikov USA’s video mentioned in the opening? I cant find anything on google or their social media feeds.

  • Pod

    I wonder if their South Florida production line is up yet? It might be, those range dividers look familiar…

  • Devil_Doc

    Judging by the amount of gas in his face, he must be using fireclean…

  • Ian Thorne

    If it can come in at or around 1K I am in for sure. Not really willing to drop $1,600 on one though.